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Koramangala Sony World Junction

Cameroonian techie held for harassing businesswoman in Bengaluru

Times of India | BENGALURU: A software engineer from Cameroon, Central Africa, was arrested on Saturday evening for allegedly sexually harassing a 33-yearold businesswoman and forcibly giving her Rs 3,000 in Christmas gift.

Michael Ambe Nfosi came to Bengaluru seven years ago, married a local woman and settled down in Koramangala. He’s a senior software engineer with a private firm near Marathahalli.

Police picked up Michael, 37, on Saturday following a complaint from the businesswoman, who stays at Jakkasandra, Koramangala I Block, that he had been sexually harassing her. The woman, who sells ornaments, told police she had met Michael a year ago at a pub in Koramangala and they had exchanged business cards.

“Initially, he called and emailed her. Then, he demanded she meet him and accompany him to parties. He harassed her on the phone when she declined. He threatened to inform her husband that he had a relationship with her,” a police officer said, quoting from her complaint.

The woman alleged that Michael had been stalking her for three days. On Friday evening, he accosted her near Sony World Junction in Koramangala and thrust Rs 3,000 into her bag as a Christmas gift. When she declined to accept it, he abused her.

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  1. A typical behaviour of an ambazonian… It can only be a fellowcitizen of SissiKu Ayuk Take who can act like that and throw disgrace on our beloved Cameroon.

  2. We too we di turn-turn waka oh…

  3. SILENCE………………. of course, the name is not Atangana!

    • He stole nothing! Essimi Menye, Thierry Atangana, Titus Edzoa, etc did! Mbappe has ten screen names here to prove that falsehood is in the DNA!

  4. Biya did a similae thing to a lady in a hotel in one of his many outings long time ago,
    i remember.

  5. Where on planet earth is BENGALURU? If the writer has the presence of mind to pin down Cameroon in Central Africa, why would he leave the scene of the crime to guesswork? Or should the reader assume that Times of India implies it happened in India? Even then……..

    • Exactly my question!
      How in the world did this brother came up with the idea to go there, or was he lost and found himself there? I tried to google the name and discover something funny.

  6. This in India. Sometimes it’s also called Bangalore

  7. This is a not a good behaviour at all from a real man..
    Unfortunately we get good education at home and it get spoil when we start earning money..
    Go to cameroon today and see how people who have money behave..
    Primitive, rude,arrogant and feel they are above the law..

    They will even rape women and if they try to report them, they will pay the police to brutalize the women..
    So I think this behaviour is not knew if we are honest..
    Who is a real man in cameroon:- if you have money, have many women and can give rounds in a beer parlour..No body cares if you take good care of kids and family, na lie?..
    So coming out to claim its ambazonian behaviour is just one of those our stupid ways of refusing the truth in our community…

  8. We like Ambazonia no matter what.
    The bond is broken whether UK, US or France like it or not, we are finished with these folks.

    • Respect yourselves. We talk about an ambozonian who abused a woman here. Not about secession …

  9. Its common in his area.

  10. Always the same people, that Anglo bami axis needs to addressed once for all, why do they keep bringing shame on Cameroon, they are always in the news for the bad and wrong reasons, bunch of uncultured people. It must have been his anglo Saxon heritage,what a simp .

  11. The person in the mirror

    All makeup stories , you all should stop concluding from Internet news, it’s a completely one sided story

  12. In a country of a billion plus people, you could not find one good looking Indian woman, you had to resort to paying one for sexual gratification? Stupid Bafut man.