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Cameroon violence worries U.S., wants rights of deported separatists respected

africanews | The United States has expressed worry over the recent upsurge of deadly attacks on security agents and civilians in Cameroon’s restive Anglophone region.

The U.S. in a February 5, 2018 statement from the Department of State said it condemned the ongoing violence that has killed two gendarmes, a soldier and worker of the elections body, ELECAM. Four civilians were also killed in Bamenda and Belo. The U.S. sent condolences to affected families.

Washington has also called on Yaounde to respect the rights of the 47 separatists who were deported from Nigeria in January 2017.

We expect the government of Cameroon to afford these and other individuals previously detained all the rights and protections enshrined in Cameroon’s constitution.

“We also call on the Government of Cameroon to respect the human rights, including due process, of the 47 Cameroonians forcibly returned from Nigerian custody to the Cameroonian authorities on January, and many of whom had reportedly submitted asylum claims in Nigeria.

The statement also cautioned Nigeria and Cameroon against forcibly deportation of asylum seekers back to their countries of origin.

“We expect the government of Cameroon to afford these and other individuals previously detained all the rights and protections enshrined in Cameroon’s constitution, consistent with the nation’s international obligations and commitments,” the statement concluded.

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  1. Exactly like they respected the rights of Guantanamo detainees Kikikikiki !!!!

  2. Go to hell US and respect the right of blacks killed like chicken in the US, respect the Right of Talibans that defends their country..respect the rights of Indians in America..respect the right of Polygame peoples in the US, who are you to speak to our presidents? who are you?? are you God? Go away your time is numbered as super power soon you will destroy yourself…most counrty in the world are just waiting for the day you will start self destruction!…hypocrite!

  3. No more worries pls, USA….once Baba Buhari is out of the Amba equation it is game over.

    You’ll henceforth be fished out right inside NGR without official permission…

    • The same Buhari whose doom you were crafting here by wishing for his death. I know you will twist and shout and swear you never said it. Nobody longer doubts what you can do and undo!

  4. The USA have no lessons to give to Cameroon.
    With the number of people being gun down every single day in the US,
    They should clean their house first.

  5. Pompidou Mensah

    Kenya just deported opposition lawyer Miguno Miguna to Canada after charging him with treason. Sounds familiar? (Nganang) They are scared of Islamic terrorists in Africa. They use retarded, senile dictators from primitive, shithole, mud hut tribes as stooges to rob their citizens and resources. That’s why bororoman of Nigeria and bororoman zctchziromatz of LRC got together with directions from their handlers to hatch an ill-fated plan. State Department demand the live display of our prisoners if you haven’t already killed them.

  6. Biya is panting now like a rat.They thought this was going to be easy.I have said it before,that the super power that is behind this restoration movement was waiting to step in at the rigth moment.Thank u Donald Trump.Lets see how LRC and Nigeria will not produce those our leaders.

    • You are a very naive fellow! You have been hiding in a firewood kitchen in barren Ngraffiland and imagining all sorts of miraculous scenarios… You chanted support from Nigeria, only for your delusional termites to be collected and shipped to Yaounde… then, still from the confines of your firewood kitchen, you sounded the celestial February 5th ultimatum! Today, you are announcing to Mother Africa that rasclaaat America is coming to save you from your insanity, and thereby clear your eyes from smoke. Well, Ambavumbi, America has been in Cameroon for quite a while now… not on your side though. Eventually, somebody will rescue you from that firewood kitchen whether you like it or not.

      This American woman is simply reminding you to wake up and wash your eyes with purified water.

  7. Heather Nauert,

    The government of Cameroon will respect the human rights, including due process, of the 47 CAMEROONIANS justly returned from Nigeria’s custody to the Cameroonian authorities on January 26th.

    It is good you acknowledged their nationality as CAMEROONIANS, as opposed to their dubious fantasy. They will have to be subjected to the law of the land as prescribed in the Constitution of Cameroon. That is exactly how you handle matters in America, and you sentence millions of people to death and actually execute the sentences. You sentence people to 150 years, 300 years imprisonment… and you execute thousands more summarily. Moreover, it is in the records that America executed a human being and disposed of his remains in the ocean! So you see, America is an example to emulate.

  8. @Ras Tuge America is asking u to send them back to Nigeria and follow due extradition procedure,if at all they are in Cameroon,which i doubt.U cannot claim to want to judge somebody whose extradition procedure was not duely followed.So,America is urging LRC and Nigeria to follow due process of international law.
    And just to remind u dimwit that is hiding in a far away country and imagining that u will have peace without justice, that u can’t even afford bringing HE Sisiku in court,becos your thievery gov’t can’t stand him in court.
    We gave u Feb 5th deadline and i saw how Issa Tchoronko rushed to VOA to explain why they can’t show them to public and grant them access to their lawyers now.Which shows that they are feeling the pressure.I thought u guys have balls.

  9. @Ras Tuge I saw how Issa Tchoronko was shaking like an agric fowl while trying to explain the reasons why LRC could not show video images of HE Sisiku and Co and also the reasons why they can not grant them access to their lawyers.That shows that LRC has been humbled by Chris Anu,the secretary for communication of Ambasonia. ha ha ha ha ha….