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Cameroon telecoms giants in dispute over CFA1.6bn debt

APA – Douala (Cameroun) A dispute is currently raging between Cameroon two telecom giants over a controversial debt of CFA1.6 billion.

Public operator, Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL) and the subsidiary of the French multinational Orange are on a collision course over the status of the debt, a statement issue on Tuesday revealed.

CAMTEL accuses its partner, Orange-Cameroon of not respecting its contractual commitment towards settling an unpaid invoice of CFA1.6 billion.

CAMTEL, which also runs the national fiber network, has used the alleged debt as a pretext to restrict Orange’s fiber optic data capacity since last Thursday, leading to the deterioration of the quality of the operator’s services to clients.

In an SMS to its subscribers, the French subsidiary referred to a breakdown of its services on fiber optics to explain the inconvenience.

Reacting to CAMTEL’s accusations, Orange-Cameroon claimed it has been fulfilling its contractual obligations, and has not yet received an unpaid invoice from its partner.

In a philosophical note Orange added: “As in any relationship, including commercial links, disputes may arise, clashes may exist.”

Meanwhile, CAMTEL is threatening to suspend the fiber optic service, if Orange does not honour its debt obligation by Tuesday.


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