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Cameroonian soldier killed in South West region, separatists arrested

africanews | A soldier has been killed by suspected separatists in Cameroon, the local French portal Journal du Cameroon, has reported. The report said the incident occured around 19-20h local time, when a curfew was deemed to be in force.

The report said one Private Abdalah was killed on Wednesday during an attack on an outpost he was guarding in the town of Mundemba Ndian, located in the country’s Southwest Region.

Exchanges of gunfire took place during the attack adding that about a dozen suspected secessionists were shot dead. Two others were arrested subsequently transferred to the regional capital, Buea.

The body of the slain officer has also been transferred to the capital. Hunting weapons and other ammunition were seized in the process. A probe is currently underway in the particular case, it added.

It is not the first time an attack has been launched in Mudemba, in February this year, three gendarmes – paramilitary officers – wer killed. Overall, more than twenty security officials have been killed by separatist elements pushing for an independent republic from Cameroon under the so-called Ambazonia Republic.

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  1. we need to dialogue..
    we need to stop this stupid blood shed and make our country great again as it was in the 80s..
    Please Paul Biya, please leave power. At the age of 86, you want to run again for a period of 7 years?..
    Our problems are not solved by a cabinet change…
    We have big troubles and problems in cameroon and the people are tired ..
    Atanga Nji as a minister is a provocation to the anglophones…
    You dont solve outstanding problems by making a mockery of your people..
    Its time cameroonians come together and understand that the 35 years of Mr Biya divided the country, spread hatred, increased thieves and corruption to be the order of the day and made cameroon the poorest country in central Africa…
    Wake up and chase these old thieves for good…

    • I feel your pain.
      You should be advocating for a change of system instead of a change of an individual.
      Biya can die in power as long as he does a good job.
      Again most of you guys are still missing the point.
      The issue here is the system

      • Oh my God, how on earth will some one said, the issue is the system and not an individual,Mr Mbappe, i wish to let u know that a good system in place will always have a good individual or leader at the helm.But if the leader is a bad seed,what do you expect of the system in place? It is high time we part ways .Let biya die in power it is non of our business , we are are advocating for our English system and it is easy to hold leaders accountable in the English system of the world.Biya should ruled until 2028 his french forks.
        We are tired of the french nonsense called system.

        • Lady,
          This topic is above your understanding and I will not entertain you with back and forth on this.
          You lack the basics.
          Sorry for coming this way on you

        • Btw for your info, a strong system with good institutions will not allow for a failure to stay on for a long time.
          Elections are there for that in a good system.
          Take that and try to reason

      • Mbappe alias Pinguiss,
        You have been struggling for too long to sound smart with that talking point and it is abundantly clear it got the better of you. You therefore need to open your ears and get schooled. Look up the word incarnate in your dictionary. Paul Biya incarnates the institutions of the state, and to start from the simplest, he rules by decree, is the head of the armed forces, magistracy, the semi one-party system. You can harp about transparent elections all you want, but you are aware that Elecam which was supposed to be a national representation sees its heads appointed by Biya. You therefore somehow expect Biya to mysteriously lose an election when he places one of his party stalwarts at the head of this body. By ruling by decree after stifling state institutions

      • like Elecam, he ends up hand picking ministers, who as you know have done a bad job and given the system a bad name. A system is manned by men and if you hand pick thugs repeatedly, they run down this system. When Biya appoints ministers, we are told they are the best, but he always dismisses in the most outrageous way , to drag their image in the mud as much as possible. He appoints senators, the president of the National Assembly has been there for 26 years, yet you claim a system with good institutions will not tolerate failures. When you owe your political career to the president’s whims and caprices, you do things to please him and he keeps you there for 26 years. I know you can and should follow the corpse to the grave, but the truth you will hear!

    • Mbappe, what do you care? Are you tired of la mangeoire, or whatever it is your cultic neo-colonial mafia calls it.

      • @Brothajoe

        why are you complaint you ask for with your 1961, because of you ” ambasonia ” Cameroon name has been disgraced?

        when ambasonia re-killing law enforcement, kidnapping some authorities, beheading teacher, rape children and women nobody is complaining

        • bB,
          breathe..take your time. Then breathe again…

          Don’t associate this Afrikan (me) with black anglo-saxons or tropical frogs. Both the cultic mafia and queen elizabeth’s arsonists are enemies of the Afrikans who happen to live in that territory.

        • Épée Dipanda

          Get a life my friend. The international community has pictures of you beheading and killing people extrajudicially, nothing you do on social media will stop the wheels of justice.
          When some of your francophone presidents think that by getting out of ICC I laugh.
          When your white masters come for you I don’t want to hear: Imperialism!
          Nobody is forcing you to burn down entire villages and displace hundreds of thousands. You are doing it freely and brazenly so I hope you can pay the price.

    • Brother you see now so Paul Biya last years on earth are his worst years .

  2. Instead of killing people, burning down whole villages, sending thousands out as refugees
    etc etc, this military, could have thought it better to overthrow the regime and bring about
    sanity in the country. But the cruz of the matter, is that it is run by a clique of tribalist, whose
    hands are also not clean of stealing and corruption.

  3. Please, let’s start calling on everyone to stop the kidnappings and killings. More than enough blood has been shed. Call on family members to seize from fighting and promote talks. Talks will take place if everyone stresses.
    Mr. Biya, you have been president for 35 years. Don’t you think that’s way passed the time for you to quit? To all Biya’s supporters, please beg on him to not run for president again. Cameroon is not a kingdom. Where is the democracy?

  4. Tomorrow the trained Republican army will burn the entire village and kill anything alive using the pretext terrorist
    When a government embarks on a genocide agenda the government kills everyone using the pretext of terrorist.
    The Burmese army burnt entire Rohingya villages to carry out their genocide agenda
    The Franco-Cameroon army burnt entire Bamileke/Bassa villages using the pretext of terrorist “Maquisard”
    The current government and army is using the same genocidal tactic to kill and burn entire villages using the pretext terrorist
    After Biya and the genocide what Next?

  5. @Lum, after Biya and the Genocide we will have a ‘One and Indivisible Cameroon’. A country some of you NEVER loved. The earlier your boys show interest in dropping their weapons , talk with civility , and return to normal life, the earlier peace shall reign again. As an Anglophone, I personally think the struggle is irrelevant, reason why it lacks support. A nation wide campaign for a change in SYSTEM will gather momemtum especially from the majority youth. If Biya steps down tomorrow, MUNA / Agbor / Walla / others become commander in chief, Cameroon will never change as long as the former system is in place. It takes BALLS , a powerful, dynamic and trusthworthy team to say NO to the current system (especially colonial contracts which OBLIGES us to wire our RESERVES to France ).

    • Épée Dipanda

      @Scoppy there is a sickening lie which is currently being peddled.
      The suggestion that the CFA Zone is the reason why Cameroon is in trouble.
      Cameroon is in trouble because Cameroonians are deep within themselves essentially “feymen”. Any wonder why so many esoteric clubs thrive over there? People want to consume without producing anything.

      Now you cannot blame some Anglophones for taking the action you and I have no balls to take. You remember this statement: “La nature de l’état n’est pas a débattre”. That was a declaration of war on Anglophones.

      Democracy is not the dictatorship of the majority alone but the rule of the majority subject to the protection of the rights of the minority. If these protections such as federation die, so does Cameroon

    • @Scoppy we are all waiting for the nation wide campaign from you majority patriots who pay Colonial taxes to France. You patriots who govern by incompetence , you patriots who kill to implement Francophonization.
      Are you more patriots than Ouandie, Moumie, Nyombe?
      Patriots denounce a government of destruction, patriots denounce a thieving government, patriots denounce a government that labels every citizen West of the Mungo terrorist, patriots denounce Anglophone apartheid in Cameroon.
      Killing Anglophones is easy, low hanging fruit, it is not a political solution to the intentionally created problem.
      The supporters of Mobutu called themselves patriots that’s why Kinshasa is paradise today.
      No need to mention supporters of Quaddafi or Assad as these nations are the most desirable

    • @ Scopy. You are wasting your time. Bikutsi and I have preached that already. These Ambazonians are not interested in peace. They have a secret agenda. Fortunately they have no support from the majority of Anglophone Cameroonians and the international community which means they can never ever succeed. Each time you come up with a reasonable and wise idea like you just did, they quickly link you with the Biya regime like Lum just did above. They are a set of bad minded people who have hijacked our original protest against marginalization to achieve their selfish agenda which will never ever happen.

  6. Cohabitation, such as in matrimony, is decided during the premarital period called dating.This enables the twosome to take a long range view of life together under one roof, meeting the ups and downs of life.

    57 years is a reasonably long time to guage the nature of cohabitation between two people, taking into consideration the main zones of convergence. Cameroonians ought to be sincere enough to search their souls for these elelements of convergence. Are there any?

    For example, how does the Anglophone see the appointment of Paul Atanga Nji in the Territorial Administration portfolio? And the Francophone?

    Bluntly, should the compensation of the man for all the sleuthing in Nigeria and its outcome be seen as a personal prize or a prize for his people?

    • By the scheme of things, does it even appear that “the man” was the target of contention, or a “Much ado about nothing?”

      What an orgy of depravity we must suffer to bear witness.

      • Hahahahaha,

        Mola witi grammar na kill man pay…..not bad tho.

        Wish queen for fit cam learn book for payee…

  7. The Bamis and the Bassas, were greatly terrorized and when they went into hidding
    and possible surrender, the Bulus have had a field day being corrupt and stealing has
    been institutionalized. Now, it is the turn of the Anglos. But this should be seen as a
    different issue, because we, again we, are a different people. Not french in any way.
    This, is what makes us unique and a people who belong to a different culture and
    reasoning that should have it`s own nation. That nation is now called Ambazonia and
    it shall come to pass. The struggle is still young, under two years and much has been
    achieved. All that is necessary now, is new strategies and togetherness.
    Like spartans, there is no surrender.

    • Épée Dipanda

      I think it is what surprises and scares them at the same time.
      They know that in Nigeria the Biafra war killed millions of people and today Biafra are still up in arms.
      In like manner no amount of slaughter will convince Anglophones that life without Yaoundé could be worse than their current state.
      You see Anglophones have been reduced from jobless fellows to second class citizens to refugees and corpses now. What is there to lose if not our inheritance? Because our ancestors will ask us how we protected the land they bequeathed us, we cannot go down without a fight. We will go down defending our land to the last man.nif the ADF could only get the weapons they need, there would be a “Reponse du Berger à la Bergère”.
      But why is violence preferred to Dialogue? Only Biya knows.

      • Épée,

        I can guaranty you that life is going to be worse.
        Check the power struggle that is going on among your leaders, and the fact some are complaining behind curtains that the leadership is full of cousins of Bamis, and so on.

        If such petty under-the-belt blows are already being thrown here and there in the genesis of a virtual republic, then just imagine if such a Rep. was real.

        You’ll all tear off each other over night over a gallon of fungeh…

        • ZZ,
          They can never coabite. They can’t even unite in the diaspora. They hate each other and are very hostile to each other.
          Here in Sweden, people from the SW can’t stand those from the NW.

        • The power struggle has surfaced because your living god Biya kidnaped the leadership giving rise to a violent hydra that has consumed more of your soldiers than the beginning of the struggle and Boko Haram combined. Only idiots still hide behind pretentious excuses to secure Biya and his gang in power. The android generation has shattered the SW/NW myth, resist bribery and confronted a violent brutal dictator without any weapon. They deserve credit for that you this wowoh man.

        • Épée Dipanda

          Good point Zam-Zam very good points.
          Now consider this: isn’t it better to battle those internal divisions as we did in 1954? This is a time when francophones were doing “code de l’indigenat” essentially a euphemism for barbaric apartheid against francophone citizens of la Republique.
          64 years ago northwesterners and south westerners in Ambazonia had democratic elections and Endeley handed over peacefully to Foncha who had won elections. Till today Larepublique has NEVER had a democratic election. My brother we cannot die with you people oh! We cannot die with you people we must resist.
          I have never seen a bunch of people like la Republique who will go like lambs to the slaughter.
          Leave NW and SW for us. When we get to Buea we will slug it out democratically.

      • @Epee Dipanda
        You evoke the important issue of the ICC above but did not dwell on or elaborate and yet this is a crucial issue often swept under the carpet. In retrospect, would the Charles Taylors and Laurent Gbabos of the world be where they are today without the ICC? How does a contemporary African dictator ignore such a heavy issue? Is it not disturbing that there is this sepulchral silence over the rights and lives of Julius Ayuk Tabe and others simply because larger-than-life personne have taken into their hands this heavy responsibility? Do they at all envisage be a day of reckoning down the road?

        • What the Ambazonians don’t understand is that ICC is for those African leaders who refuse to serve the West or protect western interest in Africa. Those who ignore their people and serve the West like Biya are good students and will never face the ICC. If Biya says no to France today to protect Cameroon interest, he will automatically become a dictator as per Western standards and eventually end up in the Hague. The only thing that can free us is unity not separation. China and India were also colonized but are better off today because of their size and population. They were never divided into smaller countries like they did in Africa and they had their own language and religion to bind them together. We can join together and take out the Biya regime and its colonial master France

        • Épée Dipanda

          Big John,
          You know what they say: Before the gods kill a man, they first strike him with madness. What else could explain the blatant atrocities being committed by an alleged republican army? What else if not the proverbial madness which forestalls the downfall of Nkunkumah?

    • @ Johua
      You talk about the “Bami, Bassa, Bulu ” … African tribes, then you say ‘ the Anglos “, is ‘Anglo ‘ a tribe?
      What does an habitant of the SW have in common with one of the NW? Beside speaking pidgin of course?

      • What does a NWtener have in common with people from South province or Adamawa province besides living in Cameroon? Absolutely nothing.
        The people of SW and NW have a common history from 1922 to 1961 that all you in Cameroon can kill yourselves to deny it but it will not work.
        How come a Blackman in Yaoundé or Maroua speaks French and is educated in French? Because you were colonized by France that is your common history, you can’t deny it.
        From 1922-1961 the people of West Cameroon govern themselves locally, Endeley handed over to Foncha democratically something that can never happen in French Cameroon.
        France appoints Adhijo, then Biya and who knows next!
        English in schools and courts, Federal system of government is what we have in common in NW and SW it is not about tribes

        • @ Lum Those are all lies. SW and NW were never on their own as a country. The Queen of England’s language is not an African culture. It is an English man’s culture. The fact that we were colonized by the English doesn’t make us English. We are Cameroonians in Africa and there is no such thing as British Cameroon or French Cameroon. The Indians don’t call themselves English Indians and the Chinese don’t call themselves English Chinese. Our future cannot be determined by a white man’s fabrication. English and French are foreign languages and not our culture. The NW culture is completely different from the SW culture even though they speak the English language. To proof you wrong the NW culture is similar to the West Cameroon (Bamilike) culture even though the Bamiliekes speak French.

        • Thank you @ Bobjazz for that fresh energy.
          It’s amazing how people continue to deceive in this forum.
          So they pick up arms so that people should speak English in courts and schools in an African country? That’s pure madness.
          This is the most stupid war ever!

      • Épée Dipanda

        I had decided to ignore you in this platform as long as you spewed the usual gibberish. Now that you seek to pollute the young I will correct you for the sake of posterity. Before Ambazonia joined Larepublique, we had several elections, local and parliamentary in Southern Cameroons, before that we together represented ourselves in the parliament at Enugu and even served in Government in Lagos. Chief Mukete was a member of that cabinet. The Centenarian was a fine gentleman no wonder he called out Biya on his incompetence recently.
        Several trade routes have existed between us for ages before the arrival of the white man and if you did not know the People of Manyu (SW) share several cultural artifacts and words with Batibo and Widikum (NW)
        Just for your education

  8. When idiocy becomes regional the whip remains the only serum.As desperate foolish drunkards are still denying that the ailing regime is the problem we must tackle for a better Cameroon and engaged themselves in a campaign of intoxication and hatred towards their fellow brothers from the other side nothing can stop us we will kill all terrorists and those they use as human shade to show you that idiocy can be contagious .

  9. @Bikutsi Inhabitants from NW and SW under-went the same colonial experience which inhabitants of the other eight regions did not experience.That is why inhabitants from NW and SW believe that,after their colonial experience together as a people,they are suppose to have their own country.

    • Kongossa
      People from the NW can’t even accept leadership from someone from the SW in this “fight ” . [email protected] Barrister Balla. They treat him all kind of words because he has a different opinion and most of all because he is from the SW. That is the uncomfortable truth.
      You can’t even come together in a virtual world, how are you going to be able to do that for real? Is English a language of unity? I don’t think so. Maybe if you people shared the same African language and subculture, we could beleive in that fantasy of a united SW &NW.
      The reality is that you don’t!

      • Épée Dipanda

        Sisiku their reverred leader is from where? La Republique? Is he not a Manyu man celebrated each day by people from NW?
        I like it when you agents of Satan begin to try to sow division, that mean say the struggle Di waka well well.
        When all is said and done, it will be recalled that all Anglophones asked for was a discussion on the nature of the state. An engagement on why the protection of minorities such as the federation were unilaterally and unethically destroyed?
        This is the answer, posterity and the ICC will judge those who today claim to represent the people.
        On that day let there be no gnashing of teeth.

        • No one is trying to” sow division ” here. It is allready there and have allways being and you know it.
          The truth is bitter sometimes but it has to be told.
          I have many freinds from both sides, in the diaspora and back home.
          You guys can’t work together.
          If your Wakanda/ Ambazonia ever happen, that will be a green light for a civil war as never witnessed before in our Land. We are preventing you from that.
          You better change the name of your virtual country to Wakanda! At least it is African. What is Ambazonia?
          And the flag blue and white? In Africa? You guys are alliens!

  10. In 2015 I took a cab in Y’de with a French speaking colleague, who understands and speaks some Pidgin English. The driver was from the North West. So, the three of us began chatting. A few minutes later, the cab driver asked ” you be Anglophone from which side?” I replied from the South West. Then he blew it up: “South West no be real Anglophone that.” Baffled? No. I assumed he was having a hard time differentiating the language from ethnicity. But he just voiced a common feeling among Southwesterners and Northwesterns. The AVERAGE JOE from these two regions does not like to identify with the other, with very few exceptions. I suppose that explains the numerous factions in the whole ambazonian thing. Hope this whole nonsense ends so we can focus on building our country.

    • There’s are African in Nigeria of different tribes who democratically elected Buhari, Same in Liberia to elect Weah, Same in Gambia, Same in Kenya and sane in Ghana.
      To minimize Africans to tribes means they can’t function collectively as a people hence Cameroon is a waste of time.
      The demands made by West Cameroonians to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in a constitutionally bilingual country was borne from a deliberate Yaoundé agenda to forcefully francophonize anglophones so France can benefit.
      Anglophone apartheid is not nation building?
      France used the same Francophones to kill Bassas and Bamilekes who are also Francophones.
      Again SW/NW is a napoleonic agenda from same Francophones who killed Bamilekes/Bassas
      Anglophones did not kill each other in NW or SW!

      • @Hypocrite lum south westerners don’t consider you as human you know that very well stop deceiving yourself. Running empty mouth here that you are brothers is one thing and the deep reality on your daily relationship is something else if I am lying what (cam no go)refers to ?

        • @Colby are you a SWtner?
          How would you know?
          If SWtners did not kill Bassas in Tiko Or Bamilekes in Kumba why would they kill NWtners?
          This is the same French napoleonic propaganda France used to convince Sone of you in East Cameroon to join France to kill all your own patriots like Nyombe, Moumie and Ouandie.
          From 1918 to 1961 we in West Cameroon elected our leaders based on platforms no tribes.
          In a Federal West Cameroon the governor of Meme will be a son of the soil not some appointed ingrate.
          NW and SW really want samethings, English in Courtrooms and classrooms. Government by election from local people not Incompetent appointees from Yaoundé.
          You are dying to devide NW and SW but we have more in common than with the rest of French Cameroon.
          Wetin be ya own dey!

        • Épée Dipanda

          Lum don’t mind him, a stranger will not come to tell you from outside that your brother doesn’t love you.
          If we hated ourselves Endeley (SW) would not have handed over power peacefully to Foncha. (NW) way back in the 50s. I have Hundreds of Southwestern classmates married to Northwesterners.
          Thousands of Southwestern women have full grown children in the Diaspora with their NW husbands. Trust me there is serious love between the children accross the Tinto Batibo line.
          In any case if NW and SW who are neighbors cannot get along do you think they will get along well with complete foreigners in Larepublique?
          No matter the angle from which you take this argument Ambazonia wins

      • @Lum. I hate the fact that people aren’t being honest and innocent Cameroonians are dying. Those of the diaspora are doing all to protect their interests as Cameroonians and that of their offsprings while shamelessly promulgating sessation and killings, claiming they are ambazonians. I know what I am talking about. It’s all about thier interest, period.

  11. @Bikutsi Why are u crying over Agbor Balla for us? are u the one that is suppose to choose our leaders? why do u,francophone betis and hausas in LRC still see the bamilikes as an enemy till date?

    ”I don’t think so. Maybe if you people shared the same African language and subculture, we could beleive in that fantasy of a united SW &NW”.
    ha ha ha ha..what an irony.How can u explain your unity with @Zam Zam today,who is of Bamilike heritage,against the people from NW and SW if not becos of the colonial culture,French.I don’t think your unity with @Zam Zam,who is of bamilike ancestry,against the people from NW and SW, comes from some kind of African language and subculture.Or,is your unity with @Zam Zam coming from some African language and subculture that u share in common?

    • Yes! We are Africans and we have Africa/ Cameroon in common.
      You are too naive to understand what it means to be African.
      Btw @ Zam Zam and I have nothing against people/ Cameroonians/ Africans/ Black people from the SW and NW.
      We are against those who want to devide our motherland, because we know that nothing good can come from a devide Cameroon.

      • Épée Dipanda

        Correction Bikutsi,
        Cameroon is not your homeland. La Republique is.
        If you were honest you would agree that the destruction of the federation was illegal and therefore null and void.
        This you pretence of Panafricanism cannot obfuscate that the Cameroon you pretend to love is a complete fraud with no internationally recognized treaty establishing its existence. It is a fraud. Understand that. I don’t know how they raise you francophones in Larepublique but you must understand that as Anglophones we are raised to abhor fraud. The country Cameroon as it exists today is a FRAUD. No treaty of union. I challenge you to bring a treaty unitin the 2 Cameroons. If you cannot the. Extend Cameroon to Tchad and Gabon. Anything else is fraudulent.

    • @ Kongosa Can you explain to Bikutsi why Biafra wants to separate from Nigeria even though they were both colonized by the British and both speak the English language or have the same English culture as per Lum? You Ambazonians make me sick with this your white language identity. It’s a disgrace.

      • @ Bobjazz
        Why do you use French in Cameroon is it an African language?
        Why do you use CFA in 14 African countries is it an African currency?
        Why do you pay Colonial taxes to France not England is it and African tradition?
        Why do you call yourself Cameroon why not Africa? How did you become Cameroon?
        Why not join Gabon and Chad to become Africa only?
        You are a colonized African, your language, money, name. Religion etc if from European imposition.
        Who are you to tell me that if I choose to speak English in West Cameroon whilst you speak French in East Cameroon your are somehow more African by imposing French on me.
        Why hide behind Africanism to impose French on West Cameroonians.
        Did you partition Africa into 54 countries or Europeans?
        You are here to fabricate history!

  12. Don’t you know that the French folks are very ignorant about existence of life

  13. Where a country is in serious social upheaval, patriots mobilize themselves to seek solutions. Diplomas are like passports – a means to an end. But when diplomas are put aside and guns made the choice means to solve problems, one begins to understand the mindset of those at the helm and their underpinning.
    It is nice and good to use the NW/SW divide – a very recent Ahidjo creation – to promote a poorly disguised policy of divide-and-rule assuming that deep down, the victims are so ignorant they do not see through the perfidy.

    Try this simple experiment. Throw a single loaf of bread to the most loving but famished pair of twins and see what happens. The struggle to have access to limited resources did not originate from the NW/SW divide; it antedates and even transcends it. Try elsewhere

  14. Ahmadou Ali said an Anglo/ Bami will never cross the doorstep of the Etoudi palace. Other francophones call Bamilekes “ enemies in the house” and clinically tried to wipe them out. These are things that should be keeping French slaves up at night, yet they want to whip up fake uproar about the N / SW dichotomy. When Biko Haram came around, Minister Ayissi Eyebe accused northerners of tormenting it. This is a grave accusation and proves how fragile national unity is in Cameroon. The N and SW have continuously coexisted since 1922 and war has never broke out between them. They intermarry, study in the same schools and work in the same places. Apologists of the statusquo can’t come to the fact that the SW has shown its mettle during this crisis. Some had often put those hopes of easy

    • Épée Dipanda

      Most importantly they learn democracy from childhood! Yes! Childhood. I don’t know much about la Republique but I have travelled extensively throughout the traditional palaces in Ambazonia studying the traditional governance mechanisms, very similar, mitigating the power of the chief more or less effectively with the council of elders representing every shade and hue of the tribe.
      Obviously in Larepublique Chiefs have degrees: first class , second class etc and many are appointed by government. You can see that Ahidjo and the French introduced these things to copy the noble house of Chiefs in Ambazonia at the time.
      Anglophones also learn to elect their leaders from secondary school whith real competition for student leadership.
      All these charecteristics , lost on Larepublique

  15. my dear brothers i am here by to state that a bad arrangement is better than blood shed.we are losing our fellows.none of you is either anglophone nor francophone.we are just cameroonians and we have to value it.we have our own mother tongue that have nothing to do with english and french.i am tired to hear everyday english system or french system.what do you guys inherited from your forefathers.are we not ashamed of ourselves?let us valorise our own culture and languages.some people in south west and north west do not even know how english sounds but they claim loudly that they are anglophones and so do are some in Douala or Yaounde who don’t know about this.i am just cying for my younger brothers that are being killed because of something that will get no result.let us be realistic.stop.

    • @lukememphis

      I understand your anguish, but you are wasting time. The black anglo-saxons and their equatorial gaulist brothers are cut from the same cloth. They are both blood-thirsty mercenaries working on behalf of alien cultures.

      The only victims in this fight is innocent Africans. The black-brits and their black-francos can kill each other for all i care.

      Cameroon belongs to Africans not carbon-copy europeans.

      • Épée Dipanda

        So no name calling or denigration will deter us from the task ahead.
        We will not be slaves in our own country.
        No, we shall not bow as we walk upon the soil which birthed our fathers.
        Our task is noble and our mind made.
        The mission is divine and the time is now.
        Our vision of self governance is a cause worth fighting for and if necessary one for which we are ready to die.

        • “Our vision of self governance is a cause worth fighting for and if necessary one for which we are ready to die.”

          Blibliblibliblibli. Uninspiring blabber….

          Noise. Your comrades are in the forests of Batibo and Kwakwa and you are here talking shit. Go join them if you have balls.How typical.

    • Épée Dipanda

      A quick death is better and nobler than a lengthy and painful one. Particularly when you are fighting for what is righteous.
      I have been saying here that what we inherited from our fathers is a council of elders that was more powerful than the chief. In SW the chief priests and heads of the secret societies (judiciary) were even more powerful than the chief (executive). This is why the parliamentary government style of the British was so acceptable to us. The super centralized state imposed on us by the French and Biya will not work. We have tried it 57 years it did not work. We never taya?
      So we just happened to identify ourselves as Anglophone Cameroonians but you can be certain that our values are deeply traditional and African and well rooted in our culture.

      • ED,
        you go twist like mboma for inside latrine wey e di come flop for justify the shaky basis of your imaginary country.

        Abeg no lie. We remember when you guys were driven away from Buckingham palace like stray dogs. Wuna be think say Queen elisabit foolish.

        When you repatriate your black anglo-saxon self to kembong or batibo, just drink a chill pill and keep encouraging others on their blood thirsty missions.

        I leave you in the hands of the equatorial gaulist. dem go show wuna something. Divine my foot!