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Cameroon forces in gross abuse over Anglophone, Boko Haram crisis – U.S. report

africanews | Cameroon security forces have been cited as engaging in significant human rights abuse in respect of armed combat they are engaged in across three regions of the country, a United States government report has said.

The Central African nation is beset by Boko Haram insurgency in its Far North region whiles the Anglophone crisis continues to pose a security challenge to the government in the Northwest and Southwest i.e. Anglophone regions.

According to the U.S. Department of State’s Country Report on Human Rights Practices 2017, the military, police and gendarmerie – paramilitary – forces were using among others arbitrary killings, forced disappearances and prolonged military / unofficial detentions in the three regions.

In its Executive Summary relating to the country, the report said: “The most significant human rights issues included: arbitrary and unlawful killings through excessive use of force by security forces; disappearances by security forces and Boko Haram.”

It went on to mention: “torture and abuse by security forces including in military and unofficial detention facilities; prolonged arbitrary detentions including of suspected Boko Haram supporters and individuals in the Anglophone regions.”

Then there was the issue of “harsh and life threatening prison conditions; violations of freedoms of expression and assembly; periodic government restrictions on access to the internet; trafficking in persons; criminalization and arrest of individuals engaged in consensual same-sex sexual conduct; and violations of workers’ rights.”

The government has deployed a military unit the BIR, which continues to engage with Boko Haram insurgents in the Far North region. Communities in the region have been attacked mostly by suicide bombers and raids by the group.

Over in the Anglophone region, guerilla style attacks on security forces by suspected separatists under the so-called Ambazonia republic banner has led to the formation of a new military unit headquartered in the capital of the northwest region, Bamenda.

There has been a sustained call for dialogue to solve the crisis even though the government has insisted that it will only engage with persons with the unity of the nation at heart.

Separatists have killed over 20 security forces, locals have fled their homes for fear of being caught in the cross fire with thousands now seeking asylum in neighbouring Nigeria.

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  1. la republic militia will pay for it

  2. So now, what next? We are tired with this history and lit stuff. Or, might it be a pretext, for the
    confussionist to have his way into this mess and get Ambalanders so cheap?
    We are watching.

  3. it is now sure that when a human group makes the tragic mistake of founding its existences on theivery,commiting genocide,inslaving others to sustain its existence.it losses the capacity of self sustainances inherent in all human groups.once it becomes impossible to steal and inslave others to maintain its existence.it begins to decline automatically because it has lost the thirst of hard work and sacrefise.working for what it had free for centuries becomes impossible to precure.this explains why it must insist in stealing using different technics,even when they look ridiculous.

    after inventing fictive chemical wepons being used by the syrian government because it refused to bow.it is now talking of goverment troups being violent with the so called boko haram.

  4. can americans or let us say all the european nations that invaded the world,terrorised,slaughtered,eliminating millions of people from the earths sufface live today on the wealth they creat through their own work?in another way can they live without stealling?sincerely i dobut because the level of living of french people demand they work at least 14 hours six days a week.but official working ours in france is 7 hours thirthy minutes.so where will the rest of wealth needed to sustain them come from?

    if you tell french people to work even ten hours a day,they will call it slavery.having been use to eating without working.they are now trapped in a terrible vicious cercle of debt.the same with all european countries that practiced exploitation.we must prepare for the worste.

    • @bah acho

      the day the black men we learn how to fixing stuff by himself ” gun , car , and new technologies”

      • there is nothing difficult in that,it is a question of mindset.the miji restauration of japan is a good example of how when people gain consciousness of the denger facing them.they are capable of programming their minds to do whatever it takes to avoid falling under control of others.
        the expression japanese ethnos alien technic helps us see the path japan took to catch up and surpass its advesaries technically and scientifically.

  5. No Government anywhere on Planet Earth Have Ever won a War Against its own People. So Paul Biya and His Friends Declaring war on Anglophones was a wrong mistake! Remember The Arab Spring was a series of pro-democracy uprisings that enveloped several largely Muslim countries, including Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Bahrain. The events in these nations generally began in the spring of 2011, which led to the name. However, the political and social impact of these popular uprisings remains significant today, years after many of them endeded.where are the Arab Dictators Now? Never Underestimated what Frustrated Hardworking Citizens can do to reclaim their dignity and Self worth!

  6. @Korak

    what happened to all those countries today ” Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Libya, Egypt and Bahrain”

    nothing have been changed . the west doesn’t care include you and I sorry to saying that.

    • @Abakwaboy : In which country in world wether Traditional Kingdoms or Western democracy is it acceptable for a 90 plus year old with limited Brain and physical abilities is a good leader ? Knowing the Global Competitiveness of todays economies and the Effects of Technology or the lag of it on National Development and Global Competitiveness?

  7. The new trend now is for dictators to open fire on unarmed citizens and such dictatorships are almost always backed by a powerful member of the UN Security Council:
    Assad’s Syria – Vladmir Putin/Russia
    Mohammed bin Salman’s Saudi Arabia – Donald Trump/USA
    Paul Biya’s Cameroon – Emmanuel Macron’s France

    And lots of others.

    • the word,dictaors,is a thermometer to measure the level of naivity of our degree holders.once you see an african using words like this to qualify those who refuse to be domestiicated and caged by the american system build on slavery.know you are dealing with an ignorant being,incapable of reading events round the world through his own center of interest.what is the interest of an african calling the SYRIAN PRESIDENT DICTATOR?a dictator base on criterials set by who,in whoes interest?

      what is bad for an american may be good for a russian base on his national interest.but to most of our degree holders,what is good for america that inslaved their ancestors is automatically good for them.PUTIN,S russia is a dictatorship,not america that inslaved our ancestors.thats the african intellectual?

      • Thanks for this insightful perspective bah acho. I wanted to add to this, but I ‘ll do nothing but repeating what you clearly stated. Keep schooling the old men above.

      • In country in world wether Traditional Kingdoms or Western democracy is it acceptable for 90 plus year old with limited Brain and physical abilities is a good leader ? Knowing the Global Competitiveness of todays economies and Effect of Technology or the lag of it

        • KORAC….our mistake all of us,was to have assimilated naively the highly centralized european system of economic organization where everything depends on decesions taken at the center.the result is that we are spectators,not actors as supposed.history has proved that those who learn to do for themseves come out better than those who do not.no matter which party or individual is in power at the center.even though decesions taken at the center will affect economic orientation and certainly industrial competitivity.there is always a way to maneuver round negative decesions.that is if we are properly organised from the base with a well defined industrial stratergy.we should have codefied the collective system in our villages,making it the departure point of economic organization.

    • @JD don’t cry I have said here over and over that there will be a time everyone will cry for the stupid decision of foolish Anglophones to confront the army of Cameroon you thought I was joking.all those who mislead masses when this nonsense started ran away or are quiet I will name Wirba,Mola litumbe,Ayah Abine etc… cause they all know who is BiYa they they fear for their lives and eating peacefully at their [email protected] aka Dali Dali aka Mvomeka will come and Bark here to cheat on people whereas he is running his life with his old German woman of 75/80years who helped him to secure the German citizenship Ayaba cho is eating jama-jama hidden somewhere,Mark Barack from his hideout with his mobile phone spreading idiocies all day long luckily many have got their senses today and repented.

      • Where in The World is it Acceptable that some Strangers from somewhere is appointed leader of a people or an Administrator of a place that he doesn’t know the geography and doesn’t know the Culture , doesn’t know the needs of the Area.Just fly some Clown in and say hey you , Take Command. Like he is going to commanding Illiterates. No One in Anglophone Cameroon wants this Biya appointees. End of story

  8. @John Dinga

    i am glad you re coming on your own sense .

    The west will never help Africa.

    my question is to you ” john dinga ” what happened to Libya today , does the west and USA help solve the problem ?

  9. It is not my comments, that is prolonging or causing mass killings in SC, BIG MAN.

  10. Pharaon, alias Bamenda choke artist,
    What happpened to Lybia? You want to blame the same West that is turning a blind eye to the killings going in your colonial for Ghadaffi’s madness? The cracks are beginning to be visible when you start reading words like, “ gross abuse”. When Ghadaffi pushed the button too far, he got his comeuppance.

    • …going on…

      • @Firefighter. I think a majority of people will disagree with you, including many westerners. If Gaddafi pushed things too far, the west intervened and disposed of him, but then allowed Libya to rot into the caricature of its former self.

        That’s not helping.

        The West came in because Gaddafi was threatening the very foundation that constitutes the base of their neocolonial hegemony. Gaddafi was pushing for one Africa, which is a complete no, no for France, since France would be deprived of the grip she has on their former colonies. He was pushing for an end to petrol dollar money in preference for a gold standard. This was a no, no for the US. As long as the policies we put in place keep feeding the west, they don’t give a damn whether we are dying a prospering.

        • Eyallow,
          Nobody would sweep your house for you. When Ghadaffi attacked western positions, like bombing a night club in Berlin killing American soldiers, bringing the PANAM plane over Scotland, I don’t think he cared about the consequences. Why would the West be so kind to rebuild Lybia? Ghadaffi took over in 1969, and it was only during his waning days that Africa became so alluring to him. After playing the thug and incurring the wrath of the West, he wanted to pull a fast one on naive African dictators, pulling them along to fight his fights for him. The Ghadaffi who hated the West was the same many who financed Sarkozy’s presidential campaign, the man whose sons stuffed money in foreign bank accounts and had villas in Western cities. Name one concrete reform that Ghadaffi pushed

        • through. It’s easy to toss some half-baked ideas in the air and associate them with himself, but could you please lay out the conception, implementation of any of those lofty goals of his? Ghadaffi tried the best he could in his country, but there’s nothing palpable to show when it comes to the whole of Africa. He ruled for 43 years and nobody in the West ever forcefully took his oil. It seems the oil went to his head and he started courting his own doom. It’s not as if the West is some beacon of morality, but Ghadaffi half-baked platitudes were a clever ploy to keep him relevant when had burnt bridges with the West. It risible to claim Ghadaffi was pushing for one Africa. Had the OAU not been doing same over the decades?

        • @FireFighter: You are missing my point, being that the west will grind anyone into the ground the moment they feel that you stand in the way of their quest for world dominance. Unfortunately, we seem to think that the deceitful propaganda they have been proffering us about aid and support for our development, is a reality that will one day materialise.

          If we are talking about Gaddaffi’s failures,we must remember that the west has colonised Africa for hundred of years. Look where they are, look where we are. Who is fooling who?

          Finally, I’m not advocating that Gadaffi’s policies were visionary. However, like many Africans, I think we have to learn to take positions that defend our self-interest. For all I know, Gadaffi was better for Africa than any western nation has ever been to us.

        • Eyallow,
          You have now calibrated you argument to sound level-headed and I pull no punches. But i’m completely against those cheap propaganda tactics people spew about Ghadaffi, trying to place a flawed dictator on a high moral pedestal. Ghadaffi was as good to Africa as Britain is! You see you are struggling to lay out anything longlasting he put in place for Africa, right? But everyone drinks into that cool aid, that he was Africa’s savior. Ghadaffi was a self-loathing individual who inflicted a lot of wounds on himself, and thought it wise to drag in unsuspecting African dictators to fight his proxy wars for him. His standoff with the West overshadowed any hollow preachings about African unity from him. He was therefore a liability and not an asset!

        • James,
          I see some escapism in your words. Please stick to calling them terrorists, that will give you an alibi to massacre more. Did France not support Guillaume Soro and bandits when they were on their way to Abidjan to flush out Gbagbo. Why do drunkards like you even shoot off your mouths in public? Maybe some bandits are better than others! The bandits of yesterday are the kings if today in Cote D’Ivoire, aren’t they confused one? There are no permanent enemies or friends when it comes to international relations.

    • @Firefighter
      What does “gross abuse” mean to you? That America will come and Support bandits to distabilise Cameroon? Sorry. They will never. No great Nation will come to rescure or Support bandits.
      Do you actually inform yourself beyond Cameroon or your know how is limited in the forest in SW Region?
      Macron was in Washington yesterday to meet his friend Trump. They are together in Syria, Lybia, Afghanistan, Mali, Eastern Ukrane doing things for common interest. They share interligence for respective national security and trade in billions. They will not stand against one another because of Cameroon. Britain will not do same and the Germans as well. Arm Dealers will help you kill yourselves by selling you with weapons. Block heads.

  11. Dictators are not born; they are made!
    Look no further than the factories around them. The human instinct to receive and glorify praises has naturally attracted sycophants to the court, in the process, distancing those who would otherwise offer helpful hints by way of constructive criticism. Like all cancers it begins as a small, almost negligible trait but grows fast.

    We all need and have benefited from friendly or family tips as we leave home for the office – reminders of uncombed hair, poorly knotted tie, unvarnished shoes, trousers in need of zipping, etc. Sycophants do not see these! And so as they fill up the space around their hero, they promote new norms that make the useful tips an aberration.
    Gambia’s new president must now cope with praise singers who urge the arrest of a man

  12. who ventured to offer a modest critique of something that might slow down The Gambia’s journey to recovery after Yahyah Jammeh. Over-ambitious policemen did not see the man as the same professor who had been teaching them and their children. They just arrested him to show how much sacrilege he had committed by offering a constructive critique.

    If Cameroon’s praise singers could just realize how much(moral, economic, legal) burden they are placing on their leader….

  13. @ Bah Acho & Eyallow. Thank You For Exposing Those Western Agents (@JD, @FF, etc). The West Says Who Is Dictator & Who Is Not According To Their Interests. What Happened To The Arsenal Own By The Red Cross With The Blessing Of UNO Seized By AU Soldiers En Route To CAR Rebellion? Or The One In Northern Nigeria Own By French To Supply BH? So Far They Were Caught Their Media Did Not Broadcast It To Die Naturally As Nothing Had Ever Happened.

    • And so it is!!!!!!!

      Bah Acho’s limitations do not allow him to see/perceive where my write-up pointedly listed the US among those enabling dictatorships; he posts only what his limitation and preconceived ideas dictate – that I am an American agent and therefore hailing America. Good luck to you and your club of blind supporters.

      • one of the techniques used by those caged by the US,is projecting those who refused to be caged as being evil like america itself.the question, is who created the current global economic system,the sources of onging geo political tention?

        we need courage to take position in all world events,by carefully reading them through our center of interest and taking position.as african, i agree with the SYRIAN president,s decesion not to submit the national interest of his people to american geo political interest.if there is an allainces concluded by the SYRIAN goverment,why should i point fingers at russia like americans?

  14. the best way to solve this problem now is the continuity of the war biya declared, all international communities have asked biya to open a meaningful dialogue to the root causes, release all SCs activists, innocent youths and older persons who are held indefinitely in disgusting bad condition cells as terrorists prisoners, however because biya is old and incompetent,does not understand English terminology, ashamed to address his failed unjust 58 years old policies towards SCs,refuses to face the truth, therefore he continues to use military atrocities against the people hoping the problem will go away, many youths are radicalised due to all the lrc brutality, they will resists 58 years of french Cameroon oppression especially as biya is weak, living on borrowed time! the struggl continues

    • Where in The World is it Acceptable that some Strangers from somewhere is appointed leader of a people or an Administrator of a place that he doesn’t know the geography and doesn’t know the Culture , doesn’t know the needs of the Area.Just fly some Clown in and say hey you , Take Command. Like he is going to commanding Illiterates. No One in Anglophone Cameroon wants this Biya appointees. End of story

    • The National Interest (TNI)

      And who is suffering @Ndolloz ” dull”?

  15. @ndolloz There is no better way to put it.Biya is ashamed to address his failed apartheid policies against Anglophones,and ask for forgiveness and reconciliation.And may be create a truth and reconciliation commission as it was done in South Africa.He preffers to stand on his logic that the present Cameroon is not a fraud,and that he is right to arrest anglophone protesters and label them ”terrorist”,hoping that the war will end and the problem will go away.He sees the move of appologising to anglophones and call for reconciliarion as a sign of weakness.So he preffers to be the strong man that they have always known him to be.He preffers to divide Cameroon into two before he diesl.

  16. @Korak. The Queen Of England At 92 Is Still Heading Commonwealth As Well As Uk. How Old Were Nelson Mandela, Ariel Shawron Or Shimon Perez Before Leaving Power. Age Is Not An Excuse To Condemn Biya But His Incompetence To Rule.

    • Mbamois,
      Armored vehicles from the West just saved the life of a true agent of the West from your backyard. I know you are a ngrongbeef digger and naturally fail to understand that when you point one finger at us, four point back at you.

    • Clearly you are enamored of the queen of England and love to use it to illustrate everything that comes to your head. Regrettably this one is an absurd non sequitur!

      The English monarchy is a hereditary, not elective post. The queen reigns but does not rule. When you shall have found out the nuances involved, you will discover the incongruous, illogical parallels you are drawing.

  17. @FF. You are a dumb not to differenciate between PARTNERSHIP ( SELECTIVE OR OPTIONAL) & MASTER ( SLAVERY). I’ve NEVER rejected all western things but always prefer choice while innovating ours to following people in the name COLONIAL MASTER. Thus I can prefer Arab politics to French’s or innovate British weapon to my taste so to look local. Instead of following thing based on French / British heritage that do need any amendment regardless of the environment ( Asking one to dress as a British or French during winter while being in Kamerun ).

    • Yup, wayward rabble rouser, you adapt, not innovate western ideas to your taste. So why have you not adapted the Douala airport to fit your world view?