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Cameroon Separatist Leader, Aides Arrested in Nigeria

VOA | ABUJA/DAKAR — A leading member of a separatist movement in Cameroon has been taken into custody in the capital of neighbouring Nigeria with his aides, sources and secessionists said on Saturday.

The once-fringe Anglophone movement in majority Francophone Cameroon has gathered pace in the last few months following a military crackdown on protests. It represents the gravest challenge yet to the 35-year rule of President Paul Biya who will seek re-election this year.

Julius Ayuk Tabe, the Nigeria-based chairman of the Governing Council of Ambazonia separatist movement, was taken into custody alongside six others at a hotel in Abuja on Friday, said an official in the west African country and a member of the separatist group in Cameroon.

Bilateral relations have been strained by a separatist movement in Cameroon that has clashed with the Cameroonian army and forced thousands to flee violence by travelling across the border to Nigeria.

Cameroonian troops last month crossed into Nigeria in pursuit of rebels without seeking Nigerian authorization, causing diplomatic wrangling behind the scenes.

Separatists, including armed radical elements, seek an independent state for the nation’s Anglophone regions they call Ambazonia.

A Nigerian official said Tabe and six of his supporters were placed in custody at around 7 p.m. (1800 GMT) on Friday. “They were having a meeting at Nera Hotels in Abuja,” the official said on condition of anonymity.

The official did not know who rounded up the separatists.

A member of the separatist group based in Cameroon, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the people were taken into custody.

The separatist group later issued a statement saying that Tabe and six others were taken from Nera Hotels by Cameroonian gunmen in an “illegal abduction.” Reuters was unable to independently verify the allegation.

The unrest in Cameroon began in November, when English-speaking teachers and lawyers in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon, frustrated with having to work in French, took to the streets calling for reforms and greater autonomy.

French is the official language for most of Cameroon but English is spoken in two regions that border Nigeria.

Protests by separatists prompted a violent crackdown by Cameroon’s military last year in which troops opened fire on demonstrators.

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    The so-called warrants of arrests against the leaders of SC were ignored by the international community including Nigeria. LRC then decided to pay mercenaries or renegade Nigerian security operatives to kidnap some of our leaders.
    This foolish decision of LRC is counter-productive and will surely backfire because:
    1. Southern Cameroonians FOLLOW THE REVOLUTION AND NOT PERSONS. The kidnapped persons will soon be replaced by others and the struggle will continue. The leaders of the Consortium were also abducted by LRC. However, the struggle continued and was even intensified with new leaders. Simply put, no person is indispensable in the revolution

    • JUDICIARY will decide. Simply put, there is indeed a separation of powers in Nigeria. The kangaroo courts in LRC are at the beck and call of Dictator Biya. The Nigerian courts will surely reject repatriation since LRC is a lawless and genocidal country.
      3. LRC has proven to the world that she does not want a peaceful resolution of the problem.
      4. The leaders of the defence groups have now called for the intensification of the struggle


    • 2. The Nigerian President has no powers to hand them to LRC. Only the 100% INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY will decide. Simply put, there is indeed a separation of powers in Nigeria. The kangaroo courts in LRC are at the beck and call of Dictator Biya. The Nigerian courts will surely reject repatriation since LRC is a lawless and genocidal country.
      3. LRC has proven to the world that she does not want a peaceful resolution of the problem.
      4. The leaders of the defence groups have now called for the intensification of the struggle


      • Blah blah blah yada yada yada, the same Nigeria gave up Charles Taylor despite granting him asylum . Who is Ayuk ? His mission has failed they will be eager to give him up Andy recruit another dumb enough con man who thinks he can wake one day amd divide a century old country . It was fun while it lasted, hopefully you are the next leader so I can piss on your corpse once we catch you

        • See this senile baboon comparing Charles Taylor to President Sisiku Tabe. No no no, the warlord should be compared to Genocidal kingpin Dictator Paul Biya who is solely responsible for the mass graves and ongoing genocide in Ambazonia. Besides, Charles Taylor is not in a Liberian prison. He is incarcerated in London. No sane government can ever repatriate any refugees to your torturing Kondengui slaughter house. They will be released in no time. Wait and see the development Backa primate @Pinguiss.

        • AG
          Meyaka. Tell them what they don’t know. You cannot compare Ayuk Tabe to Charles Taylor nor can you compare the Ambazonian crisis to that of boko haram. These are all different problems. The Ambazonian crisis is more legitimate as compared to any of these. Not even the Delta Niger not the Biafran movement can be compared to this. That of Ambazonia is unique and can only be compared to areas like Gambia and Senegal, Eritrea and Ethiopia or to Sudan and South Sudan.

          LRC has never handed those they arrested as boko haram to Nigeria nor has any of the countries fighting boko haram done so. Nigeria will not send them back to Cameroon. The reason for their arrest and detention maybe as a result of the 39 people who were arrested in Taraba together with some Niger Delta militants.

        • The Nigerian government may interrogate them to see if those arrested have any links with the IG. Don’t forget that the IG is engaged more on diplomatic moves rather than defence. They have vehemently condemned the killing of LRC forces. Tgis arrest will give more momentum to the revolution than stopping it. When these leaders will be released, things will never be thesame again. The international communitywill not even allow Nigeria to send them back. People cannot be running away from persecution and you just arrest them and hand them over like that. Thats human rights violations. The worst Nigeria can do is to ask them to go out of Nigeria but not sending them back to Cameroon.

    • @MVOMEKA
      if those warrant was ignoring , so why they have been arresting them in Nigeria
      ” nyamfuka”

    • You said it pinguiss

    • The pathway to freedom is never linear.
      In one occasion, its meanderings are idyllic, inspiring exotic motivations that are soothing to the platitude. In yet another, it offers a discordant proposition full of gnawing questions vague and shimmering to answer. Those who seek the sweetness of liberty are all too familiar with these realities and are amply armed in readiness; ever, always, so ready to shun the scornful smirks of those locked in their subjectivity and inured to servitude.

      • Happy new year and Welcome back @Manyaka76 and @Alhaji.

        • SECONDED

        • Thanks @AG,and @Mvomeka.
          I’m terribly preoccupied these days but I do take an occasional peek.
          Let us all be patient and watch this development keenly.
          I’m 100% in agreement with what @Alhadji hinted. Nigeria unlike Cameroon does not function as a unitary executive system with encompassing powers vested to a profoundly ignorant imbecile.

  2. They are all fine and in custody in Abuja third police district for questioning concerning the 39 Anglophones arrested with some Niger Delta guys two days ago at Taruba.Where grilled by the Nigerian police and where told those guys are for one Cho Ayaba not IG.They would be released soon!

    • Ah ah if that makes you feel better, Ayuk was kicked out of Nigeria on December on the behalf of Cameroon,he came back that’s why he was arrested ,now he will be handed to Cameroon or Nigeria should get ready to deal with hell coming from us ,Andy you biafrais and Nigerians wannabes should get ready to pack your bags and join your president in Nigeria . You think I’m joking ? Wait and see you guys don’t even realize what’s coming .

  3. You think Nigeria is a country that allows nonsense? They will be released soon? My brother you are dreaming. Extradite them to Cameroon let them feel the pain Balla went through before they branded him a sellout. You that order blood for blood, your turn will come. God is not stupid. You people have taken this out of hand, putting more people in danger, settling scores and deceiving the people with lies and propaganda. Let the Lord judge all of us. Mr Cho you are next.

    • If wishes were horses, your mind would be be pleased by what you desire.
      Unfortunately, you are on the wrong side of good reasoning. You and the likes
      of you, should understand that this is how God redeems his people. And so,
      Ambazonia shall be free, because it is ordained.
      One fact is certain, Ambazonians, are merely protesting. And they are making
      giant strides. What the Nigerian authorities are doing, is only normal.
      Nigeria, will look before it leaps and so soon, it will all be over.
      Long live Ambazonia.

    • @ Bakossi

      on your dream

    • Everybody calm down… Cameroun has no extradition agreement with Nigeria and the release of all arrested Ambazonians in this case is imminent as they have not broken any laws in Nigeria(Mark My Words).

      • Africanasala

        Nigeria has no Extradition Treaty with Nigeria???? Na waoooh.

        So the Nigerians are so so ignorant and foolish to have arrested them???

        These Ambazonian leaders are of no interest politically or economically with Nigeria. Bilateral agreement will see them deported to Cameroon. Why should extradition processes be followed???

        • Yes indeed, there is no extradition treaty between Cameroun and Nigeria.

          Moving on, it has now been declared by Nigeria’s DSS (Department of State Services) has declared that they did not, and have not authorized the arrest of IG officials.

          Na wa for you, not me. Know your subject matter before offering dissenting opinion.

  4. Marginalization and forced francophonization of West Cameroon is the root of the Anglophone crises.
    State sanctioned violence, brutality, abductions, killings, extortion, blackmail of innocent West Cameroonians is not the solution
    The desire for freedom and self rule can’t be arrested by armed forces.
    Why did the masses in West Cameroon choose to listen to Sisiku Tabe over Biya? The is the real problem, you can’t kill this problem away
    The masses no longer trust Yaoundé and their Agenda of francophonization.
    Did white South Africans arrest the desire of black South Africans to be free with their mighty military? Did afrikaanization succeed?
    Violence and repression is the only weapon of a dictatorship.
    Did Syria become great after all the show of force and violence

    • You can start making babies instead of coming on here and pestering us with your stupidity, if there was an intention to francophonize anything why do we still have English as an official language duh ? It should have started by that, some of you dumbo are so deep in your inferiority complex that you cry blue murder at every opportunities, but just like the story goes you clowns are no longer be taken serious, Cameroon is 80-85% so called francophones so whether you like it or not french will b prominent and the go to language. Period same everywhere where there are two languages and the population distribution is in favour of one , it has nothing to do with a big conspiracy to eradicate anything it’s just what it is , and you punks should keep sucking to Nigeria it will get worse

      • your are facts. So if there is no conspiracy against english, why cant we follow canada format, create an autonomous state where english is mostly spoken while the rest of the country enjoys french. There will be no division and everybody will feel part of the whole. But no You biyaiste favorable beti hegemony in cameroon will never agree to loose grip of any paret at all of the power. S, no decentralisation, no federalism, no power to regions at all, everything in Yaounde forever(at for 35 years ans still counting). Or somehow create municipalities and put delegue du gouvernement to overcontrol the elected mayors. What a heel the stupid government we really. But wether you like it or not PINGUISS, it never worked forever elsewhere, so it will end in Cameroon and the history will tell.

      • Pinguiss,

        Do you really have a job? How old are you? Are you jobless, educated, frustrated or what?

        Although, I don’t pay attention to read your posts but I realize this nickname “Pinguiss” is mixed in all discussions on this forum.

        Do you really have that much time? Young man, get something and make a change in your life. That is the only thing that can make you a better citizen in Cameroon instead to settle down for your incoherent posts of knowledge.

        Happy New Year young man. I hope this year will improve your life.

    • LRC has a historic claim on Ambazonia. This claim is bogus of course and shows bad faith in LRC leaders. The claim came up for debate at the UN General Assembly on April 21, 1961. On that occasion, the question up for voting was whether the UN Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons (SC) under UK administration should be granted independence. SC had already voted in February 1961 to join with LRC to form a federation of equals. Can you imagine that LRC campaigned against motion for SC independence? Abomination! Well, outcome was that 64 nations. including the United States, UK, Nigeria, Japan all voted for SC independence. LRC, France and Francafrique voted against SC but lost!! Post-independence, the duo are using Napoleonic era edicts to annex Southern Cameroons. They will FAIL.

      • [email protected] sir did that vote include Cameroons surrounding non Francafrique countries ? Just asking ,thanks.

        • Not clear. What do you mean by “Cameroons surrounding non-Francafrique countries? Non-Francafrique countries in our region are Nigeria, Guinea Equatorial. The vote was about the future of Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia). LRC and France voted to deny it independence on April 21, 1961. Now, both want to recolonize it – by decrees. No debate anywhere. The people there have a muscle, number 8m and a longer reach now. Africa is watching in disbelief.

        • [email protected] thankyou for your reply .

    • you ve said it all Lum. God bless you

  5. They are going to be released soon Bakossi because they have comitted no crime in Nigeria Bakossi and don’t forget most of them have all been granted asylum in Nigeria so they is no way Nigeria is going to extradict them to cameroon.Atleast Nigeria is a democratic country with seperations of powers not like this our country where powers is in the hands of one man almighty Biya.Let the Nigerian judiciary takes it course ok!

    • They were abducted by CAMEROONIAN police forces with the blessing of the Nigerian government, which speaks of the full cooperation between the two States. Don’t forget Nigeria has its own separatist movement to deal with from time to time and they would not allow Ayuk and gang to order killings in Cameroon from there country. Plus there have been signs that the growing cameroonian refugees in Nigeria are becoming a serious security problem in Nigeria. Ayuk may not be extradited, but he will be prohibited to lead his gang from Nigeria.
      This group of “Docteurs” should have known better. Nigerian Authorities know they are better off cooperating with LRC

  6. They will be realised soon.france or lrc can never fight and defeat a determined people.we have an idea,and untill that idea becomes a reality,we are not turning back.long live our leaders.

  7. Right on point Lum.There is only one and only one solution to this crisis and that is dialogue.the international community have been advising this our criminal gov’t in Yde to no avail but they have instead embarked on violence repression and mudered.Yesterday a police inspection was killed and a gerdamne fatally wounded in Kombone mission Mbonge sub division.This problem is not going anywhere anytime soon!

    • There won’t be any dialogue with Anglofools talk less with Ayuk, you can take that to the bank . The only dialogue left to you is the ballot box, no one is going to sit with people that were not elected and most claiming foreign nationalities/citizenship to discuss Cameroon future or political path , you guys are high on cow dung, the establishment is laughing at you ,your own people included, they will not allow the cards to redistributed . You can keep killing them if that makes you feel better just so you know once the power is consolidated after 2018 election it will be open season on your azz , we will see who have the last laugh, I didn’t realize you were that dumb to think your separatists clown are really overpowering our mighty army . I have said a lot ,keep jubilating

      • Any blocked head primate endorsing a 35 year old dictatorship that did not succeed to distribute potable water in its own capital city to consolidate power throug rigging for another 7 years has a large head full of mud. You @Pinguiss are a pathetic Baka gorilla.

      • @Pinguiss
        You are correct. Cameroon remains one and the clawns have a Price to pay.

  8. Where is the Nigeria blah blah crew ? You biafrais are very high on your Nigeria nonsense, let’s keep playing I’m 100% sure that the power that Ben in nigeria knows that if there is still a nigeria around it is thanks to Cameroon . Furthermore we are not Togo or Benin ,let’s nigeria not give that thug called Ayuk we are every ready to keep infiltrating their territory and conduct military ops over there .

    • It is your mentality and moronic rational that justifies our decision to separate from this mediocrity called République du Cameroun.

      You stated that “I’m 100% sure that the power that Ben in nigeria knows that if there is still a nigeria around it is thanks to Cameroon”?

      Please help me understand how Nigeria owes its position as Africa’s largest economy to the failed state known as République du Cameroun.

      You are no doubt a shining example of the French education system that we Ambazonians will never accept as an influence on our society going forward. I hope the eventual release of all IG members arrested in Nigeria will result in your acceptance of our independence as a nation given how excited and justified you feel in light of their unlawful arrest.

      • Monkey the reason why the world and the whole country included is laughing at you guys is because you have no geopolitical and history knowledge, if it wasn’t for Cameroon refusing to participate in the dismemberment of Nigeria through the biafra war ,Nigeria would no longer exist, thanks to Cameroon not helping Biafra or should I say serving as western puppet especially France Nigeria still sands today and can use the oil fields in the former eastern Nigeria , obviously I wasn’t expecting a pidgin illiterate such as you to know that ,but guess what the like of Obasanjo and the actual president Buhari who took part in that civil war know what’s up . . Now crawl back to your uninformed rat hole .

        • You are again confirming the limitations of your Franco education by insulting me while not making any points to support your argument. Your insults highlight for all to see the level of your inferiority complex and moronic tendencies.

          I challenge you to expatiate on ” if it wasn’t for Cameroon refusing to participate in the dismemberment of Nigeria through the biafra war…” by stating when Cameroun refused to participate, and who exactly made the request for Cameroun to participate.

          You also state “…Nigeria would no longer exist, thanks to Cameroon not helping Biafra or should I say serving as western puppet especially France…” Are you sane? Cameroun that chooses to use an obsolete French currency because it is a French puppet did not act as a French puppet to save Nigeria?

        • Hahaha hahahaha. Sir/madam, unfortunately,
          the idiot @Pinguiss resides in an imaginary universe where even contemporary realities are based on alternative emotional anecdotes.

  9. They are not criminals these are people fighting for their rights God punish Biya and Grand mother

    • So Biya is calling the shots in Nigeria ? Good to know ah ah . I told some idiots here that Buhari know better, Nigeria has much on its own plate that they 100% don’t want to add Cameroon, but since this forum is filled with biafrais and Nigerian wannabes they never want to listen some even went as far as saying that Nigeria should arm Ambashitnia terrorists as if Nigeria doesn’t have secessionist groups that can be armed and to think this is the same Nigeria that doesn’t even have enough weapons amen ammunition to battle Boko Haram . I guess idiocy is a criteria to claim ambashitnia citizenship

    • I agree with you. they are not criminals. I’ve been advocating the next head of state in Cameroon to be 100/100 an Anglophone, with an entire Anglophone government. but to see anyone, I mean anyone included my father and mother talking about dividing my sweet home Cameroon, that language for me worth a death penalty. our brothers should have join us in chasing the old dictator. after what, it can only be an Anglo these years, to rule and take Cameroon out of the deep hole biya had put us. and of course, why not banning even the dumb French language from our land, I find in it the gene of corruption, that shit its also very useless to Cameroonians.
      that is my opinion.

    • @Ambaland

      yes they are criminal big time


      yes they are criminal big time , we re not negotiate with terrorist

  10. Hihihi @ Kongossa I told you this just about a week ago, and you were laughing.
    Anyway… Man no run!

    • Why do you all keep thinking like Bi Mvondo Biya? This is the peoples’ struggle! Arresting even every leadership will not deter the peoples’ resolve. Go back to the root cause – the constitutional Fumban fraud if you intend to resolve the problem. Without that, watch as a more unorthodox leadership arise from the masses. We will resist till the last man implies we are ready to lay down our lives! Did arresting Balla, Mancho, Ayah, Fonten, Abangma, Ndango, etc change anything? And that was before entire villages were wiped out through your Biya genocide. If you think we will turn our backs on the Bamenda murders, oct 1 massacre through Kumbo killings to the mamfe invasion you are joking. We are in for the long haul till the last man standing. The war struggle continues…..,,

      • Ha ha ha ha. There is nobody upset about these arrests in Limbe, Buea, Bamenda etc. People are happy and going about their business. Ambazonia is completely dead. It’s now time to focus on the removal of the brutal dictator Biya and his regime now that these distractors have been apprehended. Long live Cameroon.

        • True. People in the NW and SW are just going about their business. The reactions of people like @AG and the rest are just normal and we must respect that.
          We must understand that when people have been pushed to the extrem they hang on on whatever they come across to suvive.
          The marginalisation, oppression and marginalisation of the “Anglophones ” are real, and that is the real issues we must all fight against.
          Some real changes need to be done in that Country in order for us to even dream to continue to leave peacefully together.
          The good thing about this crisis is that “the Anglophone problem ” is not tabu anymore. We need a new lesdership in Cmr and crate new laws.
          This is a good opportunity to take back the fight and let people like Agbor Balla to lead.
          Biya should not relax

        • Biya should not relax just because he got Sisiku arrested.
          They are both criminals.

  11. Buhari is trying hard to put Nigeria as a prosperous responsible country in Africa with the approval of the US and other developed countries, he is warned not to reverse into a bad governance dictatorship like biya who is hated , fearful by his own people and many world leaders for signing international treaties such human rights and ignoring in his country, biya is a disgrace to humanity, peace, development & technology, a colonial, genocide, civil war monger with no vision to empower future generations in his banana republic

    • RElocate , simple as that. Last time I checked it was Nigeria which was under weapons embargo from the USA for human rights violations, poor human rights record and corruption, so you can hype Nigeria as much as you want but you need to back that talk up and move over there, trust me you won’t b missed.

  12. Pinguis!There is nothing for this Senile,corrupt,lazy,criminal neo colonial and tribal regime of yours for 35 years that have completely ruined this country to consolidate again.Cameroonians are tired of them and have only one thing in mind for them” degage”be dreaming your end is gradually dawning ok!

  13. This is exactly what was needed to martyr the leadership of Ayuk Tabe. Politicians never seem to learn. When a people finally rise, when the masses have been sensitised down to the grassroots, the revolution self-propels itself. The kid finally stood up and walked.

    Leaders will come leaders will go, but the bitterness of the Anglophone Cameroonian cannot simply vanish by the locking up of its leaders. Change must occur in Cameroon and one that is palpable. There is never going to be peace in that country until this is achieved for everyone, Anglophone or Francophone. No leader wants to be looking behind their backs for fear of the unknown.

    Cameroon has to wake up to this reality. Round up and lock up all our leaders as you want, even kill them, the struggle strives on their suffering.

  14. **** SOLEMN PROMISE ***

    I hereby solemnly promise that if the Southern Cameroon leaders were repatriated to the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC, I will:

    1. stop commenting on this forum
    2. join the CPDM, buy the CPDM regalia and wear it until I leave this world
    3. pray to God to allow Biya to rule for the next 200 years

    I have put this promises in writing in order that apologists could hold me accountable if I do not fulfil them

    Of course, our leaders can and will NEVER EVER be repatriated to a lawless and genocidal country. Nigeria is a state of law. There is a strick separation of the powers of the state. Buhari can therefore NOT sign a decree to transfer the hostages to LRC. The 100% independent judiciary will decide and not the executive.

    • @MVOMEKA

      even one trillion years Cameroon is indivisible

      • You are better off peddling your wares elsewhere.
        And you cannot lack a market. Remember Ian Smith and his injunction of 1,000 years against Rhodesia’s independence(currently Zimbabwe)?

  15. There is STRICT…….

  16. Nigeria should free the Ambarland president and Cabinet members.BIYA and his Cabinet are the ones to be arrested and handed over to the ICC.

  17. may be it is time to wash down Brenda and Junior at Enam.

  18. Hunger for news ought to be tempered with a search for the truth. Cameroonians are better off asking questions to learn instead of concocting theories here and there.
    Death is a painful thing for civilians as well as for military persons who are relatives of the civilians in the first place. Gloating about the killing of humans takes us low down rather than up.

    We all love and need peace. But we need justice too. What good is peace without justice? Apathy is not peace It makes no sense inciting people to go after civilians, be they Ayuk Julius Tabe and his team or governors, SDOs and DOs who are equally hurting the people by their own errors.

    So far all sides have agreed on one thing – DIALOGUE. The challenge now is to explore its contours and find a suitable umpire to superintend it

    • @JD, History and elements of Philosophy have lessons for us which sometimes are worth learning but on other times are good only for the fireplace. Thomas Aquinas (aka ‘the Dumb Ox,’) and the Algerian, St Augustine, are acclaimed for their philosophies of a ‘Just War,’ which to them, could not be taken as a morally charged statement. War is necessary sometimes, so says these African/Italian team…figures, very central to almost ALL of western thought. In fact, fast forward to the 21st century and you meet two figures in papal zuchettos: Karol Wochtyla (John Paul II) and Joseph Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) filing up behind these philosophers, the former behind the Dumb Ox, and the latter, declaring himself ‘a decided Augustinian.’ The basic and underlying theory is that war is good! SOMETIMES!

      • There are various forms of war in my understanding of this theory, and to divert a bit, this was the underlying argument behind the majority of the religious community’s backing of George W Bush’s push for war in the middle east circa 2001. One professor I listened to recently(Kenyan Lawyer and pan-Africanist, Patrice Lumumba), argued brilliantly that a corrupt leader who squanders the people’s money, has killed as many people as holocaust perpetrators and therefore, the people’s duty is to rise up against such a leader. I would want to go further and say such a leader must be KILLED! We have plenty of such holly killings to do in Africa, and unfortunately for us many of these holocaust-styled criminals are mounted on our different political thrones! Let’s get killing!

        • We are all for fighting the dictator, but we are against secession.
          Cameroon will survive the BIYA regime

  19. All that big mouth was really for nothing…..no security plans, got caught like a vulgar man on the street.
    My only prayer now is for our government to appease Anglos, we need no useless…

  20. He who advocates for killings shall be killed. Ayuk you think you can advocate violence and then have a shield in Nigeria of all places. State law in Nigeria is no joke. The next criminal is Cho

    • What are you talking about? Who is advocating violence? Throughout Biya’s regime how many civilians, both Francophone and Anglophones have been killed by his fainted hearted troops? How many Anglophone University students have been raped and maimed, how many young people have died out of destitution, how many have gone to school and have never been able to earn a sou?

      We have to balance the sheet here. Nobody is advocating war and if the senile Biya had taken heed of this trouble way early on, we would not be here. He systematically deprived the Anglophone of means to a better life. Wasn’t Biya the one who formed LRC, wasn’t it under his rule that our institutions were systematically crippled and replaced with French Neo-colonial structures set to propagate havoc in our communities?

      • @Eyallow…I don’t think Biya’s troop were specifically looking for”anglophone students” to torture. Many francophone students in UBA were equally tortured… I am sure there are some examples of Anglophone marginalization, but police brutality is not one of them, I doubt these troops took time to ask students what language they spoke. Your fight is against the guy a regime, not francophones.

        • not easy to learn. They are all dishonest dreamers

        • Your selective reading skills appeared to have misled your blighted eyes to omit parts of my message. Did I not indicate that his forces have killed both Anglophones and Francophones? Name a single Francophone female in Buea that was raped?

          Has any soldier ever been punished for committing these heinous rape crimes? Isn’t he Biya the commander of the arm forces? I have nothing against Francophones, but those who think that there is not an Anglophone problem are certainly acknowledging that the Anglophone does not exists and so does not matter for the unity of Cameroon.