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Cameroon-Chad electricity interconnection project starts

APA-Yaounde (Cameroon) The Cameroonian minister of Environment, Wildlife Conservation and Sustainable Development, Nana Aboubakar Djalloh on Friday announced the holding of public hearings from 6 to 11 November, as part of the assessment of the environmental and social impact of the electricity interconnection project between Cameroon and Chad.

The hearings to “seek public consent in the project”, will be held in eight Far-North areas bordering Chad.

According to the African Development Fund (ADF) and African Development Bank Group, the main funder of the project, the Cameroon-Chad interconnection line is seen in the energy exchange scheme between the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) as one of the most important infrastructure to be set up for energy exchanges within this area.

This project includes the section Ngaoundere-Maroua (Cameroon)-N’Djamena (Chad) of some 700 kilometers, as well as the Maroua (Cameroon)-Mogrom-N’Djamena (Chad) section covering some 250 kilometers, and the rural electrification component along the corridors of the transmission lines.

It also includes the rehabilitation of the Lagdo hydroelectric power plant, and the construction of the Bini hydroelectric power station at Warak (Cameroon), plus the construction of high voltage transmission lines and the related works.


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  1. Biya….for once do something with mentchum falls

  2. Another Proof that Development in cameroon is pne sided. Southern cameroon once more sidelined. Overall a good project for Regional Integration and PanAfricanism. I love seeing Africans coming together for a common Good but this issue centralized administration with an all powerfull Godlike leader is a French thing. We need a Federated Africa.

  3. why would they do something in Menchum? when it may be burned a few months down the road?

    • How is it even possible to burn it (assuming it actually existed)? Or water now supports combustion?

  4. All these fools are good at is burn stuffs

    • @ Mbappe, What are u really good at? If u feel these are fools only capable of burning things, why does it ache u so hard knowing they want to leave? All u do here is spew out venom. So much hatred n bitterness is the best u offer. Not good man. We are a family here, and have been so for a very long time. If u don’t feel that way, its polite and very mature to not even comment. But please, avoid the bad blood. I really don’t understand some of us. Plus, u seem really recent to this site, but for ur short time here, the bad language from your mouth is very unhealthy. I beg brothers, let’s learn to blend among ourselves. Its the only way we n our beautiful homeland can move united n forward.

  5. Mr. journalist, I advice u to put yr facts together and do some editing before you publish. Has the Minister of Environment and Forestry been replaced?
    Yes, these are the kind of projects we will like to see in our beloved Africa. Central African states should be a good example.Our children will not suffer what we have gone through if this trend of globalization in the sub-region continuous. Kudos