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Cameroon halts licensing for artisanal mining

APAnews | Cameroon’s Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development, Ernest Gbwaboubou has announced the “immediate” halt to the issuing of permits for artisanal mining activities in the country.Gbwaboubou was speaking in the eastern town of Batouri, during a sensitization workshop by municipal magistrates scrutinizing the Mining Code Act.

He said the move was necessitated by a lack of order in the allocation of mining permits, fraudulent declarations, the disorderly installation of operators, continuous degradation of the environment and the illegal migration of workers involved in such activities.

It comes against the backdrop of the authorities’ lack of proper understanding of the nitty-gritties of the industry, fraudulent export of precious stones, and the rise in crime, which is blamed on mine workers.

On May 14, 2014, the department regulating mining activities in the country issued a six-month suspension of the delivery, renewal and other transactions involved in the authorization of artisanal mining throughout Cameroon, he pointed out.

This precautionary measure, coming after 5777 mining permits were issued in Cameroon’s eastern region alone, is intended to rein in problems blighting the industry.

Findings have established that some operators, with research permits, were immediately moved to the operation phase without an abiding respect for environmental standards.

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  1. it is impossible to do artisanal mining and be competitive with mining companies that use highly precise technical equipement.the normal path should be first cultivating the surface generating money through agriculture and the industry it creats,then using the capital raised from the primary sector to invest in heavy equipement for mining.the problem is that manjority have been indoctrinated in so call anglofool francofool schools to hate farming and run after money as if it is not the result of value created from something.

  2. In a nutshell the fraudelent export of precious stones dont sound like nothing to do with the mining permits, its the lack of duty by whoever has to collect the export taxes on those stones .These industries ,and they can be easier to control for provinence and export taxes if they remain artisanal ,can contribute very positavily to the local governance purse,respectability of the whole process and the nations pocket ,by failproof tracking systems and clear pricise regulations .Get complete transparency into the system and it will be a valid industry ,without big opaque large players, end customers want providence when they buy jewellery .