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Cameroon govt to probe brutality meted out to separatist leader

africanews | The Cameroon army has admitted that some of its officials had meted out inhumane treatment to a suspected separatist arrested in the NorthWest region of the country.

According to the Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo, speaking on state radio, gendarmes deployed to the restive region to fight separatists had “mistreated and tied up” an alleged separatist leader during his arrest Saturday.

A viral social media video showed officials having tied the suspects hands behind him. The suspect who was lying on his belly in muddy conditions is kicked and his head is stamped upon by some of the gendarmes and a police.

The gendarmes (paramilitary officials) are “clearly out of the norms and legal techniques in such circumstances,” the minister acknowledged, his condemnation followed a very strong online protest to the video.

It is the first time the army has acknowledged abuses committed by security forces deployed in the two English-speaking regions riled by separatist violence since October 2017.

“An investigation has been opened to identify (and) where appropriate sanction the perpetrators of these acts contrary to respect for human rights,” said the minister.

Nicknamed “general”, the abused person is an alleged separatist leader who was arrested on Saturday, said Beti Assomo. The said general according to authorities “was actively sought for several weeks for his involvement in acts of violence against the population and (in) the killing of the personnel of defense and security forces”.

Security forces have been repeatedly accused by NGOs and witnesses of abuses and burning houses. “We only burn houses where we discover weapons,” the army defended its actions in late April.

The central African regions English speaking regions have been mired in a security crisis that has been tagged the “Anglophone crisis”. In the two regions, northwest and south-west, fighting has become almost daily between the Cameroonian security forces and armed men.

The armed groups say they are fighting to establish an independent Ambazonia Republic. According to the International Crisis Group (ICG), “at least 120” civilians and “at least 43” members of the security forces have been killed since late 2016. The separatist record is unknown.

160,000 people have fled their homes as a result of the violence, according to the UN, and 34,000 have fled to Nigeria, according to the Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (Sema).

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  1. Dictator Biya’s so-called ” Vivre-ensemble ” is F-I-N-I-T-O.


    • @MVOMEKA

      we are going to kill all resistances, you can call him “vampire, dictator, bloodshed, and others ” law and others will remain if you do not like it, please get out of my country or don’t come back.

      why are you complain? the war continued like you mentioned.

      where is the UK ambassador lol

  2. Our soldiers should refrain from such practices, unless they are psychically attacked.

    General must also know that he has no right to kill soldiers…

    • Has it been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the “general” has killed gendarmes? Let’s take a deep breathe b4 making conclusive assumptions.

      • Africans For Donald Trump


        After taking 5 deep breaths, I have personally concluded that the “general” has killed many gendarmes!

        Gendarmes are being murdered and ambazombies take credit for murdering them!
        Schools and markets are being burned down and ambazombies take credit for that!
        Civil servants are being killed and ambazombies take credit for that!
        The military does not need to prove beyond reasonable doubt to anyone that a terrorist is a terrorist!
        Once the military is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that an individual is a terrorist they are obliges to give that individual terrorist treatment.
        The US gov’t did not need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the people in Guantanamo Bay were terrorists!

        • what will a general be doing in town while his group is in the bush,if he was a fighter and wanted he will not be wandering around

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          You can speculate all you want on why the terrorist general was in town. There are more than 10 million possible reasons why he will be in town while his fighters are in the bush.

          Sick seku tabe ayuk was in Nigeria while his fighters were in the Manyu forest! Keep speculating while the government focuses on tracking down the terrorists and annihilating them.

      • Sawapikin,

        you go lef your Sawa bros for littoral then join hands witi your Saxon bros from Abakwa against your Gaulists Sawa bros, no be so?

        Plenty jazz surely be involved for dis matter, na ma only conclusion that…

  3. This man was a retailer and no Amba fighter. His sister has declared his only crime was resisting to bribe soldiers regularly. Such brutality will be exacted with revenge sooner or later. We will resist even if you bring all the soldiers of France and add it to yours ..Hon Wirba.

    • This is nothing compared to the beheading carried out by Ambazonia terrorists.

      • @ Bobjazz, you must be smoking some reefer before making such a callous statement. Who declared war on the English speaking Cameroonians? Your armies should be killing innocent lives and destroying homes, and you expect freedom fighters to sit back and watch their on people slaughtered by your langa republic Cameroon? If they can behead thousands of those soldiers and display it publicly, let it be so. An eye for an eye, tooth for tooth and pound flesh missing, theirs also will missing period.

        • @ Kingsley, nobody declared war on the anglophones. War was declared on the Ambazonia terrorist. Stop mixing apple and oranges. I am an anglophone Cameroonian and not an ambazonian.

        • kingsley dont complain then and let see , am from SW but I believe all this violence wont help anyone. Poor people will cry even more

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @ the terrorist dot

      You celebrate when ambazombie terrorists kidnap citizens from the North West and South West who do not support their terrorist movement!
      You celebrate when ambazombie terrorists kill police and gendarme officers in Cameroon!
      When one of your revered ambazombie terrorists is captured you come out crying that he was a retailer and no amba fighter.

      Your terrorist cries will continue to fall on deaf ears!
      You shameless coward terrorist! Nyamfukah!

      • why not celebrate,so your soldiers are right to kill citizens right?

      • Africans For Donald Trump


        Citizens who behead other citizens because they do not agree with their political views are terrorists and must be killed by the government.

        The government is absolutely right to kill the terrorists who beheaded the chief in Lebialem on tuesday! The government is right to kill the kidbnappers of the principal of stbedes. The government is right to kill the kidnappers of the delegate for social security! The government is absolutely right to kill the kidnappers of Tunisian construction company. The government is absolutely right to kill the kidnappers of Prof. Leke! The government is absolutely right to kill ambazombies who are amputating the arms of young girls who want to go to school!!

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @terrorist dot

      The man you call hon Wirba is a member of parliament of the republic of Cameroon!

      He earns a salary from The Republic of Cameroon. If this Wirba guy is an ambazombie he should immediately resign from the Cameroon parliament. This Wirba is nothing but a “langa”opportunist

    • @.thunder fire your mouth!

  4. When I see mature African man mash dong him broda head like maggadog… and when I see African youthman take a cutlass and chop off him broda head like snake, I jus shake me castle in pity.

    Bot since we na ever get wise mek dem keep on brutalizing each other while Babylon dem chop lobster and pop champagne to celebrate success! No amount of brutality na dey wey pippo na see yet fo Africa. Dis brutality go continue until time come when pippo go start beg fo peace and wisdom… and den dem go realize say we dan loss all da pippo dem fo noting bot kontri remain same same.

    • Ras Foolish Banga,
      You have spent time demeaning African universities, their students and their research methods , right here on this forum. You were ecstatic when the Bir arrived the SW at the beginning of the conflict. Today, you are all over the place popping champagne because a Nigerian contingent has been invited to take part in 20th May activities. What would therefore push a man of your brutality to shake your head in disgust when you see Africans unleashing beastiality on each other? You have rejected dialogue, yet you shake your head when both sides explode each other’s head. Give up weed, and you may be able to think coherently and you will finally see the light. Your incoherent babblings are hard to see!

  5. Here is someone who helped organize and ambush law enforcements and authorities. Why is he even alive?? Ben Ladden wasn’t taken alive. He has forfeited his right to live.
    @ . I bet you Ayaba Cho sister will also declare him innocent once he is captured.

    • ‘It is very hard for a family to give up a brother even if that brother was the devil’

      – Late Captain Yari Emmanuel, platoon commander, BIR.

      • Ras Tuge, your quotation above is uncalled for,because even if the suspect was actively involved in the resistance, the act committed by the milliatary guys is simply wrong and every person with a sound mind,(and I know you are of a sound mind) should condemn this offence without any further consideration

        • I should condemn without any further consideration because I am supposed to be taking orders from you? I don’t think so, man.

          By the way, my condemnation and revulsion are in my comment above but I know you despise it simply because I mentioned the chief who was brutally beheaded! I didn’t see any comments condemning that act of barbarism and many are rejoicing because the life of that chief is worth lesser since he doesn’t espouse your vision?!!! You want to preach righteousness with such selective justice?

          Go back to the article about the chief and see if there’s a word of sympathy from Bobe. No man, I don’t operate like and I am simply incorruptible, you check?

      • Unlike in the past, multimedia ensures that this barbaric treatment by the army on orders of the Biya regime lives forever in textbooks of the future. It is about telling their story. They tell their story better than us and have the means to do so. Two UN Class B territories cannot end up like this – the bigger one attempting to swallow the smaller one by the force of brutality. It is wrong.

        • @DM this is just the beginning .

        • @Colby – the beginning of what? Apes taking over? We need to learn from others, do things on high principles and respect for others. A self-determination referendum in SC is the mechanism to end this crisis. Learn from Czechoslovakia. War or targeted killings to occupy territory or stay in power is wrong.

      • Ras, did you also know that pipso black was killed by lrc?they would never have done what they did to Emma were he from the east of the mungo.

        • Well, I neither knew him personally nor was I by his side at the time of his death. So I would not speak for him. All I know is that he died for a righteous cause, protecting the country that he loved. There are many videos on Youtube where you can see how happy and graceful Yari was in the battlefield. That’s how I want to remember that brother.

        • ‘On the battlefield’

    • @ James, prove your information right. Don’t assume as your langa republic of Cameroon always assumes.+

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        When members of the forces of law and order are killed you do not demand that the ambazombie terrorists provide information on the crimes committed by the soldier.
        When an 8 month old police/gendarmer officer is killed in broad day light you do not request the ambazombie terrorists to provide information to justify why she was killed.
        Well, the government is focused on identifying and annihilating terrorist fighters and not on providing information to terrorist sympathisers to justify their actions against terrorists!
        Too bad the gov’t is preoccupied with finding and annihilating terrorist rather than justifying its actions to terrorist sympathisers and terrorists!

        Kudos to the gov’t for tracking down this ambazombie terrorist!

        • The question is , what are members of law and order doing in anglophone residential areas? Prior to the conflict , which anglophone group identified itself as a terror group which might have necessitated the gov’t to go after it? You want to make terrorists of a section of the population and you unleash violence on them.

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          Your question are very stupid!

          The members of the forces of law and order are in reseidential and non residential areas in the North West and South West to enforce the law!

          A terrorist group does not need to identify itself as a terrorist group for the government to go after it!

          A terrorist is defined as someone who uses threats and violence to force others to accept his/her political opinion!

          The ambazombies who are amputating the arms of kids who want to go to school, burning schools and markets are terrorists whether they identify as terrorists or not!

        • FF,
          should things be left in amateurs’ hands it would be total chaos. It’ll just need one madman like Ayuk, and another sicko like Cho or Anu to set the killing spree in full motion.

          We’ll soon be seeing tigers fighting against dragons, goats against sheep, cows against donkeys, monkeys against baboons, and on and on. Even mosquitoes will take on flies. This is no disrespect, but by all indications that is just the truth. The little money sent 2 finance such madness would create unprecedented lunacy simply cos ur fight is all about money. Nothing more nothing less.

          A falconer must take care of his falcons, else they’ll take things into their own hands, and we all know what instinct falcons have got when left on their own.

          This is no jambo matter, its about a NATION that is at stake…

        • US of Africa,
          You mean forcing others to accept that there can not be any discussion about the form of state? If that is the case, then you know who the terrorists are!

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @ Firefighter

          I mean only legitimate leaders of the people can demand to have a discussion about the form of state!

          When people who have no legitimacy as leaders request to have a discussion with any government on the form of state that government is obliged to say never!

          When illegitimate self appointed leaders order the amputation of the arms of children who want to go to school and the burning down of schools and businesses that defy their calls for shut down, that is TERRORISM!

          The form of state can only be negotiated with legitimate leaders of the people. The legitimate leaders of the people are elected officials and traditional rulers!

          If you want to discuss the form of state you have to join the political process!!

          Why is it so hard for you to understand this? Nyamfukah!

        • US of Africa,
          Stop running your mouth unnecessarily when you have nothing to say! You cannot refuse to have dialogue about the form of state and want to have dialogue turn in turn! That’s trying to have your cake and eat it! You called Balla terrorist at the beginning and imprisoned him, now he has strangely become a legitimate leader. What holy spirt did you pass him through to suddenly become legitimate? The president doesn’t want to discuss the form of state, yet you are here choosing legitimate leaders. Don’t you see your hypocrisy? If the legitimate leaders are elected officials , why would the president be swearing to not have dialogue with people that are all at his disposal? Dull ting di pretend don confuse fall for yi own sword!

  6. `sought for several weeks for acts of violence `. Is that why the BIR and gerdermes,
    went to that village? Who gave a camplaint about him terrorising to the authorities?
    This writeup, tells me the guy was a mad man fighting both the population and the BIR.
    It`s all the usual lies telling by a drowning lrc.

    Can the press, do us a favor by not distorting facts? The number of deaths / refugees,
    should be higher than they tell us.

    Brexit is all about leaving a union. No killings, rapes, burnings etc etc heard , read or seen.
    Why is biya doing that in SC? What constitution, gives him that right?

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @coward terrorist joshua

      We all know why you want to know who provided information that helped the government to capture this ambazombie terrorist!

      Unfortunately for you the govt is not that dumb not to know that revealing this information will make the informant a target for ambazombie terrorists!

      All ambazombie terrorists are mad men fighting both the population and the BIR.

      The principal of St Bedes Ashing Kom is not a member of BIR yet he was kidnapped by ambazombie terrorists!
      Professor Leke is not a member of BIR yet he was kidnapped by ambazombie terrorists!
      The Delegate for social affairs for NW is not a member of BIR yet he was kidnapped by ambazombie terrorists and has never been seen since then!

    • Well Joshua, you have this problem of asking questions whose answers you already know… and then you draw your fascinating conclusions. It is not difficult to know who gave the complaint about your gang member… I mean, you saw how your man Sam Soya was sold right before your eyes by his own kutchaman! It’s all on Youtube, man.

      The problem with you follows is this hench mentality and opportunism that plunged the entire country into madness. Back in the sixties, nobody could stop Foncha and his delusional political adventurers… Endeley had no chance with all the threats and bullying. Nothing has changed today! But like I have said, you fellows don’t stand a chance when I-Man is around. You make a lot of noise and then fall in the pit!

      The government has been acting with restraint.

    • @joshua you will remain a backward link.

  7. The Only Crimes The Gendarmes Have Committed Are: Video The Arrest & Not Beheading Him After Exploitation. @ Lum. Send Your Scbc To Cover The Event On Their So Called Land Instead Of Using Propaganda From South Africa For Youths To Die. @. The Day @ Mvomeka Is Caught, You’ll Not Remember That He Was Recruiting Fighters & Calling For The Killing Of ‘francophones’. USA Did Worst To Talibans & Irak. He’s Guilty So Far He Was Actively Hunted.

    • Ground Control

      We have a terrorist colonel and 2 terrorist soldiers in our custody. The animals arrived from Koutaba to hunt and kill us. We will be having them for super when the time is right. Enough amo secured already. LRC will face our urban wrath if they dare parade our cities to celebrate that fake Madam Ahidjo’s birth day call 20th May. He who has ears should hear. Amba forever.

  8. @ Kingsley. You Are The Propagating False Information. Can You Write Your Source Where Biya Declared War To SOUTHERN KAMERUNIANS? So Declaring War To Boko Haram Means DECLARING WAR TO NIGERIA? Why Not Start By Killing Yang? May Be He’s Not From SK.

  9. Mbamois, your memory is very short to know or remember when Preach All Useless Lies Bamenda Is Your Answer declared war on Southern Cameroon.

  10. @Kingsley

    see me this raccoon, if you are an ambasonia member we will kill all the resistances.

    thank you to the USA ambassador in Cameroon, a brave man.

    like I said before go and protest nymfuka, I hope you heard what Donald Trump said hahahahahahhaahha

  11. Mbamois,
    The tough porcupine from Bokito, when some will remind you later of the fact that you openly encourage beheadings, of course you will jump into a river and come out dry. I remember your brother Okalia calling Anglophones dogs and it’s abundantly clear beastiality is in your DNA. Instead of calling for dialogue, you pretend to know all the answers and continuously put military personnel on harm’s way by encouraging them to carry out barbaric acts. You are not the one doing the killings , so it’s easy to dish out advice. But keep in mind both sides are very much armed now, and that it’s a waste of time thinking one will back down. Just do the right thing and spare yourselves further embarrassment!

    • FF,

      what about the Ashus, Tabis, Murunges, and Co, calling you cam no go? Was Okalia born by then?

      This your selective stuff can never work. Or, you’ll tell me that it was divide and rule tactics? Come on! How more can we be fooling ourselves rather than striving to sit on the table and see where the rain began to be beat us? What is sure, that rain didn’t start to beat us in 2016.

      Forget about this arm stuff, it is an inferno that would go ad infinitum. And we all know who has got the most sounding firing power.

      Your much cherished Boko had at least some firing power with resonance, a thing you can only dream of. Still, we’re talking here about brothers of the same fathers and mothers, not some religious fanatics.

      The earlier you grasp that the better…

    • Zam Zam,
      Senior Bali refugee, you want to sound normal but the guilt in your voice betrays your hypocrisy! Oven Peter Ashu used Cam now go to show his dislike of those he considered outsiders. It is not different from your master s calling you enemy in the house. Calling one a dog , as Mbamois’ fellow extremist did puts you at the level of animals, not outsiders. Your refugee brains should be able to grasp these basics. You who jumped out here celebrating the arrival of soldiers in the SW somehow wants to sit around the table. Have you wiped out all Anglophones, who strangely happen to be your greatest benefactors? How can I be dreaming of Boko Haram’s Firing power when I am the one who sponsored the group Bami choke artist? When it was your turn , you freaking choked and ran!

  12. This is what the republican does to men and boys, you can only imagine what they do to girls and their mothers, university of Buea was a prelude.
    Black French Africans killing black Africans who are not French enough by their superior French standards, later they will call us brothers and talk about territorial integrity after killing man, woman and child.
    This is their definition of national unity; apartheid policies against the Anglophone non french speaking minority, colonization and forced francophonization of the minority in West Cameroon.
    The agenda is clear, kill Anglophones, burn their homes and villages, force them to become refugees in Nigeria then take their land and give to the colonialist.
    Victoria is a good example of project French colonize West Cameroon

    • @Lum the former student of YDe1 university if you have all your senses you will better understand what I normally state here that we will deal with all terrorists to show them that idiocy can be contagious .

  13. Probe what?The Cameroon government is the most evil,hypocritical ,brutal and indisciplined government in the world.When they talk of a probe it instead means the opposite.Am so sorry for those who are supporting this wicked government.

  14. @Lum

    just be quiet raccoon, you ‘re talking nonsense at all levels.

    Before the UK comes to colonize the others part of Cameroon who gives them consent?

    USA equal France equal EU; Very soon the UK will be kicked out completely as a member of EU.

  15. My cousin who was working his farm in his backyard in Batibo was subjected to the exact kind of treatment today. He had nothing to do with Amba fighters and was even left in a state in which we are not sure of his survival thanks to minister Rose who was contacted by a good Samaritan and she called from Yaounde asking them to leave him. So I won’t even belief this guy is an Amba fighter. This people are just moving in Batibo and arresting any young guy they see, torture and term him Amba fighter andi then ask for one million before the person can be released. Those that support these army haven’t been personally touched by their brutality on innocent family members. These armies know which forest these guys live in but they instead go in the quarter where innocent individuals are

    • @ Country man, If the Ambazonians know that and care about the well being of these villagers who are being maltreated by the BIRs, Why do they keep on committing their atrocities in these anglophone villages knowing the outcome? Why don’t they go and commit their atrocities in Biya’s village in Mvomeka? Batibo will never be affected if the Ambazonians were not there kidnapping and killing people. Ambazonians don’t care about those villagers Just as the BIRs don’t care about those villages. We don’t see Boka Haram committing suicide attacks in their villages. They do that in their so called enemy’s territory. Same with ISIS. It’s either these Ambazonians are foolish and don’t care about the villagers or they don’t have the balls to go to Mvomeka.

  16. When I look at these things happening, I swear to never defend online that black people did not sell their brothers into slavery. Look at the actions of this wicked evil despotic devilish government from the pit of hell with worthless supporters like the idiots Ras Tuge, Pharoan aka dullest Bamendaboy, evil Colby, diabolical mbamois cunning Zam-zam and the wizard Africans for Trump etc, you don’t have to look far who helped their chiefs kidnap and sell their kins to the white slavers. It’s the same thing they do today inviting the French and British to take away Southern Cameroonians or leave them to be butchered in their abattoirs. We the People concerned must fight and live by all means and with all their strength.

    • Stupid corrupt and wicked webmaster. You an show all your support for this brutal regime by withholding my comment all you want. Truth will triumph in the end.

      • @dot You are stupid when the webmaster allows you to spread idiocies here there is no complaints you can create your own platform don’t you know?

  17. Wonder if the maturity of the Black race is just an utopi?
    Is it a curse beeing Black/ African?
    We are supposed to be the Alpha and Omega of this planet! Why turning all these blessings to crap and make the motherland to living hell?
    Some just want you to distroy your anvied riches so that they can continue to plunder, and you are doing just that!
    How stupid can a people be ?

  18. thinking cap on my friends ……..ask questions. …..and follow the money . Why investigate this particular case? and why now? ……..shortly afterwards American ambassador praises Cameroon on this investigation…..this appears to be a well played /orchestrated PR stunt “a la americain” to justify them handing weapons to LRC……hmmmmm

  19. And as per the philosophy of the Lord’s of war things will get worse when a market for arms is well established and the same vendors will start selling AK 47’s to both sides ……and to think all this could have been avoided years ago by an accountable government, clean drinking water , health and opportunities for all , tarred roads . Am I crazy ? Was this asking for too much? …..to hear today about beheading? Burnings? Refugees ….my God !

    The worst part is ego aside we can still salvage something at this point unfortunately or maybe (who knows ) by intention since the end point if things continue will be heartbreak anguish economic strife and complete chaos things will be left as they are …..my friends there are no winners in this thing

  20. Intellect and empathy my friends ….intellect and empathy ……long sigh!