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Cameroon Denies Nigerian Border Incursions

Voice of America | YAOUNDE, CAMEROON — Cameroon has denied allegations that its soldiers crossed into Nigeria without permission and attacked villages said to be hosting and training armed separatist groups.

The media has reported that at least one incursion has been confirmed by the Nigerian government and military officials. However, Cameroon says that since President Paul Biya declared war on armed separatists about a month ago, it has attacked only border villages in Cameroon where the groups were hiding.

“The terrorists had taken advantage of the dense forests at the border with Nigeria to set up secret training camps from which they organized raids against our defense forces,” said Cameroon’s communication minister and government spokesman, Issa Tchiroma. “Following the dismantling operation thus carried out, the hideout of these murderers were literally destroyed and the villages previously taken hostage were liberated.”

Two weeks ago, Cameroon said the armed separatists advocating independence for the English-speaking northwest and southwest portions of the country were being trained in Nigeria. Lawan Abba Gashagar, Nigeria’s high commissioner to Cameroon and special envoy of president Muhammadu Buhari, visited Cameroon’s president and said they would collaborate in fighting the terrorists.

This week, Reuters and Nigerian local newspapers reported that Cameroon troops had crossed into Nigeria in pursuit of the armed separatists without seeking authorization from Nigeria, causing a fallout between the two governments.

Cameroon says it attacked separatist training camps in three of its border villages around Mamfe and Eyumojock.

Ojong Anslem, a resident of Eyumojock, says the separatists are still gaining a lot of support from the borders.

“What is now on the streets in the northwest and southwest is secession,” Anslem said.

The UNHCR says the violence has pushed thousands of Cameroonians across the border to Nigeria since October 1, the day the separatists said they had declared their independence and their humanitarian needs were growing.

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  1. Why is our gov’t even worrying about training camps?

    There are a lot of separatists/terrorists groups in NGR, meet some of them and organise for them to use CMR as their base.

    Stop running after the frail and ungrateful Bouhari—give him a taste of his own medicine…

    • You are an emotional man, that everyone knows by now, and as a French slave you equally have a licky mouth with nothing to show for it. Your sovereign funds are lying fallow in Paris and you mysteriously want to use your fingers to even up by sponsoring terrorism. After few days, you are going to swear you never wished for Cameroon to sponsor terror against Nigeria! Everyone understands you are honesty challenged. Better listen up ignorant prick! You grow up using everything Nigerian from slippers to tooth brush, you name them. This is the country that kept you going as France confiscated your wealth. You have no lessons to give her. Secondly, if Nigeria wanted to bandy looks with Cameroon, she wouldn’t have gracefully given up Bakassi. She would have used the area to destabilize Cameroon.

      • Cameroon had no choice but to give Nigeria a hand against Boko Haram, because if the thugs grew in strength, the would overrun Cameroon in a day. What is difficult in this for you to see? Chad came to the aid of Cameroon for the same reason. And you should be ashamed of yourself for allowing emotions to get the best of you and stoop to the lowest level of making fun of Buhari’s frail state of health and sheepishly and dishonesty declaring he sponsored Boko Haram. Was he president when Boko Haram started? If self exile is inflicting psychological torture on you in Germany, why grab a gun and go do the fighting, rather than showing mentally deranged you are? Buhari doesn’t know Cameroon, blah, blah,blah! When he expelled Ambozonian leaders what songs didn’t you guys sing here? Dull ting!

        • I know you’ll never pardon Idriss Deby for cutting your dream short. Dream of seeing Francophones swim in haemoglobin. You were counting on Boko to make your dream come true, keep on dreaming.

          However, I take no umbrage at the trabalism of yokels like you.


        • You have been repeating that for a century and when I confronted you for facts, you withered. Try something new! You want Cameroon to initiate terror against Nigeria? Your chops of a maquisard’s offshoot are really having the best of you! We know about someone’s character from what that person says and from what others say about that person! You have shown enough of your blood lust!

  2. @Zam-Zam Y’de is fighting a fight they know they can never win.They are bent on forcing Ambasonians to accept their second class citizenship in their ”one and indivisible” French Cameroon,call LRC.No country will support Biya’s centralists policies in a ”bilingual country”.More over,Biya have stayed in power for almost half a decade.The international community obviously will believe that the problem is Biya.Even in Spain,there is a regional government and parliament in Catalan.Why should Ambasonians not have one?And just to remind u,the restorationists gov’t are not a seperatists group like the Biafrans in Nigeria.It is a gov’t that had existed,and there is a need for its restoration,since Ahidjo never legalised the union with Foncha.Buhari knows SC’s history.So don’t deceive yourself

    • We used our tax money to harbour more than 2 million NGR refugees in our country, freed NGR from Boko (sponsored by Bouhari) that was only a stone throw away from Abuja. Our military paved the way for a safe corridor through CMR for over 20,000 NGR soldiers that were abt to surrender to Boko. All this cos we know we’re bros.

      And what is the pay? How many CMR soldiers entered NGR compared to those coward NGR soldiers that were throwing away their guns and uniforms to take cover in CMR?

      Bouhari doesn’t know CMR, let him call Goodluck…

      • Zz, when I bring this up in due course you’ll say you never said anything as such. How can you support the military going after refugees to subject to additional inhumane treatment? No sane government can support that nonsense! Listen. The Ehagham tribe in Cameroon also have cousins in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, they are represented in the Nigerian senate by senator Enoh. If your EG, Gabonese and Congolese Brothers’ in uniforms can come to help you brutally squash our resistance then the Ejaghams in Nigeria have every right to support an arm resistance against oppression and repression. Have you seen the disaster committed by uniform men in Kembong village? What security if not terrorists go around burning down houses of villagers? You people have any shame at all? Utter disgrace!

        • What a retard.
          Elokobi and his mug is mostly from the NW are the ones civilizing you over there.
          You will be “returned” back to your homeland.
          You have abused our hospitality.

        • This wrinkled gorilla from the heart of the Equatorial jungle @Mbappe has got a new name to lean on – Elokobi Daniel! It isn’t any surprise to see how the Beti mind works – use their people to cause damages and then pass on the blame to them. In your quest to link up the mayhem to NW recruits under Elokobi Daniel, I say wasted effort. Your commander in chief will pay at the ICC. The little green teeth Baboon you are must realize the people of Southern Cameroon have overcome Biya’s divide and rule tactics. There’s always going to be a first slave house nigger but it is up to us to sort them out. All u who thought Sessesekou’s trip to request audience with the queen was a wasted one should realize that is what has brought Patricia Scotland to the junta. What happened to them arrest warrant?

        • Look at this demented oldie @AG looking at the master for salvation.
          For us teal patriots Patricia Scotland is a non entity.
          You have the mentality of the house nigger and no wonder we own your ass.
          You keep looking for your master while elokobi and his mignons are grinding on putting some sense in your empty skull.
          Btw your brothers fro the other side of the border will be taught a lesson not to mess with US.
          At the end of this struggle your likes will be round up and send to where you are supposed to be in the first place.

        • AG,

          if you guys decide to take cover within the population, what should the army do? Wait for you guys to come out and slice their throats, and run?

          The populace would soon understand: either they hand you over, like in the case of Boko, or they hide you guys and bear the consequences.

          Negotiations, you’re nowhere to be found. Peace, not your priority. War, you hit and run. All you’re interested in: see our people suffer, fill river Wouri with blood, hang the whole of CMR—just to satiate that HATE in you! I know you guys are out to revenge, but go to Etoudi or Mvo’meka and revenge there. But, spare innocent people in ur quest for vendetta.

          If you can’t do that. Why the fuss?…

        • Zz

          Do you have wool in your ear??!!

          Wouri, Etoudi, Mvomeka are all foreign territories and non of my business!

          Our priority is to boot out foreign invaders by any means necessary and that we will! Keep dreaming little cunning entity.

      • Any dialogue between #Cameroon and #Ambazonia will be to discuss the terms of separation. Anything short of that,then the Guorila Warfare will continue #GuorilaWarfareContinues #Ambazonia

    • @Kongoss, your post above illustrates the confusion I referred to in one of my posts. In your post you state that Biya is the problem, you support secession, then you demand federation similar to what Catalans have. My question to you is, which is which? Do you think it would help the struggle if the problem is better defined? The three things you state require quite different strategies and cannot be simultaneously pursued. Successful problem-solving requires a clear definition of what the problem is. It also entails assessing whether there are enough resources to successfully address the problem. Clearly defining the problem allows resources to be focused on that problem. Absent such clear definition, failure is the outcome. We are witnessing this scenario in the current crisis.

  3. Eroding for your Region,wait and See in 5 years

  4. @Zam-Zam If your bite and blow gov’t in Y’de thinks they will use Boko Haram issue to blackmail Buhari to support them in this case,then they are wasting their time.The restorationists gov’t is not Boko Haram,neither are they a terrorist group.So,if Biya thinks Buhari will join him in that his madness,then let him count Buhari out.If Y’de is truely fighting against terrorists,Nigeria will give their support. Don’t forget that,Ambasonians are also brothers to Nigeria same as LRC.So,LRC should not think that they are the only good neighbours to Nigeria,Ambasonia are,also good neighbours.As a matter of fact,Ambasonia even have a history with Nigeria during the colonial period,which LRC do not.

    • Kongosa,

      Buhari is Boko….ask NGRs they’ll hint you on who the patrons of Boko were during Jonathan’s rule.

      With or without Buhari there’s no way you can take cover in NGR while slicing the throats of innocent people and go free. If you had any strategy at all you’ll have understood this long time ago. When the time will be ripe, your hideouts are going to be revealed. Make no mistake, NGR is going to sacrifice you in favour of their million Dollar trade with CMR.

      Northern CMR, LRC, also has historical ties with NGR…

  5. We are not in hurry cause all these thugs who have decided to inoculate idiocy to our brothers and sisters causing their exodus to Naija and others Cameroon cities have to pay we will hunt them.Terrorists will never get peace in our country As I have said before even the strongest haters of Biya are now backing him on this issue no wonder.

    • Maybe you think we are joking little barefoot donkey. We will fund this resistance to a point you’ve never seen before. You and your troop of Monkeys will never subjugate us again. You are the tertorists if you don’t know. Eternal French slaves!

      • I hope you are on the battlefield field cockroach otherwise you’re wild animalistic mouth have no sense (Sans caleçon) !

        • Yes I am criminal and I intend to plug off your head like that of Osende Afana.

        • @AG you keep the great and honorable Osende Afana out of your putrid mouth, you this beast of no nation and lineage. son of a prostitue

  6. What stopped those supporting lrc from talking with Baroness Shame?

  7. …….and this my friends is how the seeds of genocide are born ….fanned….then flame into an inferno a la Rwanda cry my beloved “countries” what a shame 🙁

  8. Blood of Jesus

    Mr Paul Biya if you don’t know all Anglophones in Cameroon do not want to be part of your country la republique du Cameroon.Ayuk Tabe Sisiku is the voice of the Anglophones.The real secessionist are Atanga Nji and all those surrounding you in Yaoundé.These are the people who convened the All Anglophone Conference in 1993 and in 1994.So instead of killing the little babies why don’t you focus your energy on these. Anglophone giants right under your nose?

  9. @Nyamfuka Your question is very stupid.SC came into this union to be like the Catalans in Spain,but your thieves in Y’de destroyed that federation and started assimilating SCnians.Why not tell Biya to give a referendum to SCnians, for them to decide.Saying that Scnians are confused becos some are asking for Federation while others are asking for seperation is very stupid.U talk here as if u don’t know how to find a solution to the problem.The person that is confuse is u and Biya,as Biya has made it clear,that the form of the state is a no go area.He has left the people with no other choice than to restore their pre-reunification gov’t.If LRC still want the union,then they should throw the choice back to the voters in SC.It is u that is confuse and don’t want to face reality.