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Cameroon issues international arrest warrant for 15 Anglophone leaders

Cameroonian authorities have issued international arrest warrants for fifteen leaders of an Anglophone separatist party, the Southern Cameroon National Council (SCNC).

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe
According to a local website, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe the self-proclaimed president of the Anglophone consortium is among those wanted and now faces arrest and extradition.

The government accuses the group of being behind rising violence in the northwestern and southwestern regions. The two areas known as ‘Anglophone Cameroon’ has been at the heart of clashes between pro-government forces and secessionists.

The security situation has in the past led to the burning of schools, detonation of homemade bombs in the main cities of Bamenda and Douala. The most recent incident was the killing of three security officers in an overnight raid on a checkpoint.

English speaking minority in the central African country make up a fifth of the population but have long complained of discrimination.

They say they are often excluded from top civil service jobs and that many government documents are published only in French, even though English is an official language. Protests began in October 2016 over the appointment of Francophone judges in the English-speaking region.


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  1. It’s about time!

  2. It about time for what? The law is a two way Street! It is also time for the SCNC Leaders to file suit against LRC for the killings in the NW & SW so that when their leaders come overseas to eat where they did not sow they can be arrested. LRC cannot wage war on two fronts and expect to win. Leave the Diaspora alone and take care of the country. Force will never solve this problem.This mess is only going to get uglier without dialogue.

    • @ Fair Fonso

      we re not negotiate with terrorist

      why we will leave the diaspora alone

      some peoples think just because you have learned book “DR DEGREE ” you re over sabi

      Run run run run we will catch you

      kept struggle

      • Go learn some English. I am proud to be learned. Knowledge is power

        • @Fai Fonso

          mother fucker you needs analyze to what I said before judge me in conclusion conman.

          we re here fighting over what ” language”, therefore you re just a funny piece of shit

      • You probably need to work harder on your English. Do not tell me it is because you are a Francophone!

        I bet an average Anglophone in Cameroon communicates better in French than most Francophones.

        • @ Fai Fonso
          @ DR Fondoh

          kondengui it is waiting for you niamfuka

          I bet too the average of francophone in Cameroon communicates better in English than most of the englophone.

          traitor = terrorist = warrant

      • God Punish Paul Biya


    • Why are you guys attacking @Fai Fonso for nothing.You guys have proven to be very immature in the debate.Why is the government avoiding dialogue?. The problem can only be solve through dialogue.Avoiding dialogue doesn’t make sense at all.

      • Go to dialogue first, if it doesn’t favor you, then you continue with you disorder and mafia.May be it can give you access to call for a second dialogue.Gradually gradually it may end with an amicable solution.All this tactic La Republique is using will not make us retreat.Aluta Continua Victoria Asserts.

      • Korup Forest

        You can NEVER solve a problem through dialogue with a dictator.

  3. Dog fuck Biya and his gang who is Cameroon so called authority to issue an international arrest warrant for our they should come and arrest me in South Africa i can give my address and my contact details let see who will arrest me in this land Cameroon is still a village backward in everything Dog fuck them all let see any country that will arrest any of Southern Cameroon leader Biya is in 35 years in power no country will accept this kind of dictatorship God punish Biya and his great grand children and his entire government let see where this intimidation will keep his national unity he is crying
    Southern Cameroons MOST be free.The fight hast just started

  4. Proudambazonian

    This international arrest warrant does not work. It is aimed at scaring Ambazonians

  5. Why does the Cameroon government think this situation can only be solved by force? It beats my imagination. What is going on? This is too much disrespect for a whole group of people with genuine grievances. Any fair minded member of the Cameroon government, anglophone and francophone alike, cannot deny that there are real problems that have to be addressed. Why this unbending refusal to dialogue with the people? Military might has never been the panacea to problems as history amply demonstrates. Look at all the military adventures of the great powers (US, Russia, France, Britain) against so-called weaker peoples. Think about the result of apartheid in South Africa etc. Is this colonial ideology all over again?

    This arrogance should stop in the interest of our dear fatherland.

    • Dialogue? I am amazed when people keep talking about dialogue but refuse to seize opportunities. There was an opportunity for dialogue when Balla was realized. That was a goodwill gesture that could have been built upon by realistic Anglophones. Instead extremist Anglophones took it as a sign of weakness and escalated the situation. If we had seized that opportunity then, we not be where we are today. The kind of dialogue Sessekoko and co are calling for will never hold. You cannot ask for dialogue with preconditions. Dialogue will hold when the unity of the country is not up for discussion. Which is why I support Balla’s position. Dialogue can be possible is sensible anglophones organise themselves on the lines of the AAC1 and AAC2.The problem is that extremists have hijacked the cause

  6. because Spain arrested Catalan leaders, they want to try too, another governance failure, we are not Catalan, and our problems are not the same. they failed again, Paul biya’s time has come, he will not go down alone but with his whole family, this is God at work, mark my words.

    • @555
      Our problem is not Paul Biya .Our problem is,” The restoration of our statehood “,which is our legitimate right.

  7. What an insult to the Southern Cameroon soceity

  8. Since when cameroon starts to issue international arrest warrants.

  9. Guns and brute force are not working and the next best option for them is another mass
    arrest to prolong the issue.
    Biya`foolishness, has caused things to rot to this point. The only good solution to this
    impasse now, is either he hides shame and resigns { something he can not do} or he
    is thrown out in the next election {something that will not happen, because of his rigging
    What a failure, even after 35 years of experiment.

  10. Cameroon who does not respect international conventions and disrespect human rights believes to be able to enjoy the advantages of international conventions?
    Well lets hope their Justice minister files a case against ambazonia,as such the highly awaited dialogue will take place at a fair ground where we will act as equals and not as slave — master .ß
    We encourage mr biya to go ahead and make use of all international judicial options .

  11. I know he is foolish but what I didn’t know is how deep it was. He is going down this time

  12. Arrest all those clowns and their supporters and send them to Nkondegui. They will learn a very good lesson. These so-called separatists and their hallucinating agenda. There is no reason on earth for these thugs going around and burning educational institutions. Just to show stupid they are, they are burning locally funded schools.

    How can we move forward when these illiterate buffoons are running rampage destroying property, and depriving our kids (future leaders) of basic education?

    It hurts because one of those schools (GHS KUMBO) my Alma Mater got burnt down. Let me borrow a word I learned from Mr. Aseka, these nincompoops should be reported to BIR for further action.

    I just found out GHS Jakiri got burnt down too.

  13. ambazonian from LRC

    I don’t know why Cameroon can issue this kind of warrants. All those guys are no longer cameroonians or are looking for asylum.Mark Bareta has mocked at Cameroonian government. The guy is belgian. How could it be possible to arrest him out of Cameroon

    • Korup Forest

      You are right, Belgium will NEVER arrest him. But on the other side what will he do if there is ever Ambazonia? Will he give up his Belgian nationality to become Ambazonian?

  14. Staged by LRC to blackmail peaceful Ambazonians.
    Desperate LRC govt will do anything to survive. Stay in power again for another 35 years

  15. You separatists are making me laugh. You don’t understand world politics. The US government can’t turn down a request from one of their strongest allies on war on terror France. Biya works for France to protect French interest in Cameroon. If the American govn’t can risk the lives of their troops to help France take out Gadaffi, arresting Ayuk Sisisiku will be a piece of cake to them. I am sorry separatists, your leader Sisisiku will soon find his sorry ass in Kondengui. With the killing of 4 American troops a couple of weeks ago by terrorists in Africa, the American govn;t will not hesitate to arrest Sisisiku for inciting terrorism in a foreign land. You shouldn’t forget that the West is on Biya’s side as he is their puppet leader protecting their interests in Cameroon.

    • Massa o bro. wait until Yaounde turns up the heat on Abuja to evict those clowns hiding there.

      • Fat chance…..
        Your ignorance speaks volumes….
        Keep dreaming…

      • @Bobjazz
        You are talking trash.You reason like an infant.We are fighting on our legitimate right.You should note that in this world justice exist, and it shall prevail on our case.

    • What world are you living in? You babble like a toddler! Your knowledge of international affairs is worse than a baby’s. I urge you to shut up than display this degree of ignorance. You are simply pathetic

      • @ Borat, I know the truth is bitter and hurts. I am sorry if the truth hurts you but I just have to say it. Your cursing won’t change the truth.Guess what the French president just went to Saudi Arabia to beg for the release of the Lebanese leader. The same Saudi Arabia that beheaded 47 peaceful protesters against marginalization a couple of months ago before Donald Trump’s visit. That is what I mean by world politics (world order). Use your brain to understand. All the west cares about is protecting their national interest. Ambazonia is not even close to being a western interest.

        • USA Africa alias bobjazz,
          You can weep all you like about world politics all you, that is an expression of desperation. Who told you world diplomacy can only tilt towards La Republique? There’s oil in Bakassi and Ndian and that’s why you are clinging to us like bedbugs. We can use world diplomacy to sell the oil you have been tapping to the highest bidder. Arrest Sisiku and many Sisiku’s will be born. After repeatedly breaking into homes, pulling out young men and shooting them, haven’t you seen what it has led to? I expect you to be chanting the brutality of the Bir, not parroting cheap talking points about the West. Did the West not help in South Sudan’s. Independence? Give up your job of a drunk skinhead and join international diplomacy!

        • @bobjazz

          you re a wise man, they don’t get it ” the world of politic are very complex” therefore want someone will open his mouth to said its wrong what they are doing they will said you don’t know nothing

  16. They should not resist arrest if they are true leaders. They should move their asses back home and join the masses if they are what they are, rather their hiding in the west. Their fight will always be insignificant from abroad. Biya is just applying international law. SC leaders will head home, should they visit the wrong country.
    Very soon theywill be limited to Belgium, South Africa and Belgium.

    • @ Fire fighter please I am not USA Africa or Africans for Donald Trump as I think you meant for I hate Donald Trump a white supremacist and hate Paul Biya the French puppet and brutal dictator. I have warned you never to reply to my write ups as I don’t deal with mean people who curse when they find their backs on the wall.

      @ Rudolf as I said before to your fellow separatist Borak, I know the truth is bitter and hurts. I am sorry if the truth hurts you but I just have to say it. Your cursing won’t change the truth. Use your brain and reason like a wise man. I am trying to help you guys forget your hate of Francophones and reason straight. Biya is outsmarting your leaders and they will all soon find their asses in kondengui. Don’t say I didn’t advise you in a couple of months time.

  17. The chief terrorist get asylum,he happy for good life

  18. This is best new for Ambazonians since this struggle started because LRC will have to justified why our Leaders should be arrested & the legality of it before they are transfer to LRC, They are giving Ambazonia the opportunity to raise their case in courts in other Jurisdiction because when a person is arrested the person has a right to appear before a court before any action.


  19. Cameroonians come in many plumages – the optimists find opportunity in every difficult situation; the pessimists look for difficulties in every opportunity. The challenge of the times calls for embracing the difficulty and turning things around.
    A military batallion surrounding Hon. Joseph Wirba’s home is hardly the way forward. Former minister Benjamin Itoe turning Richard Njikam’s funeral inside Catholic Church Kumba-Mbeng into a CPDM kumbaya dance reminiscent of Dimabola dance of yore is hardly to the taste of Christians who preferred to walk out of church than submit to his boring peroration.
    Won’t it be better for citizens to contribute to bringing down the current barometric pressure than raising it?

  20. This dude Sisiku is not a Cameroonian.
    Looking at his face, he is a prime time Biafrais.
    We have few of them of this forum.
    They were unable to separate from Nigeria within their original homeland. Kamerun being welcoming took them and now they are starting troubles.
    Order should be restored at ANY COST.

    • Your big nose n up long head is identical to a Gabonese Fang mask. Are you from Gabon untamed macaque?

    • Why has CameroUn not claim northern Cameroon the part that denied joining cameroUn when southern Cameroon joined la republic

      • they were two option British ask

        DO you want to joint la republic or Nigeria federal

        so northern Cameroon choose Nigeria because by that time most of the people in the north of Cameroon were Muslim.

        so the south Cameroon choose la Republic Cameroon