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Cameroon court orders release of writer who ‘threatened’ Paul Biya

africanews | A judge in Cameroon ordered the release on Wednesday of a prize-winning writer who was detained after he criticised the government’s handling of a separatist crisis in its Anglophone regions, his lawyer said.

Patrice Nganang, a poet, professor and author who lives in New York, was arrested on Dec. 7 as he prepared to board a Kenya Airways flight to Nairobi and accused of insulting President Paul Biya.

The government later said Nganang had threatened Biya in posts on Facebook.

His supporters said the accusations were politically motivated and related to a Dec. 5 piece he wrote for Paris-based Jeune Afrique, in which he criticised a government crackdown on Cameroon’s English-speaking west.

Since last year, the Francophone-dominated government has repressed peaceful protests by Anglophones against alleged social and economic marginalisation. Dozens of civilians have been killed while the unrest has fuelled support for separatists seeking an independent state.

Some have begun to launch armed attacks on state forces, stoking a conflict which has become the most serious challenge to Biya’s 35-year reign. Thousands of people have fled across the border into neighbouring Nigeria.

Nganang’s lawyer, Emmanuel Simh, told Reuters that a judge dismissed the government’s charges and ordered his client released, although he had yet to be freed.

Cameroon’s linguistic divide harks back to the end of World War One, when the League of Nations divided the former German colony of Kamerun between the allied French and British victors, and has been a source of periodic tension.

The past year’s violence is the latest example of how Biya’s rule has grown increasingly intolerant of dissent, with opposition activists, journalists and intellectuals routinely arrested and sometimes prosecuted.

A Cameroonian reporter for Radio France Internationale was released from prison last week after more than two years behind bars for contact with the Islamist militant group Boko Haram, in a case that drew international condemnation.

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  1. Ouf !

  2. I thought Biya is a man.He should have stand his grounds and keep Patrice Nganang in jail…Abui ngan..Look at a president whom powers have already left him,thinking that he still has authority..Patrice Nganang out……………………………..Saladddd!……

  3. Nangang 3 – 0 LRC

  4. Pinguiss is looking for a way for the earth to crack open in order for him to disappear into it! Why have you not keep him in jail till the end of January Pinguiss? Bep, bep, bep! First , you raise his status and notoriety, and then he has many more days to spend his holiday and go back to his students on time! Why go looking for this kind of smack down?

    • …not kept…

    • Dummy do I look like a judge? I expressed my views .period stop craving for my attention lol faggot, I wonder why you are jubilating duh I thought the judiciary system was in the hands of biya and nothing good could come out of it , keep embarrassing yourself lmao ,who is Nganang for me to lose sleep over him . Out or in jail I don’t give a rat azz , he has already been humbled by begging and apologizing in court , you should have asked him to stand his ground since you guys are buddy

      • @Pinguiss Ambazonia has scared LRC into taking actions that were unheard of in the history of its ratchet existence. Shame on you and your LRC “government”.

        All of a sudden Journalist and political prisoners are being acquitted by courts in Cameroon? Perhaps a strategy for people like you and Biya to claim the courts are fair and independent. How foolish of you.

        Biya’s control of the courts can not be discredited by 2 weeks of acting straight when there is a 35 year record of Biya’s control over the judicial system to look at. If anything, these acquittals are a clear indication of how WEAK Biya really is in face of Ambazonia. It’s really great to see the reults of our fight and its effect of Biya in high definition – poor Bi Mvondo is shivering out of his pants with fear. LOL!

      • Pinguiss


    • Agbor Pinguiss’
      You don’t look like a judge, but when you sheepishly said Nganang would only be released at the end of January, you confidently sounded as one! You went up against the wall and your asses have been kicked! We have told you time and again that French slaves are too arrogant and mouthy, and this was something for you to shut your gorilla thuggish more, but you wouldn’t. Are we at the end of January as you promised? If Nganang has learnt anything, you have also badly burnt your hand and reputation for touching a hot potato, old drunk!

  5. Let’s see how many people he will lock up and release them again! The last days of a powerless dictator see them move through 3 stages of intellectual disorders: kleptomaniac-ism to schizophrenia, and then to psychosis! The mobutu syndrome has invaded etoudi! We knew the family had these problems after examining Brenda!

  6. Why has tchiroma, not announced the release? Guilty conscience perhaps.
    Those who wanted Ngangang`s long incarciration or death, must be ashamed,
    disappointed and licking their lips now.
    So, shall it on that good day, end with the freedom from lrc. It all comes gradually
    because victory, comes last.

  7. A certain pattern is being projected to the world of the nature of Cameroon’s jurisprudence. Imprisonment is a foregone conclusion once officers lay hands on you! Trial, if it ever comes at all, is a mere footnote.

    Ahmed Abba, Felix Agbor Nkongho, Fontem Neba, Patrice Nganang, Paul Ayah Abine, all served various terms of imprisonment and were let go, undoubtedly following “hautes instructions de la hierarchie” stated or implied.

    Patrice Nganang expelled from the land of his birth? And suppose…just suppose the Americans also withdraw his passport…and expel him as well. Does he then end up a citizen in the air?

    Heavy issues should not be handled lightly. No matter how backward our ancestors were, they passed on a country with some integrity worth preserving.

  8. “Nganang’s lawyer, Emmanuel Simh, told Reuters that a judge dismissed the government’s charges and ordered his client released, although he had yet to be freed”. LR is beginning to understand the rule of law. This judge should be congratulated! An independent judiciary is the way forward for LR. May be LR is learning something good from the southern Cameroons.

    • What independent judiciary? If he has been released it is because Biya authorized his release. You should know this if you are honest with yourself. Was not a supreme court judge arrested and imprisoned by LRC? Where was the independent judiciary at that time? Anyway, you are almost correct with your conclusion that “may be LR is learning something good from the southern Cameroons – only it is a fact not a probability. LR has been scared into acting straight by the Ambazonia uprising.

  9. His lawyer should file charges in NY for false imprisonment for $1billion yes $1billion. If he gets a fraction of this
    it will be a lesson for the LRC to stop this lawless practice. I know LRC will not pay him which is the goal here. With a judgment against LRC; next time any Cameroon plane lands in Europe or the US it will be confiscated to satisfy the judgment. Law and lawlessness work differently; law always prevails.

    • Excellent proposal. Justice Ayah will soon be granted 1 billion FCFA by the African court.

      Biya is destroying his “Island of Peace”.
      Donald john trump gave him 48 hours to release Prof. Ngangang or else. Biya immediately obliged for fear of the unknown.

      BTW, what about Biya’s so-called warrants of arrest against the leadership of SC ??. They were not worth the papers they were written on.

  10. Nganang, the fight continues….this is somebody who is fighting for the Anglo cause, BUTTTTTTTTT no sign of joy for his liberation…

    • He will be granted citizenship in Ambazonia in due time. He is an example for the rest of the Francos who say there is no Anglo problem but will not join the fight against Biya whom they claim is the problem. In any case, we are past that stage in the process and the support of Francos is not required, this fight is ours and in due time, we will be good neighbors to the Francos of LRC to the East. Long live brother Nganang, you are one of us now – Welcome to Ambaland.

    • There’s joy for his release. He is not a Bami refugee and a crumb eater like you. You ramble endlessly here about being a intellectual heavyweight. Hope you have now seen one! This is a real Bamileke who knows our relationship and went down to the field to see things. You are camped out behind your keyboard in Germany since the 1990s, calling Anglophones terrorists,cowards, murderers and rejoicing when the killing machines arrives their land. It’s because you are a shameless shemale , else you would never try to cash in on Nganangs release or even mention his name. Over the years you have treated Fru Ndi like a dog, but also rushed to pinpoint Nintcheu, one of his lieutenants, as being Bamileke. Cowardic crumb -eating exilees like should not give lessons!

      • All forumites have distanced themselves from you with good reasons indeed. Life must be pretty cruel in China, especially for a Sunday school teacher.

        The Pinyin community in China must be having it pretty rough with an amnesic member…

        • I told you, that I would beat you like a drum! Keep talking about China! I’m not Chinese and we are not discussing anything here about China. See where your bullying has led you! Yeah, you needed to take a thousand screen names in order to distance yourself from my beatings, but you were still caught. Bami cowardic refugee, Nganang is the real stuff, not some economic immigrant who can’t visit home for 20 years because of poverty!

        • Be there and keep looming your hate tapestry—there are millions of Nganangs out there, who’re even willing to sacrifice their lives for the Anglo cause simply cos they’ve discovered the hoax that the system had been feeding them with about Anglophones.

          Before you attack fighters like Nana be sure to have your facts together.


    • … an intellectual…

  11. This ngnyangnyan is a lightweight anyway.
    Nobody cares reason why he was expelled from the land.
    Will be for some time for him to see his “village” again

  12. Cameroonians of all walks of life across the globe should be concerned about such a decision that affects one of their own citizens! Of course myopics will prematurely distance themselves and say it is none of their business.

    But how often have we seen maladies once considered alien erupt among our population? Indeed is that not how epidemics strike? Haven’t we watched in indifference as soldiers and gendarmes raided and killed ordinary civilians in villages and towns, only to find themselves falling victim to the very arbitrary slaughter?

    • It is certainly not in the interest of the silent majority to remain silent. It has never been – not when Cameroonians of English expression cried out against de facto discrimination, not when citizens in the Diaspora are left out of the national equation, not when the unemployed cry out for inclusion into the workforce. Each of these categories is not just an inconvenient liability; they are potential and real assets!

      • JOHN DINGA,,,,why should citizens in the diaspora be considered in the national equation when we live in alien countries,work and pay taxes there?if we had vast farms with industrial zones build to do transformation of crops to finished and cemi finished products.exported worldwide bringing billions of hard currency to the government ,employing millions of youths in the process.why would government not include us in national equation,when we are active agents of economic construction?in some countries diasporans have build complete cities with industries employing millions.we aught to do better with almost 32 million(AFRICA) kilometers of fertile agriculture land from where a vibrant industry must be build from scratch.let us be honest with ourselves and stop blaming government.

        • Épée Dipanda

          After all these years, one would have thought that you would have noticed the difference between cemi and semi. I think even the French in France would cringe at that.
          1,000 Nganangs may be freed or banned from La Republique, Ambazonia is what’s up, get used to it folks.
          Referendum or self defense.

  13. EPEE DIPANDA,,,,the namou (chinese)military strategist SUN TZU wrote in his book the art of war that a wise general wins a war before engaging battle.as long as he is not one hundred percent sure to come out victorious,he does not commit the mistake to attack the enemies position but remain patient ontill the right time.according to him what count is the final victory.after reasoning on this,i wonder whether our so called ambazonians were sure to win the current war before even starting it?if not what will be your fate if you lose?

    • If only South Sudan reasoned like ur Chinese guy, I bet, they will still be part of a ruthless Sudan. Either way, no one gains independence at the get to. It takes time. Sometimes, a lot of time. Either way, what matters is the end point. At this rate, all we can do is speculate. But at his age, Biya is at a detriment for many reasons. One lesson I have learnt all my years on this planet is simple: Everything has an end point. Hopefully, that end point is for the better of everyone.