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Cameroonians shocked after seeing their late President Ahmadou Ahidjo’s residence

Today News Africa | Cameroonians were shocked on Tuesday after seeing the dilapidated house of their first and late President, Ahmadou Ahidjo, who was known as the father of the nation.

Why it matters: Mr. Ahidjo was in power for 24 years, 8 months and 17 days between 18 February 1958, and November 4, 1982, when he resigned and handed over power to Paul Biya who was then Prime Minister. He was known as the man who built and united Cameroon at a time of political instability.

Mr. Biya remains in power 36 years after and he’s running for another term of seven years this year.

Mr. Ahidjo had been in charge before independence from France as interim head of State and Prime Minister between February 18, 1958 and January 1, 1960, when the French finally handed over after a brutal dictatorship. They also signed business deals that kept them in charge of the economy long after they officially left.

The pictures of the residence of the first Cameroonian President were published by Guibai Gatama, a journalist and activist who publishes L’Oeil Du Sahel newspaper.

He said the residence of the former head of state in the Mayo-Oulo department in northern Cameroon had become a ghost of itself.

“It used to be a powerful place at the time,” Mr. Gatama, also from northern Cameroon wrote.

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  1. Speaks volumes about the type of nation building Adhijo did!
    How and why did Biya become president?
    Adhijo violated the trust of Foncha and all of the people of Southern Cameroons who in good faith voted to join East Cameroon to create a Federation with the Prime minister of southern Cameroonian origin being the legitimate successor to be president.
    When you deceive innocent people into slavery you will build nothing of value in your own life.
    In 20yrs whatever Biya thinks he is building today in te Same fashion by deceit will also be abandoned and forgotten.
    With justice and equality you can attain peace, with peace there is growth and prosperity without which everything can be destroyed in a split second. ie Lybia, Zaire, Iraq, etc

    • Lum je ne vais jamais comprendre votre etat d ‘esprit, le vivre ensemble n’avait jamais ete un probleme surtout que bien avant le debarquement des colons francais et britaniques, il y avait un Kamerun. Ramener les deux Cameroon ensemble n etait que le voeux des nationalistes morts sous les balles des francais et anglais . Le probleme c est Paul Biya , pour le francophones , les anglophones et les nons deux . Il faut rejoindre le SDF et combattre le RDPC , pas renfoncer cette division insencee.

      • Épée Dipanda

        Donc le mensonge dans TA bouche ne finit jamais?
        There was no vivre ensemble under the Grand Kamerun. 1910 to 1916 how many years? From 1894 Germany was trying to get its colony together it failed.
        I have told you before that a Bafaw man has nothing to do with a Toupouri. Il n’y avait pas de vivre ensemble , stop telling lies!

      • @Uhmm pays
        No sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Your narrative is a clear example of a palimpsest – inventing history to juxtapose on preexisting history. Well before the Germans, it was the Portuguese that discovered the estuaries full of shrimps and honored it with “Camaroes” which eventually became Kamerun (German), Cameroun (French) or Cameroon (English).

        Also, the growth of towns and cities from previous agrarian agglomerations of hamlets is a latter-day phenomenon. No nations existed prior to those days and so your wistful thinking is as misleading as your other statements.

        • Besides the Britiah did not shoot people like the French.
          If your history is tormenting you, deal with it. Don’t rope other people in. The British are not cherubim and seraphim but they certainly didn’t kill people like he French did.
          Ambazonia will be free.

        • Dinga,

          NATIONS have always existed in Africa since antiquity! What did not exist were STATES.

          How can you teach the youth when you know almost nothing? You are the criminals that are manipulating and pushing the youngsters to their graves. How pitiful!

        • @John Dinga

          Look how illiterate you are…repeating rubbish…why do you limit yourself to aryans story? the first person to discover this and that was a Portuguese shame on you…..my great great grand father visited that place long before the aryans come there…see me this slave ..mentally enslaved illiterate man!

  2. You reap what you sow. You collaborated with the French and killed your own people. You handed over the country to another gaulist who is doing the same. Poor grand Camarade, karma is a b…..

  3. @ Lum, that is all that it is. Ahidjo still has his wife, daughter who came kneeling to biya
    in repentance, his son etc. But we see how all is vanity today.
    The bad thing, is that those at the top of the plum tree, like the stubborn fly, will never
    take heed.
    Shameful enough, but he too, deserves this shame. As for biya, he`s, will be worst.

  4. Jeremiah 17 vs 11 As the partridge seat on eggs and hatcheth them not so is that getteth riches and not by right shall leave them in the midst of his days and at his end shall be a fool.
    Proverb 13 vs 11 Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminish but he that gatheret by labour shall increase
    Every truth of the word of God is valid for all time and for all generation so am not surprise or shock about what am seeing in these pictures and Biya case will not be different hahahahahahahaha
    This is the man who manipulated Foncha and change the Federation to a so call unitary state and then Biya change to LRC TO WIP out South Cameroon but thank God Amabazonia has raise never to fall no more God punish Biya and all his followers

  5. After the 1984 coup, GESTAPOS of Biya destroyed the house of Ahidjo. It is a wakeup call to Biya that his palace in Mvomeka will also not be spared by his successor.

    Having said that, I have ZERO pity for the predicaments of Ahidjo. He tricked Dr. Foncha by masterminded the french-sponsored annexation of “one and indivisible” SC. He then handed power to Biya who continued with the diabolic agenda.
    The war we are fighting today originated from the deception and manipulations of Ahidjo and Biya.

  6. Just as we have many Anglo Mbami in the Ambazonia struggle today who are distabilising and setting confusion in the struggle so was Foncha , Foncha was a spy who succeeded very well in his mission Adhidjo never deceived Foncha , Foncha was working for LRC pretending to be a UPC runaway , the first true statesman of Africa was Dr Endely who acted as a Democrat ‘blindly’and handed power to Foncha and by the time Njua became PM of BSK with the same vision as Endely the BSC had Been colonized by LRC (FR), With respect to Adhijo house , you cannot build the best mansion Without I’m powering your people to think generationaly it waste of time . No matter how much money and property u leave for your family (country) if you don’t teach them wealth creation and respect the byproduct is Biya

  7. Épée Dipanda

    I look forward to the same thing happening to Biya.

    • If history is any guide, it will happen to Biya.

      Ghaddafi, Ali of Tunesia, Peter the Great of Russia, Hitler, Mussolini, Menguitzu of Ethiopia, Comproare, Mobutu, Samuel Doe, Jammeh of Gambia, Marcus of the philippines, Abacha , etc suffered the same fate like Ahidjo.

      It is simply a question of time

  8. There is no such thing as anglo Bami. The Bamis are Francophones, but there are anglophone Cameroonians with tainted Biafra blood as a result of the good faith that allowed the Biafrans to seek refuge in Cameroon during the Nigeria Biafra war. Today they call themselves Ambazonians and want the rest of the pure anglophone Cameroonians to join them form their Ambazonia-Biafra republic as their Nigerian Biafra brothers also want to separate from Nigeria. It will never ever work as we pure anglophone Cameroonians will never ever let them do that. You keep on destabilizing our small villages near the Biafra borders. Why don’t you come to our main anglophone cities if wuna get cannas for las. Cowards. We go flush wuna out like tumbu.

    • Your Mami yi red thick Pima so. With your lips them like a pima for horse.

    • who is a real anglophone or anglophone cities?there is anglo bami if you dont know,they also ranaway from war,so what ?.ambazonia is giving u guys nightmare,you are trying to down play the struggle and people are dying everyday,wake up and stop from calling people names,

    • Ambazonia Amba

      Bobjaz the stupidity of your verbal diarrhoea that you have vomited on this forum is that the person who coined the term ambazonia is none other than the brilliant fun of widikum gorji dinka. The last time I checked he was and still is a bonafide bamda man with great intellect foresight and fortitude.
      The greatest asset for the ambazonians is Paul biya. His presence reminds us of the stupidity and cowardice of the francophones. Ambazonia has risen to fall no more

  9. Paul Biya is Brain Death! Whatever anyone os saying is a waste of time and energy! He doesn’t understand any of it !

  10. LRC is a curse and its leaders are short sighted. The beti militia has not learnt any lesson. I would be wise for them to see the home of a guy who ruled for 25 years

  11. Web Administrator,
    It would appear my posting was so offensive that it was removed from position #1 with no comment at all. How then do I know what language is acceptable to you and what is not? Censure should help point the way to what is considered acceptable and what is not, shouldn’t it?

    • The old buffoon who thinks that his history began with the Europeans!

      • ah ah ah ah Ras Tuge I am so so ashamed of peoples like this John Binda! can you believe that all of the so called intellectuals ( illiterate for me) are repeating theses types of stories everyday? like I said before education in africa remove the creatif part of the black man brain…when I meet them in debate around the place and I ask them this same kestion you ask they have nothing to say ..then they say you are jealous of they big diplomas..they I tell them I have more money than them and can prove it…then they just walk away with their tails between their legs!

        Shame on you!

        • Don’t worry about this ancient warlock who doesn’t even know what a nation is… and some claim that he has a rasclaaat PhD!

          Man, we have to step in to guide some of these insane adventurers who remain incapacitated by their very own delusion of grandeur. They fantasize about doctorate degrees as being a function of transcendental knowledge but we must sit a good many of them down… and school them just like Mosiah Garvey did. Behold, Garvey had no PhD, but he IS the master of knowledge!

        • @ Ras Tuge, Pharaon
          Assuming that you have buried the hatchet of your (Bakossi/Bamileke) conflict you both make unusual bedpartners indeed. You lay claim to knowledge/wisdom but hardly ever put forth such knowledge until someone else has posted something. Take a good look at all your perorations!

          All the same, putting aside your vulgarities, misperceptions(I referred to Cameroon, you plunged into Africa), your preposterous claim to know my age(you are probably older that I!!!), let us look at the facts.

          Cameroon’s population figure is 23million today and was 5 million at independence, giving a growth rat 300,000 annually. Using this generous rate, going back in time, the population in 1900 would be minus 13 million! But that could not be, given loss to smallpox, polio, inter-tribal wars

        • This figure can be revised as much as possible but it still does not give a population that would amount to much of any significant agglomeration (city/town) that would result from rural exodus in response to the invaders! So this great nation/country which antedated European explorers/colonizers must remain in your fertile imaginations.

          As for language, you pour disdain on European language with relish, their usefulness notwithstanding.
          “Coup d’Etat” is very recurrent in present day discussions. Would you care to volunteer its local antecedent that European languages replaced? (I choose this out of the many European introductions your wisdom would love to spurn with relish.

        • Dinga,

          You are a childish old fellow. Sometimes, one simply has to own up to his blunder and acknowledge his ignorance. But you chose to bring even more scorn and shame upon yourself by struggling to justify your ignorance! What exactly are you justifying? Unless you are struggling to make the universe believe that Africans are part and parcel of European nations… which only emphasizes your madness! This definitely explains why you are unable to extricate yourself from the ‘Anglosaxon anglophone’ nation… which is an African calamity! Shame on you, old fellow.

          Cameroon’s population is 23 million today, you declare… yet, you have never had any trouble when your delusional secessionist vandals claim that Ambazombi termite nation is 8 million! What is 20% of 23 million?

          What a pity!!!

        • Oh, and by the way, European languages have supplanted your African languages, and that’s why you take so much pride in quoting a collocation like coup d’etat… and feel ashamed to defend your own local African vernacular which is a significant patrimony of your ancestral nation! Behold, it has been written by your very European creators that African nations have been in this world for over 200.000 years… and European nations for just 8.000 years! But you are struggling to teach young African children; I mean, mislead them into thinking that Africans had no NATIONS until the rasclaaat Whiteman came with his long nose! Shame on you…

          Again, the European introduced the STATE in Africa, and not the NATION. Internalize this knowledge and uplift yourself!

        • @ Ras Tuge,

          I am so much laughing at this moron reply that my head is in pains bakossi v bamileke ah ah ah listen my friends I always said we can argue and even fight between ourselves i knoe families like the muna now fighting and destroying each other but no need to use aryans heritage to do so…once aryans comes in I will always stand with my Bakossi cousins….you are lost…i have 3 Phd holders in my own immediate family and I can tell you they are the worse buffoon..work and live in the USA and even worked for Barack Obama I can tell you…brainwashed Buffoon!

  12. @bobjazz U sound so confused and frustrated.I thought u said u are an opposition,and u are working to defeat Biya in the 2018 elections so that u can better govern Cameroon.Biya have just used one of his institutions,National Communications Council to bar u people from holding any political debates during this period of elections.I think what u should be worrying yourself about should be how to get your political message accross to potential voters now that u are not allowed to hold political debates,than to be beating yourself over Ambasonia and their republic.With your ambitions to take over Etoudi,Biya should be your direct oppenent,not Ambasonians.Same message goes to @Ras Tuge.Your oppenent is Biya.Focus on winning Biya in the 2018 elections and leave Ambasonians to Biya.

  13. @bobjazz and @Ras Tuge. As an opposition member,Biya have just barred u people from any political debate in this period of elections.I have not seen any genuine efforts that u have made to send your message accross to potential voters.U are instead shouting ”Ambasonia”Ambasonia”.Ambasonians are more than your level. Weak knees like u are not ripe to give Cameroonians political lessons.With all what Biya did to stop the seperatists from passing their message accross,they opened their TV channel and passed their message to the people of NW and SW.They used the social media like WhatAPP,Facebook, U-tube and so on to galvanise people to join their course.I have not seen anything that,u the opposition have done,now that u have been barred from any debate.Are u waiting for the usual money?

  14. @Ras Tuge and Bobjazz and @Zam Zam..As opposition members,there is an article on this site that is talking about Biya,barring u guys from political debate at this time of elections.Surprisingly,non of u,opposition members have commented under the article to condemn the NCC,and to tell us your next move.All u know is to come out to dish out political lessons to Ambasonians.Weak knees like u have no lessons to give us.Focus on defeating Biya.We are in elections period.I want to see how oppositions like u will galvanise people to join your course of challenging Biya.Not to sleep and eat macara everyday and come out behind your computer to give lessons to Ambasonians.Ambasonians have proven,beyond reasonable doubt that they are serious people.Dem pass wuna opposition for Cameroon…

  15. This is just a typical picture of how an average Cameroonian is raised..
    – We dont respect people..
    – We dont respect property.
    – we forget too fast
    -and we dont do anything to preserve our history..
    Many cameroonians dont even know their history..Many dont even understand the cause of the anglophone problems..I was talking to a cameroonian from Bafia and he told me that if the Anglophones want to seperate, they should leave our land and go back to Nigeria…I was so schocked to hear an intellectual cameroonian think that Anglophones came from Nigeria and were given land to settle in cameroon..

  16. Why are the Bakossi/Bamileke not supporting Southern Cameroons knowing what Ahidjo in collaboration with Biya did to them in the 1960s and Southern Cameroons opened its doors to them as the victims of the genocide committed by the Ahidjo regime which saw the deaths of many including the Arch Bishop Ndongmu etc. In fact Ahidjo bears more of the problems happening today in Cameroon. He might have looked and pretended to be nice but he was the worse dictator of that time. He slaughtered many Bamilikes and that is why today you have so many Bami-southern Cameroonians who ran to our Land. Ahidjo deserves what Biya is dishing out to him. After all he gave LRC Biya who has continued his slaughtering of Southern Cameroonians. To hell with Ahidjo.