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Cameroon seizing ‘farming tools’ as separatist attacks get deadly

africanews | Security forces in Cameroon have been conducting raids in the homes across the southwest region in the wake of deadly attacks by separatists.

The country’s Anglophone regions – northwest (capital, Bamenda) and southwest (capital, Buea) are under curfew following deadly attacks on security forces last week.

The BBC reports that residents in Munyenge – a rural community in the southwest say they have lost their farming and hunting tools among other implements.

How can they confiscate our farming tools? How do we clear our farms and prune our crops? Is there any home in this country without a knife?

“How can they confiscate our farming tools? How do we clear our farms and prune our crops? Is there any home in this country without a knife?” one man lamented to the BBC journalist in the country.

Local media reports indicate that dozens have since last week been arrested and taken to the regional capital of Buea. Young people are said to be hiding or fleeing the two regions for fear of arrest and victimization.

People in the two Anglophone regions continue to agitate for independence from French majority Cameroon. What started out as protests from last year is now taking an armed turn.

The killing of four gendarmes – paramilitary forces – in the country signals the new turn where separatists are targeting agents of the state. The government has issued international arrest warrants for 15 leaders of the secessionist movement.

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  1. For ever young

    The most stupid useless regime on planet earth I can imagine ,that’s a farming community dis moronic bastards in uniform will break into people houses beat the poor villagers for no reason, confisticate their farming tools, arrested & put them in prison, bunch of scumbag another reason as to why the struggle has too continue until total liberation in dis GoD forsaken union with la republique

  2. For ever young

    I hope they’ll be ready to face the truth freedom fighters with AK 47 rifle instead of showing their cowardice too innocent civilians moronic bastards

  3. Cocoa is grown in the south, east, Centre, regions. Why not go and confiscate their machetes, lances, too? We were told Anglophones are terrorists, and these are the kind of weapons terrorists use to blow up airplanes like it was the case in Egypt or the ones repeatedly used in the streets of Paris in recent times. Desperation transforms men into laughing stocks!

    • Keep in mind; when you keep knocking at the devils door, you will soon get a visit. It’s as if some are praying and begging for an armed conflict!

  4. A confuse regime. Seizing farming tools of poor villagers only shows how desperate LRC has become. International warrant my ass, let’s see how on Friday HE sesekou Ayuk Tabe will be rounded up by UK authorities . LRC has become a joke in the international scene and has lost its legitimacy in SC

  5. These farming tools put some of us and are still putting our children through schools from the income it generates with no government subsidies. Seizing them and expecting children to go to school is idiocy. And yet the terrorizing soldiers continue to pillage, loot, rape, maim, brutalize, kill, arrest and abuse citizens as they ask for ransom or be send to Kondengui. Continue to radicalize the population after already killing more than 200. By the time the majority embrace the block by block philosophy, you idiots will stand no chance.

    • Keep on burning your own schools!!
      Why do you need the farm tools if you have ghost towns? You don’t go to farms anyway!!

      • Ambazonia Amba

        Stop showing your stupidity. Who do you think is burning the heavily guarded schools. I can with utmost certainty say that one ambazonian did not burn any school. The foolishness of the government is to kill Ambazonians and also their own soldiers just to label the people terrorist. To cap this madness they go to a farming village to seize farming tools claiming to be weapons of mass destruction. How dull can a set of people be. The francophone mentality is the most stupidest I have come across. Maybe because the French chopped off the necks of their ancestors have made they cowards for eternity.

        • @Ambazonia Amba, you too have the twisted mind like the others. I’m actually looking forward to a 2 state federation…the Cameroon State and the State of Bamenda or better still, a separated Republic of Bamenda. Please go and lave us alone!! Ambazonia Amba!! Long Live the Republic of Bamenda!! It is as simple as that my friend!!

  6. Robert Mugabe out, one more to go

  7. That was the reason for the internet shot downs, to enable the brutal drowning regime,
    to cling on anything for coverups.
    That is the Advanced democracy of biya and his rogue cpdm party.
    They have failed to know that they can not be there for eternity and so, their time is
    getting over.
    Biya, will leave them in the cold.

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