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Cameroon- Nigeria: Repatriation Treaty Exists

Cameroon Tribune | The treaty adds to the Police and Judicial Cooperation Agreements signed since March 1972.

There has been much talk and speculations since Nigerian authorities repatriated and handed over to the Cameroon government on January 29, 2018 some 47 Cameroonians arrested in Nigeria suspected of acts of terrorism in relation to the crisis in the North West and South West Regions. Communication Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary who announced the information in a press declaration in Yaounde said the suspects have been handed to the judicial department. Since the arrest, repatriation and handing over of the people, many questions are being asked on the legality and judicial bases of the decision by the Nigerian government. The answers are found in the repatriation treaty and cooperation agreements signed between the two countries.

Repatriation Treaty.

Cameroon and Nigeria signed a Repatriation Treaty as far back as February 6, 1963. The explanatory statement to the treaty states that it is intended to consolidate existing friendly relations between the two countries. The treaty also aims to enable the authorities of Cameroon and Nigeria to take required measures so that delinquents or criminals from one country who have taken refuge in the other should not stay unpunished. The two countries therefore, have to reciprocally agree on the repatriation for crimes stated. The treaty makes provisions for every specificity on the repatriation process.

Judicial Cooperation Agreement.

The Judicial Cooperation Agreement between the government of Cameroon and that of Nigeria was signed in Lagos on March 27, 1992. The agreement stresses the commitment of the authorities of the two countries to share on a regular basis information on the administration of justice and judicial decisions. The agreement makes provisions for transmission of judicial documents, deliverance and execution of commissions and has a chapter on witnesses.

Police Cooperation

The Police Cooperation between Cameroon and Nigeria was signed in Lagos on March 27, 1972. The agreement states that senior police officials of the two countries can carry out exchange courtesy visits with the aim to share information on crimes and methods of finding out crimes. According to the agreement, intelligence sharing visits also have to be carried out between senior police officials of the Cameroon and Nigeria. There is also supposed to be mutual intelligence gathering on request on criminality and respective methods of detecting crimes. Copies of the publications on the intelligence from the respective Police Services have to be communicated.

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  1. Cameroon does not directly have an Extradition Treaty with Nigeria. There is no such thing as “Repatriation Treaty” as the writer insinuates. However, there is an Extradition Agreement among the Common Wealth of Nation member states, and both countries can extradite wanted persons, based on their membership in the Common Wealth. The argument here is whether the Nigerian government followed due process, before extraditing the Ambazonian leaders into a death trap? Certainly, they will not face a fair trial in Cameroon and will be subjected to torture – an argument their lawyers could have won, should day have been given a day in court to argue why they should not be sent to Cameroon. What ever happen to them, the Nigerian government is libel.

    • Rubbish…Go and event your own law! We make law and use it the way we want….did Pakistan have a treaty with the americans to come and kill someone in their own soil?…..listen if law was that black and white then we will not need lawyer or judges etc….at the end of the day once you get into the dark world there is no law that can protect you there ok? for me it would have be simple just like they do in the west to say theses guys resisted arrest and shot at the police and they were shot dead fullstop and story gone…so Biya is God to them compare to me! they should be happy to be alive!

    • @Augustine Agbor,

      so what, who cares about “Nigeria” they will not doing shitt to Cameroon. we have been crossing so many times to Nigeria what happened nothing, who cares about international law when his come to kill those terrorists hahahahahahahhahahaha nyamkuka

    • @Agbor

      As suggested by your name, you are truly and “Anglophone”.

      Here you are splitting hair, arguing about extradition and repatriation. This is a classic “Anglophone” way of thinking, always about big words, books, etc.
      Who cares if it was extradition or repatriation…the point is WE GOT THEM…that is the bottom line.

      • You are now worried about their right to due process, their day in court to argue their case, etc.

        Tell me, Mr. “Anglophone”, what court of law did they judged and sentenced their innocent victims?

        The killings of military and other law enforcement personnel, the intimidation of innocent citizen who refuses to follow them, the murders and mutilation of innocent children who wanted to go to school, the burning and destruction of public and private properties, etc. tell me Mr. “Anglophone” what was the due process applied to all of the above victims?

        Like I said, we got them and they will pay. We don’t want justice, we want REVENGE. They must be tortured!

      • I might be arguing with some “truck pushers” here without knowing. You guys have no ideas to give, thanks to the very high levels of illiteracy in Francophone Cameroon. I use my real name to make arguments, because I am a True Cameroonian. Only cowards hide behind keyboards and and fake names.

        • “… thanks to the very high levels of illiteracy in Francophone Cameroon…”

          Exactly my point! Literacy or lack thereof is not exactly what we are going after at the moment.

          We got the terrorists, how did we get them is not important, the point is we got them and we will cut their balls and feed it back to them for lunch.

          If it makes you feel better, you can have their degrees and many certificates to add to the many you already have…we are busy cutting their balls off….happy now?

        • @Agbor you are quite close in your assertion of arguing with
          “truck pushers.” Its similar to a conclusion I long ago arrived at. An accurate rephrasing of your statement should read; “I’m” arguing with a crowd of social misfits who were conceived in pit lartrines and abandoned in our markets and motor parks by Bamilike truck pushers. As you have correctly surmised, their ignorance remains an intractable dilemma since it is hereditary.

          On this forum, you’re better served by ignoring the mantra of “going high when they go low”. The band of mendicant flatterers who assail you are just feeding on a habit. Choke them while they’re at it by feeding them with the same horse manure.

      • Well come back my dear Susanna. Jeez did I miss you?
        A very timely resurfacing.

        • inetellectual illiterate anglofools tell me how the big english and big books you read is helping camerounians?? by the way A part from ready aryans shit and repeating it to try and fool people’s what is the added value to cameroon?? I assure you that to the aryans standard I have more degree than you amd to me they are rubbish and not good to Cameroon as what we learned is not relevant to our society…we need out of the box thinking peoples not long book neck peoples..pen pushers i pity u illiterate fool

  2. Assuming they are even still alive as news on the corridors is that they were summarily executed the day they were arrested reason the criminals are embarrassed to admit. Every extradition treaty goes through a legislature where it is enacted in a bill number and forwarded to the judiciary for review after which it is printed in writing under sections and subsections. What is the bill#, sections and subsections? Stop confusing oral agreements between Ahidjo and Gowon, Buhari and Biya for an extradition treaty. Had this case had a day in court, the government humiliation to repatriate Nigerian citizens and permanent residency holders to a dungeon of torture would have been devastating. As usual, money had to exchange hands for dictators to have it their way. A bunch of sh*thole countries.

    • nigg£rs are confused and repeating Book they know nothing about! is that how smart you are? just limiting yourself at repeating stuffs? can you not use your thinking part of your brain to see that law can exist and some peoples are above the law? and that law can be twisted? pusher!

      • That some people are above the law is the fundamental difference between the cowardice France Afrique, and an Anglophone system that is built on justice and equality. Maybe, you should enroll back to school, but this time in an English speaking school in Cameroon to get a proper education. You won’t be alone, as most Francophones are preferring the Anglo-Saxon educational system, against the ineffective french education system in Cameroon.

        • Anglophone system based on justice and equality? Really?

          You reside in Pluto, perhaps? That’s a delusional statement, my friend. Can you tell us a little something about your own African system? Or is it really the case that you do not have any? If you do have an African system, would you be honest enough to tell us how just and equal it is? You don’t think you have your own African system?
          How could you possibly be an eternal parasite when your parasitism has proven not to be resourceful?

          Is the Anglo-Saxon system really that effective? To what extent? What has it produced to transform Buea?

          Are you a better human being because you had ‘Anglo-Saxon’ education?What are your achievements

        • Africans For Donakd Trump

          @Augustinne Agbor

          You delusional ambazombies keep making very stupid arguments here.Is Nigeria part of FrancAfrique?

          Sick seku ayuk tabe and co were kidnapped/abducted/arrested by the government of Nigeria and shipped to Cameroon like nkunyams. These Nigerians all went to English speaking schools in Nigeria and got a proper education but that did not stop them from applying the law as they see fit; to capture and return the terrorists to Cameroon to face justice.

          Nigeria does not have a francophone system. Nigeria is Cameroon’s best friend and justice and equality to them means supporting each other! Cameroon and Nigeria have agreements on how to deal with terrorist like sick seku ayuk tabe.

        • @Augustine Agbor

          you re talking nonsense empty brain.

          does USA have the same education or legal system with Pakistan, UK, Canada, Iran or Germany

    • When the feds rounded up a lady in Cameroon and brought her back to the US, without consent from Cameroon, did that make the US a shithole country? Before you line up behind bigotry, like a damn fool, try reading actual international law precedents – not just the letter of law as should be. FYI you could be a shithole but there’s no such thing as shithole countries.

  3. Who cares?

  4. If there is a treaty to that effect, was it that it should be a secret deal? There, goes the riddle.
    It is still afternoon, night time will come for reconning. For those rejoicing, dance until you are
    sweating. And when the music is ended, you too will sit down.

    • Africans For Donakd Trump

      @Joshua the delusional ambazombie fan!

      The terrorist ambazombie leaders were abducted/kidnapped/arrested in the morning(5 jan 18) and we celebrated.
      In the afternoon (29 Jan 2018) they were transported to Cameroon for torture and extracting intelligence
      At night tim evening(after extracting intelligence) they will be killed by firing squad.

      Right now sick seku tabe is sweating blod on the balancoire while the responsible citizens of Cameroon from the NW/SW are dancing in joy. You only dance and sweat when you are having lots of fun.

      keep waiting for night time… After he is totured you will claim that he is in a better place with God. What a bunch of delusional terrorist coward and motnon.

      • Polish what your write to counter my opinion eg. proof read always.

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @joshua the low life terrorist buffoon

          I do not come here to demonstrate my ability to proof read. I am here to call you out for the terrorist you are. I made my point and if you can’t understand it is not because I did not proof read it is because you are a delusional and dumb ambazombie terrorist!
          Why don’t you go set Atanga Nji’s house on fire like you called for?

          Shumbu! Shegue! Nyamfukah

  5. The struggle still continuous. This is a road every freedom fighter is always ready for mentally especially when dealing with shithole countries and leaders. Every Ambazonia has to go down before this crisis will ever think of ending. So they La Republique du France-Cameroun can do its worst for all I care. Let’s wait and see.

  6. Ayuk and co were not the ones doing the killings.typical crab bite u,u beat water.we are,and will continue to fund the struggle.
    It doesn’t stop with those guys being caught.we are the struggle.
    We will teach lrc a lesson,so let their forces occupy our land at their own peril.we will make more of their women widows for years to come.
    Odeichi and the Bakossi brooms are being fortified with more mystical powers.we need more lrc blood.

    • yeah yeah yeah….fool!

      • The real coward and fool here is your pitiful self. That is why we are among the last countries in the world. Products of the defunct French educational system that produces high power distance cowards. I am proud of being a Cameroonian, but cannot avoid sharing a country with bigots like youself, because I do not have the choice to …

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @Augustine Agbor

          Cameroon is not among the last countries in the world unless all countries in Africa are considered to be last.

          Cameroon is better off than more than half of the other African countries in every dimension.

    • @Palapala, while it makes national news when law enforcement are killed, I hope you know that hundreds of young civilians are being massacred in the cross fire. Pls stop the killings for the sake of your own people. You will not win this struggle in the battlefield, but you may have a chance in the political arena.

    • Africans For Donakd Trump

      @ Palapala

      Sick seku ayuk tabe and co were the ones paying the killers.
      Now that they are gone and their bank accounts emptied to pay for the costs of their arrest and transportation to Cameroon, there is no one to pay the killers.
      Secondly, all the ambazombies are scared that they could be picked up in the same manner their terrorist leader of their delusional republic was picked up.
      Further, the fact that the government has the names of all those who have been funding this terrorism and will arrest and prosecute anyone who donated funds to them if they dare get to any Cameroon boarder post, has left the ambazombies very worried and confused.
      We are still waiting for Bobga to open his fly trap!

      • @Kamer,if diplomacy was to work,we would not have been were we are today.the UN chief crook has shunned nearly all questions on our issue from journalist like Mr Russel.the history of the two Cameroons is not all that complicated for anyone to understand that the English section has a right to self determination.
        We would never have resulted to arms if the president of lrc had not declared war on us.self defense is a basic human right sir.

        @AFDT,for the record,our dear Ayuk Tabe was a very moderate man,and was the one standing between us and our ground forces.most of the money in the IG was not being channed directly to our DF as we would have wanted.but with what has happened to him,we can now up our game right into the unforeseeable future.we are building this for thw long haul sir.

        • @pharaon i think Augustine already gave a vivid description of who you are in his first sentence,so i see no need to elaborate on that.

  7. Without the role of the military in Africa as we are living it, Africa wouldn`t be a
    shithole continent { country}.

  8. So some” leftists brainsbrains” here are still arguing that there is no extradition treaty between Cameroon and Nigeria upon all this clarification ?

    • Africans For Donakd Trump

      Who cares whether there is extradition treaty or not!

      The terrorists are in Yaounde with or without an extradition treaty.
      These ambazombies are just confused, stupid and delusional and are fond of making useless arguments.

      Sick seku ayuk and co were shipped to Cameroon like pigs and this extradition treaty conversation is just plain stupid at this point! They will not be sent back to Nigeria. They will be tried and sentenced to death by firing squad.

      The ambazombies may need an extradition treaty to take the remains of their terrorist leaders back to Nigeria!

  9. The struggle only continuous. Lets wait and see how far this goes. Instead of addressing the root issue La Republique du France-Cameroun continuous to show the world how shithole the country and its leaders are. The two times world champions of corruption and an other one (if not two times) world champion of corruption have all demonstrated to the world why they have adopted corruption as a way of life. H.E. Seseku Ayuk Tabe and the entire government of the proud people of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) are only capture but the momentum of the struggle remains. Executed or alive they knew that one day that would be the situation and most be mentally prepared. There are over 6 millions of us left for La Republique du France-Cameroun and we will continue till the last man standing.

  10. Repatriation treaty is very different from extradition treaty.
    Tchiroma said they were extradited? He did not say repatriated because there is no legal standing for either repatriation or extradition.
    The Chinese say Africans are so proud to show you a PHD of French literature from Sorbonne but are not in control of the money they use daily… no surprise!
    Why all the lies and propaganda?
    They have been executed because France demands that of their governors in Cameroon.
    France is writing the second chapter of the propaganda once finished France 24 will broadcast it then Tchiroma will have a press conference to continue the brainwashing.

    • Africans For Donakd Trump


      Stop making useless dumb and delusional arguments!

      Your comments are proof that you ambazombie supporters are the dumbest specie on earth.
      May be you are one of those who advised the dumb leaders that Nigeria is a safe haven for them.

      We can see through your stupud propaganda. You guys are dying to catch a glimpse of the battered faces of your leaders. Too bad you will only see them just before they are executed. TRC will not show you any videos of them!

      The madman who came up with the idea of making a fake audio to claim that they were assinated on January 5 should not have waited for Tchiroma to announce that they have been checked in to their prison rooms in Yaounde before coming up with this dumb propaganda.

  11. As a proud Nigerian I gotta give my hats out to the Cameroonian military. You invade Nigerian territory, kidnapp the leader of Ambazonia in Abuja, transport him to Cameroon, torture him, lock him up. The next day you invade a Nigerian village, threaten the people….anf the Nigerian government is powerless to do anything. I have never been so ashamed of my country, Sad thing is there will bw a military coup because of this. The army is angry, God help us.

    • @Oje all of this happened because of the cooperation between Cameroon and Nigeria. Don’t be ashamed or angry with your government this is the complexity of international relationships.By the way happy new year my brother.

    • Haha… you don’t have to look at things that way. We’re simply more realistic about the pursuit of our national interest, and that’s how we won the Bakassi case. Militarily, Nigeria is still a powerful country. If you handled the Boko Haram issue as Cameroon is handling this Ambazombie termite nation, Shekau would probably never be known today.

      The Cameroonian military is assisting you to flush out Boko Haram up north, and your soldiers keep on fleeing to Cameroon for rescue. I lost one good childhood friend there, Col. Kwene.

      Cameroon is dealing with three conflict situations now, and the Cameroonian military has proven to be a tested force.

      Anyway, good luck with your coup… that will take you back 60 years!

    • Oh, and by the way, the Ambazombi termite soldiers have declared war on Nigerians in Cameroon. But to be honest with you, I will protect a Nigerian from these delusional folks.

      • You are such an idiot. Do you have to lie about declaration of war in Nigerians residing in Cameroon to gain credibility? Who is this useless Bakossi man talking rubbish here when Bangem and Tombel is burning? Proof of life or the Tigers will make you all suffer. Warning from Dadi….

    • Africans For Donakd Trump

      You sound like a Nigerian ambazombie supporter.
      If you are one of themyou should not only be ashamed of the Nigerian military you should be afraid for your life.
      The Cameroon military will smoke out all these ambazombie terrorists irrespective of where they are and take them to Yaounde for torture and eventual annihilation.

      Ambazombies, TRC is coming for you wherever you are in the world.

      • Oje is from Ijagham Nigeria. He is angry his brothers from Ijagham Cameroon have been arrested after promising them protection from the Cameroon and Nigeria authorities.

    • @Oje, the UNGRATEFUL NGR bros. We’ll settle our prob in CMR, and shame on you who is praying to see our country fall down. Shame on you, CHINEKE will never allow my CMR to be destroyed. CHINEKE has placed all his hope on CMR to save BLACK AFRICA, and PAN AFRICANISTS like us will carry on CHINEKE’S crusade to the last man standing. KIGALI is history, we won’t be FOOLS again.

      That is why we harboured over 2million NGR bros and sis on CMR soil without asking a dime from Jonathan and Buhari. We created a safe-corridor for more than 1 million NGR soldiers who were already encircled by Shekau waiting for the right second to send them all to the underworld. But, WE, CMR, PAN AFRICANISTS, said NO to Shekau. You cannot kill our bros in front of our eyes. NO.

      I Debie went bankrupt for helping…

    Buy your food…..you still have till *Monday* …. Send your vulnerable once to caves and forests Far from cities…as from Monday 5 Feb *if LRC n Nigeria n UN* have nothing tangible n hard proof of life of our *president Sisiku Tabe and all his crew* , then
    * Open your shop n businesses at your own risk.
    * wear a uniform on your child at your own risk.
    * go to your office at your own risk.
    * ride on a bike or in a taxi at your maximum risk.
    * no one shall be spared Ambazonian traitors, French Cameroonians.
    *Monday 05 Feb 2018*

    Forward as Received

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      What can you do that you have not already done?

      Why wait till Monday?

      This katakata you are doing will not cause the ambazombies chopped of head to rejoin their body. It is just your natural path to death!

      You guys continue to show how dumb and delusional you are. Your terrorist leaders were caught on 5 january and you wait till 5 February to take any action! You can terrorise the people of the NW and SW but dare you touch one Francophone civilian and see what will happen to the millions of people from the NW/SW who live in the other 8 provinces of Cameroon.
      These are the people who will decend into the manyu forests and wherever you terrorist are hiding and annihilate you!

      • Asking foolish questions just like Fame Ndongo and Amadou Ali did and now they are seeing what the anglophones can do. All you brutes are cursed and blind.

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          We know the dumb things that the ambazombie terrorist conmen leaders can do… They can go hide in Nigeria and claim that they are safe, only for the Republic of Cameroon to come pick them up and transport them to Yaounde like pigs to be tortured and executed.

          How dumb and foolish can a man be to steal from a neighbor and go hide under that neighbor’s best friend’s bed and boast that he is safe?
          You ambazombies are not only delusional you are absolute fools!

          Anglofools are fools and are only capable of expressing their foolishness.

      • John,

        Is that your idea of how to win the hearts and minds of the nation? If you commanded the type of support that you purport then you would not need this type of insane publicity. You know that in the SW, apart from Mamfe, if you touch somebody’s child, you have absolutely nowhere to run and hide. So be ready to be shot and killed.

    • @John,

      be making your small noise to plot to kill CMR/AFRICAN children. Some of US, TRIBELESS PAN AFRICANISTS are watching you guys. When we’ll have had enough of your folly, we’ll come after you. And believe me, WE’ll forget that you’re children of AFRICA.

      We’ll annihilate any person whomsoever who’ll stand on our way to remove the SH** that has been forced on us for century—we’re no SHI*THOLE pple.

      Oh yes, I’ll invest my little power, idealogical or financial, to make sure we save our RACE. With no regrets whatsoever.

      Dare not stand on OUR way with your petty hit and run village war when we’ll lunch the bigger FIGHT to free BLACK AFRICA…

    • @ John. This is Bull you will never take us back to the 19th century. Even the U.N will never accept that. You uncivilized Africans will soon be all eliminated.

  13. I guess all the cowards here are a product of the owner and moderator of this space. The last inept regime of junta Biya must be paying him to allow, offensive comments based on ethnicity and nationality, homophobia, cyber bullying, hate speech, derogatory language, and comments inciting violence, non of which remain relevant to the articles they appear on. The cowardice and general banter here dilutes the effectiveness of the comments section. I do not see comments from the regular supporters of Ambazonia, which is indicative of the fact that the messages are moderated, while allowing the crazy hate mongers above to flourish.

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      You Ambazombies should create your own space if you believe you are popular
      Show me the ambazombie site that has as many visitors like this site.
      Remember that this is Cameroononline.org and not ambazombiesonline.org!

      You ambazombies are the biggest terrorist cowards on earth! You have no shame! You ambazombies come here everyday to comment like zombies looking to suck blood! You ambazombies do not belong here got to your scbctv.com site and comment. You have not even updated your own site since January 26 and you are bold enough to criticise this site which is owne by a private Cameroonian citizen!
      You must be the most delusional and dumbest person here if you can not see that the ambazombies are the champions of hate speeach here and advocates of violence here! Shegue!

    • Maybe…but then again, maybe the admin is simply respectful of freedom of speech and alloys his guests to express themselves when and how they feel.

      You the so “smart” is essentially calling for censure under the premises that you don’t like what most people are saying….and you are supposed to be the “smart one”?

      It doesn’t go your way…Biya must be behind it…you should seek medical attention, paranoia can be treated.

    • @ Augustin Agbor, It looks like all you do is copy some paragraph from a newspaper article or novel and paste here and think you are making sense. Didn’t you read what John (Ambazobian) posted above?

  14. Africans For Donald Trump

    @ Agbor Augustine

    You do not complain when:

    -Joshua calls for homes of Cameroonian citizens to be burnt!
    -DALI DALI boasts of distributing suicide vests and improvised explosive devices
    -John threatens to kill people who do not obey his calls for ghost town and francophones on February 5
    -When ambazombies clebrate the dismembering of police and gendarme officers here by the manyu tigers and ambazombie defense forces

    You ambazombies are truly cowards. You guys are the ones who launched the war. Now that your head has been chopped off you are now crying victim.

    If you do not like this site why are you clung to it like ticks on a dogs ear?
    This is not where you come to find comments from ambazombies! The ambazombies are on the run ever since their terrorist leader was captured!

    • Those who know me and follow my write ups on other Cameroonian fora can testify that I am vehemently opposed to secession as a means to fix our country. However, we have to accept that the Anglophones have a legitimate case to make. Moreover, I believe the Anglophone problem is the Cameroon. People ate hurting in the West, in the South,in the east and in the center of the country. The CPDM regime must change or be replaced by the people. Sooner or later, the rest of the nation will join the Anglophones to push out junta Biya and his coterie of thieves.

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        @Agbor A

        Sooner or later the rest of Cameroon will join the government to push the ambazombie terrorists out of Cameroon.
        Cameroonians are tired of these Ambazombies!
        You can not abolish education among the porr and expect to gain support of the nation
        You can not burn down schools and expect to get the support of the nation.
        You can not amputate the arms of young girls who want to go to school and expect to get support.
        You can not burn down the businesses premises of people who do not agree with your calls for ghost town and expect to gain support from the people.
        Cameroonians in the NW and SW are tired of the Ambazombies and will join the govt to kick these terrorist out of Cameroon. Let them go live in their delusional land.
        One Cameroon for ever and ever!

      • “…Maybe, you should enroll back to school, but this time in an English speaking school in Cameroon to get a proper education…”

        You are a liar and a hypocrite. Cameroonians can see through your lies and will never join you. There is no Anglophone problem in Cameroon. As in any society, we do have our own set of challenges in Cameroon, but these challenges are not specific to either side of the Moungo. To claim otherwise is a flat out lie.

        • You are a secessionist who is now feeling the heat and try to seek shelter, trying to hide your intensions. You have made it clear of the superiority of one system over the over. You believe in your superiority and an anglofool. This is not true and we are in the process of proving this. No need to hide your true feeling sand intensions, the cat is out if the bag, we are cleaning house…

  15. African Donald Trump, you lack common sense. Yes as an Anglophone country – Nigerian I support Ambazonia. The marginalization and prosecution of the English soeaking Cameroonians is nothing short of criminal Now that is my own opinion and not the policy of the Nigerian government. The Nigerian governments capitulation to Cameroon is unbelievable. You invade Nigeria in multiple occasions, kill Nigerian citizens, kill 97 Nigerian fishermen over a $300 levy, you raid Nigerian villages in Borno without authorization and burn down whole villages, after slaughtering 150 people all in the name of pursuing Boko Haram.

    Now heres the thing. Regardless of the the stupidity of your provocation I respect the Cameroonian army. It is without doubt well trained and your audacious incursions is stunning

    • “…Now heres the thing. Regardless of the the stupidity of your provocation I respect the Cameroonian army. It is without doubt well trained and your audacious incursions is stunning…”

      You better respect our military, but for them Boko Haram would have taken over the entire region by now, as your own troops were busy with their “tactical retreats”…lol
      Classic Nigerian, big mouth, fancy words, cunning…yet big COWARDS!

      • You lack basic understanding of counter insurgency lol. Take OVER NIGERIA? lol. Guy..The Boko Haram insurgency has been localized in just three states in the north east ..Borno, Plateu and Adamawa. Nigeria has 32States. The Sambisa forest is 66,000 square kilometre…that’s 15 times the size of Lagos. The fact you did well to stop Boko Haram cross border attacks does not mean you helped Nugeria militarily defeat Boko haram. Nigerian soldiers took Sambisa, not the BIR. You really believe Boko Haram was in the verge of taking iver Nigeria? Are you drunk?

        • I guess the war is over now the Nigerians can now come out and run their mouth…


          Nigerian soldiers took Sambisa forest??? So where have you kept Shekau? I remember you declaring that on this forum that BOKO HARAM will march unto Yaounde in ONE week! What happened? Are you disillusioned that Cameroon has had to save your soldiers from massacre over and over again?

          Nigeria must cooperate with Cameroon in every domain. Cameroon is the giant of central Africa no matter how small she may seem in your head. By the way, your country has been cut into pieces by a terrorists… so your bowl is full!

        • ‘by terrorists’; ‘declaring on this forum’

    • @Oje,

      What about the marginalisation of Biafrians and Ogoni folks. What abt that? Why do you think CMR gov’t has never allowed marginalised NGR folks to use CMR as their base to launch incursions and murder NGR soldiers?

      You come here talking s*** abt audacious incursion. You think Buhari is a fool?

      That your devilish plan to join forces with disgruntled CMR bros to destabilise our CMR can never work. We love our country, which is a poor country according to your preachings ever since here, but we like it that way.

      We’ll solve our problems, just a matter of time. And NGR bros in CMR are always welcome to stay, they all know just too well that it is better they stay out of our probs should they want to continue to enjoy CMR hospitality…

      • Oh yeah. .like Biya and France paying $13 million secretly to Boko Haram right? Or IDris Derby caught trying to smuggle SA-7 Missiles to Boko Haram right? Give me a break !!

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      You are a sympathiser of the Ambazombies
      You are not the Nigerian government!
      If you claim to have any commonsense you should be on a Nigerian forum mobilizing Nigerians to force the Nigerian government to take action against Cameroon.
      Commonsense demands that you direct your energy where it can get you results. Coming here to state that you are ashamed of Nigeria and listing a bunch of lies to paint small Cameroon as an aggressor is just plain stupid and childish!
      Cameroon and Nigeria are friends and if your assertions were true, Cameroon and Nigeria will not be friends. Cameroon will never let Nigeria come into Cameroon and kill Nigerian citizens and vice versa. That defies commonsense.
      Only a terrorist will feel bad about Cameroon and Nigeria working together against terrorism!

  16. But do not push Nigeria to the wall. If these spate of unauthorised attacks persists and Nigeria is forced to Respond militarily you know as much as I do you will lose. Make no mistake, I believe the Cameroonian army is better trained, but it will not compensate for your deficiencies in manpower, equipment and resources. Is Nigeria gonna get a bloody nose? Sure, but a war with Nigeria will be the end of Biya’s regime. Nigeria is a disgrace, the leaders are incompetent, the army not as trained but Cameroon will lose. A conventional all out war with a clearly defined enemy – Cameroin, is different from war with Boko Haram. You know it, I know it. Let’s be realistic. Your dictator Biya better take a chill pill and stop these unauthorized incursions. We get it, we respect the Cameroonian army.

    • “…A conventional all out war with a clearly defined enemy – Cameroin, is different from war with Boko Haram….”

      Meaning you are acknowledging having been beaten by Boko Haram and Cameroon saving your cunning butts?

      Before Boko Haram came to the scene, I’m pretty sure with your Nigerian big mouth, you would have made the same prediction on how quickly your “great” military will win.

      Your analysis is never centered on proven battles, proven facts, only about predicting the future. This is classic Nigerian, always what you will do if this or that happens. But you never discussed your failures.

      • Buhari, as a military man, knows the truth. he knows the emperor has no clothes.

        He knows not to be an obstacle on our way. He knows in a direct confrontation, Cameroon will humiliate Nigeria. He will do whatever it takes, to preserve the image of the “great” nation of Nigeria, knowing full well, there is nothing to it and confronting Cameroon in any direct manner will expose this fact.

        He is a smart man. He knows, Nigeria is our bitch and we can have sex with you whenever we want and however we want it…lol

        • Lol ha… Just a week ago Nigerian gunmen stormed Cameroon and killed 150 people. Your army was no where to be found. You see war as black and white. Corwardice or not it is stupid trying to provoke Military confrontation with Nigeria. Buhari deployed a battalion of Soldiers and two medhanised brigade to Calabar. If your Genderdsmes carry out another attack with a Nigerian response then I will concede and agree Cameroon is King. Its like North Korea taunting America. There is a red line.

        • Mr. Nigerian, go and flex your muscles against Boko Haram that has been dragging you on the floor for the past 10 years! How come, with all your military might, Abubakar Shekau is still operating safely within Nigeria? That should be your preoccupation.

          Cameroonian military is a formidable fighting force… well-trained, well-equipped, and with very high morale!

        • @ Oje,

          Listen now very careful….the deployment of army by Nigeria was exactly what the cameroonan army wanted…if you don’t protect your border land and terrorists are coming from there to attacks us then we will pursue them there..now will the army being deployed there the nigerians are doing their job and we will no more have terrorists crossing our border from there…you so stupid you did not see this coming..use the thinking part of your brain and stop repeating stuffs…anyway that is what aryans education do to Africans!

      • Aww c’mon don’t be such a simpleton. Your BIYA had to Idris Derby for help when Boko Haram held a Cameroonian village for a week, this after you colluded colluded France to pay $13 million to Boko Haram as ransom in just 16 months.

        Im not here for dick measuring. Biya should stop this flagrant muscle flexing. If you desire an economic trade war and military confrontation good for you.

        • [email protected] i sincerely hope anyone stupid enough to ignore even the smallest regulation ,governing proceedures between any two countries, get the sack immediately as they are obviously not fit for office .
          I dont think your leaders are that incompetent ,the system of power though complicated is quite well dispersed and if people overstep their mark it gets sorted out pretty quickly .Nigerias got more than 200 million people in it so serving it as president must be one of the most difficult jobs in the world.

    • War is never on paper, man. You have had a taste of Cameroon at Bakassi… what happened? You could not win militarily despite your comparative advantage in manpower and firepower. War is much more about experience and conviction; and believe me, Nigeria will never dare to fight Cameroon inside Cameroon. But listen, all this talking about war between Nigeria and Cameroon is nonsense. Cameroon has rescued fleeing Nigerian soldiers over and over again… so you must show gratitude.

      Now, about ‘English-speaking’ Cameroonians; just stay away from things you know nothing about. I am from the ‘English-speaking’ region and I have never considered myself as marginalized. The problems that I face in Buea are exactly the same in Douala, Yaounde… I do not recognize any colonial identitification.

      • ‘identification’

      • Oh really? Hahah… Abacha stormed there Cameroonian controlled Bakassi islands,killed a dozen of your gendarnes who were caught offguard watching a football game. What did you do? You ran to France, signed a defence treaty that ensures France comes to your aid in the event of a war. France promised to play fair, took us to the Hague and drew the carpet under our feet. Do not playncoy. When Boko Haram took Cameroonian villages what hapoened? You alone 300 Chadian soldier into your country, which in itself is an invasion. War with Nigeria will be the end of Biya’-s regime. I know it, you know it. No amount of patriotism will change the fact. You won Bakassi not militarily, you won with diplomacy and a bias France.

        • First of all Bakassi is Cameroonian territory and that’s why our soldiers fought tooth and nail to defeat Nigeria in Bakassi. France was never in Bakassi… and by the way, when France was supporting your Biafra movement, Cameroon refused to provide a base for French mercenary planes to take off and bomb Nigeria. So be grateful to Cameroon.

          You want to fight a war with Cameroon? You are welcome… Oh, so if Cameroon didn’t win militarily in Bakassi, how come Nigeria didn’t win militarily?

        • As soon as Nigerians make mistake I promise you the Biafra war will start again and the ennemies of Nigerian and cameroon and of Africa are just in the corner waiting…Bro Oje you should be glad we are chassing terrorists away.I will have no problem if the nigerian army came to cameroon to chase Nigerians terrorist as long as they don’t shout like monkeys and kill civilians or blackmail them for money lol and also if the cameroonian area is not protected by our army

      • “… I am from the ‘English-speaking’ region and I have never considered myself as marginalized. The problems that I face in Buea are exactly the same in Douala, Yaounde… I do not recognize any colonial identitification…”

        One who makes sense.

        • you are an idiot if you are not hungry it ,doesnt mean you should starve others.you are fine and your brother isnt and you are happy?this is one of reasons that brought this revolution ,we must flush out people like you

        • Listen Bakossi peoples are “marginalised”
          Bamun peoples are “marginalised”
          Bamileke peoples are “marginalised”
          Bassa peoples are “marginalised”
          Bamenda peoples are “marginalised”

          we have over 260 languages I repeat languages not bcus aryans want to call it “Dialect” I will repeat after them ok? I say languages..how may peoples in the world speak Danish? norvegian? if you don’t see my brain working then continue repeating.

          So we should divide that country in 260 right? Brainwashed dot!

    • @ Oje, Population doesn’t win a war my fiend especially when three quarters of that population is living in absolute poverty like you have in Nigeria. Israel with 5 million people defeated Egypt with more than 100 million people in less than a week. Do you remember that war?

  17. @UnitedStatesOfAfrica Why are u running your mouth? i thought LRC has balls.CRTV has just come out to read a release from gov’t,stating that the Ambasonian leader and his cabinet are alive and in good health.But we have given till monday to know if they are in Cameroon or Nigeria.We want to see them.We don’t want to be told that they are in good health.We are tired of listening to stories from the Nigerian gov’t and the Cameroon gov’t.We will suffocate LRC and Nigeria and the truth will come out.

    • Kongosa, your leader had to right to come to Nigeria to train militants in our soil, dragging Nigeria into a quagmire with your stupidity, you dare open your mouth to spew crap.We are housing 5,000 of your refugees here. You had a chance to join the union, you opted to join French Cameroon. Do not drag us into your mess,

      • @Oje,

        CMR ad NGR are bros, indisputable. All this antagonism would soon have no place. The PAN AFRICANIST mov’t is growing faster than thought. Highest in one decade, new breeds of BLACK AFRICANS would no longer fall into the morbid traps that has caught our generations and made us to see each other as nothing but enemies. Our generation would soon be old and the new one is going to be wiser.
        Now, let me give you a piece of history lecture on why SC decided to join their bros.
        The ill-treatment that NGRs gave to SCs is one of the main reasons, and joining NGR would have meant an end to them being SC but complete NGRs. The deal to join CMR is the best deal, and once that deal would be amended as it ought to be, CMR will back on rails…

      • Oje

        Park Well. You hear me?

        And if we do what the fock will you do? The time for begging is over. The biggest fraud mankind has ever seen is how a Fulani cattle herder woe a nation of 200 million including Nobel laureates to become president. And when he got to the highest office confusion took over. Those two old criminals that conspired to kidnap our leaders who entered Nigeria legally and hired a hotel to address as refugee crisis shall pay for this with blood. You have until Monday to show proof of life else you will regret your criminal actions. How dare you? Instead of apologizing you are here to threaten Ambazonians? And by the way over 5 of them including the leader carry Nigerian passports so your actions are a criminal offence against the Nigerian constitution.

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          TRC will pay with the blood of the Ambazombie terrorist leaders.


          Tchiroma di laugh wuna!
          If the rumor is true that TRC government is made up of ritualists who often do human sacrifices you can rest assured that the 47 ambazombie terrorist shipped from Nigeria will be sacrificed as soon as the intelligence gathering effort is over.Do I need to tell you that the intelligence gathering effort is basically extreme torture?

      • @ Oje,

        I am so ashamed of nigeria that as a super power in africa nigeria cannot lead africa to freedom and to economics stability…Nigeria can speak back to France and Uk and America and them them to stay out of africa bussiness but what is nigeria doing? hidding tail under his belly…listen Oje you nigerians are known around the world..big talk and noises makers….the only reason there more money in nigeria is bcus you have oil and population..if not you will be the bottom in africa!…you should be talking to France and America and England not cameroon!

  18. @Oje Will u close your gallic mouth? If our leader trained his military in Nigeria,why did Nigeria not charge him to court and judge him according to the Nigerian law? Remember that what u just said is accusation.U were suppose to go and prove him guilty in your court and punish him accordingly.But your gov’t chose to play bribery and corruption game with LRC to kidnnap our leaders and till date,nobody knows whether they are in Abuja or Yaounde.We have given u people until the 5th of Feb to produce our leaders,dead or alive.If they were training their military in Nigerian soil,charge them to court and stop this Boko haram styled kidnnap of chibok girls.Monday is the deadline that we have given Y’de and Abuja.And we are not joking.

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      Monday February 5 will come and pass and sick seku ayuk tabe julius the coward terrorist conman will still be where Issa Tchiroma told you he is. That is in a prison full of rats, cockroaches and soldeir ants in yaounde!

      Keep making bep bep bep here the government of Cameroon will continue to sweep you ambazombies and take to Yaounde for torture and annihilation.

      The delusional republic of ambazombies does not have a single leader anymore. All they have are a bunch of noise makers like Criz Arnus. Let Bobga open his flytrap and see how long it will take him to get to Kondengui!
      Your leaders were picked up in Nigeria and shipped to Cameroon like dirty nkunyams and you are not ashamed to come out and threaten Cameroonians. Bring it on TRC is ready!Shumbus!

    • Kongosa,

      forget about dis ya noise, ifi wuna dare touch some NGR soldier, then wuna dong dig wuna own grave. NGR go collaborate witi CMR for track wuna. And if wuna dare kill some NGR soldier, then no more kondengui, Awala soldiers dem go ndeme ana wuna on the spot. Mek wuna try and see, how wey wuna di mimba sey wuna be kick head…

      • Your mami Pima

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          Your mami no get pima..e get na dirty bumbu…wey e don work akwara tire… that ya mami e bumbu wey e don work akwara sotey e dey na like cow e shihole now
          na dog them di tuma that ya mami e smelling bumbu

          Wuna check say wuna get monopoly for cush?

        • Your mami Pima

    • @ Kongosa, the probability of Abazonia bush tigers defeating Nigeria, BIR,Biya and France is equal to big zero. wise up man. Stop the childishness.

  19. Young patriotic future leaders usually ask questions, carry out research to find answers to burning questions of the day. Such answers can help guide the decision makers saddled with finding answers.

    Bouba Bello Maigari escaped to Nigeria following the bloody coup d’Etat of 1984. How was he brought back?

    • we know the answer, a bullet!
      No more talking and blah blah blah…
      You have opened the door yourself, now we need to see this through…no need to surrender, we have no use for prisoners, we have room for cemetery…we want REVENGE and you must all DIE!

  20. “Pourquoi il cache encore à la nation que :
    BIYA est MORT
    Un point c’est tout “