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Cameroonian woman rescued from 28-years captivity in Nigeria

Journal du Cameroun | Reports from some Nigerian news sites states, the Benue State Police Command has rescued a Cameroonian woman who was allegedly kidnapped in 1990, under a spell in Calabar, where she had gone to sit for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination (JAMB).

In the reports, the victim, Ms Martha Eyong says she was kidnapped at the age of 16 when the suspect, a 78-year-old man Ali Omonya Ameh, sprayed her with a white substance believed to be powder, allowing her to do anything he instructed.

Omonya was arrested after a tip-off by the victim’s father.

Narrating her ordeal, the victim said, “It all happened 28 years ago when my friends and I came from Cameroon to write JAMB examination in Calabar. “My abductor saw us and chatted with us after which he waved an handkerchief on my face. At that point, I lost my memory and did not know anything about myself”, she said. “I’ve been living with him since then and we have two children, one of them is in the university now. “The last place we lived was Otukpo.

A young man helped me and a pastor who prayed and set me free from the spell that was on me. “With the help of the young man, who is from Nigeria but plays football in Cameroon, I was able to traced my place and returned home 28 years after he mysteriously took me away.”

The father of the victim, Michael Eyong, who was with her at the police headquarters in Makurdi, said he accompanied his daughter back to Benue to seek justice. “We are from Mamfe in Cameroon.

The man kidnapped my daughter for 28years and, within this period of her disappearance, I lived in pains because she is my first child. “My 16-year-old little daughter returned home a week ago as a 44-year-old woman, looking even older than her age. I thank God for answering my prayer.

“We were able to arrest his alleged abductor with the help of Benue State Police Commissioner. All I am asking for at the moment is justice. He should be made to face the wrath of the law for what he did to my daughter and my family”.

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  1. That is an awfully long time to be under the influence of a narcotizing/anesthetizing agent!

    • This is not your western big book analogy. It’s mysticism. Kidnappers in Nigeria use this same spell to subject their targets in a trans state during transportation. The day you will go into the lab and produce an experimental explanation for Famla/Manyongo then we will talk further. Demons are real and this is where they are very efficient. The devil at Etoudi is a living demon if you may want to look further.

  2. Sorry for her I hope she s not an agent of ambazonia

  3. @ Bamendaboy which level of education did you attain? I know you are not that really an educated person.

  4. Fear of mystical powers in Nigeria, will surely start haunting folks. Time to
    take on this is drawing nigh to names on the black list.

  5. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    My heart bleed for this poor lady, justice must surely be done, and Mr. Ali Omonya Ameh will rot in Asa prison in Otukpo LGA.

    The Idoma speaking people of Benue State are one of the most peaceful and loving tribe in Naija. Pa Ali Omonya Ameh is a disgrace to the Red and Black which the Idoma represent.