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Cameroon officially receives Cessna 208s

defenceWeb | The United States has officially handed over two Cessna 208 Caravan intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft to Cameroon’s Air Force to help it combat Boko Haram militants in the region.

The US Ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin, on 11 May handed the aircraft over during a ceremony at Yaounde that was attended by Cameroon’s defence minister Joseph Beti Assomo, Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Rene Claude Meka and other dignitaries.

Barlerin said the Cameroon Cessna programme is worth 24 billion Central African Francs or $4.3 million. “That seems like a lot for two little planes, but it is much more than that. These surveillance aircraft represent a new link in the chain of our excellent cooperation, and have the potential to improve the safety and effectiveness of Cameroon’s fighting forces.

“Flying day or night, throughout the Far North, they can provide real time information, through video and photograph, as well as through radio communications, to both national decision makers and to operational commanders.”

Barlerin said the United States has provided a complete package, which includes the training of pilots, equipment operators, and maintenance technicians as well as pare parts and on-the-ground technical support.

“This ceremony is one of many steps in a long process of training, equipment delivery, installation, and certification events, which will take place over the next several months. The United States looks forward to continuing to work with our Cameroonian partners to ensure that these aircraft are smoothly and safely absorbed into the Air Force inventory. They should contribute to ongoing combat operations in the Far North and help keep Cameroon safe. They should also contribute to Cameroon’s ISR with Lake Chad Basin partners of the Multi-National Joint Task Force,” Barlerin said.

The aircraft are configured for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance and are fitted with cameras with a range of up to ten kilometres.

The delivery to Cameroon comes days after the United States officially handed over two new Cessna 208B Grand Caravans to Chad. These aircraft were transferred during a ceremony on 2 May at a base outside the Chadian capital N’Djamena.

The aircraft originally arrived in Chad on 2 December 2017 and were initially used for pilot training. Maintenance and logistics training continues. In January this year the US military said Chad’s Caravans are being used as intelligence surveillance reconnaissance platforms that will be used in the fight against terrorist organisations in the region.

Chadian Caravans are equipped with L-3 Wescam MX-15 electro-optical surveillance turrets which give a live video feed.

Cameroon’s were delivered in January this year after air and ground crews underwent training on the Cessna 208 in the United States in 2017.

In May 2016 the US Air Force Life Cycle Management Centre awarded contracts for the modification of six Grand Caravans for Cameroon, Chad and the Philippines, with a further contract for the aircraft that September. The Philippines received its two aircraft in July 2017.

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  2. The US is very very naive. Is like a Nigerian police officer deliberately kills his opponent with his AK47 and when charged with murder, his defence is accidental Discharge(AD). The US would soon regret this move. After all they planes are meant to kill Southern
    Cameroonians. Let us wait and see

    • Very very naive? Abso-fåcking-lutely not!!! Very very sly and dangerous? Hell yeah!!!!

      By the way, they (United Snakes) are reading all the comments on this site… they know each and every one of us posting comments here… but of course, you are free to naively think the US is naive.

  3. The US is very very naive. Is like a Nigerian police officer deliberately kills his opponent with his AK47 and when charged with murder, his defence is accidental Discharge(AD). The US would soon regret this move. After all they planes are meant to kill Southern
    Cameroonians. Let us wait and see

    • The Americans have been watching you all along… I mean observing to see your potential. Finally, it has become obvious that your delusion will not enable them achieve their gains when it comes to Great power politics and so, they are finally making their position known to you.

      For those escapist adventurers in the US, the red line has been drawn once you start attacking so-called Francophones in the SW and NW, as stated by the US Ambassador. I hope you see how Liberians are weeping about being removed from the US!

  4. U.S is a double edge sword.Do u think U.S does not know that LRC will use the jet to go and fight Ambasonians?they know.And that is where they have set their trap.

    • @Kongossa, kongossa you will never cease to amaze me kikiki are you afraid of the new toys? the US have gave their position over the ongoing madness now this is time to put and end to it by fire by force.

  5. ‘We condemn hate speech and calls to violence such as that emanating from a very tiny minority of Cameroonian-born individuals living in the United States’.- Peter Barlerin, US Ambassador to Cameroon (2018)

    For those that are sleeping with their shadows out there in the US and urging violence, this is a coded warning to you from people you thought had provided you sanctuary. The Americans already know who they are monitoring and when push comes to shove these individuals will be sacrificed.

    • O yes Ras!

      I have been warning them on this same platform 24/7. I know all those so-called IG do some reconnaissance mission on this site, and they of course get our message. But, eske ova trong head go mek dem learn?

      When they’ll be ferried handcuffed one after the other to Y’dé, they’ll start cursing Trump. Meanwhile, visionaries had already warned them far in advance.

      If you think you can order for the mass-murder of Francos in NW/SW and stride around in USA/UK/FR/Bel, you better fasten your seat belt.

      USA has all the IG under the microscope, just a matter of time…

      • Zam-Zam,

        Nobi palava trong head… na ovadone as Lapiro callam.

        Na pippo dem wey dem spend years and decades fo disya Babylon and demna di read… demna di mingle wit whiteman. Dem too busy wit mimbo, tuma, and fo chop Achu fo da illicit circuit dem fo Maryland dey.

        Den run dem rasclaaat mop, and den go house go watch Real Housewives of New York and tings. Dem forget seh very few so-called Francophones dem dey fo SW and NW as compared to so-called Anglophone dem fo Douala, Yaounde, Bafoussam etc.

        Well, when you warn pippo and demna listen becos dem tink seh na kondri meeting, all you getfo do nafo leave dem mekdem carryon. Da we kontri heavy o!

        • Ras,

          no mind di amateurs dem…dem di mimba sey ifi Oyibo bin see daso smol possibility sey dem fit succeed witi dem krishman fight liké Oyibo no for dong supply dem witi kan-kan tchavem dem ever since?

          When u see Oyibo wash yi hand 4 matter wey mbrassi be concerned, then know sey mwa no fit dey.

          Poh-poh queen for England bin dong mek all kan-kan equations for see ifi smol mwa dey for supply Amba witi tchavem in exchange for oya…mbrrr, no way.

          Oyibo sabi ever since sey na just krish pipi, wey dem just want hambok place.

          Which kana deal man fit sign witi man wey the only thing wey yi di comot for yi mop na daso Foumban witi 1961?

          Na why dat Buhari bin vekesh then drive dem leké dorti bird, mek dem carry dem ballok go elsewhere.

          Anglo prob must be solved, bot nobe 4 krishman way…

        • Zam-Zam,

          Yes I, befo old papa Buhari round up dem fella dem him be mek a similar kana statement, you check? Ovadone/ovantong… and you know di rest!

          Ambazombi termite soldja demgo fall dong now like flies becos di gear dan upshift.

          You see dis video on Youtube with a group of guys wit guns and claiming to beg fi bullet? You hear di speaker insist seh Ayaba get noting to do witdem?

          Falla how di man chant seh dem work fo dem jamdong government… and how him claim seh dem shoot dong at least ’25 Cameroon soldier’ dem? Use Youtube fi aks fo bullet dem and tings?

          You check weti di go on fo dey? Meanago tell becos I-Man know seh you know.

      • Pompidou Mensah

        The only mass murder was orchestrated by buluman BUTCHER of AMBAZONIA. There is enough evidence to prove it.

    • Pompidou Mensah

      Really the US scares the shit out of a yellow belly cowards like you, they need those planes in Afghanistan. Too old, will all crash and biya will pay for them, francafrique can:t speak English too stupid to fly planes. Two old dictators, will die of old age soon.

  6. @Colby ”the US have gave their position over the ongoing madness now this is time to put and end to it by fire by force”….Ha ha ha ha..i go die laugh.I u saying that since this war started,it is now that U.S is given her position after thousand of your soldiers have been sent back to LRC in body bags? So,now that the U.S have given her position,what should we expect? The defeat of Ambasonia any moment from now and the return of refugees from Nigeria,right? dreamer…are u called Joseph? ha ha ha ha…if u care,go and beg for more toys from Kim Jong Un and add to the ones u have,nothing will change.Your soldiers will still go back to LRC in body bags…

  7. @Ras Tuge How can U.S be giving u jet to fight Ambasonians and at the same time,they are keeping the Ambasonian leaders in their country? I think the best thing they should have done was to hand the Ambasonian leaders to u,if they want to help u.Handing the leaders to u would have been more economical than the economic crisis that they are coming to plunder u in,with those jets.U used to claim to understand geopolitics,but it is now that i am realising that u are a bufoon.U.S is coming to dry off your coffers and u are celebrating the drying.Do u know this world u are living in? So, US ambasador is on your side,hmmm? ha ha ha ha..So,U.S love u so much,hmmm? And u are celebrating what the U.S ambasador said about tiny minority.U are as dull as your president.Your coffers will dry off…

  8. @Zam-Zam If u have money to spend for jet,or what ever negotiations u may have taken with u U.S for them to give u guys those jets,is that suppose to be our business? U.S is there to make their money.If U.S love u so much,the best thing they should have done was to hand over all the Ambasonian leaders to u.Not to come and dry off your treasury with jets with strict instructions on who u should use the jets on.
    U are dull and stupid like your 85 year old who want to dry off your treasury before escaping to China…

  9. These are the last remaining plains that was used to photograph the Russian nuclear arsenal in Havana during the Cuban missile crisis. A mission that costed one of the pilots life! How can they sell this very very old stock to Biya for this amount? This towers over the sparrow hawk scam hug time.

  10. BTW,

    The US gave the same TWO planes to:

    1. Nigeria
    2. Chad
    3. Niger

    Simply put, the two planes given to the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC should be considered as the US aid against Boko Haram. Nothing more nothing less.

    The planes are all equipped with GPS-Tracker. Whenever “one and indivisible” LRC uses the planes against “one and indivisible” SC, the US reserves the right to withdraw the gift.

  11. Meddling in the internal affairs of small countries in a tactical manner. If this
    was Russia, the news of the year will be Russia, Russia, Russia.
    Democracy by force of the gun around the world. How easy would Macron,
    convince Trump to support France.

  12. It is a slow and low flying plane with all 3 wheels sticking out. Good transporter. Please do not risk pilot’s life deploying it in war zone. Can easily be damaged by ground fire power. Spare parts will ground them quickly.