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Cameroon v Chile: Cameroon Pre-Match Press Conference

African champions Cameroon open their Confederations Cup campaign against Chile in Moscow tomorrow, Sunday.

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  1. J espere que vous allez jouer sans complex et je ne vois pas pourquoi ce mouilleur de Tambe est aligne, Nji vaut mieux que ce trou .

    • i agree if the coach said njie lost form thats why he was dropped, i do wonder everyday how did this beast called TAMBE made the final cut? Edgar Salli is much better than this beast, Choupo Mouting in his dead form is far much better than this beast TAMBE, what the hell is this beast doing in Russia? he si the most shameful player Cameroon has called in recent times, he doesnt even qualify to be graded as a footballer, how did he make this far? i wonder if he is a striker, because he has never even scored a goal for Cameroon!!!