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Cameroon to launch two new public TV channels

APA – Douala (Cameroon) Cameroon radio and television (CRTV) will launch two new TV channels this year, the Director general of the state-owned broadcaster, Charles Ndongo said on Saturday.

According to Ndongo, one of the new channels will be exclusively devoted to sports and the other will be a continuous news channel.

The establishment of these channels is part of the CRTV’s policy which is preparing to move into the digital age by mutating from “broadcasting” to “narrowcasting.” This means that the public channel will shift from a wide and open broadcasting to the world to a more targeted audience.

In the same vein, the Director General also announced for 2017, the opening of a local radio station in the resort town of Kribi.

To innovate, the CRTV could try this year to broadcast programs from Douala in order to support the production center of television in Yaoundé.


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  1. Rio dos cameroes Reserved

    Lol…..crtv. You guys cant even manage the present channel, with poor images and poor programs. You want to create other ones, how about fixing u first then leaping for other new things. Any how nice inniative, but fix you first men, coz u suck and are a disgrace.

  2. Hopefully Mr Charles Ndongo knows how to convert the last presidential decree on bilingualism into reality!

    • There can be no English langage channel to compete with French. This is La Reublique du Cameroun

    • Ofcourse all is about kribi
      We are waiting for pr degree of LRP for the creation and building of palais de unite annex a kribi
      Ass holes

  3. You cannot make one work properly but you are adding two more? someone is looking to sell you materials I am sure…..why not give more private TV licence?

  4. The new channel in Douala will focus attention on the activities of the SWRM, an up and coming group of patriots under the enlightened leadership of a Sweden based ratta.

    The new channel will also have a show featuring petulant ethno-fascists like Canadian based evolues like Mbappe Ndza Ratatunga and co.

    Good luck Oga Ndongo!

    • Kikikiki! ARata Tuge is probably getting high by now. Expect a robust reply in defence of SWRM when attains sober trans.

  5. The presidential decree creating a body to oversee bilingualism was greeted with the very first bilingual traffic sign( STOP/ARRET), followed by ENAM signing aconvention with a local entity to teach the future Chefs-de-terre English. Appetites were raised that after 55 years, citizens can at last apply bilingualism in daily life. Logically they expect Pythagoras to catalyze this wonderful movement in the right direction….But catalyst?????

  6. speezy 4matic

    hahaha which one go show TamTam weekend..?????

  7. speezy 4matic

    And Actualité Hebdo with issa tchoroma’s conferences hahahahhahaha

  8. The already channels hardly work effectively due to frequent power cuts, primitive attitude of people running the country who cannot provide reliable electricity or water, yet open new TV channels for propaganda

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