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Cameroon extends detention for writer Patrice Nganang

enca | YAOUNDE, Cameroon – Cameroonian author Patrice Nganang has had his custody extended by 48 hours by the authorities, his lawyer said Tuesday, nearly a week after his arrest for publishing an article critical of the country’s president.

“His detention was extended (Monday) for 48 hours by the state prosecutor,” lawyer Emmanuel Simh told AFP, adding that Nganang would “in principle” appear before the prosecutor after its expiry.

Simh said the detention was “illegal” because Nganang was not initially notified he was being placed in custody.

Gerard Philippe Kuissi, friend of Patrice Nganang,
Police say Nganang made an online death threat against President Paul Biya, but Cameroon writers and activists have called for his unconditional release.

Nganang, who teaches literature at New York University, published last Tuesday an opinion piece in French on the Jeune Afrique news site critical of Biya’s handling of the crisis in Cameroon’s restive anglophone regions.

He was arrested the next day after visiting an anglophone part of mainly French-speaking Cameroon, where tensions have been running high following a crackdown on a secession movement.

Sources said Nganang was in possession of two passports, one from Cameroon and one from the US, when he was arrested.

Local media reports said police maintain he should have forfeited his Cameroon document after taking out US nationality as his native country’s constitution does not recognise dual nationality.

But many media outlets questioned how many Cameroonian leaders, as well as footballers and musicians, have two or more passports.

Nganang was arrested on his way to visit his wife in Zimbabwe, a security official said on condition of anonymity.


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  1. Elsewhere a person of interest, a suspect, etc would be discreetly and closely monitored by security forces, especially in any moves that brings him near the target of his threat. Going on board a plane at Douala International Airport seems to me the suspect was moving away from the target of his threat. No?

    What message does the treatment of this gentleman give to the rest of Cameroon’s visitors, tourists, business partners? If Camair-Co is to take off as so desired, should the social and economic climate at home not be less toxic and hostile to foreign investments and tourism? Was Patrice Nganang really a threat? If so why only at his departure after all the travels through NW, SW, W, L, Center and even undertaking joint projects with youths groups?

  2. Cameroon is country that waits at Airports to arrest it’s Diasporans and by the same token says it is an important element in the dreamed of 2035 economy emergence- my ass! Cameroon would never at this slow moving pace reach the current development potential level of Ivory Coast today-never! LR is doomed and nothing would ever bring it up to its potential with Biya and the aging gang still in-charge. Let Southern Cameroonians go.
    I would never travel by CAMAIR-CO as long as we are still being treated as second class citizens.

  3. it is very sad for our country..
    I say very sad because the old people have decided to stay in power..
    And worse of all chase young people and dont want to give any chance to change the country…

    How can you live in a country where intellectuals are chased..
    A country where the old people are so sensitive to criticism and always think jail is the right place for young ambitious cameroonians willing to bring change…

    I feel so a shame for my country…
    We are taking africa many steps backward..


  5. It makes no sense at all. We learn from our mistakes as well as the mistakes of those around us. What lesson is there in this drama?

    Entry visas are usually verified at Port of entry. On the spot payment is usually charged those who had none. People have been turned right back to their country of origin. If Professor Nganang was not turned back and not charged to pay on the spot, he must have been granted a waiver. So Wich was it and where did he fault the system?

  6. L’État, c’est moi The saddest thing is this gentleman has just gone to his village and build a small bride where the passing was a dead trap. This is how these resocrucians pay him back.

    • You this Old Senile idiotic moron.
      Do you even grasp the notion of “a country has laws and those laws need to be applied” no matter who is the individual?
      This moron needs to go through the judicial system to answer fir what he is accused off.
      He will be in the same situation has he made the same statements about trump while in the US.

      He is still innocent at this point.
      So please use common sense or STFU

      • Old smelly ugly gorilla always struggling to seek my attention. Who is responsible for the hundreds murdered in Ambazonia? HUH? Who is responsible for Balla’s dead? Who killed Churchill Che? Who wiped out thousands in Lake Nyos? I leave you to that yellow knife freezing cold little Beti gollum.

        • I guess you read a lot of conspiracy theory “pages”.
          You are confused and looks like you are in the early stages of some form of dementia.
          When one is taking apples for oranges, we have diagnosed that early dementia and you need to be in health care attendance aka retirement house as you could snap at any time.

      • HouseKeeper!

        @ Mbappe,
        Man, why all the vitriol? Can’t you handle an intellectual debate without resorting to such verbal excesses? Wow, what laws are you talking about? And how about due process?
        Has this love for dictatorship coupled with the tribal tendencies you espouse placed you on the precipice of unreasonableness?
        Always in attack mode does not make a gentleman but why would you care? Such childish sentiments only augur a lack of character & you don’t want that. Grow up, man. Hopefully you can handle a tough conversations without pet feelings and cheap emotions.
        Biya will pass on in a few years and surely there will be another despot if things don’t change. Didn’t the PM invite the diaspora to come invest? Aren’t most families being sustained by the diaspora? Not late to get some sanity, man!

  7. If this is true then he is against the law and a fair judgement exercise. You cannot threaten even Trump without a visit from the secret service. Pardon him, he should know better. Don’t copy the good things in the western world and forget the consequential ones.

  8. Prof Patrice Nganang said what Archbishop Kleda is saying that the incompetent Paul Biya should step down. Can Biya take on the Arch Bishop? Ha ha ha!

  9. Paul Biya do you want to kill all Cameroonians before you leave the presidency?I now see why Cameroon won the number one prize for impunity in the world.Even in America people say all what they like against their president with no one killed or imprisoned.Paul Biya has now murdered hundreds of English speaking Cameroonians just because they raised their voices against his wicked regime.Who will save Cameroonians from the hands of this vampire president?

    • Only Camerounians can save their country. March to the Ambassade de France in Yaounde and demand change while the puppet dictator is at the master. Stop genocide in Ambazonia.