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Cameroon Jails Separatists After They Were Extradited from Nigeria

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON — VOA | Cameroon has jailed 47 seccessionists including Ayuk Tabe Julius, head of a group from Cameroon’s Angolphone region pushing for a breakaway from French-dominant Cameroon.

Julius Ayuk Tabe
Cameroon government spokesperson Issa Tchiroma Bakari says Ayuk Tabe Julius and his nine cabinet members were arrested in Nigeria on January 5. They were brought to Yaounde and handed over to the government of Cameroon Monday.

He says the collaboration of the governments of Cameroon and Nigeria worked together to arrest the armed separatists.

“The government of Cameroon takes this opportunity to commend the excellent cooperation existing between Nigeria and Cameroon particularly with regards to security. The government of Cameroon reaffirms the determination of both countries never to tolerate that their territories be used as base for destabilizing activities directed against one of them.”

Since Ayuk Tabe and his group were arrested, they have never been seen in public either in Cameroon or in Nigeria. Armed separatists said on social media that they had been detained in a police cell in Abuja and were refused access to their lawyers.

In December 2017, Nigerian local newspapers reported that a group of 37 English-speaking Cameroonians had been arrested near Gembu in Taraba state while they were receiving military training to return and fight for the independence of a state they call Ambazonia.

After their arrests, simultaneous attacks were reported in two English-speaking regions with the government reporting that at least 18 policemen and soldiers had been killed. Several dozens of the attackers also died and at least six villages were burned.

Last week, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees announced that tens of thousands of Cameroonians had fled across the border to Nigeria as a result of the violence.

Fonki Samuel, moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon, says the arrests of the suspected separatists may lead to further violence and killing.

“What is the option and the way out is the proper, well-staged and organized dialogue. You can not have unity and peace without justice.”

Cameroon has not said where those arrested persons will be tried. Its 2014 anti-terrorism law says that any one who uses weapons against the government will face a military tribunal. If convicted on such charges, they could face the death sentence.

The unrest in Cameroon began in November, when English-speaking teachers and lawyers in the northwest and southwest regions, frustrated with having to work in French, took to the streets calling for reforms and greater autonomy.

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  1. The American government had to kill Martin Luther King and Malcolm X but they were unable to kill the civil rights movement
    White South Africans Jailed Mandela but they couldn’t kill the dream for freedom in black South Africans.
    Agbor Balla was Jailed but it did not kill the dream for freedom, even if they Kill Sisiku and all 47 don’t forget the other Anglophones illegal detained at Kondengui and SED it will not kill the dream for freedom.
    The children in West Cameroon know who Sisiku is, Biya to them is a man who lives in Switzerland seen only at the airport declaring war.
    Who is Sisiku Ayuk? A man who has exposed the farce of the supposed one and invisible lie put together by militarization and extrajudicial killings. Hitler could not kill his way to victory, who is fooling who?

  2. First pics of Ayuk Tabe alias sisiku are out.
    No I feel sorry for the dude( just sarcasm).
    He looks like someone who has been living on the street for the last half century.
    This is going to be something….
    If anyone need those pics, I would really like to send them. Wish we could exchange privately.
    But guys the poor guy. When the remainder of the a ambazombians still dreaming on fighting see those pics, they will go hide, run and run to hide.

  3. Thanks to Mr. Paul Biya and his gang, for killing HRH the president of the people
    of Ambazonia. It is now open truth, that the game with mighty Nigeria, worked out
    well. But one thing, is certain: there is no excuse for doing that.
    Long live the blood of the Nera hotel 12, long live the struggle for the statehood of
    Ambazonia. Sissiku and the 11 others, your endeavors are appreciated and recorded.
    As long as history is on your side, you are all blessed.

    • What’s happening.
      Are you crying?
      This is amazing!!
      I am socked you are crying like a little sissy.
      Dude, if you want to play with big leaguers, you have to have big balls. I guess you do not.
      Tabe Ayuk is not recognizable. He is a shadow of what he was in previous pics.
      Man I feel you.
      Take it easy and come back to the fold.
      The country called Kamerun will forgive if you ask for forgiveness; but Ayuk has to pay to set an example.

  4. WE have about 1000 cities in Cameroon and so if Bamenda is not working but the rest of the cities

    are working and doing well specially Yaounde, the all is just OK and smouth. The ghost towns for

    the next 1000 years will not change any situation. The Bamenda people should be working and not

    expecting all from the government and by the way how much do that place contribute to the national

    basket? I think NW is just a dry land but the guys there have just big necks, and the truth is that the SW guys will never work with them.

  5. @Africans For Donald Trump Why are u going gaga becos i asked for videos? U may be thinking that u are at the top of your game but be rest assured that the super power that is behind this restoration movement of Ambasonia is watching from the background and is waiting patiently to step in at the right moment and Biya will be in a hot soup…suivre mon regard……

  6. @BOBJAZZ. so when u say violence will not achieve anything, what is the alternative?..I hope you dont say they should be going to church to pray ..As many Africans have stopped thinking giving all to the hands of the lord..Do you really think Biya is winning?..How do we define violence?..I think we should be very careful when dealing with the problems in our country..We have also a force that frustrates the people, intimidates them and pushes them to extreme.Dont forget what the forces did to the lawyers and teachers..Our society and its rulers are not that civilized..I think we should also be honest to say that violence is seen as most as the only alternative because the government is also not willing to listen to them….True?..We need a national reconciliation and rethink..

    • @Biko I have said here that we will hunt all terrorists in our Land, there will never be an Ejagham Foolish State in Biafra and Mamfé, we will kill all those backing terrorists and if there are some with common sense we will seat and open and inclusive dialogue.Ayuk Tabe deserves the award of the most Idiot/Foolish Anglophone of the year 2017.I am still asking myself how can somebody who pretends to be literate lands so easily into soup ???

  7. Caption “Cameroon Jails Separatists After They Were Extradited from Nigeria” In law it is only after trial ,conviction and sentencing that some one is jailed. So from the above caption i personally do not know the type of law applied by LRC. pLEASE, CIVIL LAW DEVILS, WE THE AMBAZONIANS DO NOT JAILED PERSONS BEFORE TRIAL OH AND WILL NEVER DO THAT NOR STAND BY IT.Common Law is our law and way of life where the law does not jailed you after just arresting, but after a due process is followed.Being Born Ambazonian is not a crime.So please, tell the dying Biya to judge, convict and sentence before jailing.