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From CameroonOnline.org: Happy New Year 2018

We would like to thank and wish all our Visitors a very Happy New Year 2018!

No one can go back in time to change what has happened, so work on your present to make yourself a wonderful future.

“A new year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands.It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. Again Happy New Year”


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  1. Happy New Year admin and your editorial team.

  2. Admin,
    This is really sickening and tells quite a bit about you. Even New Year wishes? You moderate and don’t post them? What a farce….

  3. Happy new year mr or mrs editor. My hope is that you do not lean towards Cameroon tribune-styled journalism.

  4. @ Epée Dipanda
    As long as the so called “Ambazonia ” whatever is located (even virtualy) in Cameroon, you can’t stop me to go there. I’m a free Cameroonian and free to go wherever I feel like to go,. It should be the same for you and every Cameroonian. But you chose to be a citizen in a non existing Country!

    Btw how do you say “Happy New year ” in your African native language? Do you even know it? Do you even speak it? If you have kids, can they say “Hi ” in your native language? In what language do you speak to them ? English?
    I really hope all the English teachers of this Forum can master their native language and traditions like they do with the Queens language, otherwise they are just clowns to me.

    • @Bikutsi

      Your very poorly disguised show of ingratitude for my efforts to improve your torrents of dyslexia is duly noted.
      Nothing has ever been made mandatory for you except that my well intentioned gesture became the rallying point for your ethnocentric anchormen.
      Challenging me or any other participant to express in local patoi only goes to betray the very primitive inability to extricate yourself from a receding past and live in the present. Obviously you value your tribal lingo just as much as others value theirs. But you fail to come to terms with its limitations even as English enables and facilitates such a wider and more global reach for you and others.

      Postings here are in English and French; your repulsion to English is better reflected by using the other, isn’t it?

  5. Original Black Bantu

    It has always been enjoyable to open this website and have a quick look a the news and comments from brothers and sisters from all corners of the world. It is like the family Baobab tree around which the members of the family gather together to share their joys and sorrows and discuss the way forward.

    Thank you to those who have been watering and maintaining this tree to keep it alive. Best wishes to all the members of the family.

    May this tree always bear for us the fruits of wisdom that keeps the children of the family together, gives them the intelligence to define meaningful goals and the means to achieve the common objectives for the growth and well being of all.

  6. Bonne annee ä tous les niai man . Meilleurs vieux !