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Cameroon exports 300,000 tons of bananas to EU per year

APAnews Cameroon exports an average of 300,000 tons of bananas per year to the European Union (EU), the new EU ambassador and head of delegation announced on Monday.

According to Hans-Peter Schadek, who is increasing contacts with the Cameroonian authorities, partnership between the EU and Cameroon must be strengthen in several sectors of activity.

On supporting the banana sector, he said, “that this is an important action that has been going on for some time and that has now reached a cruising speed of nearly 300,000 tons of bananas exported each year by Cameroon to the European Union market.”
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In any case, “it is about maintaining, or even improving, the competitiveness of Cameroonian bananas so that they can more easily access the European market. Especially since the product is very popular with the advantage that it passes without quota or customs duty under the provisions of the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA) into force since August 4, 2016,” he added.

In view of the volume of Cameroon’s banana exports to this market, “it is an important factor for European consumers as well as for Cameroon’s agricultural sector,” the European diplomat said.

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  1. These are exported to EU as french products. Nothing to do with Cameroon. And when you call Cameroon a colony headed by an old imperialist Governor, some people come here and rant their ignorance.

  2. Hate me or not, exporting 300,000 tons of bananas to the EU annually will NOT make LRC to emerge by 2035.