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Cameroon: Senators have not lived up to expectations

Journal du Cameroun | Against popular expectations, President Biya billed Cameroon’s 2018 senatorial elections for Sunday, March 25. Biya made the announcement in a Presidential decree that was broadcast on State radio, CRTV.

As campaigns hit up across the nation ahead of the elections, many Cameroonians have been wondering if the upper house is still worth the dime, given the negative fallouts of the pioneer senators.

Cameroon’s Upper House of Parliament first came to fruition on Tuesday, May 14, 2013, seventeen years after the Tripartite Conference in Yaoundé proposed the institutionalisation of the body in Cameroon’s Constitution.

Going by their mandate, the Senators were among other things expected to probe corrupt government officials, contribute their own quota in the enactment of laws that would have a positive bearing on citizens.

However, after almost six years power, the merits or otherwise of the Senators leave much to be desired as a cross-section of Cameroonians contend that the Senate, and its aged tenants, could be only worth the ballot papers with which they were voted. Many who prefer anonymity, told Journal du Cameroun.com that the Senators were not only a new rubber stamp created to endorse ready-made laws, but they equally proved that they were a convenient arm of the ruling CPDM party, as more than 80 percent of the Senators are members of the old guard of the CPDM party.

“All of those people have had their go at politics more than most get. Some of the Senators are believed to have hit intellectual menopause, making it difficult, if not impossible for them to think shrewdly in order to deliver the socio-political and economic goods that Cameroonians, especially the youths, continue to yearn for, such as political franchise, job opportunities, healthcare, housing, roads, good education, and why not, good governance as a whole”.

“It is eminently possible that any of these Senators would behave in the same manner Parliament has been conducting business; handclapping bills into laws with reckless cheer; and this is not a good enough reason for retaining them in Senate”.

Going by most reactions, it is clear that the country’s pioneer upper house members have not live up to expectations.

For one thing, many hope the President will also be considerate in his 30 percent appointments as the constitution allows the President of the Republic to appoint 30 more Senators to make up 100 members.

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  1. A simple Cost-benefit analysis of the Senate will prove, beyond the reasonable doubt, that the Senate is a sheer waste of taxpayers money.

    This is so because the Senate is a kangaroo structure. It is toothless and simply for window-dressing.

    This school of thought is also valid for the lower house.

    In “one and indivisible” LRC, like the biblical doctrine of the trinity ( Godhead) , Dictator Biya is the executive branch, Paul Biya is the legislative branch and Paul Biya is the judicial branch.
    Biya is the “Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” (Revelation 22:13).

  2. “A Nigerian politician has revealed that senators receive 13.5m naira [£27,000, $37,500] every month to use on expenses of their own choice.
    Shehu Sani, a senator for the governing All Progressives Congress [APC] party, said there is little accountability about how the money is spent”. The above is an example of the work or TOR of a Senator. In Cameroon, Senators are appointed by Biya and therefore they serve his interest. Please LRC you must let Southern Cameroons out of this mess or be forced to do so!

  3. @brandino

    you re free to go live in Nigeria anytime with you fake news

  4. Won’t it be nice to go past the present system of remembering lawmakers by how long they lived (age) or how long long they occupied their posts(anciennete) to a system that reflects their contributions? What is wrong with Musonge’s Law, Owona’s Amendment, Achidi Achu’s principle, etc. We accept eponymously named contributions from other skies as a matter of course and apply them – Ponzi scheme, Miranda’s Rights, Newton’s Laws, Hashimoto’s disease, Frank-Dodd Amendment, Monroe’s Doctrine, Obamacare(ACA – yet when it comes to our own coast, we are reluctant to embrace and promote VANHIVAX (Victor Anoma Ngu’s HIV vaccine). What is wrong with us? Imagine Atanga Nji Paul’s Legislation, Jacques Fame Ndongo’s Method, Charles Ndongo’s Formula, Dakole Daissala’s Amendment, etc. Won’t that be cool?