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Cameroon: Inmates ‘packed like sardines’ in overcrowded prisons following deadly Anglophone protests

• More than 500 people detained in towns including Bamenda and Buea
• Wounded protestors flee hospitals for fear of arrest
• Arrested protestors forced to pay 60 USD bribe to be released

At least 500 people remain detained in overcrowded detention facilities following mass arbitrary arrests in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, and many wounded protestors fled hospitals to avoid arrest, Amnesty International said today.

Those detained were arrested following protests in dozens of towns in North-West and South-West Cameroon on 1 October, in which more than 20 people were unlawfully shot dead by security forces.

This mass arrest of protestors, most of whom were acting peacefully, is not only a violation of human rights, but is also likely to be counter-productive
Ilaria Allegrozzi, Amnesty International’s Lake Chad researcher

“This mass arrest of protestors, most of whom were acting peacefully, is not only a violation of human rights, but is also likely to be counter-productive,” said Ilaria Allegrozzi, Amnesty International’s Lake Chad researcher.

“The Cameroonian authorities should release anyone detained only for exercising their right to peaceful protest.”

The arrests took place in towns across the regions. In Bamenda, the capital of the North-West Region, at least 200 people were arrested and the majority transferred to the prison in Bafoussam.

In Buea, the capital of the South-West region, at least 300 people have been arrested since the 1st October protests, including a series of mass arbitrary arrests between 6 and 8 October.
On Sunday 8 October, for example, police arrested up to 100 people walking to church in the Mile 16 area of Buea, and entered the building to arrest church staff. Some have now been released.

Security forces including the army – whose deployment for law-enforcement purpose should only be an exceptional measure in an emergency situation – have also used unnecessary or excessive force when conducting arrests, and have destroyed property and looted belongings.

In one incident on 3 October in Buea, a police officer threw a teargas canister into a vehicle containing a dozen protestors, who had to smash the window to let in air. In all the cases documented by Amnesty International, arrests were carried out without warrants.

Eyewitnesses described how prisons have become overcrowded following the wave of arrests. In Buea the prison population has increased from about 1,000 before 22 September to around 1,500 today. In one facility run by a mobile police unit, the Groupement Mobile d’Intervention (GMI), in Buea, detainees were described as being “packed like sardines”.

Some of those arrested have been charged with secession, and others with charges including not possessing identity papers, destruction of public property or failure to respect order of the governor. Some have already been brought before the courts. Others were released following the payment of bribes, with families in Buea reporting to have paid members of the police approximately 60 USD for each family member detained.

The fear of arrest and large-scale deployment of security forces also led to dozens of wounded protestors fleeing hospitals where they had sought treatment after being shot during demonstrations, putting their lives at risk. In at least one hospital, security forces entered the building to arrest patients.

Gathering information from families, eyewitnesses, lawyers and medical centres across the regions, Amnesty International has learnt that in at least nine hospitals people with serious injuries fled before their treatment was finished, have been picked up by families, or have asked to be discharged against the advice of medical staff, because of the fear of arrest.

In one such case, a young man who was left with multiple fractures after being shot in both legs by member of the armed forces was taken home by his family before he could be stabilised. According to a doctor treating the patient “he had lost more than a litre of blood. I do not know whether he is still alive, he may likely die”.

Another medic told Amnesty International: “Some of our patients run away from hospital even before getting stabilized, out of fear that the police would come to arrest them”.

The climate of fear in the Anglophone regions could lead to even more people dying of their wounds, too scared to seek the medical treatment they so desperately need
Ilaria Allegrozzi

A third medic told the organisation that security forces did not allow him and other doctors to examine the corpses to clinically confirm that they had been shot.

In another case a young man was killed just outside of the hospital, shot in the back of the head by security forces while running away a protest. Bullets hit the walls of the hospital, penetrating into a room where a doctor and nurses were operating.

“The climate of fear in the Anglophone regions could lead to even more people dying of their wounds, too scared to seek the medical treatment they so desperately need,” said Ilaria Allegrozzi.

“The security forces should put an end to the arbitrary arrest of protestors and permit that those injured are able to seek treatment without fear. International organisations should also deploy human rights monitors and medical staff to assess the situation and provide emergency care.”


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  1. A little misleading. Inmates ‘packed like sardines’ in any prison in Cameroon and the issue should be addressed as such. This is not exclusive to the ‘Anglophone’ region.

    • Ambazonia Amba

      This report is exclusive of Ambazonia. Tell lrc to write their own report. You think this is an organisation controlled by vuvuzela chiroma. Ambazonia has risen never to fall again. The restoration has taken place.

      • Wishful thinking. You cannot even agree among yourselves starting with Northwest looking down on Southwest…not only on the map 🙂

    • @Confucius,

      na for lasi fight weh man di know grand chef.

      Put 10 litre mbrasi fo inside some longa fo dem midrow, then ask dem fo share’am.

      Na only after dem go fit share’am weh one drop mbrasi no drop for grong weh me ah go confirm seh, yes SW witi NW dem dong join hands, true-true.

      Ah use mbrasi as case-point forsika seh, all dis ting weh we di nyé so, na mbrasi be the cause…

      • Mek man no lie you seh SC dis, Ambaso dat…mbrrr, move all mbrasi fo grong fo SW. Dem go deny all seh dem no be Anglo…

        • You wey Bamenda pipo give u everything, u nova deny them, small vindictive skippery ingrate!

        • @Firefighter,

          me dong tell you ever since seh me be CMR/African, tribe no di exist for ma world, as far as ma DARKIE heritage be concerned.

          Ah no di high-up witi ma no-tribe-ness transformation, but na simply sey na forsika tribe issue wey we be last coco for dis grong…

  2. Ballonies

  3. This government is worst than the Nazi regime I tell you. Not a surprise the regular genuflectors are in par with such inhumane treatment only to sing one and indivisible in the end. The county is already divided in the mind and ideas of the afflicted. Africa’s biggest problem is truly education and leadership. Lies is being fashioned and enforced as truth relegated to the background. Studying in Nigeria during the Abacha regime, it felt like hell every minute. See how far they’ve come today. Every dictator has his time and the power they take from the people will return to them in the end. The worst part is the silence of the francophone majority that seems to be concurring with this craze. That is boarder line division.

  4. @Confucius Did u say we cannot agree among ourselves?NW looking down on SW?…ha ha ha ha…igo die laugh.May be u start by telling us about LRC looking down on SCnians.Before schooling us about NW looking down on SW. U this Beti moron.Go and settle your scores with people from the north,before coming to school SW and NW how to live in their country….

    • Kongosa,

      how Nitcheu yi organised solidarity march bin be yestaday, any news?

      Abeg, mek wuna turn-turn tell mu-mu Yang mek yi poum go yi back for Canada quick-quick, yi Big man for work want for sacrifice yi…

  5. For ever young

    Right on @kongosa dis moronic bastards take pride to rejoice in our people misery of arbitrary mass arrest/killing by their security forces in la republique , but what they failed to understand is that tomorrow when the guns change hands the same treatment will be given to them & those of us who wants dis GoD forsaken union to end in a different manner will be unable to stop it cuz the seeds of hatred/ revenge has already been sown & the country would looked like Nigeria were another member of a certain tribal affiliations will be murder by another just identifying with their region of origin ,quite the contrary the founding fathers envision for the United people of Cameroon

  6. Zam Zam,
    Coach your party colleagues like Charles Atangana alias Confucius, sey soulager their helplessness by sheepishly wishing bad things between N and SW! French slaves drown their misery in bottles made by Les Brasseries, so it’s only normal that they would have no clue of their history. But we are always at hand to help out. When northerners and the Betis wanted to show their beastiality they went at each other and thugs like Tchiroma, Marafa, were headed for the guillotine in Mbalmayo. When Betis, northerners , wanted to show their joint beastiality, they slaughtered your Bamileke people like chicken. The third round is now composed of the ever present Betis, then northerners and Bamilekes, trying out what they have mastered over the years on Anglophones.

    • If any of you know of such beastiality between the N and SW, come let’s talk. Remember late Emah Basile was the first one who naturally showed his daily five minute madness by brandishing a machete and asking Anglophones and Bamilekes to go home. Before copy cats like Oben Peter Ashu started mouthing off thuggish filth, they had closely studied Emah Basile. From Cote D’Ivoire to Burkina Faso en passant par le Gabon, French slaves have a cultural disposition to be animalistic brutes. You guys should quickly retire your stale singsong about the N and SW’s inability to coexist in the future. We ar sharing UB, GCE board, CDC, wives, husbands. Clinton Njie’s father is from the NW and the mother is from the SW. we are strong together. Bark at another tree!

      • Like in an Anglo Saxon Kenya right ? Where elections are rigged and hundreds of people must time every time there is an election, let’s not forget the ongoing war between luo and kikuyu. Oh boi what was I thinking why even go to far away Kenya .you NW parasites are still having tribal wars in your hamlets .throwing stones and spears at each other like true savages. Look at this poster child of barbarism trying to lecture the greatest Ethnic groups in that country on civility you are a joke

        • ‘Look at the poster child if barbarism trying (STRUGGLING) to lecture the greatest ethnic groups in the country on civility’! What a powerful statement! Congratulations.

      • Sorry Agbor Pinguiss,
        I know I have touched a nerve. In the NW people can wash their dirty linen amongst themselves and since they think nobody owes them anything, when they go outside, they work hard. That is why the CDC which is in the SW is in their hands. Compare that to Beti Vs northerners, Betis/ northerners Vs Bamilekes and now Betis/northerners/ Bamilekes Vs Anglophones. Cote ‘Ivoire, Gabon, E.Guinea, CAR, Congo, Burkina Faso, you name them. In these places French slaves have raised barbarism to a national pass time. Agbor Pinguiss’ uncles also attack Bamilekes and Anglophones in Gabon and E. Guinea. It’s a pattern of behavior and in the DNA folks. They have installed Bassas at Sonara, or what better way is there to forcefully take that which doesn’t belong to you?

        • Next time when you want to babble like a gorilla about the N and SW not liking each other, take a look at your barbaric selves in the mirror and know that w have completely destroyed that talking point! Dignified N and SWesterners have never and will never spill each other’s blood. This is because they don’t need to embezzle all the country’s money and forcefully take resources from others!

  7. lrc campaign of abduction( kidnapping) and estortion will end in fiasco. Black legs will be exposed and popular justice will take its hold

    • Go to Cameroon and show your strength by leading the popular justice campaign… and we will see if a criminal like you will last one second. It is thanks to these types of silly statements from such delusional vandals that many misled youngsters have lost their lives.

      • Go to Cameroon, especially Bamenda and shout ngraffi ngraffi at people and you will be provided with free rehabilitation to cure you of prolonged weed use ! The last time I checked no youngster ever marched to Yaoundé to provoke anyone. You are the people sending thugs to go bully and kill them on their land.

        • I have absolutely no business in Bamenda. We use Ngraffi in the SW as we like to, and nobody can do anything about that! By the way, why are you ashamed to be Ngraffi? With respect for Zam-zam, I-Man put Ngraffi on the shelf… but i can’t help but notice how you fellows have been struggling to talk about Ngraffi from dusk to dawn for the past 2 months, or so! What a pity!

        • @Ras,

          don’t worry about Firefighter, he is after Bamis/Francos from dawn to dusk, yet he feels offended when given just a pinch of his own medicine.

          Anyway, his con man in the USA is even worse—dat our sista for dat video for Etas go shu yi poh-poh alagata pepper tho.

          Eske big sea na small stream?…

        • Ras Tuge,
          If you safely use ngraffi on your land, then the people you are calling on to go back to Cameroon and lead the fight can equally beat their chests wherever they are, logic? We are ngraffi, but we were surprised
          Too much weed use pushed you to try to remind us of who we are. Why are you no longer chanting your ngraffi song?

          Zam Zam,
          What pinch of my medicine can your ilk give me, massa give me a break! Anytime you have tried name calling, you have felt the retribution, you know it and this will never change! The man taunting us about the Queen is the same one complaining that i’m against francos!

        • Zam-zam,

          Dat sista fo Amerika dey get every right fi choke da rasclaaat criminal. Bot since Ambazombi con man pocket heavy now wit geram from Canada, di sista too fi want jus collect her own bread. Na one big geram scheme… and fools dem di die fo kontri…

        • @Firefighter,

          the degree of your love to Francos is very clear to all.

          You’ve tagged yourself Briton by your own deeds, not Zam.

          Whom are you going to spare were you given the courtesy of having to choose who must quit this earth: Franco or queen?

          I have left Bami out of the afore mentioned question cos the answer to Bami Vs queen is very obvious…

        • @Ras,
          dat gal fit tek da kana risk fo expose yi self so?

          Anyway, me sef no know con man yi voice sef fo fit analyse the whole set up…

        • Zam-Zam,

          Man, when it kom dong for bread, man na fi know! Bot meafi guarantee you seh na rasclaaat con man dat… no question at all. Him put himself inna tight corner right now… na question of time before dis ya Babylon chokam dey. When you threaten fo eliminate woman and CHILD, man you done!

        • Zam Zam,
          Bamilekes, Betis and northerners are leading the way in killing Anglophones these days, so we know how those when given the opportunity to make others quit the earth act. I had the opportunity of ending your cunning Cpdm life when you escaped from your francophone butcher brothers and came hiding in my backyard, but I nursed you and instead you turned into the small monster you are now, calling us cowards, terrorists, but wailing endlessly when I do same to you. You will never make a song about the trail of unprecedented stealing your Bamileke brother Yves Michel Fotso unleashed on the country, will you? Who lied to you that you can win in a game of cynical point scoring? You’ve played the victim all your life, but it won’t wash ever again!

  8. It is surprising that the president of Cameroon and his ministers have not learned from history. They are self centered and think only of themselves. They have not learnt that no mater how lies are logically planned they will be revealed in the end. They also forget about death. And no matter for how lon they continue to maltreat innocent anglophone, they will battle on their dying beds trying to reconcile their lies with realities and it will roo late. And all of us maltreated anglophone as well as Paul Biya, his family and his scrupulous ministers have the same destiny which is death. But the difference is that God will heal our physical tortures while their spiritual torture will leave to hunt them. And they will die leaving all they have acquired though the shed of our blood and

    • Back-off with this victim-centred mentality! Innocent Anglophone this and that… Are the so-called Anglophones not part and parcel of the Biya regime? You think the so-called Francophones are having some type of paradise in Cameroon from where they all promote the maltreatment of the so-called Anglophones?!! What a selfish, callous, and reckless mindset! Keep on playing with fire…

  9. Épée Dipanda

    No amount of talk or insult can stop this train.
    The destination is set for Buea.

    • You are still singing drunken songs! How many people have already perished in vain on that drunken train of doom? Quite an impressive loss of precious life, and the ultimate derailment which will eventually cause that disastrous wreck is yet to occur! The train is so dark inside… too much noise in that train, my friend… and that conductor is still drinking heavily! Seems like the drunken lot know that they have all been set up for some type of sacrifice; and they have resigned themselves to their fate. Buea will be spared that curse…

      • Too much weed does cruel things to the mind! Your belated attempts to scare has fallen flat on numerous occasions, what credibility is left of you ? You said Biya would end the French Empire in Africa, but he is being directed by them to murder his fellow Africans. You said the strike would never reach the SW and it did! You are living in an alternative world because of weed! The SW will be spared? Where have you been for the past 60 years when the SW has been turned upside down by Pinguiss’ thieving brothers? Now you sheepishly point fingers at the brothers who have been working for both you and your handlers! You want the truth? You will get it here! You smoke weed to run away from facing daily reality, any reason why Pinguiss and his brothers are running roughshod in your backyard

  10. For ever young

    Shut the F***k up with your smelly bad breath disease u dis deranged francophone banga smoker from mboplain so call ras tuge, u think your francophone soldiers are killing innocent civilians everywhere without serious casualties on their camp , idiot / babarian like yourself rejoicing should know dis only the beginning of a very long fight asked your francophone rapists soldiers in Manyu after they lost more than 60 of their clowns barbarian to freedom fighters dis month their feeling bout the struggle, is a matter of time before warlike situation explode with killing every place in Amba landscape , instead to claim down temperature moronic bastards asual writing garbage

    • Oh, so Cameroon lost more than 60 soldiers in Manyu! That means Issa Tchiroma was right all along. Why are you criminals wailing the world over today… struggling to make the universe believe that you are some innocent victims. You don’t kill more than 60 soldiers with stones and leaves, little Ngraffi impostor. Keep up the armed struggle!

  11. For ever young

    @ firefighters that francophone banga smoker from mboplain the so call ras tuge is not one of us, they’re foreigners parasites their parents escape famine& war in la republique to seek shelter in Amba landscape reasons they pay allegiance to the rapists/ killers of our sisters & brothers in Amba landscape

  12. the united states of america with a population of just more than three hundred million people has seven million people in prison.that is almost ten percent of the population.but since the so called amnesty internationl is a wign of the american desire to brutally take from others what is not thiers.who cares,unfortunately our super degree holders are mimetic copycats.what makes amnesty international?does it mean it was created by all human groups inhabiting the earth?

  13. bah acho your lack of comments on this issue back home have not gone unnoticed now we know who the real bah acho is. I remember how you use to rant like a fool on this forum on trivial issues.

    • Épée Dipanda

      So you have time for Bah Acho? Can’t you see that even small arithmetic, e no know! 10% of American 300 million population is what 7 million?
      And Bah Acho is one of the intellectuals of La Republique. You see why we must forbid them from crossing the Mungo River?
      We are marching to Buea to the glory of God!