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Cameroon earmarks CFAf50b for 2018 elections

APAnews – Yaoundé (Cameroon) The 2018 Finance Bill submitted for adoption by the parliament of Cameroon, currently holding its third ordinary session of the year, provides for a budget of 50 billion CFA francs for the country’s 2018 elections, APA learned on Friday from the National Assembly.

According to sources, the government initially envisaged 35 billion CFA francs, but decided to review it upwards based on the number of elections slated for next year, and President Paul Biya has instructed the prime minister to take into account the new situation.

Based on the political calendar in force, Cameroonians will go to the polls four times in 2018 to elect their leaders.

In addition to the presidential election, the country will hold senatorial, legislative and municipal elections.

In addition to these polls, regional elections would be held in 2018 for the first time in Cameroon, to set up regional councils in line with the country’s 1996 Constitution.

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  1. That is a lot of CFA francs !!!!!!! Its equivalent in goods and services???????

  2. Still trying out some tricks

  3. Amour Afrika

    Thieves… these old fools are pretending around meanwhile the results of the so call elections are already in their pocket. Tiff pple dem creat Room for further embezzlement.

  4. Who are the Credible Candidates Running for President of Cameroon in 2018?

    • An election can hardly be described as free and fair if only one candidate knows the date and time, leaving others in darkness.Adventurous Akere Muna tried to out with and beat the system but his campaign rally in Ebolowa was blocked by the all-powerful Chef de Terre.

  5. So much money to steal and to rig elections.CPDM party is an evil empire..Paul Biya is the apostle of lucifer.

  6. Biya, we think it is time off for u.We are tired hearing about u every day. Ask Mugabe what went wrong and he will tell u what next we expect from u.Step down.

  7. Faked elections. The results are already ready and Biya Bi Mondo Batholemy Paul is the winner.
    He wants to rule longer than Robert Mugabe and hand power to his son or daughter.
    They went into ENAM with no entrance.
    Fake democrary. Tyrant or criminal of humanity.

  8. It’s only a matter of time before Ambaland turns off the tap of free oil, and then we will see where French trained longhands will dip their soiled fingers to finance their hotel vacations, electioneering masquerades and other epicurean dalliances. Weed ruminating thugs like Ras Metuge, woman-men like Zam Zam, carrefour de la joie graduates like Soyakutsi and mental asylum inmates like Mbappe, are waiting in the wings for their online ranting to be rewarded in 2018 by the free distribution of 50 billion. You are unable to raise money to install water in Yaounde, but you have the cash to organize a voodoo session to wash the gonats of nuisible Men-Children passing for politicians. Can Ras Metuge , the political man tell us what their monarchy needs elections for after 35 years?