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Cameroon Jails Separatists After They Were Extradited from Nigeria

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON — VOA | Cameroon has jailed 47 seccessionists including Ayuk Tabe Julius, head of a group from Cameroon’s Angolphone region pushing for a breakaway from French-dominant Cameroon.

Julius Ayuk Tabe
Cameroon government spokesperson Issa Tchiroma Bakari says Ayuk Tabe Julius and his nine cabinet members were arrested in Nigeria on January 5. They were brought to Yaounde and handed over to the government of Cameroon Monday.

He says the collaboration of the governments of Cameroon and Nigeria worked together to arrest the armed separatists.

“The government of Cameroon takes this opportunity to commend the excellent cooperation existing between Nigeria and Cameroon particularly with regards to security. The government of Cameroon reaffirms the determination of both countries never to tolerate that their territories be used as base for destabilizing activities directed against one of them.”

Since Ayuk Tabe and his group were arrested, they have never been seen in public either in Cameroon or in Nigeria. Armed separatists said on social media that they had been detained in a police cell in Abuja and were refused access to their lawyers.

In December 2017, Nigerian local newspapers reported that a group of 37 English-speaking Cameroonians had been arrested near Gembu in Taraba state while they were receiving military training to return and fight for the independence of a state they call Ambazonia.

After their arrests, simultaneous attacks were reported in two English-speaking regions with the government reporting that at least 18 policemen and soldiers had been killed. Several dozens of the attackers also died and at least six villages were burned.

Last week, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees announced that tens of thousands of Cameroonians had fled across the border to Nigeria as a result of the violence.

Fonki Samuel, moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, says the arrests of the suspected separatists may lead to further violence and killing.

“What is the option and the way out is the proper, well-staged and organized dialogue. You can not have unity and peace without justice.”

Cameroon has not said where those arrested persons will be tried. Its 2014 anti-terrorism law says that any one who uses weapons against the government will face a military tribunal. If convicted on such charges, they could face the death sentence.

The unrest in Cameroon began in November, when English-speaking teachers and lawyers in the northwest and southwest regions, frustrated with having to work in French, took to the streets calling for reforms and greater autonomy.

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  1. Southern Cameroonians follow the REVOLUTION and not PERSONS or GROUP OF PERSONS

    • @Mvomeka. Still behaving as a parrot. since you were using “Anglophone” as your screen name, you haven’t change. empty can. Just to deceive emotional people. You have NO CREDIBILTY. Why not stop posting as promised? Once Ayuk gives your name, you’ll be pluked & will really stop posting.

      • One step at a time: “A United States Congressman has taken the happenings in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region to the House of Representatives (HOR) seeking a formal condemnation of Yaounde’s handling of the crisis.

        According to House Resolution 718 submitted on January 29, 2018 by Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York’s 1st Congressional District, the Cameroon government must be condemned for actions taken against author Patrice Nganang who was detained and subsequently deported for allegedly ‘insulting’ President Paul Biya.

        The resolution chronicled a series of events from January last year when Cameroon government placed a communication blackout on its English-speaking regions after clashes with separatists.”

        We’ll get there with or without Ayuk.

        • “Congressman Zelden’s submission was titled: “Condemning the actions taken by the Government of the Republic of Cameroon against Patrice Nganang and others, and for other purposes.” It has since been referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs for further action.

          What has become known as the ‘Anglophone Crisis’ is at a stage where armed separatists have been launching deadly attacks on security forces. One of its prominent leaders, Julius Ayuk Tabe is currently before the judicial authorities after he was deported from Nigeria.

          The U.S. embassy, the United Nations, United Kingdom, Commonwealth and other bodies have called for dialogue to resolve the security crisis which has largely led to a humanitarian situation as thousands flee into Nigeria.”

        • “The document resolved that the HOR strongly condemns the Cameroon governments actions against Nganang and people in the Anglophone region. That it affirms that U.S. ultimately holds Yaounde responsible for upholding rights of all citizens and urges the government to respect national and international rights of all citizens irrespective.”


        • Hey man, quick question. Did they say anything about cop killings, school burning, the beating of students and the bombing shopping centers?..No? These act of terrorism are punishable everywhere, even in the US. So keep crying you shuttlecock.

    • We need to keep on cracking down on the idots ambas like you, I need to fish you out here and deal with you.

    • @ Mvomeka, These terrorists don’t represent our Anglophone revolution which was about the marginalization of Anglophone Cameroonians by the Biya regime and not separation as per Ayuk Tabe and his gang of terrorists. They hijacked our revolution for their own interest. 80% of us Anglophones don’t support them. They should pay the price for their evil intentions.

      • @ bobjazz

        As if your situation is better than that of any average Cameroonian. Only morons like you don’t know the difference in the world. Have you ever considered why Cameroon is such a very rich and naturally endowed country yet is one of the poorest in all dimensions in the world? You condone cosmetic solutions to deep-rooted problems which should go a long way to improve the well-being of a people. Gargoyle.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          Cameroon is not one of poorest in all dimensions in the World! All of Africa is rich in natural resources and Cameroon is better off than more than half of the other countries in Africa in all dimensions.
          Africa is a victim of modern capitalistic exploitation scientifically applied.
          Instead of identifying and looking for solutions to the real problems Africans are busy fighting with each other over their colonial masters language.

        • You can go to hell Vonjesco. I will never support evil people. There are ways to take out Biya without resort to hate of Francophones and violence. We are in the 21st century and Africa doesn’t need uncivilized idiots like you to solve their problems. A lot of us civilized anglophones have advised you people to join the other Francophone sympathizers to form one strong opposition and defeat the Biya regime in the forthcoming election, but your hate of Francophones and stupidity won’t let you think wisely. All you want is violence. They have to pay the price. Hot café every morning and evening till they are sentenced.

      • you and who?we want what we want we will resist and resist,there will be no peace until we are satisfied,we are minority right,second class citizens right ,so what eise do you want?

        • Africans For Donakd Trump

          We want to smoke all you terrorists out of your holes to torture and annihilate you!

    • I thought they couldn’t be extradited to Cameroon. Now, leaders don’t matter. What a crock.

  2. 2 sh!thole countries led by living corpses breaking international law and celebrating it. These criminals aided by the mother of all leeches; France and the UN woed the president and his cabinet into a pretentious dialogue only to arrest them after placing fictitious terrorists soldiers of theirs in Taraba. Now you all will understand what a determined people can do. Keeping lying to the world about dialogue. we now know we are on our own. Ambazonians must fund, follow and sustain the struggle. Community mobilization. The war struggle continues….

    • AG, I had said this here before. There was never a time the world stood with the SC on this issue, especially when one sees what happened in Catalonia last fall. Despite after all the various matches nationwide in the US, they and the UN remained silent. Same as with Europe. Even with the heavy massacre last October, the US embassy could only condemn the killings of soldiers or discourage its citizens from traveling to SC. Wait till it is nearing a victory for SC and see how they will switch sides, drifting away from LRC. History someone, always finds a way of repeating itself.

    • @AG
      You are starting to understand the game. “World politics”/”Africa’s international and bilateral relationships”.
      The day Sisiku accepted to give an interwiew at France 24, he was done! When it comes to Africa, everything that involves France, is bad news. We all know that. That was his first big misstake. Then he went to Nigeria! I tought the man was stupid, but never expect that kind of misstake from a so called leader.
      Sisiku and his gang are good for nothing people, and all his followers are missleaded.
      Like I use to say, Biya =France =UN =International Community
      As long as Biya is in power in that French departementet called Cameroon, nothing spectacular can happen.
      You guys need to put your energy in something greater.

      • @Bikutsi
        you should be celebrating then no struggle to advise me. If I need your explanation about world politics I will ask madam.
        @Uhm pays
        one word for you = id!ot.
        Watch us regroup and relaunch.
        86 terrorist slept this morning in Dadi. Game on!

        • @ AG. After living in a civilized society for years, you still reason like somebody who just came out of a cave in Mvog Meka. Canadians have never supported violence to solve any problem. Even if you have not been changed by the civilized Canadian society, try to be wise my brother. We are in the 21st century and we don’t need a repeat of Rwanda in Africa. The rest of the world will laugh at us. If you can eliminate the hate of our Francophone brothers and sisters in your blood, the Biya regime can easily be defeated in the forthcoming elections in Cameroon without a shed of blood. The Biya regime is our problem and not who speaks English or French in Cameroon. I don’t still understand how a colonial master’s language can make someone hate his own brothers and sisters so much.

        • You will be surprised how one can be in Ontario for 30 something years, but the village never left him.
          A bunch of them around not attempting to open their minds.
          They left their villages, but the village never left them.

          So narrow minded.
          We all would like to defeat the system in place in Camerooon, not an individual.
          The problem is the system that needs defeat and for that we have to work together not fighting like savages: anglos vs francos.
          What nonsense is it?

      • y are we so incapable to solve problems?..
        Its easy:- we are the most intelligent, non stop talking experts on everything except that we are still prisoners , unable to free ourselves from the entanglement of cobwebs ..We are in the white man prison..Our parents, then we and the next Generation.
        Our main problem is ourselves..
        We have been talking same thing for over half a century..
        Any Dude with a smartphone is today a leader, a professor or teacher of the highest order even when we sell oranges , are a bend sikin driver, or sell corn and beans for a living..
        When all of us are oversabi people, dont listen, know better.How can we Analyse our peoblems and look for a solution?..We are only making nosie and using big grammer to insult others..Infront of a white man we smile ..BADLUCK.

    • AG sometimes it is better to keep quiet. You made a lot of noise on your army (ambasolidierswithtchangshoes) blabla blabla, here is the incompetent useless Paul Biya who managed to stop your leader. Ahahahahaha! That man go hear pima för that place.
      They better castrate them all .

      • WE have about 1000 cities in Cameroon and so if Bamenda is not working but the rest of the cities are working and doing well specially Yaounde. The ghost towns for the next 1000 years will not change any situation. The Bamenda people should working and not expecting all from the government and by the way how much do that place contribute to the national basket? I think NW is just a dry land.

    • What is international law and who respects it ? Even those who call you shithole don’t respect your so called international law. You are completely on the werong side if you think UN or any super power will solve your Problems. It is good to fight for rights and freedom but at the same time you must know the way you approach it and learn to be flexible along the way. It’s not an easy task but much is archived when properly done. Don’t start a fight if you know you can’t fight it alone to the end.
      We have wishes but there is the reality that you must learn to leave with even it’s not your choice. Don’t try forcefully Change what you can Change. It’s simple suicide Mission that those with wisdom will avoid.

  3. Unlike most words that enter the human vocabulary, “genocide” is unique in that its acceptance calls for action. This explains the skepticism of authorities and nations in embracing it in this case. Regrettable but true, especially when self-made journalists flirt around with such words in their many write-ups.

    The Nigerian letter (a.k.a. 419) was and has always been considered the act of isolated con artists. To imagine an entire government of Nigeria involved in a 419 operation is disquieting, to say the least. Yet human beings need an explanation for the sepulchral silence of Africa’s giant in the face of the abduction and extradition to Cameroon of many citizens, some of whom were bona fide citizens and employees in Nigerian universities. There is more than what meets the eyes.

    • Grand Jean, Being a professor in a Nigerian university or a Nigerian citizen doesn’t give you the right to promote the burning of schools & businesses, amputation of arms of students who don’t respect your orders and the killing of security forces in Cameroon. They have to face charges in the country where they committed atrocities. The prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who were accused of aiding Bin Laden attack the U.S. are not American citizens. They are from Afghanistan and other middle Eastern countries.

  4. hahahahaha, Cameroon and fake news. The Southern Cameroons leadership is well and in Nigeria. Let Cameroon impression defected soldiers brought back and call them separatists. The news by lying tchiroma has been disputed and let them show the Cameroon public the people they Government claimed to have been repatriated! writing from Abuja!

    • Stupid fool with empty claims. Why can’t you publish pictures. I understand your pain, but time to deal with reality.

  5. The 2014 anti-terrorism law states that anyone who takes up weapons against the gov’t will face a military tribunal. What punishment is reserved for the gov’t if it burns houses with old women inside? There are surely two kinds of terrorists! Anyway, we refuse having an inclusive dialogue in Cameroon, instead to go and have a “ large debat” in Nigeria with the DSS feymen! Le Cameroon c’est vraiment le Cameroon! Some Cameroonian apologists of the statusquo called Nigerian soldiers “ Boy Scouts” and accused them of running away from Boko Haram. Strangely they did not run away from the terrorists from Cameroon! The terrorists from Cameroon lived in hotels , while Boko Haram lived in a forest!

    • What dialogue? Did you not hear Tchiroma saying the Government does not dialogue with terrorist?

  6. So far,two gov’ts have claim that the Ambasonian leaders are in their custody.Naija,through their inspector general of police came out on the 15th of Jan 2018 on a well televised press conference,and claim that the Ambasonian leaders are under their custody and would be charged for training their military in Nigerian soil.Then came Issa Tchoronko of LRC,on the 29th of Jan 2018,claiming that the Ambasonian leaders are in LRC’s custody since yesterday and would be charged for their c.Which gov’t are we suppose to believe now?becos from what i know,the Naija gov’t have not come out to say that they have handed the Ambasonian leaders to LRC.
    Is this another kind of kidnap like the Chibok girls kidnapped by Boko Haram and nobody knew their where about except Shakau and his boys?

    • @ Kongossa I understand that you can’t beleive the fact that your Hero is locked up.
      Sisiku is actually in SED with some key persons of his gang. The rest are dispersed in Yaoundé different jails. They are now waiting to se their lawyer. I hope they choose a good one because the state of Cameroon has a good case against them.
      You want some prove, be patient, some videos will be out there soon.

  7. What a sad realization. The so called world leaders, organs and organizations stand and watch in total silence. Yet we hear global condemnation and swift actions from these same leaders and leading organs when it comes to crisis in other regions: Middle East, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, North Africa just name a few. Where do we fit in this global crisis spectrum worthy of meaningful actions from world leaders and institutions? No where. Of course they do not feel our pain. They might have seen out houses burnt to the ground, but they do not understand our struggle. We bury our dead and cater for our injured, not them. We need us to succeed, not them. Yes, they have jailed them, not the problems. As Anglophones in Cameroon, we’ll continue to fight. Our revolution continue.

    • I’m simply amazed by your logic. What government in the world would sympathize with cop killers, arsonists. LRC is in its role of protecting it’s people, property and territorial integrity. This is no longer the patriotic demonstration Agbor Balla started, which by the way had sympathizer around the world. What did you expect the government respond to be??

      • The Anglophones are in their right to protect their interest by asking for a return to at least the Federation we once enjoyed. East and West Cameroon came together as two equal nations via the ballot box, a presidential decree subsequently dissolved the minority state and proclaimed a republic. Mind you, before the cop killing and arson, peaceful demonstrations by lawyers, teachers and sundry turned violent by those same cops. Extra judicial arrests, beating and maiming and killing of people for matching and holding a contrary view point. You mention Balla, remember that he is a federalist who has been silenced. What a shame! LRC has radicalized the minority Anglophones and planted a seed of revolution in generations to come.

        • LIAR it was a referendum that abolished the federation not a presidential decree , you this semi illiterate punk , furthermore there will never be a 2 states federation in this country anglo vs Franco get that in your thick skull or be ready to feel the consequences of your stupid actions . Who sent una you haven’t seen anything yet . Again a referendum where anglo voted in favor (80%) for the end of the federation.

        • Return to what federation? Back off with that nonsense man! We’re sick and tired of all this worship of rasclaaat Whiteman conspiracy. By the way, you have caused so much pain to the Motherland and you will be punished. You wan federation and you go carry cutlass di chop off pipldem head… shame on you!

        • Agbor Pinguiss,
          Anglophones also voted 80% for the United Republique to be dissolved! Gorilla thug, do you know why you are barking endlessly? Because unlike Soyakutsi’s concubine Zam Zam’s people who walked all over, this time around you are paying a price for your intransigence and beastiality!

        • …whom you walked all over…

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @Amba Failed

          When DALI DALI was boasting about distributing suicide vests to youth in Cameroon in the name of sick siku tabe and the dra you had no complaints.
          When the ambazombies were celebrating the killings of gendarmes and police officers and boasting of the prowess of the manyu tigers and ambazombie defense forces you had no complaints!
          When you ambazombies were advised to join the political process if you wanted a referendum you claimed that you could achieve that through abolishing education, burning down schools, killing gendarmes and police officers, burning doen businesses and public property etc
          Now you want to play victim?
          You guys declared war on TRC and you expected TRC to respond by offering a referendum? What a bunch of delusional fools and cowards!
          Kondengui show ye!!

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      It should not be a sad realization to any reasonable human being that world leaders do not support groups that:
      – Abolish education for the poor
      – Amputate the arms of young girls who want to go to school
      – Burn down educational instituitions
      – Burn down business of innocent civilians for disobeying their calls for ghost town
      – Cowardly attack and dismember members of the forces of law and order

      You must be delusional and absolutely stupid to expect support from world leaders through the above mentioned means!

      We told you guys here and you refused to listen. Now you are sadly realizing that you were very dumb and delusional. Now you are sad that sick seku tabe is facing one death sentence for each gendarme /police officer killed in Cameroon!

      You were warned!! Kondengui show the shumbus!

    • Cameroon, as a whole fairs better since independence, in its soul searching. And you can’t deny the efforts, collective and individual to be a more co- habitating micro nation of 264 independent entities under one roof. So the imagination of specialty some of you all have under the fallacy of self-determination is a falsehood. Cameroon is a pure product of the UN a.k.a. League of Nations, etc. An indictment of Cameroon by the Secessionists is an indictment of the very UN that made it. I am not sure how blind y’all “Amba-dreamers” had to be that amnesiac. Ambazonia is a dead on arrival project. Just do the orbituary and move on.

  8. LRC may think that they are playing games.It is they,that have come out to claim that the Ambasonian leaders are in their custody and that they want to judge them.They don’t even have videos of the Ambasonian leaders to show the public.Let their game not be short-lived,becos lies don’t take long to be exposed,especially, in a conflict of this nature,when your direct oppenent is claiming to have u in his custody and want to judge u.Make man no run….

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      Kongosa Man

      You have a right to be delusional but that does not change the facts.

      The ambazombie leaders are now the property of TRC.

      TRC does not need to show anyone videos of these coward terrorists for any reason just like the US did not need to show anyone videos of Bin Laden being killed!

      As you know the TRC was not responsible for the security of the ambazombie leaders in Nigeria. It was the responsibility of the manyu tigers and the ambazombie defense forces to protect the DRA leaders. It is up to the manyu tigers and the ambazombie defense forces to show you videos of their leaders and not up to TRC.
      TRC is only interested in bringing sick seku tabe and his band of coward terrorists to justice!
      For TRC, this is about annihilating the terrorists and not a video making game!!

  9. In my own opinion,they just arrested some individuals but the ideology to leave LRC is much bigger than these individuals.So,victory is not yet at hand if Yaounde want to rush and pop champagne.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      In my own view, they did not only just arrest some individuals. They have instilled the fear of abduction, kidnap or arrest into all members and would be members of the delusional republic of ambazombies government!

      It is not easy to abduct, kidnap or arrest the leadership of a delusional republic in the way TRC just did. The intelligence, planning, and guile required to successfully execute such a mission is enormous and the DRA terrorist leaders never imagined that TRC could pull this off with such ease.

      Now that the ambazombies are aware of the capabilities of TRC, there is no doubt in my mind that they are very very worried and confused at the moment!

      TRC is waiting to abduct the next leadership team. TRC can’t wait for you to identify them so that they can start planning!

      • You put so well.
        Fear is the mantra.
        The latest news are related to the sissy in SED having the Stockholm syndrome and are talking giving the infor need for the GOC to clean the remainder of the illusion.
        Tic toc tic toc.
        The end is near and those hiding in those forests are wondering what’s going on.
        Trust me my friend you do not want to be in your hat mindset.

      • Yep . DRE did its job . Mr. Eko EKo is on his way up . What a coup by his guys . They don’t come and run their mouths on FB and Whatsapp. That is how the big boys roll .

    • I PERSONALLY AGREE WITH YOU AND STAND BY IT. WE ARE tired of this french hegemony.

  10. Africans For Donald Trump

    The leaders of the Delusional republic of ambazombies and their supporters are the dumbest and most delusional people on planet earth.

    I am shocked that anyone is surprised that these guys were abducted kidnapped or arrested in Nigeria and shipped to Cameroon to face justice. Why is that surprising to anyone who understands world politics?

    When you ask the ambazombies to show us a plausible pathway to independence or secession they call us names.

    You can not gain independence through burning down schools, abolishing education for the poor, amputating the arms of young girls who want to go to school, killing gendarmes/police officers, suicide bombing, burning down public property and private businesses.
    keep celebrating when gendarmes are killed! Sickseku tabe will pay for his crimes!

  11. @Africans For Donald Trump and @Kamer LRC got independence becos the UPCist fought for it.Though the independence was not given to the UPCist,France felt the pressure and granted LRC’s independence. So,for your information being violent and ,carrying arms during independence fight did not start with Ambasonia and it won’t end with Ambasonia.South Sudan got Independence by carrying arms.And children’s education were disrupted becos of the war.Eritrea got independence from Ethiopia by carrying arms.I can go on and on and on.Kenya got independence after the Mau mau resistance were Kenya’s were masaccred by the British.Independence is never given.It is ceased.So,just put it in your thick skull.Ambasonia must be free Whether LRC and France love it or not.Ambasonia must be free.

  12. Africans For Donald Trump

    @ Kongosa,

    I am sure you have been celebrating since yesterday that all is going according to plan for the delusional republic of ambazombies!

    Now you know that TRC has the means and is ready to abduct/kidnap/arrest any terrorist nkunyam that dares to claim to be a leader of the delusional republic of ambazombies!

    I can bet that the dra terrorists are trembling wherever they are in the world today! TRC.

    The ambazombie movement is not a popular movement and has failed to win the minds of the majority of people from the North West and SOuth West. That is why the movement failed a long time ago.

    The leaders of Southern Sudan and Eritrea led a popular movement and were not abducted by their closest neighbor and extradited to the country they were fighting to secede from!

  13. you guys a very funny.can’t you guys open wide your eyes.you came here and say France this France that.the funniest thing is that,you guys do not even know that France is the one backing your so called leaders but they won’t tell you the truth.anyway it is no good to go into war.just remember what happened in Nigeria during the biafrans war and you will get it well.even ojuku the instigator of the fight is still alive he asked Nnamdi Kanu not to do that mistake again.For God sake may we try to be tolerant and forget about all the bitter words that we spit here.i do not like to speak of francophones or anglophones cause we can’t identify ourself through that.we are cameroonians and we have got our various dialects that we should value!long Live Cameroon!

  14. As we say in Bakossi: Mot a wey wolan abe bole ying (Translation: the man who does not listen always get lost in the bush.

    Too experienced… exceptionally naive folks! Just like in the 60s, these folks will never learn. I am just surprise it too the government so long even though it was always obvious that we dealing with people who are clueless about the stakes. I-MAN look at them… and just laugh. Well, mot a wey wolan abe bole ying.

    I just pity this brother on this forum who claimed that he was ready to sacrifice his son… and in his abject delusion, he promised to kill himself if Sesekoko dem ever got extradited to the lion’s den. Well, awey himgo tell Jah seh?

    I saw that drunken train a long time ago… jammed with rowdy drunkards, and I warned them. But drunkards don’t listen.

    • I marvel at the dribbling and stupidity folks like you spout. You think you are dealing with blind people. You almost put your life at stake to help Agbor Balla who was released from prison because he desist talking about secession and was all for a federation, today You the same man is spitting on the federation idea. You think a federation is nonsense, secession is nonsense , then you are not a partner in peace. Btw, don’t forget the extremist you are was for Marshal Law, now you seem to abhor machetes. Yearning for marshal is yearning for the gun to pop, what can a machete do in front of a gun? I don’t know what you owe your confusion to, weed munching? You claimed the strike wouldn’t spread to your backyard only to start openly yearning for Marshal Law. Political man!

      • Africans For Donald Trump


        You sound so uncoordinated and confused!

        Some us of told you guys here this is the only outcome you cna expect. We told you that sick seku will never step foot in Buea again. Don’t say you were not warned that Kondengui was waiting for him!

        Those UK ambazombies who hailed all kinds of insults against Agbor Balla will now have to swallow their pride and go plead with Agbor Balla to go defend their terrorist leaders!

      • Hey fruitcake, is that you? Don’t cry, little one… don’t cry. I know you are totally stumped by me. I am a mystery man, little one… I am not always right… but I am never wrong!

        Rasclaaat, you come new I-Man, I’ll just raise my right leg and unto your jamdong air head I step… and you done, man! I don’t deal with an empty-headed coon like you… and the Most High spake unto him… but he was too drunk to listen. If I-MAN is in charge, you don’t stand a chance… I am miles away from you in every single way. Sesekoko is begging for his life, and little fruitcake is here seeking for notice, like a little prostitute girl.

        • Bloodclaat impostor @ Arata Tuge,

          You see what happened in Bangem? Huh? There shall be a separation you little bloodclaat in a phlegm. After the bloodbath in Tombel you are not even ashamed to chant empty worlds provoking true clansmen of yours. There shall be no federation but a restoration. Watch the developments ahead impostor.

  15. Please give them rat poison and make sure they get no treatment and will pass away in 6 months then and mad cow desease and release them under control in bamenda so they will be walking naked around the place crazy!

    Let anglofools and francofools get out of cameroun and go back to france and england..primitives banyangue..bakossi etc..claiming to be English!….and my own experience living with theses peoples is that they will treat the so called “francofools” worse than how they are treated now I swear..they are so arrogant and ignorant..I know what I am talking about!….

  16. Please give them rat po!son and make sure they get no treatment and will pass away in 6 months then and mad cow desease and release them under control in bamenda so they will be walking naked around the place crazy!

    Let anglofools and francofools get out of cameroun and go back to france and england..primitives banyangue..bakossi etc..claiming to be English!….and my own experience living with theses peoples is that they will treat the so called “francofools” worse than how they are treated now I swear..they are so arrogant and ignorant..I know what I am talking about!…..

  17. There is no physical evidence that the Amba leaders are in Cameroon. Cannot trust Tchiroma’s words. Show us hard evidence.

    • delusional. Your leaders are being inside SED, not Kondengui. If you don’t know SED is the Ministry of Defense. Prison for high-value targets such as your secessionists

    • I know it’s a hard pill to swallow. I can only imagine what goes through the minds of those hidding in the forest. Nigeria is no longer a safe haven, no one is willing to take the leadership role, it’s a complete chaos. But it’s not too late. Put down your weapons and return home, you will be safe, Ayuk will pay for your crime.

      • They don’t know what hit them. DRE is on fire and I expect more of the secessionists to be picked up in the coming months. I can guarantee you their leaders are singing like parrots under intensive interrogation being carried out by DRE agents.

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      You are a dumb and delusional ambazombie supporter.

      If you think Issa Tchiroma has to proof to you that sick seku ayuk tabe toe nails were removed with a pliers then you are absolutely stupid.

      The government of Cameroon only cares about bringing these terrorists to justice. Who cares about showing their battered faces on TV? Who really cares about that? Only a fool is interested in seeing a video of these terrorist cowards.

      TRC is focussed on putting them on a balancoire, torturing them to give information about their teerorist cohorts, water boarding their terrorist arses, electrocuting them, whipping them with electric cables and annihilating them. TRC does not have anytime for making videos of these terrorist cowards! Is that clear to you now?
      Shumbu them! Nyamfukah them!

      • Africans for DT,

        I happen to believe that honest means justify a solid end. Those who adopt dishonest means and unjustified militarism can never have a good finish in the longrun. The youngest Ambazonians are 5 year olds. That is another 75 yrs of headache unless round table talks can settle or close gap between Cameroun and Ambazonia.

        The mere presence of Ambazonean leaders in LRC jails underlain by an unresolved political problem will be the focus of protests for years.

        Resolution 718 passed in the US Congress today specifically targets Paul Biya for dictatorship and abuse of power. Not good. This could be the thin wedge to open a chasm.

        • Africans For Donakd Trump


          You make no point when you say the youngest ambazombies are 5 year olds.

          The youngest Cameroonians are less than a few minutes old!

          If Ambazombies are dumb delusional people who like to fight a war they can not win or sacrifice their lives for a lost course who do you think is worried about that?
          All ambazombies will end up like sick seku ayuk tabe co. We will smoke them out of their holes, take them to yaounde for torture and eventual execution by firing squad. TRC will continue to fund this operation with donations made by dumb ambazombies.

          Donald trump does not give a damn about Paul Biya. The leader of the free world does not have time to waste on your nonsense issues. resolution 718 or whatever you call it is absolute BS!

  18. He who advocates for violence must face the drum. Ayuk and co you deserve the death penalty but I pray God spares your lives and convert in to 59 years in prison so that you can sit and think about the violence and pain you have caused. Proud bakossi, either 10 states or nothing.

  19. @Bikutsi Hey!..Noisy neibours,It will credit u alot,if u would show us videos of the people u want to judge and stop all this propaganda.Naija said they want to judge Sisiku and Co for training their army in Naija and till date,Naija have not given their lawyers access to them,neither have they shown any video of them.Issa Tchoronko can equally do the same,by saying that the Ambasonian leaders are in their custody witnout any video for the next one year or access to lawyers.Mancho Bibixy and co have been in jail for the past one year and they have not been judged.Is it Sisiku that they are going to judge? First,they should show us video of the people they intend to ”judge” and stop this media propaganda.We are tired of it.Ambasonia must be free.Whether LRC and France want it or not.

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      You no di hear 12?
      We have not time for videos:
      Our schedule for these terrorist is as follows;
      – Breakfast on the balancoire
      – Waterboarding for snacks
      – Arse whooping for afternoon snacks
      -Toe nail removal for supper
      – Arse ramming with cypress branch for bed time snack
      There is no room in our program for making videos. Yopu dan hear? Shumbu

      You continue to express your stupidity by demanding videos of these terrorists! The patriotic citizens of TRC do now want to see videos of them. If you are so desperate to see a video of sickseku ayuk tabe you can ask the manyu tigers and ambazombie defence forces to show you videos of them!!

      TRC will not show you any video. TRC has nothing to proof to ambazombies. TRC only cares about the annihilation of ambazombie terrorists!


  20. Don’t just sit abroad and ask those back home to risk their lives; go and fight if you are really serious. The Anglophone regions are poverty ridden, kids are getting pregnant, becoming thieves and causing all kinds of atrocities because of your scrupulous and foolish ideas of ghost town and school shutdown.
    It is time to shut the hell up and do good for the people of our regions. No more ghost town, stop the fighting and lay down what we want the government to do with regards to marginalization. Killing of innocent anglophones and forces of law and order will not solve the problem.

    • Thank you Bellomi. I have preached to these idiots and I am tired. violence will not achieve anything but misery. The Biya regime is the problem and not Francophones and because of the stupidity of these so called Ambazonians, Biya will easily win the forthcoming elections and the beat will go on.