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Cameroon: Rigobert Song is “killed”..once again !

While Rigobert Song, coach of the national team of Cameroon, chains the working sessions with the members of the Football Federation in view of the CHAN 2018, sick people continue to release rumours of his death.

The Indomitable Lion, double winner of the African Cup of Nations in 2000 and 2002 preferred to take the matter lightly, and with irony ” The rumor has already killed me several times. At this frequency, even death will now be afraid of me. “

Recall that the player had a stroke less than a year ago and was announced dead several times on social networks.

In September 2015, Rigobert Song was announced dead before he denied the information himself. In February 2016, this is what a website called newsites.co has announced. “This morning, all Cameroon is saddened by the death of the former indomitable lion Rigobert Song…” the information wad relayed by several African media, without even bothering to verify that it is a site that offers the possibility to Internet users to create their own jokes, especially ones with bad taste.

They wanted to kill Rigo 4 times, but do they know that a Lion never dies?


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  1. Can rumors and fake news really substitute for real news? How about copying and pasting from Cameroon-info.net so rich in home news?

    Barrister Felix Agbor Nkongho’s reaction to P.M. Yang’s new move to send ” elites” home to woo reluctant tribesmen onto the “bandwagon” is worth publishing, isn’t it?

  2. ” Lion never dies” who wrote this nonsense??