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Cameroon loses over 100bn FCFA to smuggling, forgery

APAnews | Contraband and imitation are a real scourge for the Cameroonian economy with average losses estimated at more than 100 billion CFA francs, the Ministry of Finance (MINFI) said on Friday

Government statistics that corroborate those of investors, especially the Cameroonian Employers’ Group (GICAM), which attributed the bankruptcy of several local companies to these scourges.

Smuggling and forgery affect all sectors of the economy, including consumer goods: beverages, cement, sugar, frozen chicken, cosmetics, cigarettes, fabrics, medicines, non-biodegradable plastic packaging, and so on.

Local entrepreneurs deplore the fact that the local market is flooded with fraudulent products and demand that the State act to protect nationals. Despite frequent “raids” carried out by the authorities to stem these evils, the situation remains worrying.

The Ministry of Trade, through the Fraud Control and Suppression Brigade and its local branches, often seizes various products that are either counterfeit or smuggled, in addition to other administrations, such as the Customs, which has launched the “Stop Illegal Trade” Operation “HALCOMI”.

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  1. Government cannot credibly fight forgeries and fakes by utilizing persons who are fake themselves, persons who forge. It is like asking Mayor Ekema of Buea to fight fake certificates that find their way to the workforce!

    Yesterday it was the enslavement of citizens, today it is forged certificates and products on the market. In both cases people turn a blind eye at what is at their backyard and look far afield. Yes there is slavery in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Lebanon, Libya. There is also slavery in Yaounde when Anglophone cries fall on deaf ears or are dismissed by chatterbox Tchiroma. There is enslavement in Ambazonia. And believe me, right down to the households there is enslavement. But who has the moral standing to fight it?

    Slavery…forgery…we have both and in abundance too. Denial

  2. Also important to have competition in local markets! Public policy that encourages competition by making it easier to manufacture locally is the best to fight smuggling. Smuggling is driven by demand and higher prices in the local market.

  3. Both of you, have hit the nail on the head. Why this is the cry today and like
    yesterday in that LRC administration, is the bad system that was put in place and
    to which, until only God decides, there will be no change.
    And as long as the people can not bring about the necesary change, the alternative,
    should be that the military should step in and drive away the frontline men and
    uproot the system they have maintained that has kept the country behind.
    For 57 years and counting, change can never come, because the same baldheads
    are in control. They should be chased out, because it can not happen by way of the ballotbox.
    Where then, is the emergeance plan come 2035?
    Even the many loans that have been taken, don`t seem to help the situation either. Sorry o.