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Cameroon military and separatists fuel ‘cycle of violence’, says Amnesty

BBC | Escalating violence in Cameroon has led to armed separatists and security forces attacking and torturing people in the country’s Anglophone regions, according to a new report by Amnesty International.

“They tied our hands behind our backs, gagged us and tied our faces with our towels and shorts, which they tore. They, then made us lie in the water, face down for about 45 minutes,” a man, one of 23 people detained in the South-West region’s town of Dadi, told Amnesty of the alleged torture he experienced at the hands of military.

“During three days, they beat us with shovels, hammers, planks, and cables, kicked us with their boots and poured hot water on us… when I tried to move and shouted, one of them used the cigarette he was smoking to burn me.”

A teacher from a government school in the North-West region – one of the two mainly English-speaking areas where activists are demanding independence – told Amnesty how armed separatists raided the school and shot him in the leg.

“The assailant […] told me that I was still coming to school in defiance of calls for a schools boycott. He then asked me to raise my hands, but before I could do so, he shot me. I fell to the ground,” the teacher said.

These are some of the 150 accounts, from victims and eye-witnesses, documented by Amnesty about conflict in the Central African nation.

‘Cycle of violence’

The mainly English-speaking the North-West and South West have been gripped by unrest since activists stepped up their campaign for independence in 2016.

They claim the country’s French-speaking majority is marginalising the English-speaking minority.

Amnesty alleges the ensuing government crackdown and unrest has gradually turned into an armed conflict, leaving the general population at the whim of two opposing forces.

“People in Cameroon’s Anglophone regions are in the grip of a deadly cycle of violence,” Samira Daoud, Amnesty’s deputy director for the region, said in a statement.

“Their [government] heavy-handed response will do nothing to calm the violence – in fact it is likely to further alienate Anglophone communities and fuel further unrest,” she said.

“Security forces have indiscriminately killed, arrested and tortured people during military operations which have also displaced thousands of civilians,” Ms Daoud added.

‘Burning schools’

The report alleges the military destroyed villages. It also claims detainees were blindfolded and severely beaten with wires, sticks, guns and wires, “as well as being electrocuted and burnt with hot water”, the report says.

Didier Badjeck, an army spokesman, dismissed Amnesty’s claims of torture and violence as “rumours”.

Armed separatists are also accused by Amnesty of killing 44 security force members and attacking dozens of schools between February 2017 and May 2018 in a bid to “strike fear amongst the population”.

Teachers and students are being targeted for not participating in the boycott of schools seen by many as a symbol of how the English language has been marginalised by the authorities, Amnesty says.

Separatists have gone “as far as burning down schools and targeting teachers who did not enforce the boycott,” Ms Daoud said.

‘Excessive force’

Amnesty also documented five attacks on traditional chiefs, accused of sympathising with the government.

The rights’ group says authorities have to protect the general population by ensuring “accountability for crimes committed by the security forces as well as by the armed separatists”.

“They must immediately end the use of unlawful, unnecessary and excessive force and ensure that people are protected,” the report said.

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has condemned “all acts of violence, regardless of their sources and their perpetrators,” in a 2017 Facebook post.

Cameroon was colonised by Germany and then split into British and French areas after World War One.

Following a referendum, British-run Southern Cameroons joined the French-speaking Republic of Cameroon in 1961, while Northern Cameroons voted to join English-speaking Nigeria.

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  1. Those fighting off the lrc occupational forces have been very humane with those they are out to protect.they don’t target our people or institutions unless those persons are blacklegs, or the said institutions are in gross violation of the temporal laws that have been put in place by the IG,to ensure the security of our people,and for the struggle to succeed.

    The same cannot be said of the thugs from lrc who will break into university campuses,beat up and rape our young ones, torch down whole villages,killing and rendering thousands homeless,maiming,locking up innocent people so as to extort hundreds of thousands of francs cfa etc.

    Lrcs leader and its military should be held for war crimes committed against the innocent people of Ambazonia.

  2. LRP forces are cruel there. Are they fighting the ADF or the civilian. So the separatists have over powered them now they are venging their anger on innocent people and burning their homes. Whats a shame

  3. I thought amba was right ” n est pas ” kikikikikikikiki . run run run run to the bushes “kongosa , mvomeka”

    who is fooling who now? , just upload more videos and pictures online “youtube”

  4. overpower who ” who lives in the bushes now “

  5. The GOC should not care about this rubbish.
    This is a neocolonial tool of destabilization towards small countries.
    The restoration of peace should be the motto for the GOC.
    When contrives such as USA and its mignons will abide by these reports, we will have a look at them.
    Ask yourself: who are the financiers behind this organization?
    The Soros of the world?

  6. # kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad including amnesia international !

  7. Who cares about this report? Amnesty can continue writing as they please, GOC will continue doing what it has to do to restore peace and order.
    Amnesty has never written such a report to denounce the torture of civilians in Afganistan or to highlight the inhumane treatment of convicts in Guantanamo.

    • Well said, James!

      Amnesty International is a political and not a humanitarian organisation. The agenda at Amnesty International is controlled by resourceful agents. So the official claim that Amnesty International does not receive funding from governments is pure hogwash.

      Recently, there was this damning Security Council draft statement on Israel’s use of force against protesters at the Gaza border. Sixty people were killed as the US Embassy opened in Jerusalem, and the Security Council expressed outrage and sorrow at the killing of Palestinian civilians who were exercising their right to peaceful protest. This statement was blocked by the US, and Amnesty International was nowhere to be found!

      • Subhuman niggers are the quickest to compare their heartless actions of enslaving their kind to the cruelty of the rest of the world just to excuse their dark souls. The shocking thing is that this pompous hypocrite calls himself a Rasta! What a shocking disgrace! Bob Marley will surely die of heart attack associating his belief system of love and kindness to this animal. Keep spinning and defending every single torture. The Amba fighters have learned and understand they are on their own and must fight back to save lives. Yesterday they brought alcohol and mirrors to get you sell your people. Today they are giving you weapons to kill your people and guarantee them access to your resources. We will use the same weapons to whip sense into your heads. Consumers and followers.

        • Is that the best you can do? Well, like anything in the bush, if you get hurt there’s nobody to help you. You are nothing but a brainwashed little coon with low self-esteem.

        • Don’t address me as your one of the criminals you rub shoulders with. The closest you can ever come to me is on this forum. Devil.

  8. All those who’re still dreaming that they’ll create a situation whereby the international community would tag them as victims should open their eyes.

    Some Ambas are starting to curb tones, as if they’re just grasping what WAR is all about. When you get your phone ringing, perhaps on a weekly basis, that one close one has been killed, only then can tick-tock-tick-tock ring in the brain.

    This is a trap that has been set for us ALL by Anglo-Saxons and Gaulists (Amnesty, e.g.), but, as usual, what we all know best is to recite: PhD this, PhD that,…like parrots.

    CHINEKE must have been under the influence of some worrying influence of Iboga before creating NEGROES.

    Let’s continue to chakara our kontri rather than break the neck of the system, and, of course drink mimbo thereafter…

    • ZZ,

      You have said it all. The tropical anglo-saxons and their equatorial gaulist friends are wreaking the havoc on innocent people and the world watches.

      Man no run.

  9. @Zam-Zam Biya is to LRC same as Ikome Sako and Chris Anu is to Ambasonia.Both sides love their people and their country.No side has monopoly of kidnap and murder.The war continues, until the occupational forces of LRC leave the UN trust territory of SC.LRC has no document to show that their fight in SC is legitimate or legal.They are neither there as a colonial power,nor as an annexaxionist gov’t.To make it worse, they have no treaty of union with SC to brandish to the international community why they are in war in the UN trust territory.All they have to say is that:”we were one during German Cameroon,it is The British and the French that came and seperated us”….ha ha ha ha ha…Thank God they are accepting that the British and the French have already seperated us…

    • Kongosa,

      go back for kontri go fight…daso one week for inside bush, you go start miss grand mami their lass dem for wash’am, powder’am, then tie napkin around…

      • Ni Zam, Kongossa lives in CMR and a true Ambazonian.

        When i read some comments here, all i can do is shake my head in pity. Now, i clearly understand why we remain everybody’s fool. Growing up here, the # of francophones in the US was very limited. Now, they’re in every US states in big numbers, whether they speak English or not. Then, we come here and act like CMR is an emerging economy? Who is making it an emergent economy when 4/5 ( francophone dorminant population ) of the country are running to countries which a language barrier.

        We act here like the biggest of scholars, yet cannot even fully understand the meaning of TERRORISM or who actually is a TERRORIST lmao. Anyway, everything has an expiring date.

        • J.Jr.

          It’s been many years now that flags are no longer available here, he used to be in CMR. But he is now in BUSH.

          If he was still in CMR, I would have seen him behind Aboubakar on TV.

          This our loss sense stuff in CMR has spoiled our forum—all your ndamba analyses are gone cos of war.

          Oh-oh! Small time man go turn-turn so no get kontri again?…

  10. Cameroon is a failed state..
    A country where there is no law and Order even before the crisis..The Gangsters in Yaounde thought they were kings..They thought they could live above the law..Today it looks like they are loosing control of part of their territory..What should we do?..
    Throw our pride and talk to the people..
    Stop the blame game by claiming the youths have been fooled by some people..
    Stop claiming its caused by America..
    Accept the fact that we dont have equal rights and justice in our country, not to talk of equal opportunities..
    Take all those thieves who stold our money to courts and hang them..
    Discuss about the state of cameroon..
    teach the people of cameroon the true history of cameroon..
    Build up a truth and reconcialition committee to take the country forward…

    • Biko,

      Your suggestions are crucial to consider when it comes to issues of crisis management. They could all fall under one main theme: REHABILITATING AND REORIENTING CAMEROON. Keep that up!

      However, Cameroon is not a failed state… It is a state that essentially requires reformatory redemption.

      It is a country bedevilled by degrading cultural alienation; total imperialistic brainwash; extreme socio-political degradation; abject political opportunism; offensively elitist gangsterism; inane secessionist delusion; misguided armed insurrection; pervasively humiliating poverty etc etc..

  11. Samira Daoud,

    As a former worker at Amnesty International I must say that your report is quite outlandish. An extra-legal entity can never act in a lawful manner and you don’t equate actions taken by such an entity to those that are mandated by the state. Keep this in mind going forward.

  12. Amnesty tells the story of a war zone.
    Our people are fighting a war declared on them by the Yaoundé government. The people of West Cameroon have no army to protect them from their own government that had decided to kill them.
    Should the people in West Cameroon just allow themselves to be killed like 500,000 Tutsis or 6million Jews?
    Wether the people in West Cameroon fight back or not they will be killed by the army period.
    When you dehumanize a people as terrorist then you are embolden to kill them like chickens.
    It is better to be killed by a white colonizer on your land than to be killed by a Blackman whose only agenda is the promotion of Francophonization, marginalization, economic rape, slavery and second class citizenship!
    Our desire is freedom! Niki Na Niki!

    • “Our desire is freedom” dear Mme the real freedom must start by erasing stereotypes of what you called Anglophone/francophone culture you must define yourself as a cameroonian and worry about the situation of every citizen of Cameroon otherwise you are not different from the current regime I have said here that none of these noisemakers love Cameroon they only want to install their own (CPDMs) style of government its the kind of revenge so if you keep labeling yourself “Anglophone” like many donkeys here you will end up in this country that doesn’t exist in any map.

      • @Colby
        You the majority have been given 57yrs of power and you have been unable to eradicate the stereotype of Franco/Anglo
        You have prompted forced Francophonization, you call us fools, less intelligent because we speak less than Macron French?
        You refused for us to have anything to do with own basic rights as humans
        You force us to bring translators to banks to fill out forms, to Court to stand infront of a judge, to the hospital to speak to nurses and doctors, to police station to make a report, etc
        All government communication is only in the French language of the Almighty colonizer France.
        Your support of the apartheid policies of Yaoundé is what is promoting stereotypes, so use your energy to change Yaoundé
        Our desire is self rule and freedom.
        Change must Come!

    • ‘It is better to be killed by a white colonizer on your land…’ – Nya Lum, (‘medical doctor’) on behalf of the womanhood of Ambazombi termite nation.

      Well, Nya Lum… I have to set the bar really low with you! It is all in your mind, my dear… you are the most brainwashed African woman that I have encountered.

      Your message could still brilliantly be driven through without alluding to such a scornfully inane remark. But then of course, you always have great reverence for the white devil which is your referent object. What a shame!

      • By your own account howmany black women you know in the most whitest nation in the world Sweden.
        You will be the last Blackman on the planet to give any lectures to me a black women about blackness.
        Like most of your kind who are victims of black Ethnofascist policies that convert black Africans into slaves in Libya your only bravado comes at running to attack black women who call out your caustic policies of economic despair on blacks.
        The day you and the Yaoundé government stop burning villagers, enforcing francophonization as a god given right over the peoples of West Cameroon then you can talk to me about blackness.
        How many whitemen from Sweden are running away from war, poverty, prosecution etc to Rasta paradise East Cameroon?
        Delusional CPDM choirboy!
        Wata Na wata!

        • Nya Lum,

          I believe the English do not say ‘the most whitest’… you either say ‘most whites’; or you simply say ‘the whitest’.

          You know, we’ve had these debates before and I have noticed that you are a specialist in the areas of drama, repetition, distortion, exaggeration… but you can’t manipulate I-Man.

          Well, like I told you already my dear, with you I have to set the bar really low. I know you are struggling to advertise your value but I am not interested in you… I get my seeds germinated in a farmyard that can produce top quality grain. Of what use is it to plant my corn on a rock when I must keep my barn full?

        • That is what you should have been doing all along! Always remember to clap back on French slaves , who some how want to pile on because they can’t take the facts. This is a drug addict beating his chest about certificates got in the whiteman country and throwing approbrium on African universities, then he wants to talk whiteness. This is an economic migrant sharing a bed with a white,but shamelessly shooting off his mouth about white devils. Come to think of it!

  13. Stupid Report. So LRC has no sympathy for the more than 70,000 plus citizens of Southern Cameroons who in Nigeria as refugees.

  14. **** PROPHECY ****

    “Now that the anglophones are asking for federalism you people are refusing, there would be a time you people would be begging for this federalism and the anglophones would be asking for a complete separation.”
    (Balla, A., 2016)

    • 1. When Dictator Biya SINGLEHANDEDLY changed the name of the country to LRC in 1984, little did he know that he was creating a ticking time bomb that would explode at any time.
      2, When Dictator Biya declared his sh*thole war on the peaceful people of SC, little did he know that his BIR was the most indiscipline and weak military on planet earth.
      3. When Dictator Biya swore that the FORM OF THE STATE was non-negotiable, little did he imagine that his apologists will be BEGGING for a FEDERATION
      4. etc

      The cruel and demonic dictator has finally realised that the war is UNWINNABLE, cost-intensive and foolish.
      The time for dialogue is over. He can now only NEGOTIATE with warlords or continue to fight an UNWINNABLE war until his country emerges by 2035

    • The nightmare for Dictator Biya is that Southern Cameroonians have finally taken their collective destiny into their hands to shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels.
      The military leadership of the struggle are very allergic to the words DECENTRALISATION, FEDERALISM and “Vivre-ensemble”. The appointment of a murderer and ex-convict as interior minister has ZERO influence on the momentum of the struggle. It is now evident that the hollow ultimatums of the ex-convict even helped to increase the momentum by at least 15%. These days the murderer spends his time fighting with Rene Sadi over a mercedes500. He has so soon forgotten the mission why he was appointed to “appease” the Anglophones.

    • Dictator Biya is now a prisoner of his own FOOLISH arrogance, policies and appetite for eternal power. He is unable to free himself and SC from himself. He is now caught between a rock and a hard place.

      If history is ánything to go by, the political obituary of Biya will also be similar to that of Mobutu. The telling signs are clear that politically things are falling apart around Biya who has become a liability to the country. Like Mobutu, Biya is feared by all, trusted by none and loathed by those who by day even sing his praises and send motions of support.

      That Biya is headed for a tragic political and historical downfall can now only be denied by his apologists and Spin doctors who resist the truth and deny reality.


  15. @James ”Who cares about this report? Amnesty can continue writing as they please, GOC will continue doing what it has to do to restore peace and order.”’ of course u should care…According to u and Biya,inorder to restore ”peace”,u have to go to war and kill million of civilians and burn down their houses,in your quest for the restoration of ”peace”,rignt? well,u have being doing that for the past one two years and ”’PEACE has still not return.What are u going to do now? continue the killings?

  16. @Colby ”dear Mme the real freedom must start by erasing stereotypes of what you called Anglo/franco culture you must define yourself as a cameroonian” ha ha ha..This is what the CPDM gov’t and the francophones have been saying and using,as a tool to fool simplistic minds in order to continue the marginalisation of English Speaking Cameroonians. Wow,so,there is no anglophone nor francophone in CMR? we are all Cameroonians? what a nice one for francophones..
    So,our leaders want to install their own CPDM style of gov’t? if they do so,how is that your business? is it your country? I think u should spend more time,thinking about your country without anglophones.May be when anglophones are no longer on the picture,u will fall in love with federalism.But for now,federalism is a nightmare

  17. I’m going to say it one more time to those who can read. Biya DID NOT declare war on Anglophone. Biya declared war on separatists who took WEAPONS to forcefully divide the country.

    • You are shamelessly using the wrong word. Continue to chant that he declared war on terrorists. Your vocabulary is strangely changing. Something must have dawned on you to start stealthily calling terrorists secessionists.

  18. Good news we had killed more than 180 terrorists kikikkkiki yesterday “mvomeka “the war continued

  19. If biya listened, addressed meaningful dialogue instead of using his terrorists forces, the matter would have been solved, SCs resorted to arms because the Cameroon army was taking advantage of their unarmed communities, now that they are fighting back, Amnesty international which was quiet before is falsely measuring crimes equally, Scs must intensify their atrocities killing towards french Cameroon military and spies, no one should listen to any international groups because they have all taken bribes from biyas government, freedom must come by the will of the indigenous people,SCs must not surrender or lay down their arms until they have gained total independence from french Cameroon which is the only option to change lives in that shithole Cameroon run by colonial french butcher biya