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Cameroonian forces invade Nigerian village in search of Ambazonia fighters

Journal du Cameroun | Cameroonian soldiers chase separatist fighters into the Nigerian territory of Danare, in Boki Local Government Area of Cross River State, local media reports.
According today, about 80 gendarmes crossed into the territory claiming to be fighting Cameroon militants that took refuges in the commmunity where over 5000 Cameroonians are seeking asylum as refugees. However, the Sun puts the number of gendarmes who crossed into the Nigerian terroitory at 10.

According to the spokes person of the Danare indegene, Douglas Ogar, , the gendarmes stormed their village about 2.am and started shooting prmpting villagers to run for safety.

“Our people did not sleep on Monday because gendarmes from Cameroon invaded our community claiming to be looking for Ambazonia militants, Ogar, a former councillor of the Boki Local Government Area said.

“The militants, who have since taken refuge in the surrounding forests, were also shooting and the whole community was in chaos, » he added.

“By the time they left on Monday morning, they said their mission was to warn residents of Danare communities to be aware of their return to carry out a military raid which, according to them, is intended to cleanse Danare communities of all Ambazonia refugees’ threat to the Cameroon Government.

He later expressed disappointment at the way the Nigerian government has handled the crisis as the gendarmes promised to return and track down all Ambazonian fighters in the community.

However, the Cross River State Security Adviser Mr. Jude Ngaji said the matter is being handled at the highest level of the state.

“The issue has gone beyond the Police and the Nigerian Army has just deployed a battalion to the area, Mr. Ngaji said.

“No Nigerian has been killed and as you know, this is an international issue which is being handled at the highest level of government.”

According to Nigerian media, this is not the first time Cameroonian forces are invading Nigerian territory with previous moves coming in October and December 2017.

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  1. Wha the [email protected]
    And people here say the Cameroonian army is rubish.
    Ambazombians fighters are doomed. Nowhere to hide.
    You will be flushed down the toilet as waste.

    First pics of Ayuk Tabe alias sisiku are out.
    No I feel sorry for the dude( just sarcasm).
    He looks like someone who has been living on the street for the last half century.
    This is going to be something….
    If anyone need those pics, I would really like to send them. Wish we could exchange privately.
    But guys the poor guy. When the remainder of the a ambazombians still dreaming on fighting see those pics, they will go hide, run and run to hide.

    • U see the pic in ur imagination?

    • You remind me of the omen. If you have seen the movie you know what I mean. Apparently your mom is part of the LRC forces son of a b*tch

    • @ Mbappe,

      The world is patiently awaiting pictures or irrefutable evidence of the safety of the 46 and AyukTabe in the custody of Cameroun judicial authorities as proclaimed yesterday by Mr. Tchiroma, to allay fears that the Anglophones have been executed extra-judicially.

      Killing potential negotiators for peace is NOT the way to build an “etat unitaire”.

      The United States Congress passed resolution H. Res. 718 yesterday targeting Mr Paul Biya for dictatorship, poor governance and human rights violations. Imagine the consequence if the Anglophone leaders have been killed in cold blood. Be careful for the Lord favors the innocent.

      • Dude the Congress did not pass anything.
        A Democrat introduced a proposition and that was passed by a sub committee. This still has many steps before it is enacted.
        Based on biya vote in the last general assembly, the state Department will not follow suit in case this is even passed by Congress.
        Basic geopolitical lessons.
        You see where biya always beats you morons.
        The thing most of you tainted blooded from Biafra are not thinking rationally.
        I am against the biya regime, but will give him that: he is very strategic in regards to ambazonia.
        Results speak for themselves

        • True, the resolution only introduced yesterday. I just checked. It is still a red flag because many such resolutions end up in peoples’ imaginations, never get written and if submitted do not go forward.

          If the Anglophone leaders have been killed extra-judicially by Yaounde authorities then be assured that HRES 718 will be expanded and guaranteed to pass with speed. There would be dire consequences for Mr Paul Biya personally in such a despicable outcome.

          If you have physical evidence that the Anglophone leaders are still alive then put it out on social media.

        • @MD
          Can you please retract what you just said by calling Ayuk Tabe alias sisiku anglophone leader?
          He is not an anglophone leader.
          He is a president of a virtual state called ambazonia which aim is to carve Kamerun.
          That alone is a death penalty by Cameroonian laws.
          No even talking about the killing and burning…
          Remember on October 1st he declared the independence of southern Cameroon.

        • With your mouth like Pima for Cow. Mbappe on the menu tonight.

        • This swine called Mbappe is already celebrating Biya and will definitely vote him in 2018. The man is 85 Jesus. Talking of geopolitics because of a UN session vote makes me laugh. Gadaffi sponsored Sakozy’s election and what happened to him shortly after. These quacks who read stuff off the internet and huffily post them here like mbappe are really listening to Afrique media. Hahahahaah.

      • Also I do have pics of your president.
        Publish a tertiary email and I will send them to you for your delight.

        • French devil, share ur views quietly and stop insulting pple. A french slave like u.
          I personally have pity for you as a french slave blind from the rest of the world.It seems Biya personally hired u to distract pple fighting for just course.

        • Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is an Anglophone leader. Over 5-7m people over there and they take orders from him whether you like it or not. The folks there do not follow Yaounde any more. That is a fact you hate at your own peril.

          Remember that we were independent on 1/1/1960. Southern Cameroons has a different trajectory and became independent on 1/10/1961. We voted *against* their independence on 4/21/1961 but lost at the 994th Plenary session at the United Nations. The US, UK, Soviet Union and 61 other nations supported their independence. Be respectful. This chaos needs dialogue and truthfulness to resolve.

      • MD,

        This is how delusional you fellows are! Spreading untold falsehood without knowing the type of forces that are moving up against you. There’s nothing that the US can do to Mr. Biya. If anything, the US, just like Nigeria is involved in intense multi-level cooperation with Cameroon. Did you follow the AU meeting? Upon all the conflicts that were mentioned in Africa, your cyberspace Ambazombi termite nation was nowhere to be found!

        Sesekoko will be put on trial, and if found guilty, he will be punished according to the laws of the land… and there is absolutely nothing you can do about that. But of course, you and your folks can continue swelling the numbers of asylum seeking adventurers around the world while we, the true children of our Motherland work towards redeeming her state.

        • @ Ras Tuge,

          You are a self-proclaimed Bakossi man. You can walk on a broom stick to hell! Your type of politics risks turning the tables against Cameroun eventually. Menguistu, Saddam Hussein and many others said the same about the US. In a memo circulated on social media, the CIA had warned Mr Biya in 1986 to trim back his national integration or frenchification policies to avert this national catastrophe. The Anglophones will not give up their legal/education systems. Ras Tuge can join the hypocrites to say it all means nothing. 99 days for the sinner and 1s for justice to reign and win.

      • The United States Congress passed resolution H. Res. 718, FUNNY!!!!nonsense! what is USA let them focus on their problem else we Camer will deal with them like Vietnam.

      • Africans For Donald Trump


        The world is not awaiting pictures of the captured ambazombie terrorists! Stop fooling yourself! You can be delusional all you want but that will not change the facts.

        Who cares to see the battered faces of these terrorists! If you ambazombies want to show the world pictures of the captured terrorist leaders of your delusional leaders, it is your responsibility to go take those pictures and show to the world.
        TRC is focused on torturing these guys to extract intelligence and not on doing what delusional ambazombies like you expect of them. The last thing TRC is concerned about is showing pictures of sick seku tabe and his band of terrorist cowards to the world.
        The program for torture and collecting intelligence is so charged that TRC has no time for videos!

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        TRC will never negotiate with ambazombies! Only a delusional buffoon will expect TRC to negotiate with the terrorist leaders of the delusional republic of ambazombies!

        The North West and South West have leaders, elite who are willing and ready to negotiate the issues faced by the people of the North West and South West Province. These people have legitimate authority and include elected officials, elite, traditional rulers and people engaged in the political process in Cameroon lie party representatives.

        You morons keep basing your strategy on delusion and that’s why TRC was able to abduct/kidnap/arrest your terrorist leaders in Abuja with relative ease and transport them like swines to yaounde for torture, intelligence gathering and subsequent annihilation for their crimes.

    • Mbappe, it is a great ideal to have a unified Cameroon, but it is also a great ideal to have a Country in which people are harmonious, in which from North to South, West to East we can all enjoy the wealth of the country in an equitable manner.

      Being one sided, jaded by the idiotic euphoria of a regime that has marginalised the citizens of Cameroon, including helpless Francophones, that has promoted corruption, inertia and stifling of the progress of young and ambitious Cameroonians, certainly is something that you should step back and reconsider.

      Who are those who have plundered Cameroon? Is it Ambazonia or Biya? Why would a people who are being marginalised not stand up and want to claim their rights? These guys will be remembered, you are likely to be forgotten. They are heroes.

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        @ Yallow
        No body will remember Dr Nfor Ngalla Nfor except his immediate family! No body will remember these terrorist leaders except their immediate families and circle of friends!
        The amount of intelligence being extracted from through the application of appropriate torture techniques will land hundreds more in jail.
        I mean TRC does not only have their computers that were seized from them. They also have these shumbus in custody and will apply scientifically proven torture techniques to extract intelligence from them. Rest assured that hundreds more will be arrested. Anyone who has donated funds to these terrorist cowards should be very worried about visiting TRC.
        The govt of TRC may have completely failed the people but that does not justify the actions of the ambazombie terrorists!

        • Aren’t we celebrating the UPC leaders of the sixties today, many who were labelled terrorists?

          Read about the history of liberators, revolutionaries and all. Cameroon history can never be written again without the mentioning these individuals, their courage and sacrifice. They will hold a better office in history than the reclusive Biya, worse his moronic propaganda minister, Tchiroma.

          They will be remembered for plundering Cameroon,Sisiku and the others will be remembered for inserting change into a system that was notoriously corrupt.

          Ambazonia is the offshoot of poor governance. it is a direct reflection of a regime that could not take care of its people to the point that a minority rose and took up arms. No one, not even Sisiku, would opt to distabilise Cameroon, if all was good.

        • @ Eyallow

          UPC and Bamileke were fighting western power…so please get out with your confusion and delusional …go away with your matango club arguments … you guys are so confused you are just acting monkeys! shooting everywhere ah ah ah ah

      • @ eyallow. The problem you guys have is that you label anybody against this Ambazonia nonsense a Biya supporter even when they are against the Biya regime. We are living in the 21st century and these secessionists are using tactics of the 19th century where Africans were killing each other (a la Rwanda). to destroy our country. This is completely unacceptable. We are against separation and the burning down of our schools and businesses. There are other civilized ways to combat Biya. Our protest was against the marginalization of anglophones by the Biya regime and not for separation or hate of our french speaking brothers and sisters.For your information the majority of the protesters in Toronto when we started our protest were Francophones. They also hate the Biya regime just as we do..

        • Bobjazz: Their tactics are unacceptable and neither are those of that villian, Biya. Because of my criticism of Biya, my insistence of the fact that we need a revolution to bring change in Cameroon, I have been bundled into the camp of those wanting secession. To be clear, this is not my first choice.

          My main point in this debacle is that Biya should leave, because the cause of this problem lies squarely on his head and his incompetence. He is incapable of resolving problems before they get to a ahead. His lack of visibility in the Cameroonian society is a cankerworm that no leader should ever emulate as a form of governance. He leaves his palace to the airport. That’s it. I have not given my allegiance to the SC, but I am in support of any movement that wants Biya out and equality.

    • As anticipated, the purveyors of infamy rejoice in echoes of deafening amplitude to the delight of an unhinged, disoriented minion in the synonym of Ras Thug(e), and of course, the basking of an ignorant social scum with a self defeating sense of honor, represented in a nauseating self insulting acclamation of a dumb African for Donald Trump.

      In light of the ephemeral alliance between the chaperon of BH, and the thieving Beti imbecile, those who crave justice should not be flustered by the charade of triumph arrayed through an orchestra of mendicant flatterers of a rogue enterprise whose arms are elbow deep in the sump of innocent blood. Dialogue is anathema in this insurrection, but through the “adroit application of counter force,” we shall prevail.
      Who says the devil isn’t Cameroonian

    • A delusional fool is what you are manyaka

  2. That is just the beginning, concerning what Nigeria have just done, I think LRC Forces of biya should even killed 2million Nigerians. If anything wrong happen with any of those extradited by Nigerian Muslim IMAM-bUHARI THE ILLETERATE, Ambazonians, will still hold all Nigerians and their properties in our land accountable. Watch out. Arresting them will not stop the idea in place and the train is moving.

    • Your idea was never alive… it’s just a utopian illusion, my friend. Your train of drunkards has already ran off track; the delusional and noisy mass of drunkards in it have been reduced to a quivering wreck.

      • Ras Weed ,
        Why are you shaking with anger? You promised marshal law thereby after having initially claimed the whole thing was not reaching your doorsteps. You put out military personnel to commit acts of atrocities and be held accountable by the populace. While rejoicing the about the abduction of Ayuk Tabe, I hope you equally lay claim to the military deaths which are mounting. Extremists like you have pushed Cameroon into engaging in state sponsor of thuggery. Breaching the sovereignty of another nation to engage in kidnapping and 419. Yesterday, you were for Balla who wants federation, today you are against federation! Let’s see how you won’t bow to pressure and come begging for talks! Kipnapping people is an expression of helplessness and inability!

        • Hey Fruitcake!

          You are all over the place; rushing pitifully at my trail and seeking for notice! It is truly sad to see a man conduct himself this way… but then a fruitcake is nothing but a fruitcake.

          Oh, ‘the military deaths that are mounting’! Hein, fruitcake? That makes your case even worse, little one. It may hasten the total destruction of your delusional leaders… did you forget that, little fruitcake?

          America went all the way to slaughter Mbin Landing in Pakistan… but Cameroon did not need to go that far. So when you operate around the vicinity of Cameroon, be careful… for there’s a LION lurking in the shadows. I am your teacher… and that’s my lesson for you today.

          Have a nice day, little one!

        • Ras Weed,
          I see how you twist like a snake everytime you are confronted with the truth! The mounting deaths of soldiers proves that your marshal law is not working! The political man you are did not have a good reading of the situation before opting for marshal law. So let’s get it out there, are you for federation or not? And if yes, how does marshal law square with it? Cut up Sisiku Ayuk Tabe in pieces and eat him, but you know you are only pouring petrol on fire!

  3. Nigeria is failing British Southern Cmaeroon by handing over our arrested leaders to French Cameroon and is violating international law. Nigeria should be suspended from the AU, Common Wealth and UNO. Equally, LRC will be suspended from these organisations and all aids to them suspended by the EU, IMF. We will fight for that first.

    • British Cameroon!!!!!!?????? French Cameroun…. You are African, and identifying yourself as an object of Britain!!!! So who is looking after German Kamerun, huh?

      The Great Rasta scholar, Walter Rodney was right when he stated: ‘The brainwashing was so stupendous that it has convinced many Africans of their inferiority (Rodney, 1974).

      You folks do not read… you do not study, and you spend your time in this world chasing shadows, drinking mimbo, watching porn, and playing video games. Thus, you end up simply robbing yourself of yourself! We spend our precious time and effort writing books and you don’t read them but you waste all your time on rasclaaat Facebook, Youtube, and all what not. What a disgrace!

  4. NIGERIA is our bitch we bend her over whenever we want . We will all neighbouring communities if need be take that to the bank, you don’t mess with Cameroon and I have been saying that for years, you biafrais and biafrais wannabes will learn the hard way .

  5. Hahahaha operation smooth has set these brutes chasing shadows into Nigeria. Bury your 86 slain terrorists and wait 4 more surprise. The Tigers haven’t even launched an assault yet as the ADF sets panick amongst you. Watch out for the untouchable unseen Tigers, the strongest elite force in Africa with 100% success rate . They will put the BiRs in a box as they deserve.

    Greetings from Dadi

    Aluta continua.

    • O yea, your ‘tigers’ can only be UNSEEN because Africa has no tigers, you check! While you remain untouchable, or so you imagine, your head tiger SESEKOKO is begging for his life in front of the LION. Go to the LION’s den and prove to the universe how your unseen 100% success rate can help free your leader.

      You end your pitiful crap with ‘Greetings from Dadi’! We all know that you can’t be in Dadi… The people of Dadi are in quarantine, as we write. This is how you manipulate little children and send them to their graves and you chant tough over cyberspace. What a pity, little coward!

      • With your mouth like Pima 4 cow. Prove that I’m not there. 89 terrorist dropped yesterday and many more to come. This should be the last time you come around my post else I will make you suffer. Motherfoka. Anyways your Biya is dying in Switzerland. We Ambalanders wish he could leave long to see the blue and white fly high in Buea.

        • Little coward, I know that you are not in Dadi because I see your IP address! I see which country you are writing from. You are a little naive… I go where I want, and you come near I-MAN, I just raise my right leg, and unto your head I step… and you done! Ngraffi never bother me, little coward. Mek I catch you fo Buea……

        • Tell a better lie big fool. You will never get my IP addrsss because we use VPN these days. We go to buea anytime and kill soldiers anywhere. With your mouth like Pima for horse.

  6. LRC may be thinking that they are at the top of game but let them be rest asured that the super power that is behind this restoration movement of Ambasonia is watching from the background and is waiting patiently to step in at the right moment and Biya will be in a hot soup…suivre mon regard……

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      We know you are delusional and we expect you to consider the abduction of sick seku Tabe and his band of coward terrorist to be a great victory and step forward by the Delusional Republic of Ambazombies(DRA).

      The TRC has all the information they need and will be abducting the new leaders in the coming days, weeks and months! You have no where to hide! You will be chased into Nigeria abducted/kidnapped or arrested and transported to Yaoundé like dirty nkunyams to face justice.

      The heart of the DRA snake has been pierced with a big TRC sword and the head chopped off. Naturally the DRA will do some small katakata before it completely dies.
      The DRA can not watch because it has no head! Remember that!
      Where is DALI DALI the ambazombie suicide vest distributor?

  7. Beating ambas is the only solution to this problem. A country is fist of all the land, that land is Kamerun or Cameroon today if you want, people are simply the living ON the land.

  8. @Africans For Donald Trump Hey, noisy neighbours..Lets start by u showing us videos of HE Sisiku Ayuk Tabe that u intend to judge? This cinema u are acting will be short lived,trust me. Media propaganda will not help your case.We are too smart for that.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      We have no videos for you!

      Are you so delusional and stupid that you do not understand that TRC does not take advise from ambazombie terrorists?

      The last word to be associated with the ambazombies is “smart”. ambazombies are delusional dumb and absolutely stupid! Where is your terrorist leader? I bet he is enjoying lunch on the balancoire this afternoon.
      The ambazombies are like thieves who stole from a neighbours farm and went to hide under the bed of that same neighbours best friend and thought they were safe! Only an absolutely stupid shumbu will attack TRC and run to Abuja to hide.

      Abuja and Yaoundé are best friends! They picked up the terrorist morons and transported them like sick nkunyams to yaounde to be tortured!
      Amba is dead oh dead oh dead oh!! Sing along Shumbu!

  9. Going to Nigeria to kill women and rape girls like the do everyday in West Cameroon.
    If they are a really aren’t why not go into the forest who has conducted countless operations in the north of Cameroon?
    I suppose in the north of Cameroon Boko Haram killings are considered Brotherly fight that’s why the aren’t can’t go into Nigerian territory to figh them.
    A Republican army that kills armless civilians, rape them, extort money from them, still their food then hoist a flag and celebrate victory.
    We are waiting for the day you will claim you arrested Shekau and 47 Boko Haram terrorist to know you are worth the title army.
    Ayuk and co have been executed! Where are they for 4weeks now!
    Nobody in West Cameroon believes Biya, Tchiroma or France propaganda.

    • Keep quit instead of smirking like a little sissy.
      Some of us have pictures of Ayuk Tabe alias sisiku dated yesterday.
      He is alive but under duress.
      It will à drainer if you guys when you see those pics.
      As for the Boko stuff, I guess you do not know your geography,
      Sambissa is in Nigeria not in Cameroon.
      Btw the vaillant Cameroon army has crossed the border up north on few occasions.
      In the SW and NW the remnants of so-called tigers are going to be smoked soon.
      Remember sisiku and associates have the STOCKLOM SYNDROME as we speak and are giving you guys up like candies.

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      We do not care were Sick seku Ayuk and co are right now.
      We are confident that the TRC is giving them the treatment they deserve.
      They will most likely be executed but it is too early for TRC to execute them right now.
      TRC will make sure it squeezes out all the intelligence they can get from these terrorist conmen before it slaughters them!

      However you may as well consider them executed right now because you will never see them again

  10. Arriving in a neighbouring counntries village at 2am,carrying arms?without that said countries permission ? the arms are illegal let alone using them ,putting the hosts countries local police force in a very unusual position of defense ,thats why theres international treaties signed by all countries to prevent this type of situation.
    This is completely out of character for Cameroon which is naturally surrounded by other countries
    .Who ever made the order to step over the boarder should resign and apologise publicly..Cameroon does alot of trade with Nigeria and alot of investments been made to make it grow, not decrease with clowning around situations,if true, like this ..

    • Do you really believe they will crossover without the OK from Nigeria?
      Don’t be naive.
      What is made public is not always what is real.
      Trust me Nigeria will not help ambazombians.
      They are in the wilderness right now with no hope.

      • The response of “deploying an army battalion” to the area dosnt seem very ” ok come over without our presence at 2am ” niether does calling it an “international issue ” .How on earth would any paid Nigerian civil servant accept a forigen civil servent threaten even one Nigerian citizen on Nigerian soil of a repeat performance, well either its not true or Nigeria has an extremely relaxed view but considering their excellent sucsessful response to Ebola i doubt it.

  11. Bravo soldats nous sommes avec vous corps et ames…le repect jai pour les soldats camerounais est eternel et unique vous etes des hommes uniques sure cette terre et je sais que avec des armes a votre disposition aucune armee au monde ne peux vous depasser….no tiger nonsense or whatever I read here before just smoking terrorists all over the place the best army in the world!!!

  12. why are we so incapable to solve problems?..
    Its easy:- we are the most intelligent, non stop talking experts on everything except that we are still prisoners , unable to free ourselves from the entanglement of cobwebs ..We are in the white man prison..Our parents, then we and the next Generation.
    Our main problem is ourselves..
    We have been talking same thing for over half a century..
    Any Dude with a smartphone is today a leader, a professor or teacher of the highest order even when we sell oranges , are a bend sikin driver, or sell corn and beans for a living..
    When all of us are oversabi people, dont listen, know better.How can we Analyse our peoblems and look for a solution?..We are only making nosie and using big grammer to insult others..Infront of a white man we smile ..BADLUCK.

  13. Cameroonians need a little dose of restraint and patience here. The mere fact that neither the live nor dead bodies of the captives have been presented to the press in either country dictates this approach.

    This is not the first time citizens have had to cope with such a bizarre situation. Once the Racing football Club of Bafoussam announced that TKC (Tonnerre Kalara Club) of Yaounde had given them a sum of money to forfeit an important football match. TKC denied doing so. The said amount of money hung in the air as citizens plunged into the type of guesswork taking place right now over the whereabouts of Ayuk Tabe Julius and Co.

  14. Castrate me all those bayangui ashao their pikin them .

  15. @Pharaon, you wrote:

    @ Eyallow

    UPC and Bamileke were fighting western power…so please get out with your confusion and delusional …go away with your matango club arguments … you guys are so confused you are just acting monkeys! shooting everywhere ah ah ah ah

    Thanks for highlighting the fact that the problem of internal violence in Cameroon can be traced back to France since sixties. It’s no delusion or madness. Go back and read why I came about making the reference to UPC leaders. What the Cameroonian government is doing without thinking is that they have martyred Sisiku in the collective memory of Cameroonians, especially if harm was to come their way. There is no point calling me names for making a verifiable observation.

    You must agree that the French puppet, Biya, has to go.

    • I agree with you that Biya must Go and I will gladly want to see someone like you president of camerooun ….that will stand up for the interrests of our peoples against the french/bristish/Americans….but I will not agree and will never to someone that will want to replace the Biya french muppet regime with the Bristish or American or canadian muppet regime…so like common sense will say we should not focus on the finger but the sky…who is ambazonia fighting for? we are all banyangue…bamileke..ewondos etc…I promise you this if I was to become president in cameroon I will remove French and English as official language I will bring peoples like you around a table and ask to bring all our languages together and create one or agree on one like Bamun or even Banyangue as official

  16. We need to castrate sick seku tabou and the friends in public at commercial avenue here in Bamenda. We are just waiting for his transfer from Yaounde to Bamenda for us to do the job.