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From CameroonOnline.org: Happy New Year 2018

We would like to thank and wish all our Visitors a very Happy New Year 2018!

No one can go back in time to change what has happened, so work on your present to make yourself a wonderful future.

“A new year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands.It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Again Happy New Year”


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  1. Happy New Year to the Editorial Team of Cameroon Online.org

  2. There’s nothing to be happy about a new year Ambazonia is under LRC colonial siege.

  3. Happy New Year to all The Good people at Cameroononline and to All your visitors!

  4. Happy New Year to the Cameroononline. Org team and thanks for keeping the public informed under difficult conditions! Happy New Year to those who think and feel like me too!

  5. Happy New Year to you at Cameroononline.org. Many thanks for your efforts in providing this platform for Cameroonians. You do us great service.

  6. Happy New year Cameroon online.org and thank u so much for your service for the public have a good year 2018.

  7. Happy New Year to every participant on this forum. My prayer is for jettisoning expressions like “moron”, “secessionist”, “terrorist” and the embracing of more compassion, knowing that only those who wear the shoes feel the hurt.

  8. Happy 2018 to all.
    Hope your dreams come true!

    • Épée Dipanda

      You surprise me! You know my wishes and you still want them to come true? God is definitely still in the miracle business.
      My wishes are many, & I list below just a couple:
      1-To touch mount Fako again but under a blue star spangled banner
      2- Achieve 1 above ASAP.
      So help me God.

  9. Of course “brother”.
    But remember your dream is just a pipe dream, nothing more.
    But at the same time all the best for 2018.

  10. Happy new year to everyone and thankyou administrator for all this hard work and what you have acheived by doing this and giving us the oppertunity to be part of it .

  11. If wishes were horses……………… .

  12. Le monde entier ne vit que d’amour. Sans lui on n’aurait pas un monde merveilleux. Rien de plus beau que de s’aimer. Rien de plus laid que de se séparer.

    Bonne année à tous and Happy new year to you all.

    • Hihihi…poetique…
      Comme une veille chanson connue..
      Bonne année la bas.

  13. happy new year may God blessed us and blessed each part of Cameroon

  14. Nous voulons Annonncer une bonne et merveilleuse Annee 2018 a tous les Camerounais et Camerounaises du plus grand au plus petit . et que le Dieu tout puissant continue a benir et a proteger tous les citoyens . que le Seigneur Jesus utilise d’avantage son Eglise pour le reveil et le salut de la Nation toute entiere..
    Shalom… Apotres Bernard et Marie Mouthe depuis les USA…

    • @ Bernard Mouthe
      C’est quoi le nomn Africain de Jesus?
      Cet Jesus doit etre un racist puisque depuis vous le priez, les choses vont de mal en pire pour le Cmr!

  15. Happy New Year, guys!

  16. Happy new year to all forumites,and to the admin.
    Ambazonians lets not forget our people are suffering back home.Lets make everything possble to stay united,and stand with them every step of the way as we head into 2018.

  17. Happy New Year to the CameroonOnline.Org team and to all forumites, may 2018 usher a new dawn era for each and everyone of us.
    Long live LRC and long live Southern Cameroons!

  18. First day of first week of 2018 is here!!!!!

    Great wishes of success to everyone. May all the good things that you year for come your way. Be good citizens and mentors to your chosen young ones.

  19. HNY @dmin!
    HNY to all the virtuel friends and to all the haters too.

    • There is a section of this forum for persons of French expression where “virtuel” would fit smoothly. Here, “virtual” would be more appropriate

      • Can you once just let it be BIG PROF?
        Did you get what she was attempting to say?. This is not elementary school.
        Take it easy as no one cares about who you are.
        HAPPY 2018

      • Ekié…
        Que le francais a fait quoi?
        I beg, je ne comprend pas votre anglais là….Hihihi
        Donc C’est coe ca que vous allez nous traiter à Ambazonia?mrd!

        • No surprise here. In a world where the mantra is “we have no lessons to learn from you” it is a pure waste of time drawing attention to a tie poorly knotted or hair uncombed since there are kith and kin to challenge such fortuitous gestures from a non-relative.

        • Ekié
          Franchement @ John Dinga, this is a very ridiculous debat. Don’t you think so?
          How do you say ‘Happy New year ” in your African native language? That will be more intressting.
          In Bulu we say: Mbebe mbou!

        • @bikutsi
          Mbembe mbi à Ngon minga.
          I bet you he will come and take a shot at …. ridiculous debat …. and say … debate…
          What a looser.

          Me ne mone bulu .
          Mbembe mbu

        • Mbembe Mbou … lol

        • Épée Dipanda

          Dearest Biku,
          You may not have realised it but we were not planning to have you spice up our lives in Ambazonia, we have enough men and women of substance in Ambazonia to do that for ourselves, So no surprises there.
          On the substantive matter I suspect Big John was making reference to your childish use of “virtuel”. So far your President is not losing virtual soldiers, they are real flesh and blood men joining their ancestors precipitously. I hear many are refusing to be deployed to Mamfe for fear of death. Very soon their mothers will go on strike. Sad indeed. So much for the virtual country and pipe dream.

  20. Happy New year cameroononline.org . Thanks for your services Admin