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Cameroon: Universal health coverage “will cost CFA 1.3bn”

APAnews | The application of the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) system in Cameroon will require a whopping CFA1300 billion, according to the country’s Public Health Minister André Mama Fouda.

He was speaking at a session undertaken to validate the CSU on Thursday.

The CSU was constituted to provide a basic package of care and services of 185 interventions and 101 sub interventions.
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The validated budget must cover various fields of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology obstetrics, pediatrics, stomatology, otolaryngology, vaccination and community services.

“We have conducted other preliminary studies, namely the contributive capacity of Cameroonians. Now, we will be able to identify the remaining part that will have to be mobilized by the state, in case the whole basic package is implemented from the start” Fouda the minister.

According to experts, the approach used to achieve this result has given particular emphasis on the costs in the field, taking into account the price per tablet instead of per platelet or drug package.

The CSU will, according to health authorities, sanitize the entire health sector, with the standardization of care as each intervention is supported by a protocol in all health facilities, the care including the price of the consultation, prescribed drugs and providers, among others.

According to him, this offers a glimmer of hope for improving hospital benefits since “street drugs will die on their own and pharmacists will agree to go to the hinterland to plug the drug need gap in health facilities there” he said.

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  1. This is where the nation’s brain pool should find fertile ground. What can be a better investment that trumps a healthy workforce? But presenting it as an amorphous monster costing a gargantuan budget is a recipe for DO NOTHING!

    Let this be the product of research carried out by the universities, insurance entities and employers in the private and public sectors. The idea of an insurance scheme is to get the largest pool of heathy, employed contributors paying affordable premiums into a fund that eventually covers even the less privileged.

    But if the bad example of people bribing their way through police checks to use the highways for “Njoh” is introduced in healthcare insurance, we can as well forget it and continue funding the few privileged and entitled ones who go abroad for care.

    • Well said John Dinga!!

      There is so much they can learn from other emerging economies like the Middle Eastern Countries, Malaysia, Singapore etc. The problem is implementation, transparency, engagement with various stakeholders and taking proper care of your medical personnel. Cameroon’s best medical practitioners practice out of the country and that is a pity.

  2. The World bank introduced the concept of universal health coverage in 2009 by their president, a physician from South Korea, now a us citizen, in order to make it act as a Trojan horse for developing world’s governments and country. The main goal is to make those health systems similar to US’s system; something that is costly, inefficient, and definitely with potential to bankrupt those economies; because it still is the fee for service scheme. If this government goes down that path, drug and medical devices cost will skyrocket, sharply raising cost, mostly in a context where the government will be blackmailed to complain with western patent laws. Just remember what what happened with cinpharm recently, as their supply chain was strangled to run them out of business.

  3. This translates to over 2.3Million USD and France still owes the country $400Billion USD it has been confiscating as foreign reserves since independence. So there’s a possibility.

  4. I would not accept to be coerced into this system where I obviously pay more for an inefficient care that will also bankrupt me as an individual. Our system should a multilayered preventive care associated with an outcome based payment.

    The pilot studies run in Africa by the World bank under the “financement de la santé basé sur les resultats” is an appalling project in which some phony KPI are variables like “cleanliness, staff behavior etc” And missing were real performance indicators like read mission rates, nosocomial infections rates, etc. How do you build a great house on a phony foundation? You go to Africa. And that’s what is happening here.

    May GOD saves Africa!

    • Armando @ great comments a massive amount of effort should be put in by everyone ( including patients and supporting relatives ) to make the health system as cheap and efficent as possible ,highly concentrating on a multilayered preventative care system. On a lighter note ,afternoon medical chat shows covering common sense precautions and highlights of relevent issues to the different regions on the radio can go a long way of having healthier cleaner living generations .do people in the west know that eating beans will make you sleepy rather than a sleepng pill ? Endorsing and making people proud about their local food variety would be preventative aswell .

  5. The juxtaposition of irrelevant ideas is exactly what causes inaction. If the finances are there as well as the need, there is no point for extraneous actors and entities!

    If Cameroon can budget TWO BILLION (2,000,000,000) CFA Francs for the repairs of Senate Speaker, Niat Njifenji’s house, there is no reason why a similar amount cannot be allotted to start a modest health insurance scheme. The World Bank or IMF does not have to babysit Cameroon all the time!

  6. how can we talk about a universal health coverage for all without solid african phamacutical companies manufacturing at least 80 of medecation used in hospitals?it does not make economic sense to installing such a system when we shall end up importing everything from outside from medecine to medical equipement,increasing our balance of payment deficit.first we must creat sufficient micro industries that will creat wealth necessary to invest in capital and technology intensive domains like buidling medecal equipement etc before thinking about something like this.the deficit of such a deficient health system in france is more than a hundred billion euros.that is more than the debt of africa put together.

  7. ##### universal coverage,a mean 1.3bn allocated for a whole country,while 2 billions are allocated to renovate the residence of the present of senate,are these politicians joking or are they just scamming styles to embezzle their own money in the name of contracts? 1.3 for universal and 2 bn for renovation not even a new construction,govt officials are always on the flights to europe on state budget for medications even when they have a headache,the rest can die,who cares provided they are in good health.This country is a joke,cant copy from other countries.Shame to them.

  8. Have we finished with “health for all by the year 2000?”, the famous song. Did we achieve anything towards that goal? Bring forth your accomplishments and I will help you with ideas on building a universal healthcare system which is cost effective.