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Counterfeit anti-malaria drug claims two lives

APAnews | A counterfeit antimalarial drug called “Co-Arinate”, currently sold in pharmacies in Cameroon, has already caused the death of at least two people in Douala and Yaounde, APA learned Wednesday at the National Laboratory for Quality Control of Medicines (LANACOME).

The latest victim is a seven-year-old child, according to the laboratory, which has reported the case to the ministry of Public Health (MINSANTE) through its department of Pharmacy, Drug and Laboratory Services (DPML) in order for measures to be quickly taken to remove the product from the shelves.

In a note seen by APA, the laboratory asked the ministry to carry out checks to ensure the withdrawal of this counterfeit drug, after a similar case was found In Douala.

Cameroon’s Health ministry and LANACOME in collaboration with the National Association of Pharmacists of Cameroon (ONPC) have reportedly intensified efforts for this “poison” to be swiftly taken away.

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