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Cameroon soldier killed in restive English-speaking region

A soldier was killed in an attack in Cameroon’s restive English-speaking Northwest Region on Saturday, local sources said.

The soldier was “ambushed” while on patrol with another service member, who was not harmed, near the town of Furu-Awa in the Menchum department, a regional source told AFP.

Violence occurs almost daily in the Northwest and Southwest Regions between government forces and English-speaking separatists, who are fighting for greater autonomy.

For years, resentment built among anglophones, who make up about a fifth of Cameroon’s population of 22 million, fostered by perceived marginalisation at the hands of the French-speaking majority.

The crisis escalated last October after the declaration of the self-described “Republic of Ambazonia” in the Northwest and Southwest Regions, causing scores of deaths and prompting tens of thousands to flee their homes.

According to the International Crisis Group (ICG) think tank, at least 120 civilians and 43 security forces have been killed since the end of 2016.

The UN says 160,000 people have been internally displaced and 20,000 sought refuge in neighbouring Nigeria.

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  1. “Self-described”???

  2. Only 1? Waste the cunts! Water Na Water.

  3. coward fighter “ambasonia”, soon that town will disappear on the map just burn everything there “Furu-Awa”

  4. 160.000 internally displaced… 20.000 sought refuge in Nigeria (United Nations)

    200,000 internally displaced… 70.000 refugees in Nigeria (Nya Lum, Ambazombi termite Nation)

    • Idiot, I didn’t see you concuct this toxic dose when a sitting minister declared 32GB new technology equals 500GB ancient technology. What can you not cook up Mr Spin doctor? As if these refugees need your progrom assistance. You all have started begging for federalism but you will never have it. Next time Biya declares a war he must come up with measures of ending it instead of trying to use Ayuk Tabe to end it.

  5. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)?????


    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      “Muea Police Commissioner, Christopher Tazisong has been arrested by a mixed contingent of Ambazonia restoration forces. AmbaNews can confirm that they have been whisked out of Fako to some undisclosed location. ”


    • **** QUOTE OF THE DAY ****

      “Revolutionaries don’t choose arm struggle. The oppressor imposes arm struggle on the people. In this case we have only two options: To suffer or fight”- Fidel Castro

      **** MY TAKE ****

      Southern Cameroonians are a very PEACEFUL “people”

      The peacefully tabled their grievances to LRC

      The reaction of LRC was barbaric

      Anglophones have suffered and continue to suffer unspeakable abuses and indignities at the cruel hands of LRC terrorists.
      It is not in dispute that the said LRC terrorists have:
      – Endangered our life, limb, freedom and property;
      – Forcibly denied us the right to the pursuit of happiness;
      – Cruelly outraged, injured and oppressed us in every situation and condition of life.
      – Subverted our laws, rights and liberties;
      – Dishonoured our spirit,

    • **** BREAKING NEWS ****

      1. The GOC has sent a bill to parliament postponing the elections to 2019.
      2. Fame Ndongo has said PUBLICLY that the CPDM is no longer against FEDERALISM

      The writer wrote on this same forum that:

      1. The momentum was UNSTOPPABLE
      2. The war was UNWINNABLE

      He has now been vindicated 100%

      Permit me to draw your attention to the fact that only ONE type of FEDERATION might stop the present momentum. That Federation is referred to as:

      A federation of two states EQUAL IN STATUS as per UNGA resolution 1608

      Any deviation from this definition will NEVER EVER stop the present momentum.
      The reason is simple: SC IS ONE AND INDIVISIBLE

      • Simply put, a 10 state federation is a non-starter.

        It is a two-state or the continuation of Biya’s war until 2035

        BTW, Francophones always want to use the Anglophones as cannon fodder in order to effect changes in the country.


        Case study 1: Multipartyism

        LRC murdered Anglophones before Dictator Biya accepted different parties in the country. The francophones then created more than two hundred parties

        Case study 2: GCE BOARD

        LRC murdered several Anglophones before granting the GCE Board. The Francophones profited from the blood of Anglophones by getting the BAC Board

        Case study 3: UB

        LRC murdered several Anglophones before granting the university of Buea. The Francophones profited from the blood of Anglophones by getting several universities

      • Case Study 4: FEDERATION

        LRC has murdered in cold blood thousands of Anglophones before the GOC has realized that the war is UNWINNABLE. The GOC has started talking that they were not against a FEDERATION.

        Apologists of the Junta on this forum have started shouting that it must be a TEN state Federation or nothing. LRC media outlets have also started singing the same song.

        What they fail to understand is that it is only the wishes of the majority of the Anglophones that will decide the type of FEDERATION. Not Biya, not Biya’s apologists on this forum, not France.

        The majority of Anglophones have made it abundantly clear that it is either a two-state federation EQUAL IN STATUS or the war continues.
        People talking of a 3,4,10 or even a 99 state FEDERATION are simply day-dreaming.

  6. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    The struggles continues, man made wahala, as i may like to call it. God will never come down to settle issues created by man, the earnest we realize this, the better for our existence. It will take time, but surely solution will come, either in the way of independence or dialogue. But the question is, how many people will have to go down before this come to pass.

    • As a Nigerian, I think you have firsthand experience of man-made wahala. You could share your experience with the Ambazombi nation… Unfortunately, your own country is perhaps the most dangerous time bomb in Africa.

      • 17% of 22 =3.7
        Diasporans=Roughly 3 m
        2010—2018= 1m
        Total: B/w 7 &8.

        Comment: Only a drug addict and notice seeker would find fault with facts!

      • Hey Fruitcake,

        I can see how much you are looking up to me for tutelage! Whether you want to admit it or not, I am teaching you many good things in life. Now you have suddenly become inspired to do some basic arithmetic!

        Unfortunately, intelligibility exacts mental agility and concentration; and a low intelligence mouth-breather like you has neither.

        Now, when you talk about facts and figures, you are talking about precision or exactness if you may. Things that can be proven, and for which there is absolutely no need for any type of vague approximation. Therefore, you don’t use words like ROUGHLY, and those types of things.

        The premise of your fraudulent orthodoxy is that your delusional termite nation is 8 million, as you claim but that is inanely inaccurate.

        A chapter a day!

        • Yeah,that is called head butting, so it’s good to see you desperately looking for a way to wriggle out of the straight jacket I put you in.
          17% of 22=3.7
          Diasporans = 3m
          2010—2018= 1m
          Total: 7.7 m

          I’ve beaten you in your game, go continue drugging yourself!

        • Fruitcake,

          All I can see is that you have taken my guidance and corrected yourself! You are learning… you are quite a slow learner but you are learning all the same.

          Another guide:

          17 percent of 22 million is indeed 3.7 million people! The remainder of your exceptionally inane estimations are essentially counterfactual…. so needless to assist you further unless you finally decide to stop being a fraudulent deadbeat.

        • Banga smoker,
          This is how we confront drug addicts with facts and they as expected would wail and twist. Next time when trying to prove your stupidity about Anglophones , remember the facts you have been given. You said Biya would end French colonialism, that the present crisis would not reach your SW, A charlatan like you know what facts stand for?

        • Firefighter
          Well, now you know that Banga smoking provides the alternate reality, the aura of invincibility and infallibility needed to feel more knowledgeable than everyone else. But of course it is short-lived bravado, n’est-ce pas?

  7. ‘Anglophones make up about a fifth of Cameroon’s population of 22 million’ (AFP).

    The Ambazombi termite nation orthodoxy is of deceit, skulduggery, and opportunism. The delusional TERMITE SOLDIERS claim that Anglophones constitute 8 million of Cameroons population. How Ambazombi intellectuals deduced 8 million from these figures remains the mystery of the universe!

    By the way, in the 2010 national census in Cameroon, both the SW and NW population combined was just some 17 % of Cameroon’s population. Hypocrites and academic adventurers would say that this figure is some 8 years old… and that the population of both provinces have since increased. However, as far as Mother Earth knows, the other regions have not stopped making babies!

    In sum, the so-called Anglophone population is false

    • Idiot, I didn’t see you concuct this toxic dose when a sitting minister declared 32GB new technology equals 500GB ancient technology. What can you not cook up Mr Spin doctor? As if these refugees need your progrom assistance. You all have started begging for federalism but you will never have it. Next time Biya declares a war he must come up with measures of ending it instead of trying to use Ayuk Tabe to end it.

  8. Either the ICG is getting its figures from issa tchiroma or its representative in that region does not even have basic arithmetic.
    They should go to the morgues by the end of each day and do proper counting though a lot of corpses have thrown into the rivers,and some buried in mass graves,but just a proper count at the morgues at the end of each day will give them more than those figures.

    Our advice is for these lrc thugs to go back home.we are just doing self defense.if they keep on obeying biya and killing my people, then they only have themselves to blame as we would keep on defending our people and the Ambazonian territory.

  9. Ministers, judges etc, have often told us and shown us that their hands are tied behind.
    What makes a liliputian, give us what the master wouldn`t want to hear? That country,
    can never have truth as a principle because of the fear of a brutal dictator and the poor
    mentality of power in the hands of a few.

    Has anyone, ever heard them say – `zero mort`?

    For why and for how much, would a soldier die in a situation that could take two days,
    to fix?

    Biya`s new war, is to track and kill the Ambaland leaders based in the US. Money needed
    for portable water to the masses, salaries for workers, drugs in hospitals etc etc, is now
    being used for international suicidal missions. Let`s see, what this will bring to the people.

    Biya, is gone MAD. He needs medications to think straight.

    • Ever wonder why storey buildings collapse, carrying in the process innocent victims??????????????

      • It is all nice and good for intellectual legitimizers of the ruling clique to concoct any permutation of figures to downgrade the Anglophone component of the country. Figures do not lie; only liars figure out what to do with them. At independence there were 1.5 million Anglophones in a total population of 7.5 million then. Over the years both populations grew, not necessarily at the same rate but growth there was all the same.

        Even if the Anglophone population did not grow, there is no legitimate reason to keep them in check! Under other skies, a person can come from nowhere and rise to the top. Barack Obama did so from a Black population of 12%. Why should Anglophone Cameroon’s 20% or less be a problem if not for remote-controlled orders like “Attention…..pas d’Anglophone au Palais de

        • Don’t be afraid to post your comment under mine when you are addressing me! It makes you look like the ancient coward that can’t hide anywhere.

          Like I have told you before, you are extremely dangerous for the African youth… a ‘scientist that despises logic and facts!

          For the so-called Anglophone population to be 8 million, Cameroon must have a population of a staggering 40 million people (based on your fraudulent 20 percent claim). Now, can the dubious warlock dispute this mathmatical fact?

          You say you have a doctorate in the natural sciences but you sorrowfully do not appear as an individual with such academic credentials. You don’t see any problem with illegitimate data… and that’s quite telling!

        • When you represent figures incorrectly, you get corrupted data… and research is nullified. That’s the scientific maxim.

          Behold… you are right: figures do not lie; only liars figure out what to do with them, as you poetically state. The only trouble is that you are the liar, Dinga!

          You expect the Palais to be awarded to you simply because you are a so-called Anglophone; and then wail when you get chastized as a man of low intelligence that seeks affirmative action to survive. No, old man, you have to compete and fight your way through like your icon Obama did! Obama won mainly thanks to White folks and you must embrace the Francophones similarly to get to the Palais.

          Stop acting the victim… back with this victim-centered mentality, and stop being a pitiful and despondent deadbeat!

  10. One and Indivisible LRC can no longer dictate to Southern Cameroons. The dialogue to separate cannot be with Biya’s Anglofools like Atanga, Musonge etc . Let LRC bring it’s brightest intellectuals like the Okrika Professor who said Southern Cameroonians were not very bright, to negotiate b4 it is too late. LRC is unable to face AMBAS with cutlasses and hammers, then what more when they start acquiring WMD?

    • Who are the brightest professors in your Ambazombi termite nation? Where were they when Kamto was defending Bakassi? O yea… wait… that one called Ntumfor Nico was busy selling Ndian division to Herakles Farms!

      Again, your pitiful gangs of armed robbers have been given the red carpet so far… things could get interesting fast and you will be weeping like a little girl.

      Cameroon is ONE and that’s that! You will loose many of your gang members… after which you will come to civilization when you realize that your delusional struggle was simply an exercise in futility. I believe you know what has saved you so far….

  11. @Rat Tuge
    Your LRC is one and indivisible to there and keep singing it nonsense that day is gone pass small boy ADF will soon teach your LRC something in our the territory of SC Ambazonia

  12. Ras Banga,
    17% of 22 is almost four million inhabitants. Add the rest of the 3 million Ambazonians scattered around the world . If it was 17% in 2010, add a conservative figure of one million for the past 8 years, and you are around 8 million inhabitants. Abusing drugs for such a long time has had the best of you. You think you have found a talking point to sooth the ego of the braggart you are, but you only make a fool of yourself!

  13. “The recent killings in Menka-pinyim of innocent unarmed civilians show the total disregard for human life and growing human plight in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon”(Akere Muna Presidential candidate 2018).

    • You this idiotic devil! You want him to lie as a measure of nursing his presidential ambitions? Why do you wicked frogs prefer deceitful entities to truth tellers? Maybe a CPDM standard? Listen, to hell with your presidential excuse. With or without it, your killing machine will stand before the ICC and be bundled to prison like the Hutu assisting militia. When Akere Muna was defending old thief Biya in the Oregon lawsuit against Fotso or in Bakassi against Nigeria he was good enough because he wasn’t presidential candidate right? Grumpy humpty dumties. You will all follow the old head into his grave. Too foolish unambiguous people with no ambition at all whatsoever.