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Cameroon lawyer gets boost in presidential bid

YAOUNDE – eNews Channel Africa | A prominent lawyer’s bid to end Cameroon President Paul Biya’s 35 years in power has received a boost after nine opposition parties and grassroots groups backed his campaign, according to a statement seen by AFP on Tuesday.

Akere Muna, who hails from Cameroon’s English-speaking minority, has vowed “zero tolerance for corruption, tribalism, nepotism and favouritism.”

The nine organisations gave him their backing in a “platform for a new republic” that they agreed on Monday in the capital Yaounde, they said in a joint statement.

Muna is a former vice president of the anti-corruption campaign group Transparency International and former president of the Cameroon Bar Association.

He was “formally designated” as their only candidate for the presidency, the statement added.

Biya, in power since 1982, is one of Africa’s most entrenched leaders.

The 84-year-old’s rule has been characterised by ruthless exploitation, corruption and repression, according to critics.

He is yet to indicate if he will stand in elections, due before the end of 2018.

However, his political party, the Cameroonian People’s Democratic Movement (RDPC), has presented him as the “natural candidate”.

The election year comes as tensions remain high in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions, where pro-separatist demonstrations have led to violence and a crackdown.

Anglophones account for about a fifth of the West African nation’s 23 million population. English-speaking protesters argue they are discriminated against by the French-speaking majority.

Demonstrators have demanded a federal state, while some secessionists have even called for independence.

Biya has firmly rejected any change to the status quo and imposed night-time curfews, restrictions on movement, raids and body searches.


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  1. Yvonne Agbor

    Muna or no Muna we are not taking part in the elections. Ambaland is free from La Republique( LR) du Cameroun. Muna, LR and France can never cheat us again. Anglophone President to keep us united !!!! Good bye LR . We are going to build a WALL from River Mongo to Nschi in the North West. God Almighty Be Our Helper.

    • I tell u.
      First of all the Beti will not allow him to win.
      Secondly he can not be campaigning to be the president of a foreign country
      Does he think we are joking?
      …or thinks after shooting people like they are doing all over our villages we will still be one country?
      Wanders oh

      • Who knew that Fru Ndi would give a dirty beating to Biya in 1992?

        Should opposition unite they should make it very clear to Etoudi that we were fools in 1992, but not in 2018—we all saw how swift it was in Burkina F…

        • People who say that the fight for Ambazonia is futile are calling for others to vote in LRC’s presidential elections in spite of the fiasco of 1992 and subsequent years.

          Makes you wonder what has changed or will change this time around. Insanity, insanity, insanity.

    • you and who? Loosers. I am sure you from Manyu.

      • Yes, we are a little LOOSE (not sure that’s what you meant) but that is expected in a 1 year old revolution! In fact just by instilling shear panic on the dictatorship as it happened the other day in Buea, should send warning signals to anyone planning some scam election in that region! The Tigers loom!!

    • Folks, a political lesson here: As an initial matter: Everyone should go vote, including English speaking folks. Next, we are talking pragmatism. Not expressions rooted in emotions. Folks should go out and vote for an English-speaking candidate who supports and will implement a Federation.

      I list the practical reasons for this:

      1. A Federation would be an easy path to secession. Ahidjo was no fool to accept a federation before morphing into the Unitary state we have today. At Foumban, Ahidjo knew very well, he would end up with a unitary state. But he knew well that if he demanded a unitary state at once, he would meet resistance. He played his cards right and the federation morphed into a unitary state. If we reverse this situation, secession could easily be achieved in like manner.

      • 2. A Declaration of “Independence” means Nothing Without International Recognition: Relations amongst states is not as complex. We have declared independence at least 3 times as far as I can remember, yet, we are still not managing our affairs. Before any country recognizes our country as such, they will all look to the conduct of the regional “big player(s)”. In our case, Nigeria would be that big player. All other countries would look to Nigeria for a lead. If Nigeria does not recognize us, no other country will. Folks need to understand that.

        Currently, Nigeria supports a federation. There are talks in quarters of the Nigerian government that point to that. If folks remain stubborn and refuse a federation when offered, neither Nigeria, nor any other government would recognize us.

        • When an objective is informed by the authority of righteousness,it’s aim must be absolute and total. It cannot yield to the vague and shimmering descriptions of a pacifist fantasy. In this light, we shall not waver out of fear for the blustering gestures of a criminal regime.
          Sometimes the case is made that the perfect cannot be the enemy to the good. We have accommodated that notion and be rebuffed in consequence. We have traversed the course way of compromise, to no avail. We have now plunged into the rubicon of no return. Therein lies our hope. Bleak as it may portend. Yet, with piercing familiarity are we aware of that sweet song the kettle sings as its neck breaths out its content brew at the reach of untold heat.
          God bless our nascent State.

        • Totally agree with u, makes a lot of sense and hope a lot of brainwashed paysans could see through that lense.

        • @Manyaka76: You have written a lot of philosophy. Nothing grounded in practicality. Nothing with any proof. Well, I have my philosophies too but just like the stench who love theses and philopshies, those will lead u to nowhere. U sound like u studied in france. If u have an Anglo-saxon education and that’s the best u can come up with, I would advice that u get your head out of school work. School theories and real world practicalities are mightily different.

      • Épée Dipanda

        You are right. At least it would tell the international community what the people really think. The closest we can get to a referendum right now.
        Mina is a shame but certainly a breadth of fresh air under the circumstances

    • africanasala

      Yvonne Agbor, please build a house and your grand mother and build the schools burnt by sarcastic Ambazonians before dreaming of a wall.

      “if horses were wishes, beggars might ride”

    • which kind of smoke you suck on? don’t lie to yourself you haven’t gone no where. once biya is gone. yes, I’m for the banning of French language, yes I’m for an Anglo head of state, and why not even the entire Anglo government. but Cameroon will remain as it is now, with or without you. for dividing our land, I want to be the first to die fighting as civilian. Mack my words. are you kidding right hahahaha!!! tsssiiuupppppp!!

  2. which nine organisations? Scanty Information.



  4. I am the president of KAMERUN and I will smoke both of you anglofools and francofools out of my country…I am going to the UN to ask for KAMERUN freedom…I am signing contracts now with Indians on oils /gas and diamonds and we will be geting weapons from turkey and Russia….we are now starting war again LRC and AMBAZONYASS!

  5. Total distraction! You cannot contest in an election where King Biya handpicks his trusted elecam spinners to schedule and organize the election he has already won as his personal treasury disburses the funds to the respective beggars. Once you hit a brick wall, then you may understand why the SDF has been requesting an independent electoral commission for > 20 years. But even then, Ambaland is not part of the LRC farce. The struggle continues….

    • Ask Anglo youths to register…if Akere or Joshua or mme Walla, even Kamto, should all unite. NW/SW votes would all go to them. West same, D’la 100% sure. Should they rig, then it would be the right time to show Etoudi who owns CMR…

      • You must be living in a parallel universe in which reality is the conjecture out of some clairvoyant’s playbook. Any talk of an election at this point is as obsolete as a “zam zam” idea.Even the mare contemplation of a referendum is as insipid as a chip of wood.

        • Only a mola doesn’t have plan A, B, C…even assuming your tactic is going to work, it is not a matter of 2yrs but nothing less than 10-15yrs to come. Were you abreast on home politics, you would have known that the first file on the table of our next presi is going to be the Anglo issue. But paranoia has taken the upper hand to the extent that even if Sisi is made presi of LRC, mbrrr, you would still not be satisfied.

          Keep on bragging over nothing, pple back home are gently discovering your traps…

    • every thing has a Sunday. how can’t you not even able to read the sign and time?

  6. “Like father like son”

    His father sold the Anglophones in exchange for marginal and ephemeral favours from the junta in Etoudi. History is simply repeating itself.

    Muna is simply playing to the gallery. He is a sponsored agent of France and Biya to distract the international Community from the Anglophone Question.
    The truth of the matter is that even Jesus Christ cannot defeat sh*thole Biya in any phoney election managed by the CPDM Organ called ELECAM. This is so because the results of any elections are fabricated in Etoudi, transmitted through ELECAM to the kangaroo Supreme Court for validation

    • @ Mvomeka
      I search my soul and wish that you were wrong. But alas, the parallels to the late statesman’s performance are frighteningly similar. My initial joy that Barrister Ben Muna was going to redeem the image of the Muna family was short-lived. I wonder if Barrister Akere Muna has measured the legal implications of the knotty issue he is undertaking against the backdrop of Fru Ndi’s bitter experience. The man is quite bilingual but I wonder if this can automatically change the fate of an English-speaking Cameroonian in matters of elections in Cameroon.

      • It’s a process. It took 12 years for Ahidjo to kill the federation and birth the united republic we now have. It took a total of 22 years for the duo of Ahidjo and Biya to bury the idea of two separate entities when in 1982 Biya suppressed the word United. Further, please read my commentary above

  7. Reads like the opening salvo by officers with the French Intelligence Service (DGSE). France now realizes Ambazonia is gone. The fight back has just started. Expect more stories in this flavour as the recolonizer of Southern Cameroons and imperialistic owner of Cameroun floods the country with intelligence officers kitted with laptops! What is “eNews Channel Africa”? Making an Ambazonian president does not resolve the root causes of the revolution. Sanagia must rise from the ashes. Sanagia is the Cameroun wished by Dr Felix Roland Moumie., completely devoid of French imperialism.

  8. How can win election in the cameroons? Elecam is voting for Biya, The DOs, The governors, Ministers are sent out to bribe their tribes men with salt etc. The military are instructed to obstruct to carry every measure to ensure vitory for Biya. Elections dates is not known even by elecam who are said to organised elections. Biya is player and referee at the same time. tell us. The goal post already adjusted to favour the all powerful leader

    • Absent an Independent Electoral Commission empowered to “ring fence ballot boxes” independently of the regime, the whole exercise is phoney. Elections observers from overseas are not there when stuffed ballot boxes are added overnight to legitimate ones. Elections observers, most of whom are failed politicians overseas and are paid to attend by the regime, declare results as legitimate and fair if there is no violence!

  9. ELECAM is not independent. 100% of the members have been appointed by Biya.
    As long s ELECAM is in charge of the elections, no person can defeat Biya.

    Akere Muna is aware of this statement of fact.

    BTW, an Anglophone as President of LRC is not considered as the solution to the Anglophone problem. He will be tootless like the so-called “Head of Government”. He will have no powers to change the FORM OF THE STATE. LRC is a colony of France.

    Southern Cameroonians should therefore boycott ALL phony elections en masse until the Anglophone Question is resolved.

  10. It will all boil down to: he was once a presidential candidate. A step like his friend
    Fru Ndi, who continues to pull weight for Mr. Biya to stay as president.
    Why that pleases Akere, we might never never know it.

  11. Beating Biya in an election is as easy as stopping him from imposing his children on ENAM! Biya’s lapdogs are ecstatic as their plan to render Fru Ndi a political eunuch has largely succeeded and he’s about to bow out. Any doubt why they want to literally drag their political adversaries into elections? Elections are their trump card, as they neutralize their adversaries with their Presidential majority and Elecam.

  12. It is a great disappointment for our ancestors, seeing their us foolish african fight
    because of culture of the oppressors.
    Moliere and Shakes Pear in the tropic: Not Prosas and ideas great literature , but Weapons , dead and confusions.
    Everything in Africa turn negative. Now it is a matter of anglofous against francofou: How nice, romantic!!! But fancy that the Anglofous success in this political kwasa-kwasa, the african logical next step will be: The Northwest will fight the Southwest, now because their TRADITIONS: THat is Africa: Always looking for reason to divide.THAT IS THE AFRICAN CURSE!!!

    • The Ambazonian struggle is not a language contest. Address the constitutional fraud since 1961 for once. At least Shakespeare stated clearly: To be or not to be, and that’s the question. It cuts across every culture and society. Ambazonians have decided it’s time to be.

        It would make more sense. But it is too late for that.
        It was very naive to thing the COMMONWEALTH would help. Very naive!!!!
        But for africans, it is normal to be naive.

  13. african 1 min ago at 10:09
    It is a great disappointment for our ancestors, seeing their us foolish african fight
    because of culture of the oppressors.
    Moliere and Shakes Pear in the tropic: Not Prosas and ideas great literature , but Weapons , dead and confusions.
    Everything in Africa turn negative.
    We can speak English and French: That divide us.
    We have many native Tongues, religions : That divide us.
    We have a young population: Send them to war or exile.
    Now it is a matter of anglofous against francofou: How nice, romantic!!! But fancy that the Anglofous success in this political kwasa-kwasa, the african logical next step will be: The Northwest will fight the Southwest, now because their TRADITIONS: THat is Africa: Always looking for reason to divide.THAT IS THE AFRICAN CURSE!!