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Cameroon Separatists Declare War on the Government

Prensa Latina | Yaoundé, Dec 4 (Prensa Latina) The separatists from the English-speaking regions of Cameroon declared today that the attacks against the security forces deployed by the central government, which they qualified as occupiers, will continue.

The statement, issued from outside the country and signed by the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGC), follows a statement last week by President Paul Biya in which he described the Anglophone separatists as criminals after two actions in which four soldiers and two policemen on consecutive days died.

The president said that measures are being taken to stop these attacks.

The contradictions between the Government and the English-speaking community emerged after the Judiciary and the Ministry of Education issued guidelines in which they make the use of the French language compulsory in judicial documents and school texts.

On December 1st the AGC announced a unilateral proclamation of independence, to which the central authorities responded with the deployment of a mixed contingent of security forces which has installed checkpoints in neuralgic zones of the northeast and southeast regions, in which the Anglophone minority is.

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  1. Northeast and Southeast regions… interesting report!

  2. Thy will be done

    Really on December 1st??

  3. Now that Biya has officially declared war on Southern Cameroonians and patriotic Southern Cameroonians have said BRING IT ON, the Anglophone Question will now be decided on the battle field.

    Option 1:

    If Biya can succeed in defeating Southern Cameroonians, his 1984 LRC will remain “one and indivisible” FOREVER

    Option 2:

    However, if Biya cannot defeat Southern Cameroonians then his 1984 “one and indivisible” LRC will be considered as dead and buried in the mass grave in Mile 16 Bolifamba.

    The declaration of war has made any peaceful settlement obsolete.

    Biya’s Commission on bilingualism will no longer be necessary. It should therefore be dismantled and the money be used to provide portable water to villages in LRC.

    • @ Dali dali

      why are you so negative therefore you need to go and join the fight. instead to be here with your entertainment with fake news, fake propaganda.

      where in the world have you see law enforcement have been killing and the government has done nothing.

      you ask for therefore you should be ready ”
      ambasonia “

      • LRC can NEVER EVER win asymmetrical warfare against SC.
        Biya has made a very big mistake. ALUTA CONTINUA

      • Zero comment bro.StAY QUITE if you have nothing to comment ok

  4. Original Black Bantu

    It is better to sacrifice your honor to save lives than to play the heroes with the blood of your mother, father, sister and brother. Are you guys really sensible to situation of those back home? to what is now happening to our beautiful sisters and daughters who are being turned into prostitutes in Nigeria? what about our young boys who are going to be sodomized, sold alive or in pieces? our mothers who are now forced to run away or hide inside the house. Please think about them. None else than your local brothers can help. Think about what happened from 1990 to 1993 (SDF: collective actions); I was in Bamenda from beginning to the end (GBHS student) staying in Ntarikon. A true leader saves/protects lives. My parents had always told us the horrors of Makizards; I was borned in blood.

    • So what is the point you are trying to make? Why should the consideration be one sided? Why can’t the government also realise that their actions is leading to the same consequences that you just highlighted?

    • In other words, be your slaves forever. As if you really care! When 200 were gunned down with helicopters you stayed mute. Do you realize any walking able bodied creature in the affected area will be arrested or made to disappear at the this time? Redirect your advice to your brothers in uniforms. Staying in Bda or attending GBHS does not give you an edge. Your words and actions does. We still know those who have been collaborating with colonial governors from Luc Rene to Lele L’Afrique to abuse our people. Some of them like Amour Mezam, Pom Guillaume, Col Dounga Yousoffa and their children too attended GBHS.

    • Original Black Bantu

      Thank you for your great answer. I just want to mention that I am not a problem commentator; when I feel concern in one way or another, I think about possible solutions. Even thought I am not an Anglophone and will never be, seen so much blood is a problem to me the same way I feel for Congolese or Togolese. Citing names of people means nothing to me what matter is the solution to the problem; the lives of people. With my little brain (and big heart) I have learn to understand that achieving a worthy objective and been victorious are not the same thing.

      It is obvious that the presence of darkness means the absence of light but it took me long time to understand it. In other words, too much sorrow in a society means absence of wisdom.

      May God be with you.

    • Original Black Bantu

      I think I have to illustrate my point on objective vs victory.
      Assuming, as a father, your objective is to protect your family and knowing that lions are around, you put your trust on a cutlass. Sadly, it happens that a lion attacked the family and before you could kill it with your machete, it has stolen the life of your wife and kids and leaved you with broken legs and serious trauma. The question is: have you killed the lion? Yes (Victory), have you achieved your objective? answer_____.

      What went wrong? wrong approach/actions (victory-based approach adopted from the beginning).
      Knowing the aggressivity of a lion, an Objective-Based approach would have included more preventive actions than reactive ones.

      Please if you find my comments too stupid, please blame my ignorance.

      • No sir, your comments are not stupid but just one sided. My only concern is you are only asking only the afflicted to conceive and submit. An objective approach by the plaintiffs was to escape the brutal arrest and still call for dialogue from their sanctuaries which they did. Even in that they still encouraged their people to protest with peace plants and remain non violent. Mr Biya on the other hand send the worst of his brutish military to subdue a people who have been mourning for months. You can’t deny everyone has the right to fight back when you are attacked/abused inside your own house. Hope you see that the lion scenario must be applied to the aggressors and not the people fleeing their homes. Sometimes the shepherd must pick up arms to keep the wolves away from his flock.

  5. @nonon Where have u seen,where Ambasonian civilians are killed by LRC forces,and u expect Ambasonian forces not to retaliate?More than 200 Ambasonian civilians were killed and Just 10 LRC forces have been killed and your president goes gaga.U should know by now that violence bigets violence.
    We are already in the battle field,so stay tuned.

  6. Most comments are based on unreasonable fear. The government has the solution to the ongoing crisis. Out of pride they chose to go the bloody way. In fact the French majority has to force the government to dialogue with the anglophone and agree on a middle point. The military is a protection to be enjoyed by all citizens and not to be a harassment to them in any way. You may be fooled to think Ak47s can wipe all English people, but wait until those young birs start loosing their own wives, kids, mother’s……, in the conflict, then natural instinct to protect will pop up and you have a military revolt. Trust me the whole nation will feel the pain of a marginalized few, stop defending nonsense and start talking sense. The anglophone anger is genuine!

  7. Most of the reports or news and commentaries avoid to mention the fact that on September 22 and October 1st 2017 the Cameroon army under president Paul Biya’s direction killed hundreds of English speaking Cameroonians.This fact is backed by photographic evidence and scenic evidence and even documents the government signed and videos.The government does not talk about this and wants the people whose loved ones lost their lives to accept this as a non event.Unfortunately the people of the Anglophones regions know this as they have been. burying the dead for the past month.Why is Mr Biya avoiding this sad history and only projecting his own part of the story?Does it mean those killed some as young as 11 years old do not matter in society?If Mr Biya thinks he can use force to subdue truth.

  8. Fellow Ambazonians, we have a right to self defence,so let biya and LRC know that, the souls of our unarmed pple killed by them are hunting them. Tell BIYA that what will work in favour of his down fall will be the Ambazonia problem. French language is very foreign to our land and if we caught any body speaking french in our land,he will be deported immediately.

  9. Biya should know that the truth and force are two different parallel and will never meet. We stand on the truth and the truth shall save us.Long live Ambazonia. Freedom is fought for and it is never pick in the street.

  10. Kikiki kikiki !!!

  11. “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”. Moi TseTung.
    Both sides of this struggle know there is only one option ,win. Biya has flown to France to see his master. When he gets back, there will be more burial protocols to attend to. His dead soldiers can not be buried incognito the way his soldier have been using mass graves to hide their dirty work. When Chiroma will be declared missing and only a body without a head becomes available a few days later, Biya may leave the country for good. La Republic will be compelled to thank Abasonia for freeing them. Boold sucking as kissing chop broke pots.