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Cameroonian soldier killed in separatist attack, residents decry military crackdown

africanews | Localities in Cameroon’s southwest region experienced heavy gunfire exchanges between the state security forces and suspected separatists elements leading to the death of a soldier on Thursday.

Governor of the restive region, Bernard Okalia Bilai told the Anadolu news agency that the separatist elements had mounted road blocks in parts of the region, when the army went to clear them, the hostilities ensued.

“Armed gangs of “Ambazonia” (a terrorist group according to government) barricaded several roads in the region and when soldiers went down to clear the tracks, these terrorists attacked our forces,” he said.

The exchanges left residents stranded, some caught in the crossfire had to flee into the bushes whiles others also fled for fear of reprisals from the army, as has usually been reported.

While some officials have reported a death in the regular army, all day yesterday no official report was made public.

Civilians have borne the brunt of these armed confrontations in Cameroon’s minority Anglophone region. “Soldiers go from house to house and arrest young people suspected of belonging to the Ambazonia Defense Force (ADF). Those arrested are sequestrated, beaten and their homes burned,“said John Ngu, one of the villagers, adding that several villages have been deserted in the last 24 hours.

The allegations of security highhandedness has been dismissed severally by the army. Colonel Didier Badjeck, spokesman for the army insisted that “the army does its job professionally and with respect for human rights.”

About 40 security personnel – soldiers, police, gendarmes – and more than 500 civilians have been killed in English-speaking areas since the outbreak of the so-called Anglophone crisis in late 2016, according to the Network of Human Rights Defenders of Central Africa (REDHAC).

In addition, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 7,000 people have reportedly fled to Nigeria’s Cross River State. The Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) refers to the figure of 28,000.

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  1. Biya’s UNWINNABLE war will only end by 2035 i.e. after LRC has emerged.

    It is easy to start a war. However, it is very difficult to stop it.


    • @mvomeka

      Kill all those rats and let them be radicalized..

      go and complain to the world “ USA and British “

      • Malls Baba Mousa

        You call human beings rats?God will judge you.What is the difference between Atangana Kouna who has stollen billions of government money and those fighting for freedom?If you feel that the Anglophone fight for freedom is a joke then you need to rethink .Revolutions start in a small way and end up with the fall of the mighty.We Anglophones will clean dirty corrupt people like you out of Cameroon and Ambazonia.

        • @Malls Baba Mousa

          if you re an ambasonia member I don’t care. See who call me corrupt.

          GOD has nothing to do with this terrorist. if you don’t like what I said you can go and protest or kidnapping people that it is what you are good for amba.

  2. The South-est is so large! Where exactly in the South-west region? Is it a professional crime to be specific? Or is it a desire to promote armchair journalism by what is popularly called ” 2 for 5-franc ” journalists?

  3. The National Interest (TNI)

    When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die I pity our brothers and sisters stranded in this stupid Anglophone Saga.

    • Dominique Weber

      you are a foolish slave, and you will remain forever a slave to cameroun

      • Dominique you are the real slaves . You identify yourselves as anglophones. Kill your brothers. Pimapeople

  4. #kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad!

  5. For the Anglophones the statistic is different
    62000 refugees in Nigeria,
    20000 internally displaced
    20000 sleeping in the forest
    5000 missing
    >3000 killed
    There are those who highlight the atrocities of colonial France on Cameroonians , they highlight the influence of Saudi Wahhabism in Boko Haram atrocities but they have no courage to call out Bantu Ethnofascist atrocities on other Africans why?
    Why is there war in West Cameroon?
    Because they government has Anglophone apartheid as a policy using instruments such as civil law, Francophonization, centralized rule, militarization etc
    In African tradition local rule, federal style rule was the norm
    The Bafaws, Bansos, Doualas had basic rules governing them with their chosen leader, why is the African system so bad to emulate

    • Nya Lum,

      You are certainly not interested in the virtues of the African value system… if you were interested, then the nonsense called Anglosaxon system and the other rubbish from France would mean absolutely nothing to you. My dear, you will eventually learn… and you will learn the hard way!

      Next time, advise those misled children of yours that when they are brave enough to block roads and confront the army, death will never be too far away.

      • Your mental breakdown is clear to see. The effects of prolonged weed use have turned you into an u steady mess. For a week now you’ve been telling who ever wants to listen that the Cameroonian education system is not worth the salt, and rambling endlessly about research methods. Weti you sabi about this whiteman yi Phd, druggie? You are not interested in the anglosaxon and French systems, but you are for their Phd?

        • …unsteady mess…

        • Hey Fruitcake,

          Silliness usually tends to arise out of unfamiliarity with issues and not merely out of delirium tremens.

          You have proven to be an individual of little intelligence and I must improve your cognitive abilities until you can communicate intelligibly. You have significant issues with attentiveness, memory, and speed. As long as I am convinced that this is the case with you, I will continue to assist you until betterment is achieved.

          Now, for those that are familiar, doctor of philosophy is abbreviated PhD, and not Phd; which is absolutely NOT a measure of intelligence quotient by the way!

          I don’t remember giving you a lecture on RESEARCH METHODOLOGY! This is a reflection of your cognitive abilities. We were still at the level of THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK. A chapter a day!

        • We were at the level of theoretical framework!Your mockery of Cameroonian universities was only at the level of theoretical framework! Your claim that Biya would put an end to the French Empire, that there’s nothing like francophone and anglophone, were all theoretical frameworks. You spent your youthful energy smoking weed, see the world you’ve boxed yourself into! If you want us to know that you finally got yr Phd in the whiteman country, keep the king Kong chest-beating coming. You have failed to lay out your claim to academic fame and everyone is laughing at you! Pouring scorn on Africans, any doubts why you are a sex slave to the daughter of your enslavers? Only you can serve this function!

  6. *And how many schools, markets, offices, roads burnt out?
    *How many student’s arms chopped off by stupid Bday/Bea terrorists?
    *How many civil servants abducted ?
    *How many civilians killed for not joining terrorists ?

  7. Long live Ambazonia, hallelujah

    @ John Dinga they don’t like to be specific because of the sensitivity to the public not to portrait ADF advancements in the battle fields against the rapist terrorists soldiers of la republique , the truth of the matter is a recent offensive yesterday’s by our own Amba boys in how own K town , Amba boys successful destroyed the first check point leading into kumba from buea route bus park after heavy fighting yesterday with la republique rapist soldiers, installed road blocks and check all cars coming from Douala into kumba , a second offensive same day in balangi L.A. republique reinforcement coming from buea also some fighting there report of civilians killed after they lost some of their thuggish men uniform

    • @ Long live Ambazonia

      How does this affect Paul Biya ? All what this your madness does is bring more sufferings and hardship to the anglophone people. Biya doesn’t even blink. A bad and useless strategy that will not achieve anything. DRC rebels have been using this tactics for years but Kabila is still their president supported by Belgium while the inhabitants of the areas the rebels attack have been living in hell.

  8. @Ras Tuge Don’t school us about cultures.We don’t want African culture.The culture we want to adopt is the anglosaxon culture.

    • @ Kongosa

      You are speaking for yourself. Not all anglophones are dumb. That is why your Ambazonia nonsense has little or no support from the anglophones.

  9. Long live Ambazonia, hallelujah

    Get ready La republique rapist soldiers I told so a couple of months ago, to be ready to fight real freedom fighters with Ak47 since u guys were molesting innocent civilians

  10. Keep jubilating when it’s time for payback don’t cry blue murder . It’s time to use heavy artillery and bomber all villages serving as launching ground for the attacks . Whenever they are we will find them and raze them to the ground even in Nigeria . I weep for the innocent anglophones their lives are being shattered

    • Ask for the death of those galant Anglophones who have refused to be a colony.
      Didier Badjeck and his bosses should make sure they do not cry when the ICC comes for them as it surely will.
      You cannot burn down houses and entire villages in retaliation for an attack on troops. That amounts to group punishment. It is a war crime.

      • ‘It would be dishonest to rule out the geographical context at the inception of the use of ‘Anglopophone’ and ‘Francophone’. There are a lot of excellent English speakers among Francophones; that does not make them Anglophones… even if prevaricators toil to make it so’.- JOHN DINGA (2018)

        Well, according to this ungodly and unintelligible creed in Ambazombi termite nation exceptionalism, as typified by the ancient warlock; an individual that bears the name Epee Dipanda is absolutely nothing but a social outcast that deserves nothing but repugnance!

        • .”.. at the inception…! “ From that time right up to this moment, a lot has changed . Cherry. Picking a sentence and putting a spin on it for it to appear as if Big John was preaching exclusion does more harm to your truncated logic than your target. Why not show the whole paragraph where you lifted that sentence, thuggy druggie?

        • …cherry-picking…

        • Lilliputian intellect remains just what it is – idiotic non sequiturs rendered in pompous Malapropism or approximations of language. It has nothing original to offer because there is nothing to offer.(Nemo dat quod non habet). And so the pattern is to trail others and criticize their ideas. Watch how respectable a distance it maintains from main write-ups that no one has commented on!!!!
          If one has to associate blood relations simply becaus two Dipandas happen to be found on each side of the Mungo divide, one wonders what to make of the Kennedys, Churchills, Obamas, etc scattered like confetti on planet Earth.

        • No one should expect anything other than revolting insolence from an unrepentant warlock! Your statements might be unintelligible but the underlying meaning is indisputably untenable, old man.

          You can run your forked tongue all you want; the reality is that you have stated something which is inappropriate and morally indefensible.This is a reflection of the idiotic siege that folks of your ilk are mounting on those elements in your midst whom you accuse of being double-agents simply because of their biological ties with the Bamileke or Bamums who ironically share a veritable African heritage with you fellows from the Northwest! You know the folks I am referring to.

          Well, about Epee Dipanda… hhmmm, it’s a curious case. We know there are many appropriating opportunists!!!

        • If ‘two Dipandas happen to be found on each side of the Mungo divide’, as stated by the unrepentant warlock… and based essentially on an experimental partition that was not designed by either of them, then what exactly is the justification for the insane struggle to uphold a colonial malaise that ought to be combatted and destroyed in a measure to restore their African dignity?

          Behold, African logic would rather encourage; and even facilitate the rehabilitation and reconnection process of two Dipandas with their ancestral heritage? After all, when the two Dipandas meet each other in the presence of an individual from the Northwest, they will communicate in a language that would not be understood by the Ngraffi! As they say, blood is thicker…….

        • ‘Behold…ancestral heritage.’

    • Tchad ,Cameroun,Nigeria and Niger have not succeeded to defeat bolo haram for many years now.What deceives you that Ambazonia fighters will be an easy walk for LRC?

      • @ Dagwara,

        Because Boko haram has financial and military backing from the Saudis and other Muslims. Ambazonians have no support or backing from the majority of anglophones, the Queen of England, Nigeria, Ghana and other English speaking African countries. There is no way they can succeed.

  11. The people of the SW / NW, are not fighting within themselves, have not told
    foreigners etc to leave, neither are they destroying property belonging to the
    state or private individuals. So, why are colonial forces in towns in the first place?

    • If I am not mistaken, in Ambazombi termite nation jargon, you speak of Northern zone/ Southern zone which of course are just as fictional as their inexistent mother nation! Did you get consumed in euphoria after you won the battle of Jericho? Huh, Joshua?

  12. Cameroon is a kangaroo republic ruled by a wicked and blood thirsty dictator under the watchful eyes of so called supporters of freedom and democracy. What a shame?
    Time will tell. The blood of innocent people on the hands of this wicked government and supporters will not go for nothing

  13. Cameroon is a kangaroo republic ruled by a wicked and blood thirsty dictator under the watchful eyes of so called supporters of freedom and democracy. What a shame?
    Time will tell. The blood of innocent people on the hands of this wicked government and supporters will not go for nothing

    • A wicked kangaroo republic and an illusory termite nation make a sweet combination. They shouldn’t be expected to hurt each other since they don’t occupy the same social space!

  14. Découvrez la série Pakgne sur youtube. Pakgne saison 2 épisode 6 : les jongleuses. Un peu de détente fait du bien.

  15. Only the TOTAL, COMPLETE and UNCONDITIONAL separation from the evil LRC will shake off FOREVER the fetters of French-sponsored annexionist-cum-assimilationist enslavement and trammels. Not a FEDERATION, not DECENTRALISATION, not the so-called Commission on Bilingualism, not the ballot box.

    Dictator Biya’s war has, therefore, opened the window of opportunity to enable Southern Cameroonians to take back their stolen homeland from France and LRC.

    The present momentum is UNSTOPPABLE. It is therefore now or never for Southern Cameroonians to correct the errors of Dr. Foncha et al. once and for all.

    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC will NEVER EVER be the same again after this legitimate struggle



    • The Government and citizens of LRC still think that Southern Cameroonians are joking. They still think that BIR terrorists and Chadian mercenaries can:

      1. keep the unitary state one and indivisible
      2. force the Anglophones to accept that SC + LRC = LRC is normal
      3. force the Anglophones to accept the ILLEGAL flag with one star
      4. intimidate the Anglophones to accept the commission on bilingualism as the solution to the Anglophone Question
      5. etc

      However, the Government and citizens of LRC will surely have a rude awakening when they finally realize that the INFORMAL COHABITATION has irrevocably and miserably failed and that SC with her abundant natural resources was gone

      They will then gnash their teeth and cry that if they had known they would not have treated the Anglophones badly.

      • Referring to Southern Cameroonians as terrorists, secessionists, Biafrans, dogs, rats, enemies in the house or Ambazombies will NEVER EVER save the INFORMAL union.
        Southern Cameroonians have now taken their collective destiny into their hands and are now more determined than ever before to leave and they will surely separate from the evil LRC.
        Biya’s UNWINNABLE WAR will only delay but can NEVER stop the separation process.
        Southern Cameroons is nowadays ALMOST ungovernable. Proconsuls from LRC sleep with one eye open. They do not know when the Restoration Forces will appear.
        Councilors were airlifted to vote in Dschang during the senatorial elections. What will LRC do during the presidential and legislative elections????. Airlifting will not be feasble because of the numbers involved.

      • If history is any guide, no military no matter how strong it might claim to be, can’t win any war against a people so committed, resilient and powered by conviction.
        Southern Cameroonians really mean business. The BIR terrorists from LRC are dying like chicken. Dictator Biya had to send General Claude Meka to Belo with a bag full of money to beg the chief to rescue his soldiers. The chief refused the bribe money.
        LRC government and media outlets do not inform the people of LRC about the heavy losses of the BIR in SC for fear of anti-war demonstrations.

        Biya made a fatal mistake to declare an UNWINNABLE WAR on the peaceful people of SC. His soldiers are paying a very heavy price.


        • @Mvomeka
          Happy Sunday to you.
          Please be careful you don’t fall victim to peddlers of fake news. Someone forwarded me a recorded message concerning a closed door meeting by this very general that excluded all Anglophone generals. Question: How then would he know about such a meeting?

  16. There is a silliness which suggests that people across the river Mungo speak the same African Language. The silliness continues by suggesting that Ambazonians are foolish to demand a republic.
    I would have agreed with this view if Larepublique were practicing an African type of governance which values dialogue above war. An African type of governance system which supports federalism hence the numerous sub-Chiefs which we have all answerable to the paramount chief. Our traditional governance system is a federal one. So the Epée Dipanda speaking her majesty’s English frankly has nothing to do with the Epée Dipanda who is a victim of French colonial rule east of the Mungo.
    Ambazonia must be free.