Cameroon Government Bans Night Driving in Southwest in Wake of Violent Protests

Sputnik International | Regional governor Bernard Okalia Bilai stated that the driving ban will last for “30 days.”

According to reports, one of Cameroon’s provinces has banned driving at night because of continuing clashes between government forces and separatists.

No vehicles are allowed to be on the road between 7:00 pm and 6:00 am, although exceptions are made only for ambulances and police cars, according to an official announcement.

Many have been killed in the Southwest Region and Northwest Region and tens of thousands have fled to bordering Nigeria after violent anti-government protests, which began due to a push for independence among the English-speaking provinces.

The situation deteriorated in late January, 2017 when 47 rebels were arrested in Nigeria, which sent them back to Cameroon, prompting yet another wave of violent protests.