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Cameroon: Classes disrupted as varsity teachers’ strike drags on

APAnews – Douala (Cameroon) An ongoing strike by teachers of the University of Douala has interrupted classes for the past three days.

The strike action was initiated by the National Union of Higher Education Teachers (SYNES) against what the lecturers called poor working conditions.

The situation went from bad to worse on the third day of the strike, with not only the interruption of classes at the university but a further disruption of business schools.

The grievances of the strikers range from discrimination in promotion, delays in wage payment, lack of research bonuses, and negligible recruitment of young teachers.

The disruption of classes is a source of dissatisfaction for the students from Campus A in the Cite-sic district to Campus B located in the Ndogbong district, in the fifth arrondissement.

“For two days we have not had classes. We walk around the campus and head back home. We do not know when things will get back to normal” one student complained.

Lecturers at the university also complained about the lack of proper toilets with running and having to conduct interviews with students under trees.

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  1. its just the beginning
    and CFAf50b for 2018 elections

    anything get e time

  2. Any strrike in lrc is bogus because suitcase will soon exchange hands and that will be end of story

  3. Who cares if the strike is what? 50b for elections next year,meanwhile no roads,no schools,no hospitals,the country is totally in a big mess,the man of communication should also call them terrorists or the word terrorist is best to describe only southern Cameroonians? What a mess of decades govt with no plans of action than high level embezzlement in their agenda. Rubbish govt.

  4. Like FECAFOOT, perhaps the National Assembly needs its own Committee of Normalization. That may help.

  5. hey, they forgot mentioning labtops.

  6. Cameroon needs redemption. The sooner the leadership realizes this, the better for everybody. Is it too much to kneel down and pray to a higher authority for guidance?

    These acts of arson here and there – National Assembly, Lycee in Douala, Muyuka market, Procurer’s office in Batibo, Bilingual College in Fontem,….it does not require rocket science to see these as a cancer in the process of metastasis!

    Why turn to traditional rulers who have been corrupted and replaced by “Chefs de Terre”? Dismiss the DOs first and then turn to the traditional rulers.

  7. I still need to see what is working in this Banana Republic..
    What I fine very exciting is how some few blind folks in this forum still believe the country is fine and all is working well..

    This is a broken country , with all institutions falling apart..
    When young people go on the streets,they are called terrorist..
    It is even shameful for an old sick president of over 80years of age to arrest and jail young energetic cameroonians demanding a change..

    There have been uprisings in the NWP and SWP from very intelligent and smart youths who have realized they dont have a future if the country remains in the hands of these old half death men..

    They keep on fooling the people with the word Dialogue and till date nothing constructive have been achieved…