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Cameroonian national deported over fake cash

A Cameroonian national has been deported after being found with fake US dollars worth over Sh1 billion in Nairobi. Mr Doctta Peter Longa was deported to Douala in Cameroon after police seized the counterfeit notes at his Karen home, which he had planned to pump into the Kenyan economy.

Mr Doctta Peter Longa was deported to Douala in Cameroon after police seized the counterfeit notes at his Karen home, which he had planned to pump into the Kenyan economy.
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He was also found with 30kg of fake gold in a packet which he was to sell to a group of foreign businessmen at Sh120 million. Police processed his deportation order and sent him away with only his passport.

His four accomplices were also arrested and deported last evening to Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon. They were all put in a plane headed to Cameroon.

Mr Longa had put some of the fake US dollars in his new saloon car when police stopped him on the road. His attempts to bribe officers to free him were futile. The police took him to his house where they conducted a search in the presence of his Kenyan wife and seized more fake money and gold. It was at that point that the authorities decided to deport him.

Nairobi police boss Japheth Koome said the fake currency had circulated in the country.

“We only welcome foreigners and traders in Kenya and not criminals. We will deal with them in accordance with the law,” he warned. There are fears that such fake money is being manufactured to fund campaigns.

Longa has been operating as a trade in the country since 2009. He was in 2012 charged with assaulting his Kenyan wife at their Lavington home but was later released on bond.

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  1. Atanga Nji Pual Kenya

    Cameroonians in Kenya should see this as a big warning to their illegal trade. some of this guys are not painting a good picture of Cameroon here at all

  2. The country don’t even have a good picture any where in the world..
    – we lead in stealing
    -we lead in corruption..
    – We do fare manism same like our president and his ministers..
    – while the president and his ministers are bush fallers many want to go and fall bush..
    -While the president and his Gang are spending the countrys stolen money in swiss and French, many of his people are printing their own fake money to fall bush ..

    And you wonder something good is coming from Cameroon..??

  3. Oh ndah ngreh you have moved from Guatemala to nairobi?kwi fon etuh.the citizens of the republic of southern cameroon kikikiki

    • Indeed NDAAGRE. After bribing the pilot of the plane transporting me to Cameroon, I was flown directly to the US.

      I will be on my way to Guatemala this coming weekend.

      • Exporting coffee is good. So is exporting bananas, cocoa, kola nuts,….
        But exporting the art of bribing police officers along the highway…….

  4. Sent Longa and the Nigerians to the North of cameroon/Nigeria to fight Boko Haram.

  5. man no di know China

    You know so many Nigerians use la republique passport because bribery in that country is an epidemic running in the DNA of la republique officers.For a Nigerian getting a passport there is as easy as good morning.we all know their next step after they get their passports

    • I knew that an idiot was gonna come here and spew nonsense. A Cameroonian was arrested, you come here and mention Nigerian

  6. “ Nairobi police boss………… said the fake currency had circulated in the
    Now, in case pinguiss visited Kenya, took a bottle of similar 33 friendship club man,
    was given change in which some of it contained Longa / co currency, what will happen,
    if he were pulled out of a cab by a cop?

  7. Southern Cameroon here we come !!!

  8. A soldier ha fallen long live the soldier!!! But God made you to be arrested because you target your black brother….unless it was an aryan you were targeting, then If that is the case then I will pray for you to go back to work as soon as possible and this time I will ask our ancestors to give you visa straight for america

  9. Les soi-disants “western cameroonians“ ne reconnaissent plus leur progéniture. No wonder! La culture anglo saxonne! Culture d‘hypocrisie.
    Point of correction “ A Western Cameroonian/an ANGLOPHONE …….“. Now they want us to believe that the dude is a Nigerian with kmer id. Anyways STILL ANGLO-SAXON CULTURE. Who does not know Kumba for FAKE stuffs?

  10. The states should be training this peoples in the background and send them to the west the same way the west train their predators and send them to africa. this is business. When they come to africa with fake medicine and technologies and take all our resources for 120 years contracts we say it bussiness. This is a fallen HERO to me

  11. Korup Forest Belgium

    Strange justice there in Kenya. So they just put them on a plane and send them back to Cameroon? They should have bring them to court and send to prison.