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Cameroonian secessionists gun down soldier in Kumba

Today News Africa | Cameroonian secessionists on Wednesday shot dead a soldier in Kumba, a city in the Southwest region also known as K town.

25-year old Sardi Juvinal, a former student of Maroua high school in Cameroon’s far north, was murdered at his security post by heavily armed secessionists who have been demanding independence from the West African country for more than a year.

Sardi Juvinal

The late Sardi Juvinal, a Cameroonian soldier killed in Kumba on Wednesday March 14, 2018, by Anglophone activists
Why it matters: The soldier was murdered following the expiration of a 48-hour ultimatum by secessionists to Cameroonian authorities. Last weekend, the armed activists released a video showing a government official they had kidnapped pleading for his life.

Animnom Aron, a delegate for social matters in the Northwest region, who was abducted weeks ago, was heard saying he would be killed should the government fail to show that the secessionists’ leaders, arrested in Nigeria on January 5, and extradited to Cameroon on January 28, were still alive.

But the ultimatum came and went without any reaction from the government of President Paul Biya, an 80-something leader who has been in power for 36 years and plans to run for another term this year.

The crisis in Cameroon escalated in the dying months of 2016 and turned bloody last year. So far, about 40 security officers have been murdered by the secessionists and hundreds of activists have been killed by the Cameroonian military. Hundreds are being detained and hundreds are being monitored.

The activists say they want the Southwest and Northwest regions, where English is spoken compared to French elsewhere in Cameroon, to be independent. They have argued that they have been marginalized even though oil and other natural resources are located in their regions.

But millions of other Cameroonians who live in squalor and hopelessness have expressed shock and dismay at the insinuations that their lives were better off.

Many of French speaking Cameroonians have been battling Boko Haram terrorists in the country’s far north where thousands have been killed and hundreds of thousands have been displaced.

President Biya has not visited the region since the insurgency began in 2014. The lack of leadership had prompted other Cameroonians to argue that they all suffer from the same neglect and brutality from a government too old, too deaf and too blind to feel, hear or see the suffering of its people.

In the state of Maryland in the United States where the secession is being planned and funded, the activists believe they are closer to victory than never before.

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  1. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018).

    Musonge and his Commission on Bilingualism should begin work immediately. Go to all villages in SC and teach the french language. Explain to the people why the FCFA used in the bilingual country, LRC has only one language while the FCFA used in a monolingual country, EG, has two languages(spanish and french)

    • The NAME and appearance of this dead soldier buttress the suspicion that he might have been one of the chadian mercenaries contracted by LRC to perpetrate war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity in SC.

  2. Anglophones are peaceful unable to do evil even to a common fly.

  3. Dominique Weber

    Who wrote this rubbish? This is not a murder but a war that was declared by the 85 years old leader of LRC, lets see who laugh last. The faster you people remove him as your leader, the better for you all, he is leading you all to the grave

  4. Kill all those colonial force from Southern Cameroon

  5. Send those devil’s from out land their master declar was of aggression on SC we will see who will run

  6. @Dominique Weber, good man

    Let’s wait and see who will complain by the end “ terrorist are happy to see people die “

  7. Pompidou Mensah

    Biya killed him, pulled him from up north from joining Boko Haram

  8. Pompidou Mensah

    Patricia Scotland just spoke some koni talk on BBC Focus on Africa. She said she told yang and biya they should hear not what they want to hear.

  9. This is foolishness. This is not going to move Biya in any way. The Isis terrorists did far worse than this in Iraq. Where are they today? The result is the Suni areas completely destroyed by the U.S and the Iraqi Shia gov’t. If this secessionists continue with this their madness, the same thing will be done to the NW and SW provinces by the Biya regime and France. Unfortunately the innocent people who are going to suffer after this murder are the K towners when Biya sends his BIRs for revenge. This is why I don’t believe these terrorists carrying out these senseless attacks are real anglophone Cameroonians. They have no anglophone interest at heart as the end result will be the anglophone cities being destroyed by Biya and France just as the Shia gov’t and the U.S did in Iraq.

    • Bobjazz , you are a fool. You are one of those who believe that because the whole la republique has the same problem, the arenglophones should therefore shut up and continue suffering like the other and if they don’t shut up and suffer then they are not anglophones. They must be some people from nigerian coming to distabilize la republique. You are just as foolish as biya as his criminal beti-bulu criminal tribal murderious gang.
      You cannot fool us any more. We anglophones, we want freedom and we will have it. Even if we have to fight la republique and France till the gates of hell.

      • @ John. Either you are an anglophone with tainted Biafra blood who doesn’t give a damn about our anglophone people or you are one of those stupid real anglophones who has been deceived by Ayuk. No serious person will think that killing a few security forces is going to make the Biya regime and France let anglophones separate from Francophones. The more powerful Sunis (Isis) Iraqis with by far more sophisticated weapons couldn’t succeed to separate from the Shia Iraqis by use of force. The end result was the Sunni cities completely reduced to rubble and the people either killed or living in neighboring countries as refugees. As I said before use your brain and don’t let hate becloud your reasoning. The great MLK never used violence but intelligence to liberate African Americans.

        • @bobjazz, tu vois quoi? You nailed it! This is exactly how this madness will end..Nothing to add to your write up.

        • When did the Sunnis in Iraq ask for independence you congenital liar? If you want to use a single example to elucidate your point, at least use a factual one! The majority of oil in the former Sudan was in the South yet the south succeeded in breaking away. Ethiopia lost its only access to the sea after Eritrea got its independence. Southern Cameroon will get its independence Sir. It will be bloody and painful but it will come!

    • Bobjazz malheureusement ils sont trop aveugles pour voir le bout de leurs nezs. On assassine un militaire ,il crient tous ä la Victoire. They are now exactly what Biya wanted them to be ( terroristes) . Ils kidnappent et demandent l argent. La loi du bandit reignera au Sud et Nord Ouest mais ä la fin la population sera fatiguee et va tous vous denoncer . C est juste une question de temps. Entre temps les populations innocentes souffrent.

  10. * tu bois quoi.

    • @ Borat I can’t even respond to your foolishness. For you to say the Sunnis of Iraq who are called Isis terrorists by the West were not fighting to separate from the Shia Iraqis backed by the U.S. suggests you have no idea about world affairs. For your information it was the U.S that separated South Sudan from Sudan in order to have control of the oil in South Sudan. Today while the South Sudanese are reaping each other apart, the U.S is busy with their oil and doesn’t give a damn about them killing each other. The separation scenarios are all different and all involves Western interest. In the case of Cameroon, Western interest favors Biya and the scenario looks more like the Iraqi Shia gov’t & U.S VS Iraqi Isis terrorists = Biya regime & France vs Ambazonia terrorists. The truth hurts.

      • You are so myopic it’s unbelievable. The Sunnis in Iraq have never wanted to split Iraq you sanctimonious liar! They wanted an inclusive government with all factions represented. Where do you get your news from you Lilliputian? What makes you think Western interests lie with Biya? Do you have any proof of such a baseless statement? La republique will still exist after that faggot hero of yours would have been long gone! Like I said, Southern Cameroon will gets its independence from the fangs of your fathers across the Moungo. It’s not going to be tomorrow but it will come. Start getting use to it.

        • @ Borat. You are lost. I can’t respond to you. You lack knowledge. I will advise you to do some reading at your spare time to acquire knowledge before writing these bullsh’t. Your write-ups don’t make sense. We the majority of pure anglophone Cameroonians will never allow your hate and stupidity destroy our cities.

        • QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND ****

          “Southern Cameroon will gets its independence from the fangs of your fathers across the Moungo. It’s not going to be tomorrow but it will come. Start getting use to it” (Borat, 2018 )

          My take:

          I agree with Borat 900%.

          Southern Cameroonians have now now taken their collective destiny into their hands to shake off forever the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels.

          It is simply a question of WHEN and not IF SC will SEPARATE from the genocidal ISLAND OF EVIL.


      • Simple truth!

  11. @ Borat
    It is a diversionary tactic, clumsily crafted to shift attention from the burning issue at hand when an individual chooses and juxtaposes irrelevance like Iraq’s Sunni/Shi’ite into Cameroon’s current crisis crying for a solution. Smug National Assembly speaker, Cavaye Yeguie Djibril used the same method to try to deflect Hon. Simon Fobi’s pointed questions yesterday, about Cameroon’s refugees in Nigeria and those abducted and forcefully deported to Cameroon. The unstoppable SDF parliamentarian did not hesitate to put him where he really belongs. Check YouTube!

    • Be warned now! You can get arrested by the Amba forces for mentioning SDF. Keep that distraction away.

    • L’ Ambazonien John Dinga. Il veut parfois faire preuve d’impartialite. Il est comme le vent qui soufle dans tous les sens. Aies au moin le courage des firefighter et autres qui ne voilent pas leur position. Mboutman!

      • Sorry to hurt your sensibility, pal. To a mind that sees only evil, it can be quite jarring to point out the good or the evil as they arise.

    • You are wasting your time my friend. I know the truth hurts but must be said. If you stupid and foolish Ambazonians don’t stop this your madness you will end up destroying the lives of the good people of the NW and SW provinces just as the lives of the sunni Iraqis have been destroyed by the actions of Isis. Read the news my friend. The Sunni cities have been reduced to rubble by the American bombs and the international community has done nothing. France will end up doing the same thing in the SW & NW cities of Cameroon if you continue with this your foolishness and the international community will do nothing. The great Martin Luther King thought us to use intelligence and not hate and violence to combat marginalization but the hate of Francophones has beclouded your brains.

      • Do you know the difference between a Sunni and. Shia Muslim? Do you? Stop babbling about things you have no knowledge of!! You are dangerously pathetic!!

  12. All the energy and resources that we are wasting killing each other could have been Channelled towards building a prosperous and happy nation. unfortunaely we take pride in inflicting pain on each other reason why we reamian a crying and complaining country or continent while others are building enjoying a good life.
    Blunt ..,people can donnate billions to fihght for sessesion or or what ever . Can they donate to build a school or or hospital with same ethusiasm? Government can use billions to mobilise army and resources to fight ..who?its own citizens. it cant use that same money to build a school or provide driking water to some localities that drink from a river? why would the world not laugh at us. Ex ministers , thousand of youths infont of foreign embassies trying to run away?

    • @Forest

      Do not forget that things change with time and place. You are not unaware of the dynamic ancestors who worked hard and built schools through PTA efforts. You cannot so soon forget private initiatives that were responsible for some businesses well before government crawled amoeba-like, took them over and buried them.

      I would advise you to consider the current aberration as bad weather destined to clear away with time. Do not lose hope at all.

  13. Why are you singling out Maryland? Really? You no di see thing wey di happen on the ground, you di see na only Maryland? Who even tell you say na for Maryland wey action dey. Action dey on the ground, and not in Maryland. Who wrote this nonesense

  14. When a soldier is killed, he is murdered. When whole villages are burned and people killed, the military is protecting the people. Anglophone people must be “children of a lesser god.” This soldier would have offered his services in the Far North where he could convinced Boko Haram to spare his life. They speak a common language and pray to the same God.

    • A calabash of pal wine for you.

      • @ Epee Dipanda, Firefighter
        I need help with understanding this new brand of divide–and-rule that has entered the golden triangle. Of the three kidnap victims, all are Anglophones. What is the logic of this? How much power do they exercise and how close are they to the seat of power?

        • @JD
          One may theories that the message is destined to exact a complete disconnection from activities of Larepublique. Very many would now be ill advised to carry out actions such as motions de soutient or the influx of soldiers from other countries to come inflict harm on our people.
          Sad situation but let it be recalled that all that these people demand is a dialogue on the nature of the state, let the people decide if they want a federation.
          On the other hand I suspect la Republique for many of these kidnappings in which French is spoken or some very broken English.
          I suspect francophone troops and Larepublique in general.
          Divide and rule you say? Vintage La Republique