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Cameroon extends curfew in restive Anglophone regions

Medafrica Times | The governor of the restive North West region in Cameroon has extended a curfew restricting movement of persons and property from 8PM to 6AM as security forces continue the fight against separatists in Northwest and Southwest regions.

The two regions, since 2016, have been the theatre of social unrest, initially of a corporate character by teachers and lawyers, which later turned into a political crisis, with secessionist inclinations.

Since October 2017, Cameroonian troops have staged a crackdown targeting activists in the two regions where the English-speaking minority has staged protests against the government in this predominantly francophone country.

Dozens of people have died. Official figures, though, refer to the 23 police and soldiers killed. The spiraling violence has prompted an estimated 30,000 Cameroonians to flee to neighboring Nigeria.

The government has labeled the separatists as terrorists and last month, Nigeria deported about 47 separatists to Yaounde. The deportees included a known separatist leader, Julius Sisuku Ayuk Tabe.

Earlier this month, President Paul Biya signed directives reorganizing the country’s defense forces leading to the splitting into two of the former military region. The new region becomes the fifth (RMIA 5) and is headquartered in capital of the northwest region Bamenda.

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  1. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)


    • @Mvomeka. I agree with you. The situation is definitely stabilizing. Except the few killing of soldiers and capture of two government officials that vast majority of people is going about its business. We haven’t seen any large gathering of people as it was the case in sept.22 and Oct.1st.

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        • Not surprised. I always knew this guy was a traitor, unable to clearly state is he stand with Francophones Ambazonian. Hypocrite!

        • Why raise so much dust, FF? Is it the first case of impersonation on this platform.

          Now you want to blame ad-min for all your failures—he’ll soon be the one who sold out Ayuk.

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        • Zam Zam,
          Where did I mention Admin.? Maybe you don’t know that each name has a particular avatar of a particular color. So the rubbish you and Ras Metuge posted under my name above is easy to make out. This is your own kind of spy work!

        • JD,

          Do not bother yourself. The language footprints show point to the fact that that was the handiwork of an apologist of the demonic junta in Etoudi. They have become very desperate because they know that the INFORMAL union is history. The momentum is UNSTOPPABLE. The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around come rain come shine.

          Even a dog knows that the situation in SC is getting worse every day. Body bags with LRC terrorists are transported to Biya’s ISLAND OF EVIL day in day out.
          Dictator Biya and his criminal syndicate expected the war to last for a few days. However, the war has become a waterloo for Biya.


        • Admin, bring back flags pls….with flags we can easily identify such confused folks…

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  2. You are right. He is the biggest fool. May God serve him what he wishes to others.

  3. How i wish your news has a date and not some fake like 17 hours ago.

    Admin: Even though the date option is available and it has been used previously on this website, we opted for that format (…ago) to make things easier, given the fact that we serve people from different time zones.

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    Admin: Mr Dinga, I am not sure what has happened to you lately. You used to be a grown up in this forum and I praised you for that in the past, some laughed it off back then, I wonder why?! I guess your detractors had a point.
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    • Thanks for your lecture. Problem solved.

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        My contacting you discreetly first and then openly on this forum underscores these facts. I can only wonder what interest of yours is served by misconstruing my motives and even labeling me condescending.

    • That was quite clean and clear with no ambiguity.

      When pple have sold their property to fund disorder and when that money ends up in the pockets of some savvy few in the lot, going gaga from time to time becomes obligation you know!…

  5. So Cameroon is in panick? wow

  6. Dear [email protected] for something a bit lighter , theres a great collective interview of the cast from the new black panther film where the famous female kenyan actress is talking about how the american actors have to respond to loosing bets with pressups in their “community” to which at least a couple of the actors corrected her ,with obvious pride, to use instead the word “tribe” .Hope you post it on here ,it was what it was !Thankyou for your hard work

  7. Cameroon Government Better Hury to the Negotiation Table about Federalism and A Treaty of Union between French Cameroon and British Cameroon because no Marriage can last without a Marriage agreement ( Licence) !