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Cameroon slips from 145th to 153th in 2017 in the corruption perception index

Business in Cameroon | Once again, Cameroon slips in the 2017 corruption perceptions index of transparency international.

Indeed, in 2016, it was 145th , however, it is now the 153rd out of 180 countries and territories. This means that the country’s rank has decreased by 8 points.

Furthermore, out of the 100 score, Cameroon scored just 25 while the average is 43. In 2016, the note was 26/100 and in 2015, it was 27/100. From this index, it can be deduced that Cameroon is the 28th world’s most corrupt country.

The top 10 of the most corrupt countries is as follows: Somalia (9/100), South Sudan (12/100), Syria (14/100), Afghanistan (15 /100), Yemen (16/100), Sudan (16/100), Libya (17/100), Guinea-Bissau (17 /100), Equatorial Guinea (17/100) and North Korea (17/100).

The least corrupted countries are New-Zealand (89/100) and Denmark (88/100).

According to Transparency international, despite actions against corruption in the world, most of the countries are making slow or no progress in ending corruption. “Further analysis of the results indicates that countries with the least protection for press and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) also tend to have the worst rates of corruption”, Transparency commented.

For the record, Transparency international celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

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  1. what do you expect?

  2. No news here lets move on the country is run by Gorillas from the south a people who happen to be the debasement of nation

  3. this is another clawn by the must brutal group of humans to have existed on earth.does this jock, consider the act of invading iraq by american bandits,an act of corruption?unfortunately our so called diasporans ,mainly based in america do not posses the kind of mind necessary to ask this kind of critical question.hiding under self distructive submissive,slave identities like cameroonian american.they take sides with the oppressor bashing at the only place they can call home.in a country where they are shot and killed by red police officers like birds.how is it normal that thinking human desire shearing identity with those who inslaved,and dehumanized their ancestors?

    • @ Bah Acho
      #1) another clown #2) most brutal #3) do not possess #4) self-destructive #5) sharing #6) enslaved, etc etc

      You owe impressionable young persons a duty to pick and choose the correct words, the appropriate expressions, correct sentences to express ideas that are factual and sensible. They do not deserve adulterated, substandard expressions and punctuations to face a challenging and demanding world ill-suited to school dropouts.

      • @JD, What a take-down! You have totaled his English language prowess! Those ‘impressionable young persons’ may now be referred to linguistic scrapyards in the slums of Lagos, Freetown, or Abakwa. Judging by the assailant’s name, they will have to make a pit stop somewhere around Ngohketungia!

    • @bah acho. Thanks very much for your inspiring words. They live in America, where they are 2 nd class citizen, and where racial divide is the most significant in the whole western world, but they spend all their energy to find flaws in the only place they would ever call home. Slave mentality. Big words , empty brain. I live here too, in the Carolina’s, so I know what I’m talking bout.

  4. With this, it can emerge it 2035. Bravo Mr. Biya and cpdm.
    Did they do the compilation taking into the account, the Magu Magu, that took
    place in Nigeria during the abduction of the Ambazonian IG members in Abuja?
    Just thinking loud.

  5. JOHN DINGA kikikiki,you have confirmed your slave status many times here.the question you aught to ask yourself is,what can we show,after producing your type for the past 70 years?absolutely,nothing,not a single industry exist in any of our villages to hold,and employ youths on the spot.the result is that,many of them end up migrating to the city.living in very bad conditions because the city does not have industries to creat wealth .permitting it to build good houses and canalization system for people to live in decent conditions.right now i am in cotonou benin where the situation i discribe is lived by the masses.do our super degree holders in english,and french have something to propose?nothing,apart from dressing in eh-cheh kah(cricket jacket)forty five degrees celsius.kikikiki

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