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Cameroon is victim of separatist violence – govt replies US envoy

africanews | Two Cameroonian ministers have responded to remarks by the United States ambassador who late last week accused government of complicity in deadly violence in the restive Anglophone regions.

First was Information Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary who in an interview with the RFI channel insisted that the nation was rather the victim to secessionist violence. “I am really surprised at the statement of US Ambassador, We are victims, the nation as a whole a victim,” he said.

In a more formal response, the Minister of External Relations issued a statement calling on the diplomat to respect Cameroonians.

It added in part that the country was never going to allow a leader to be imposed on it by the west – in apparent reference to the call by the ambassador for president Biya to start thinking about his political legacy.

Ambassador Peter Henry Belerin had met with President Paul Biya in Yaounde to discuss bilateral issues ahead of the May 20 national unity day.

In a read out issued by the U.S. embassy in Yaounde, the ambassador said government forces and separatists were culpable in violence in the two regions – northwest and southwest.

He added that government was employing targeted killings and also detaining people without recourse to the law.

Meanwhile, the position of the ambassador was buttressed by the bishop of Mamfe, a town located in the southwest region.

According to Bishop Andrew Nkea, dialogue was needed urgently to avert a useless and senseless civil war in which the government and separatists were committing grave crimes against the people.

The bishop stressed that whiles the army was burning down entire villages, the separatists were also burning down schools and other state institutions. The international Crisis Group has identified the church as the most potent political mediator.

Its April 26 report titled: Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis: How the Catholic Church Can Promote Dialogue, averred that the clergy needed to united with a strong common position (between federalism vs. decentralisation) in order to be seen as credible mediators.

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  1. the ambassador needs to out “persona non grata “

  2. The war continues…….
    La guerre continue……

    • “…. the country was never going to allow a leader to be imposed on it by the west” ?????

      Arthur Schopenhauer once said that “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

      Dictator Biya was imposed by France upon Cameroonians. As a quid pro quo, the Dictator transformed Cameroon into a plantation of Ballore.

      Pius Njawé(RIP) of Le Messager once wrote that ” The interference of the Bolloré group in the political life of Cameroon is no doubt. It’s a sort of state in the state, Bolloré is a perfect illustration of Françafrique”
      Mr. Njawe was perfectly correct. Biya has sold Cameroon to Bollore

    • 1. Camrail railway company since 1999 (until 2034),
      2. concession of the container terminal of the port of Douala in 2005 (until 2020).
      3. Bolloré Africa Logistics since September 2008, is present in the economic capital Douala, in the political capital of Yaoundé and in the north of Garoua
      4. Bollore is a shareholder of Alucam in Edea
      5. Bolloreis in charge of the logistics of the Chad-Cameroon pipeline
      6. Bollore participates in the “plundering” of the Cameroonian forest
      7. Bollore manages a wooden park thanks to its Society of Wooden Parks of Cameroon (SEPBC)

    • 8.Bollore also controls huge plantations, either directly via Safacam, which operates 8,400 hectares of oil palms and rubber trees, or indirectly via the Belgian company Socfinal, which manages 31,000 hectares of oil palms in the country. ).
      9. Bolloré’s interference in the internal affairs of Cameroon is an open secret
      10. Bollore is in charge of the Autonomous Port of Douala (PAD),
      11. Bollore is in charge of the Autonomous Port of Kribi (PAD).
      12. etc, etc

      • Now you are starting to sound like a real Cameroonian / African.
        This is a type of comments we like to read.
        Keep that line of though.

  3. The biggest mistake our well-placed compatriots make is to assume that they are naturally more Cameroonian than the rest of the citizens and so their view points trump all else. False!!!!
    Minister Issa Tchiroma and all those who reason like him harbor the quintessential DO NOTHING APPROACH!

    And so the best way to do nothing to solve a crucial problem is to conjure all sorts of extraneous factors into play – the rest of the country has the same problem, the Owona commission did this, the Bilingualism Commission did that, etc. And the problem does not quite go away, does it? DO NOTHING, DO NOTHING even as innocent citizens die in their numbers. Turn EFFECT(smoke) into CAUSE(fire) and the outcome is DO NOTHING. Fantastic!

  4. These terrorists have bitten more than they can chew. For a sitting minister to summon an ambassador after he just had a meeting with the president is not only rude but beats all standards of international diplomacy. May I remind these criminals that where ever domestic or international sovereignty/law come up against human righs, the latter prevails. Hence the ambassador has every right to criticize the genocidal tendencies of this corrupt regime. Get ready for the recoil from Washington. The recluse of a president that has always avoided the spotlight has just turn the light onto himself in his dark cell. Trump is no friend to the UN, French or UK.

    • Ah ah so the mighty ambashitnian are now waiting for the US to save them , I guess being dumped and rejected by the UK didn’t suffice don’t worry you will soon get to your sense, you are like a $2 hoe who doesn’t realize yet that she’s a whore a no man takes her seriously . Wake up from your slumber or better carry go , beg the US and scream as much as you want you will b humbled by fire and by force we will raze the whole NW if needs be , no stones left unturned. In fact we should go full blown preemptive strike a la Israel on you ambashitnia. Btw to all you dummies and stark illiterates Cameroon is not your average African country . Unlike most we deal with the entire world and don’t believe in unipolarity . We believe in next online ( should the US start acting up ,we have other partner

  5. This imbecile called Issa Tchiroma is an exclusive dummy, after sending your terrorist military to go about burning more than 50 villages killing 100 of unarmed civilians, today 50 unarmed civilians in menka village santa sub division of the north west region of Ambazonia.
    when the US Ambassador told your tyrannic leader the truth you guys were hurt. lets wait and see, you shall all be chased like rats into hiding like Saddam.

  6. Mangolo Esama

    Issa Tchiroma the Cameroon government sent soldiers to massacre unarmed Anglophone civilians who had a peaceful march.Tchiroma you have never talked about those killings and you always pretend as if you don’t know.The Anglophones are the victims of your wicked government.Minister of lies.

  7. Even the 84 years old Dictator knows that Tchiroma is a lunatic, reason why he gave him the post of minister of liars telling and propaganda in the colonial regime. since i know that barbarian of Northern part of LR, nothing good has ever come out of that his trap. compound fool.

  8. Victim of separatist violence? Hogwash!

    The separatists are a component federal state of the defunct “Cameroon federation”. The state, renamed Ambazonia was self-governing With an elected PM before Cameroun gained independene in 1960.

    Cameroun opposed the independence of Ambazonia at the UNited Nations GA on 21 April 1961 but was defeated 64-12 in votes cast. The state negotiated to form a federation with Cameroun which has been gutted by Cameroun . Cameroun’s efforts to reduce English-speaking Ambazonia into its regions and speaking French has ignited an armed struggle for decolonization.

    Solution is a self determination referendum which Cameroun resists. Both Cameroon and Ambazonia are former Class B UN Trust Territories under France and the UK respectively.

    • Epée Dipanda

      A bottle of beer for you, o speaker of truth.
      No lie,
      No killing or intimidation can change this sanctified truth.
      Ambazonia must be free.

  9. Cameroon is a Victim of Leadership Failure! Failure to Properly Diagnose Political Crisis and Solve them politically without Involving the Military, Failure to Negotiate with Moderates when they had the chance to do so, Failure to Acknowledge that have Failed and Ask for help from the right places! Now they a Failing the PR (Public Relations) Campaign to clean up their Failures!

    • Our leaders believe that France – powerful member of the UN Security Council will save them. Hence, they are untouchable.

      Defensive treaty with France since 1961 protects our country against external aggression. Good stuff. It is not a “carte blanche” to leadership to engage in offensive adventures or inspire rebellion through mal-governance and expect France to pick up the pieces.

  10. Tchiroma and others, are joking with fire. They have heard, but not understood,
    what happened to Charles Taylor etc etc.
    There are senior boys, waiting out there to counter them when the time will come.

  11. The new well-entrenched philosophy of governance consists of 1) the appointment of a son/daughter of a community to earn the total loyalty of that community and 2) la bouche qui est pleine ne parle pas (a full mouth does not complain).

    But of course between theory and practice there is almost always a large canyon. Today the worst bloodshed of the crisis is in Pinyin village with dead bodies strewn all over the place. What did Pinyin do? Starting with Ahmadou Ahidjo, Pinyin provided Stephen Mongwa as translator/interpreter for the president of the republic. Yesterday it was General Ivo Yenwo from Bui, who held tight to the fort and made sure April 6, 1984 failed. Bui has seen bloodshed.

    One wonders how Minister Paul Atanga Nji’s village should see the future!!! Smile? Snarl?

  12. There is need, to take this war across the Mungo.

    • We are waiting for you Joshua to show the example . Do not disappoint your people .we urge you to cross

  13. These ministers are all very dumb. The US ambassador spoke directly with dictator biya, and not to the press. So whatever they are saying is of no consequence. Only the dictator himself can comment about it. 2ndly, the ambassador discusses issues like this with Trump and gets the go ahead b4 even meeting with the dictator. That. means biya is already heading towards his end time. if he is not careful he will be Gadhafi’s next door neighbor

  14. #kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad,!

    • @ Colby: If you do not win then be ready to pay reparations and restitution. May loose a portion of revenue from ports to pay for an unnecesary war for decades. There shall be sanctions.

  15. TICHORIMA,tell your boss that what happened to mobutu is closer to his door steps .Tell him we thank God that presently USA is under the Republican who understands the language of ending dictatorship.We are in Washington already lobbying for it and it will happen.wait and see.

  16. The idea of spilling blood over how President Biya is eventually remembered is ridiculous. No two people can have the same perspective.
    There are people who will remember him for bringing democracy to Cameroon and then taking it back with a concoction called Presidential Majority. Some will remember him for his many “brefs sejours” in Hotel Continental in Switzerland. Some will remember him for his Communal Liberalism. Some for ” I sho doo shwere”. Others will recall the war he declared over protesting citizens in Anglophone Cameroon. Others “Me voici donc a Douala” There will be people to recall that on his watch, a Supreme Court Judge was abducted from his home, dragged to Kondengui and detained for eight months and then released by his presidential decree. Did I miss some? Ayuk Tabe?

    • And there are those who will remember him through the unexplained death and unceremonious burial of First Lady Irene and the deaths of many more. Verily one can say many will deny him, condemn him and seek an end to the cult of politicians. The ultimate deterrence is to confiscate the excess wealth in their estates and compensate victims of brutality.

    • @Dinga this is simple common sense Biya is the one appointing judges of the supreme court with presidential decree so he has the same power to send even “okada” boys to arrest them and do whatever he wants hence the constitution granted him that power.