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Cameroon: Troop death toll from separatist raid climbs to ten

APAnews | At least ten soldiers are now known to have been killed by separatists of the English-speaking Southern Cameroon’s Ambazonia Consortium United Forces, (SCACUF).

The separatist group is campaigning for the total independence of the northwest and southwest regions from the rest of the country.

On Thursday, the initial death toll was two but sources have now put the number of soldiers killed over the past month to ten.

According to authorities of the southwest region, troops were ambushed in the village of Otu, near the town of Mamfe on Wednesday night.

“During the attack, Police inspectors Ngah and Nkelle sustained gunshot wounds and died shortly afterwards” one source said.

Prior to the officers’ killing, the Minister of Communication and government Spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakari, reviewing the security situation in that part of the country bedeviled by year-long protests, said “heavily armed terrorists attacked elements of the Cameroon Defense Forces deployed to protect Agborkem German, in the southwestern district of Manyu”.

During the attack, four soldiers belonging to the 22nd Motorized Infantry Battalion (BIM) were killed.

The victims include Sergeant-Chief Tih Julius Angu, Master Corporal Voula Voula Victor, Private Class Yinda Bobekreo and Private Class Noutchomwo Many Raphael Willy.

“In addition to the four gendarmes killed earlier we have a total of ten law enforcement officers mowed down in the two regions, within a month” the spokesman said.

He added: “The assailants probably used canoes, blending into the particularly dense river traffic in the area, thanks to the strong presence of fishermen and traders.”

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  1. Humm.. pray for my Country.
    To all those who have been chanting War in this Forum, you are soon going to be served. We have been telling you people here that when this thing gets out of control, it will be very hard to stop it.
    Biya and his gang are planning something bad,really bad.. poor Cameroon, is anyone listening?

    • You can’t be praying and seeking retribution at the same time. Be careful not to CURSE your generation I repeat. We demand justice for all that has died. Such judicial processes shall acquit those that took away lives in self defence. The struggle continues…

    • Agreed. It is one thing to sit behind a computer pushing fools to more foolishness and another thing to look back in a few months and realize the damage resulting from that shortsighted behavior. At first most educated non-Anglophones I know had sympathy and understanding for a peaceful movement which was asking more common sense in the way bilingualism among other issues is managed in Cameroon. Most of those have pulled back and they do no longer want to discuss the issue. Not only they have become targets, but also they do not want to be associated with a barbaric movement. So-called southern Cameroon has no international significance for the international community to care for your claims. Ask Catalonia. Your movement has been high jacked by savages! A statement on your intelligence!

      • Parroting that people in the diaspora sit behind their laptops and send instructions home and drive people to their deaths has the hallmark of a herd mentality. It is the craziest thing of our times.

        I send money home to friends/family to do me one thing or another but they do not have my time. How then can I, for example, be credited with commanding such persons to undertake anything, let alone one that endangers them?

        • I am more concerned about people of the diaspora in this forum and social media in general who are rejoicing when they hear about killings of armed forces in Cameroon. The violent tone this movement is taking is exactly what will make it fail. They are working hard to be labeled a terrorist group which is more likely to rally the word community against them!

        • Charles Atangana, alias Confucius, branding Anglophones terrorists is nothing new. It comes from a long history of seeing them as less human. At the outset of this crisis when people only carried leaves, the word terrorist was used on this forum and by lucky mouths like Tchiroma to describe unarmed demonstrators. We have repeatedly said it here, that sending our security men to go knock down doors and pull out young men to humiliate and kill is diving with the devil. When matchets and other farm tools were laid out as weapons seized from terrorists, everyone knew the ridicule had reached comedic proportions. Biya is counting on curfews , brute force and hollow promises of dialogue to put an end to the madness. But let him keep living in his world of fantasy! Keep chanting the might of Birs

      • @bikutsi/confucius Go clean your stinky asses guys, cuz it is about to be on idiots.

      • Thank you confucious. I have said this many times. This peaceful Anglophone movement has been hijacked by savages called separatists. This was about marginalization of Anglophones by the Biya regime which was broadly supported by Francophones who even matched here in Canada in support of their Anglophone brothers and sisters. They later stopped when these secessionist savages took over the movement. These savages need to be terminated by any means necessary to protect our beloved country even if it means supporting the brutal dictator.They are sending innocent kids to start a fire they can’t quench.

        • Bobjazz,
          … supported by francophones who even matched here in Canada”… Agbor Pinguiss alias Mbappe, you see how we easily pick you out for having been writing under the screen names of bobjazz, Marie B, Donald Trump, USA Africa? You just exposed yourself there and you are a naked king now! Small chameleon, keep changing colors, because you can’t handle the heat!

        • Anybody can say anything if it fits his purpose. Propably the earth is flat and not round. #franchophones matched!!!!!!!!#

    • Bikutsi,
      You one of those who called on the police to use force on people carrying leaves. You are the one who has been saying Biya is untouchable because he is France and France is the UN. Victim blaming now will not play the magic! We have archives on this forum, with you asking for strongarm measures against people carrying leaves at the very beginning. Even up to this moment you continue to project that spirit of invincibility. Anglophones were already served and 200 of them killed, you as a woman never mourned for this. Now the people you use in serving have continue knocking down doors and killing more people. How else are Anglophones going to be served? Primitive slavish woman!

      • You are a rotten man Firefighter. I have told you several times not to respond to my write ups. I don’t deal with people like you. You can call me Mpappe, Pinguiss etc. I don’t care. I am BobJazz and have never ever changed my name.

    • young Man..There was a demonstration..Its very normal for people to demonstrate and ask for equal rights and justice, right?..
      So you will accept with me that young people in Cameroon have no future and worse of all those from the NWP and SWP, right?..
      So when people are worried about their future, protest against marginalization and go to the streets , what is wrong in that?..
      What measures did the Gouvernement take?
      Sent troops to rape, beat and humiliate people..That was already a declaration of war, right?..
      And today you say some people talked of war in this forum?
      War was long declared on innocent people..
      What the president just said after coming back from Ivory coast is a scandal..
      Im happy nobody in the NWP and SWP takes him serious

      • Korup Forest

        You are totally right. Has the life of a soldier/police man more value than the life of a civilian? As you know I’m not a Cameroonian and even an Oyibo. I saw that message from Biya on TV and was chocked. Even more chocked with what that journalist said. Biya send his condolences to the family of the police men/soldiers who died. Why he can not do the same to the family of the civilians who got killed and raped by his gorilla’s? Its clear that this King Biya is ONLY the president of the Francophones. When I hear that idiot journalist say that Biya as a good father who takes care of his people I want to vomit. But what do you want, those people are feeding from the hands of Biya. They will not cut the hand that feeds them.

        • Korup Forest

          Try as a soldier in Europe to behave as those police and soldiers. You will immediately lose your job and go to court. Bloody idiots!

  2. both military and civilians should never forget that they are all brothers and sisters with or without a uniform .. Killing each other because of one man is a waste ….. there’s always a chance to make a difference #change4prosperity and peace

  3. There is no military solution to the Anglophone Question. However, if Biya continues to follow the military path, Southern Cameroonians will respond accordingly. Asymmetrical warfare will be introduced in this conflict. Nowhere will be safe in LRC. Improvised explosive devices (IED), suicide vests and roadside bombs, drones to deliver the bombs will be the weapons of choice of Southern Cameroonians and NOT AK47.
    Biya should not ignore the determination of Southern Cameroonians to free themselves from servitude. Nothing can and will stop the present momentum.

  4. From Mvogada

    The Cameroon Army has killed and is still killing hundreds of English speaking Cameroonians in the North West and South West regions.The police ,army and gendarmes who have been killed so far were killed while they were still carrying out orders from Paul Biya to continue killing Anglophones.So the killings are revenge killings from an angry and frustrated people whose backs have been pushed to the wall.If Mr Biya wants peace in Cameroon he should release the hundreds of people in jail and condole with the families of those Anglophones whose children have been killed.If Biya wants a war with Anglophones from what is evident is that Anglophones will fight him to the last man.

  5. Nooooo,not again.lrc is at it again,how comes your combat ready troops have never shot and killed an assailant?are these guys really smarter than your combat ready BIRS?
    Lrc is doing everything possible to brand us as terrorist but i still maintain that Ambazonians are not responsible for those killings.
    People will come on this forum to give us all sorts of warnings of what is coming our way.how come they got all those infos?if you claim not to be an insider and each and every time you’ve got insider information what does that make you?lrc should be careful of what it is asking for.
    With the Anglophone parliamentarians breaking ranks with them after all the bribes,so why not kill a few more of the pot belly thugs and blame it on the Anglophones?

    • After all they can use it as justification to carry out the next genocide.
      For those chanting Niger Delta boys,i will say no, that’s not their style.if they could carry out an operation at a bank in Bonaberi D’la in broad daylight without a single shot from the almighty BIRS,then what will stop them from sending a whole squadron of the thugs six foot deep?
      I had been to Otu village on several occasions many years ago and its a peaceful little village,so leave them and our country alone.
      The idea lives on and there is no turning back.

  6. For those on this forum, thinking ADF will be labelled a terrorist organisation by the international community, it will never happened. Only the United States have the sole monopoly under the under the umbrella of the UNSC or state department to labelled armed group a terrorist force and it stands within international law. If you follow past cases, the US only consider armed groups that actually oppose US interest as terrorist while those who aligned with US interest are considered freedom fighters. Sesekou Ayuk Tabe is a breed from US university and United States have always favors their products in fighting for freedoms or self determination around the world. So think very carefully if you are dreaming the international community will sympathize with LRC aggression on SCameroonians

  7. these Troops never went for a peaceful mission..
    They never respected the people as cameroonians..
    They went there to humiliate, rape and kill..
    So is there any reason to feel sorry for the death soldiers?..

    A normal man with a normal brain will say no..
    If the country had a leader, they will look into the problems, but it seems the old man doesnt even care ..
    After All its about the Anglos, the second class people who accepted to be slaves for over 60 years and today want to wake up and say no..
    Marginalization in Cameroon is understood as persistent inequality and adversity resulting from discrimination, social stigma and stereotypes..Thanks to the young people today who stands up against any form of marginalization in Cameroon….

  8. Biya, you are crying already. And before you will know it, your boys will run away from
    you and that is when your defeat will come.
    I fear you are dreaming, thinking that all your brothers and sisters { francophones|, are
    behind you. For now, it is a matter of cowardice and hypocricy.
    With all the weaponry , money and power, the likes of Field Marshall Idi Amin Dada, Mobutu,
    Ghadaffi, Bokassa and Mugabe recently, you have lived to see and know how it ended with
    them. Simple lessons and you can not educate your own self.
    Look at an idiot, who will stand up out of foolishness to fight the church.

  9. No one moaned killing of unarmed civilians, yet the entire country rises as one man to condemn the killing of soldiers who rape poor girls in the villages.
    I guess this was the right thing to do so as to get government’s attention for a frank dialogue.
    I also admire what the parliamentarians are doing in parliament and it is a shame, the national broadcaster (CRTV) does not see a need to cover their resistance. The people are truly tired of lies and need a change, and change it must be.

  10. Earl Mbua Molua

    its about time we take the fight to their door steps. ten is not a bad start.

  11. Yes we are proud of a job well done by our invisible defense forces of the ambazonia people. You francofools have not seen anything yet. Once we are done getting rid of your coward soldiers in our territory we will match all the way to Yaounde and reclaim the entire country as ambazonia territory. A vrais dire.