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Cameroon Strike Leaders Plead Not Guilty

Tensions continue in Cameroon as the strike in English-speaking regions nears the end of its third month.

Three strike leaders pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of terrorism and insurrection before a military tribunal. They are accused of calling for the English-speaking parts of the country to secede and they could face the death penalty if convicted.

Nkongho Felix Agbor-Balla, Fontem Aforteka’a Neba and Bibixy Mancho are accused of organizing demonstrations in December that turned violent. The government says national flags were burned and the flag of a supposedly new independent nation was lifted. The government deployed the military, and at least seven people were killed in the unrest.

The three men entered the courtroom Monday joined by more than 100 lawyers working on their defense. Defense counsel Ben Muna says his clients were arrested illegally.

“The preliminary objection which we raised had to do with how the case was investigated which is the proof that the prosecution said they were not ready,” Muna said. “They don’t have witnesses.”

The case has been adjourned until March 23rd.

Strike started in November

English-speaking lawyers and teachers have been on strike since November. They are protesting what they say is the overwhelming use of French in their sectors. But the strike has drawn other activists who accuse the state of marginalizing English speakers living primarily in the southwest and the northwest.

Some strikers are calling for a return to federalism, while other leaders want secession. The government says neither are options. Negotiations broke down over the issue earlier this year.

The strikers are also demanding the unconditional release of everyone arrested in connection with the strike. The government says 70 people are detained. Activists say the number is higher. More arrests happened this past weekend during unrest in the northwestern town of Ndop.

Meeting with President Biya

Main opposition party leader Ni John Fru Ndi says he raised concerns about the military’s response in a recent meeting with President Paul Biya.

“I told Mr. Biya that please can you step in and take a position yourself on what is happening,” Fru Ndi said. “They are still shooting and killing. Teachers are locked up, and they are going around arresting people. Anybody who talks about federation will be arrested and locked up. I mean, all these things should be discussed.”

President Biya issued a statement Friday. He is open to dialogue but the president said national unity is not up for negotiation and all detainees must face justice.

The government has made some changes to address strikers’ grievances.

Judges transferred

President Biya has transferred non-English speaking judges out of the striking zones and announced plans to recruit 1,000 bilingual teachers.

Students at a public school in Yaounde performed a sketch encouraging people to use both languages.

Teachers like Bibian Ayuk said they have received instructions to promote bilingualism.

“When they have activities in schools, it is carried out in both languages and we encourage teachers when they go to school to carry out what they call jeux bilingue,” Ayuk said. “That is a five-minute talk in your second language while teaching.”

Both languages are used

English speakers constitute just 20 percent of the population but the constitution said English and French should be equally important.

Since the strike began, some official documents can now be found in English. English has also been added to signs for state radio and television and various government ministries. High-ranking government officials have begun giving public remarks in both languages.

Despite the changes, the government has drawn a hard line on the strike. In January, authorities banned public gatherings in the two affected regions and cut all internet access.

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  1. Every single country in africa where you see these Big degree holders in power nothing good happen because their education is a virtual education learning theories about aryans world and staying in third world and dreaming or aryan life..once in a while they travel to aryans country for therapy they look at aryan countries thinking that is part of their work then run back to africa…shame on you. africa should.clean every single one of these educated fools….look at europeans countries that were all at some point colonised you will see that most of the adminitration ..yes peoples running day to day life of their society are selected from village and interviewed and made to understanding that they must make sure all values they have is traditional values and that their sole role.is to proctect their values and interrest they do not have big degree etc….look critically you will see each time you meet a high level ranking worker in ministry try and ask his story

    • @ Pharaon
      You are a nutcase. Do you send your children to school (if you have any)? Without your so called “Aryan education”, you will not be able to read and write, especially the rubbish you write on this page everyday. I have a feeling you failed in education and are jealous of people who have more knowledge and better educated than you. it seems you will be very happy if everyone was as dumb as you and can be easily manipulated and fed with misinformation as CRTV does daily.
      We can only develop economically and politically as a people if we value education as well as people who excel in it and innovation.

      We need more people with “big degrees” in all areas especially in the sciences and technology to help develop our country so as not to always depend on foreign experts. It takes a lot of hard work to obtain a big degree.
      This is one of the reasons why West Cameroonians are striking i.e. because they want their children to be taught by teachers who can speak to them in a language that they understand rather than mix everyone up in some futile drive for francophonisation under the guise of national unity.
      BTW national unity can be enhanced by Federalisation otherwise the alternative is separation and independence.

      French is a dying language, so I am not sure why some LR Cameroonians think they can use it as a batch of honour to discriminate against their brothers. Apart from a few poor countries in Africa and France, most of the world either speak English or are learning to speak English for business, science and technology. Even French scientists and businessmen know they have to speak English to succeed in this world.

  2. When a disease is ignored, it grows steadily and with time, becomes incurable or even fatal. It is dishonest to speak of Anglophone grievances as if these just cropped up today. These problems have lingered on for over 50 years with no sincere effort made to tackle them.

    Not too long ago, an Honorable MP (Member of Parliament) took the microphone and dwelt at length on these very issues. Before him another MP went on the rampage bringing down sign boards exclusively in French, at the heart of Bamenda. Times without number, Anglophones have found themselves helpless when faced with an arrogant Francophone service provider who dismissed them with “Je ne comprends pas votre anglais-la” and got away with it. Tons and tons of such cavalier attitudes do not augur well for a bilingual, bi-cultural Cameroon that is also called/wished “one and indivisible”.

    Need one add that letters are never ever replied to? That would kill the nation’s biggest industry – Dossier Chasing! From AAC1 to AAC2 to SCNC there have been tons and tons of letters written on these vexing issues, yet today supposedly responsible people on taxpayers dole are asking for Anglophones to come to the discussion table with their grievances. Haba!

    Democracy has many colors but top of the agenda is “we the people” and expressions of inalienable rights enshrined in various documents and given to custodians to take care of. How custodians turn around to become Lords of the people defies logic. No document is perfect and that is why constitutions are subject to amendments. If custodians find themselves unable to abide by the calling of a people, the simple, logical way out is resignation, a thing that is anathema in Cameroon. The obnoxious idea of sitting tight and holding the people ransom is bizarre, to say the least. An honest person must acknowledge the imperfection of both the text and him/herself.

    Petitions and demonstrations are the only outlets available to a people to air their grievances. When these are denied or treated with scorn or levity, discontent enters the scene and is often very intractable to handle. Of all the blunders a nation should commit, the worst is that of creating a sub-population of its citizens called “NOTHING TO LOSE” . Once people find themselves in this subset of the populace, they become accountable to no one. It is ridiculous for the governing authorities to place at the doorsteps of the members of the Consortium the handiwork of members of the NOTHING TO LOSE group. No one controls this group.

    In ordinary crime investigation, an important question that leads to the author of a criminal act is this: “Who stands to gain from committing this crime?” Not so with the NOTHING TO LOSE group. They do not burn a car because they want to gain from it, nor do they set the school or police station aflame because of any intended gains. They just destroy to vent a pent-up frustration that has been allowed to fester over time. Scapegoating does not solve the problem of the NOTHING TO LOSE category of a society’s citizens. The answer lies elsewhere, not in arresting and trying persons who venture to air their professional grievances!

    He who has ears….

    • How you dey nor papa grand Johnny?

      “…These problems have lingered on for over 50 years with no sincere effort made to tackle them…”
      How do you tackle an “issue” when the goal post is shifted on a daily basis, there is always a reason for the other side to complain?

      Let’s remember this saga started as lawyers and teachers protesting against what they believed to be injustice. The government came to the table to listen to their grievances. Before any concrete solutions was found, the issue became one of secession, intimidation of the population, destruction of property, murders, etc.

      You are the greatest hypocrite on this site. To prove my point, show us one member on this forum who disagrees with you on the so-called “Anglophone problem” and whom you have not labelled an agent of Mr. Biya, a regime apologist, a hater of the Anglophone?

      When you people are calling for “negotiations” and “discussions”, you are in fact asking all Cameroonians to just seat quiet and accept your views at 100%. This will NEVER HAPPEN!

      “…Before him another MP went on the rampage bringing down sign boards exclusively in French, at the heart of Bamenda…”

      You see why you are a hypocrite? Isn’t Bamenda in Cameroon? If this MP is walking around with signs in French, who stooped you to walk before and after him with signs in English, German or even Chinese?

      You hypocrites cannot be calling for freedom and when others express their freedom, you take it as an insult to you and start crying. Stand up, make your own signs and whichever language you want and go march all day long for all we care!

      “…arrogant Francophone service provider who dismissed them with “Je ne comprends pas votre anglais-la” and got away with it. Tons and tons of such cavalier attitudes do not augur well for a bilingual, bi-cultural Cameroon that is also called/wished “one and indivisible”…”

      Hypocrite and liar. If the country was as bilingual as you seem to wish, why would the “Anglophone” in your example not be able to seek service in French when faced with a French speaking civil servant? Do you know in a bilingual country, citizen also have the responsibility to educate themselves in the languages used across the nation?

      The Cameroonian reality is simply this and everyone knows this. Those east of the moungo will make an effort to educate themselves and speak English, but many, like yourself west of the moungo will rather cry all day and act like babies.

      A lady, who have lived in France for over a decade and is from the Bamenda region asked my niece to accompany her at the embassy. How ridiculous is that? Here is a grown-up adult, raised in Cameroon, lived 10+ years in France and still need a translator to go to her embassy? This is pure madness!

      Let me say it again, secession is not an option in Cameroon. As you said, he who has ears…

      • Proof of incompatibility. Let us go. We do not like u just as much as you do not like us and do not want your “vivre ensemble” like perpetual beggars. We have to fight for everything. As a sign of goodwill Biya could have gone of his way to address the country for once in 35 years in English. That would be proof of an honest attempt at bilingualism. Instead a commission was created as commissions have an excellent track record of solving LRC’s problems, I guess. And since u guys do not get it, for the umpteenth time, the problem is not about language but your steadfastness in undermining our very existence and refusing us our dues. Language is just one of the symptoms and yes that means shifting the goal posts continuously till we both agree on the game we are playing and by what rules. Mediocrity, corruption, aloofness and sheer stupidity are not virtues where we come from. This time enough is enough.

        • HouseKeeper! United States

          @ Paysan et al,
          Thanks for the great contributions. Let me begin with a couple of quotes:

          “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
          I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. It always seems impossible until it’s done.”. ..Madiba Mandela

          “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”.. Dr. ML King

          The level of silliness and venom spewed by some individuals on this forum is simply unfathomable. It is true that each person is entitled to his/her own opinions but can anyone with a level head make the case for this regime after thirty five years? Could it be that certain individuals have been caught in a web of their own egos to the extent that they choose to wrestle with others than carefully observe the situation at hand?

          As this regime takes the uncanny decision of faking charges and upstaging a trial, one would have to ask how the issue of terrorism is relevant in this case. Can a court that is beholding to the president and power corridors even attempt a fair trial? Shouldn’t the president and his band of kowtowers have placed the issue of west/Southern Cameroons in a town hall for an honest debate and let the world be the judge? And shouldn’t a referendum be conducted thereafter to see which side wins the debate just as it was done forty five years ago?
          In a country where the military serves only to defend the gerontocracy and in which the courts have absolutely no significance by virtue of the pecuniary grafting admissions into ENAM and political appointments, shouldn’t the court of public opinion be a good way for the world to see the Cameroonian mantra of “rigor and moralization”?
          The government seems to be taking a wrong turn to the road of self-destruction.
          In this day and age, this regime must understand and learn how to meet the demands of the people or address tensions in the country in a reasonable way. As is the case with any crisis, brutality and intimidation would be met with stiff and equal resistance and when the bubble bursts the beans will be spilled and more chaos will brew.

          This regime is on its last footing, and the very essence of a trial only invites trouble and more trouble. We must bear in mind that the failures of this REGIME are not new to any Cameroonian West or East of the Mungo but that West Cameroonians have been intentionally disfranchised and disproportionately affected.

          “Meme le chef d’état meurt” was not a mere accidently quote by Petit Pays but an effort to indicate to fellow Cameroonians that things ain’t right and that frustration was better echoed musically as music may communicate and survive longer than ordinary texts.

          As with all individuals, nature will surely take its course but for all despots, their names will be infamously mentioned in history and willfully forgotten by the laity and people of goodwill. And the bandwagon of gerontocrats, especially those of Southern Cameroon extraction would have a participation in ways similar to that of Joseph Goebbels. Their willful deniability of police brutality and the conduct of this regime is treasonous as well as their role in the trials of marginalized voices. Someday, when they all languish in despair, they will have enough time to reflect on just how personal gains can lead to self infliction and affliction. Perhaps Inoni and Forjindam know better…

          Time is a story teller, time is an inexorable judge!!!

      • USOA@ The French language is know to 40 % and English to 20 % the complaints of enforcement of French
        Administration with a complete lack of english/administration/legal/educational written or other wise has been going on for years in Yauonde (and theres very full published books about this being a problem ) ,let alone the said areas asking for full bi – organisation .Having English and it being the main language for digital administration ( which would include “transparancy ,an open market and qualified people finally for positions in this area ,thus drawing investors and more jobs ) just makes it silly to continue to ignore progress with 50% of the population being youths .
        The fact that embassy staff in France are not bi-Lingual sort of give a dire example of this silliness especially as Cameroon as a country has English as a administrative/ legal/ educational language .Its to our advantage in attracting buisness in have both not just one.Anyway Mr John Dinga’s @ write up is right and fair, both areas agreed to bi-Administration/legal/educational / language and Yauonde cental admin should stop pratting around ,( for more than 3 months!!)and get down to sorting it out and it would be a good start by releasing these civilian reprasentatives and the others and listen to how the country can go forward .

      • thanks for your reply on this half brain guy…

      • @UnitedStatesOfAfrica
        Secession or separation is a choice which West Cameroonians can make if they want the same way as they did when in 1961 they decided to join LRC. If we decide to separate, nobody can stop us because we will be prepared to use all means possible to defend our lands from LRC colonisation/occupation.

        Remember that big wealthy European powers in the mid/early 20th century could not defeat independence movements in Africa and Asia even with their sophisticated armies and terrorisation of the indigenes. LRC has a small and weak army that is very good at harassing, killing and raping our civilians. LRC does not even have enough money to feed its soldiers fighting BH in the North of the country. The government had to go cap in hand asking ordinary citizens at home and abroad to donate money and food for their soldiers?

        So just forget about trying to use force to prevent West Cameroonians from self determination because it is an internationally recognised human right. LRC may actually end up losing money, people land like the Arabs lost against Israel during the 1967 war. It will cost LRC dearly if they try to impose their will on West Cameroonians. Perhaps the Western and Littoral Provinces may prefer joining West Cameroon to create a truly dynamic bilingual democratic state that respects human rights and which is not a crypto-French colony. Biya and his people can continue to be a French colony if that is what they want.

      • @Unitedstatesofafrica. Dear Sir, just to notify you that you have lost touch with reality. Go back and study the history of Cameroon by SN Tita. Start from this source. This is simple and easy to understand. Read more advanced history books of Cameroon and you will see that what you are saying is out of touch.
        When you are done, tell me if you understand the anglophone problem. I will be lecturing you subsequently. Please come ready with your empty head and head copy and receive knowledge because we believe that knowledge is power.

  3. speezy 4matic

    who wrote this rubbish article..?now I just acertain that its now a LRP news base…so skint and very foolish

    • Do not forget that crucial issues are at stake; any helpful tip, tidbit will go a long way to assist innocent persons fighting for their lives. The adjournment of this matter today on the pretext of looking for witnesses opens a window to the hoax being concocted. Where have these witnesses been? And will they be made to face the accused in open court as required by legal practice?

  4. The president himself is not a good example. Ask him if he has attempted an end of year speech in English! All these mushroom ministers he has are nothing but gangsters. At the end of the ‘work day’ they retire into hotels where select university girls are invited to quench their thirsts of what their old wives cannot provide. They have big farms, cattle, businesses overseas not to mention covetous bank accounts. Never before has a nation been controlled by thugs than it is in Cameroon. Paul Biya should go out of the picture, all prisoners released, and a national conference convened to hear the people’s voice. This time the United Nations should step in! the AU is just a club of similar monkeys; it is a retirement home for people who should now be called Parkinson or Dementia!

    • Chai Senator…you made me laughed out my stomach.I agree with you 1000% bro.Keep up with the good contribution.Biya’s era is coming to an end.He had to set a good example by atleast addressing the country in even “broken english”,then atleast others will try try to copy

  5. How can they ever plead guilty when under the doctrine of res judicata the whole setting is a functus officio? People were arrested in different domiciles and ferried to a military tribunal thousands of kilometers away from the alleged hot spots making a mockery of the constitution itself. I bet you the case was adjourned because those men in military uniforms passing for judges had no idea how to state their case before the defense counsel. Last adjournment was in pretense of Kodjo’s funeral. Today it is panic created by the panel of lawyers. I regret everyday how we could share the same country with these wild animals taking plight in other’s misery. The criminal gang leader Biya and his CPDM crime syndicate released prisoners in Buea to march on 11th February. Now they have all absconded. Innocent people are being arrested in Kale Kale on Buea streets and bundled into prison cells to account for prison presence. Okalia Bilai and his master is committing treason to the highest order just like Crtv will is using last year’s marchpast images in West Cameroon to deceive the world everything went ok. Lets see how long this farce will go on.

    The struggle continues.

  6. Kill them

    • Yesterday you were gloating to have arrived the US as to improve on your lexicon. Did Trump stop you at the border? How come you made it back at such a quick rebound? Pig.

    • HouseKeeper! United States

      …”Kill them”? Indeed, this is amazing. How low and shallow is that. Even when you disagree with a person, issuing such a low class drivel is pitiable and x-rays the level of indignity that some people approach differences of opinions. And for what?? Is that the practice is Ireland??

  7. Every single country in africa where you see these Big degree holders in power nothing good happen because their education is a virtual education learning theories about aryans world and staying in third world and dreaming or aryan life..once in a while they travel to aryans country for therapy they look at aryan countries thinking that is part of their work then run back to africa…shame on you. africa should.clean every single one of these educated fools….look at europeans countries that were all at some point colonised you will see that most of the adminitration ..yes peoples running day to day life of their society are selected from village and interviewed and made to understanding that they must make sure all values they have is traditional values and that their sole role.is to proctect their values and interrest they do not have big degree etc….look critically you will see each time you meet a high level ranking worker in ministry try and ask his story

  8. Its time to forget this forum for a month bye bye..going to camer.be

  9. No secession, no federalism and yes to separation! Cannot hold these people in la Republique Francaise du Cameroun by force.

  10. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

    SHOW TRIAL. Nothing more nothing less


    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      When Biya’s law on Terror was adopted by the kangaroo parliament, I wrote on this same Forum that this law was another weapon to sustain the dictatorship and had NOTHING to do with Boko Haram. I was insulted and called all types of names by puppets of the Etoudi Junta.
      I have once more be proven right.

  11. USOA you made my day there is no better way to recall all this saga. Dishonest can deny but the truth is there.

  12. Admin, who are you, I mean who are you?

    Admin: Nobody…

    • @ Paysan
      I would not recommend such a hard, raw language to the person(s) who own and operate this website.

      This is not to endorse the multiple inexplicable lapses – sudden withdrawal of posted contributions, some of which have taken precious research into the facts, the indulgence exhibited towards some contributors with nothing but vulgarity and arrogance to offer, etc. The vibrancy of this forum is killed when mediocrity is encouraged and projected at the expense of useful contributions.

    • I thought as much!! Nobody. Thanks for answering anyway. It shows there is still hope, hahaha!

  13. Frogs heading a Kangaroo court. No surprise there !!!

  14. In today’s modern era, Biya ‘s policies in education all over the country has turn out to be a failure causing problem in today’s society, bilingualism was in existence before he took power, instead of more promotion, he encouraged marginalisation, influencing more french language because he himself is handicap in the Emglish language.
    The majority of anglophones are bilingual more than francophone as they realise it is the only way to get a better job in the country,since all the ministries in Yaounde which oversee all affairs operate in the French language not English which is where the problem lies,it is has always been a bias and discriminating policy by the government, the head of states should focus on civil servants ability to be bilingual, the must be 50% of all government document of both languages with easy accessibility for everyone, availability of bilingual sign postings all over the country, civil servants especially in Yaounde ministries must be able to be bilingual with clear spoken,understanding and communicating skills to deal with all clients without being hostile, rude aggressive and intimidating, they should also be impartially fair with all clients no matter the language spoken. Yaounde ministries is known by many Cameroonians, including foreign visitors as the most unwelcoming, hostile environment and experience dealing with non french speaking clients, many civil servants are often arrogant, and unhelpful because they feel challenged and are unwilling to engage due to language barrier, it is ridiculous that without french, they cannot do a better for their country,which they get paid for, France is a french speaking country yet most non French speaking visitors do not need to speak french to carry daily tasks because the English language is understood and spoken fluently by the French.
    The trial of these unarmed young activists and the many kidnaps, imprisonment of young men, the rape of young women by the regimes army is a testimony for the rest of the world to understand the dictatorship of a regime government, which continue to violate it’s citizen,s Human Rights Law, freedom of speech and expression, the Biya army is killing, torturing, raping, kidnapping and arresting unarmed protesters in the anglophone regions , yet they are not prosecuted, the world is watching

  15. ”Some strikers are calling for a return to federalism, while other leaders want secession. The government says neither are options. Negotiations broke down over the issue earlier this year”.

    All the people east of the mungo in this forum are fine with the unitary system.It is becos of the unitary system that the Limbe seaport that they all go to carry petrol has not been built.It is only in a country like Cameroon where a natural sea like the one in Limbe would be abandoned for over fifty six years after independence. And they say there is nothing like anglophone and francophone in Cameroon,and that we are all Cameroonians….ha ha ha ha…I am beginning to think that,we are still living in the colonial era where the colonial masters would exploit our resources and use the money to develope their country.Becos,if the Yaounde regime truely believes that West Cameroon,especially Limbe is part of their country,Limbe seaport would have long been built.Of course we all are not Cameroonians.The people east of the mungo are Cameroonians while people west of the mungo are foreigners,thats why the articial seaport in Diouala where billions is spent every year for maintainance is the preffered choice over Limbe.
    Thats also why Kribi,which is not contributing up to 2 percent of the country’s GDP is the preffered choice for seaport over Limbe that is producing more than 40percent GDP.
    We are going to take back control over our country,Southern Cameroon,becos its obvious southern cameroon is not part of la Republique.

  16. All this francophone morons in this forum are supporting the status quo becos they are on the comfort zone.
    They preffer to go to Limbe and carry petrol and move to Douala or Kribi that is distance away and export, rather than building the Limbe natural seaport that is just a stone throw from SONARA and do the exportation from there…..anuofia…….bla bla bla…we should not be worried,we are all Cameroonians.There is nothing like anglophone and francophone…who are they petronizing?
    Just the way Biya is doing shows that he himself knows that Southern Cameroon will one day seperate from La Republique,thats why they are doing everything to exploit our resources and develope their country before we seperate.And they are doing it in a way that if we seperate,Ambazonia will start building from scratch,with no seaport,no airport,no dam to supply electricity e.t.c..This are all tactics they want to use to black mail us to stay with them….
    Otherwise,i did not know that Cameroon can have more than one dam.If so,why was the Yoke dam that was supplying electricity in west Cameroon destroyed, and now west Cameroon is getting electricity from Edea east of the mungo? and today,more dams like the memvele and lom pangar are being built east of the mungo.Why then was the Yoke dam west of the mungo destroyed?
    This francophone morons will not believe what is about to come their way……

  17. They are not guilty and should be release immediately.Biya is guilty for Genocide and should be issued a Warrant of arrest by the ICC.The Trial should be live on Crtv,BBC,CNN,VOX,EQ etc.

  18. IF Biya kills any southern cameroonian again,then it is time to Arrest or kidnap Brenda Biya

    • Bro….i think poor brenda is innocent just like frank biya who had always maintain a quiet life.the thief at etoudi is the idiot here

  19. For ever young Reserved

    Right on point@ kongossa Ndian division which 95% of the country crude oil resources comes from isn’t even accessible by roads you mentioned limbe in your write up under dis despotic regime of Mr Biya the tyrant most companies operating in limbe that includes sonara still pays taxes in the douala urban council because of the manipulation created by the regime for them to register their business in littoral, in order deprive Anglo region their dues you mentioned yoke, what about menchum falls in the development process, & the devision / partition of west Cameroon from Nw/Sw which used to be one territory with the evil goal to destroying our economy& common resistance to the territory left to us by our ancestors before joining dis GoD forsaken union with la republic

    • We can’t live with people who forbid us from being the president of the country.They are even destroying our children with this nonsense that bilingualism.When they traveled to Yaoundé for further studies, they get confused with notes translations from French to English which helps to destroy their language power in English.This is the reason you find some of them not fluent in English-speaking.The English culture is very decent, we can see the difference from our children.
      SEPARATION is the best solution.
      We must SEPARATE.

      • Rudolf,

        First of all, your English is very poor for someone who is claiming to be English-speaking! I know of many so-called Francophones that are way more proficient in English. This is quite embarrassing, my friend. You must improve your English before you can claim the decency of an English culture which is not your culture by the way. Your so-called Anglophone professors at the University of Buea are even more calamitous.

        Secondly, who has prevented you from becoming the president of the country? You truly imagine that you are entitled to the presidency of the state simply by virtue of pity? No, my friend; you must compete with others who also aspire to lead the country.

        Thirdly, you are grasping on straws with your separatist chants. That will never happen, man. Clearly, just like the delusional bunch of so-called Anglophone leaders of yesteryears, you lack political education. You guys make so much noise whilst you have absolutely no single sense of direction. The stakes are higher than you can reach.

        Lastly, endeavour to improve on your English!

        • Etangti Mo Manyang United Arab Emirates

          @ Raster man Tuge, are you sure u are not just a lunatic? What exactly are u driving at ? In fact you are just a confused idiot and a LRC butt leaker. Go and educate your Mboo clan. Too much mbanga. Tsuiipsss

        • This Ras Impostor Tuge once again picking at the softest spot. Education has never been the measure of any presidential office in the world especially when your type Bob Mugabe qualifies as the most educated president in the world. You come to this forum and bully people of having the highest of educational standings when in truth you are a perpetual blower of hot air, xenophobia and other forms of hate. Btw how is SWRM faring? We are still waiting to see ground level progress. While at that, put the joint down and embrace sobriety.

        • HouseKeeper! United States

          @ Ras Tuge,

          The gentleman’s English is fine and his message was lucid and comprehensible. This arena is not a test of proficiency in English but a global forum for discussion. English is foreign to Cameroon and was once a vehicle for slavery and colonialization. Furthermore, English has evolved with the cultures and traditions of different regions of the world. There is American English, Ghanaian English, Australian, British and yes, Bokova English etc..

          Your assertion of an “English culture” is clearly misplaced here but the bigger issue is your apparent display of self-righteousness as if when it comes to articulating in English language you are unassailable. What makes you think that your own writings are unimpeachable? We all have our rough edges to trim and however intelligent an African is, English language can not be the barometer for IQ measurement. I have encountered some Cameroonians who almost pontificate in colonial language and who go on a chest-beating parade when using jaw-breaking or bombastic language whereas just after the Mediterranean all of that showboating would be ignored.

          When I was in UB, I scored highest in functional French II but I had never spent more than a fortnight East of the Mungo. It was a measure of how well I worked not how incapable or unsmart others of francophone extraction were.

          The issue of presidency is another misconception you have. Of course, even praise-singers of Popol know that they can NEVER aspire to that office. Any attempts at such an aspiration would be severely punished and we have seen cases of that. Thirty five years in power is never attained without a stronghold on power and severely crushing on dissidents. Simply put, it is dictatorship at its core.
          There’s almost a primitive revelry when lovers of a dictatorial regime speak in its favor but there is hardly any plausible explanation or justification for that support. All that matters is personal gain or satisfaction.

        • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

          Excellent writeup. Chapeau !!1

        • Ras tuge continue leur education, ils sont trop trou-du-Q pour comprendre la logique la plus simple. Et tous ceux qui n adherent pas a leur stupidite sont selon leur naivete des (pro francais et Biyanais ) . Les perdants seront une fois de plus les enfants qui sont prives d ecole. Faut prendre un exemple simple sur tous les ministres anglophones depuis 1960 y a pas 5 qui ont une maison dans leurs villages. Mon village il y en a eu aumoins 4 aucun n a une case, meme pas un robinet publique. Tous leurs enfants sont aux usa et ne se rappellent meme plus qu ils sont camerounais. Faut arreter avec cette mentalite du super ADN anglophone. Les sud ouest est completement envahi par les nigerians, presque tout est entre les mains des nigerians, vous etes incapables de tenir et developper vos villages et vous voulez une independance. Deja il vous reste quoi la foret? Vous avez vendu toutes vos terres. Le cas du cameroun est different de celui du soudan mais ou sont ils depuis leur independance. C est comme tous ces jeunes qui revent du bushfalling sans aucune competence et se retrouvent une fois en Thailand, liban, Armenie, france etc perdus dans la prison de leur stupide illusion

        • @Ras Tuge
          English was brought to us by the whites, and to speak exactly like them, you must be simple.If not, then, you end up speaking jargons like the jargons you’ve spoke above.Who told you that English must be modified in order to upgrade you language power.My friend, you can’t be fluent if you dear try to modify your English.NEVER.Even my little daughter of five years can challenge you in English-speaking.It is better to be fluent, rather than using words which you don’t even know how to apply them.

  20. Kangaroo court.

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