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Cameroon’s Defence Forces on two major fronts in 2018

CRTV In the year 2018, Cameroon Defence forces will pay particular attention to two major challenges. They include Boko Haram and the crisis in the North West and South West Regions. The Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant General Rene Claude Meka announced while receiving New Year wishes from Military personal of the Ministry of Defence.

He explained that while Boko Haram is an external incursion, the crisis in the two English speaking regions is the result of some Cameroonians who have deliberately taken up arms against their motherland for reasons known to them.

He said the mission assigned to the Military by the Head of State is to do everything possible to ensure a return to calm, serenity and peace in the two regions so that Cameroonians can work together for the development of their country.

He urged the soldiers to stay at their duty posts and be professional in the execution of the mission. He said the military should avoid the polemics on social media and concentrate on their assignments.

The Chief of Defence Staff also warned the soldiers to be on the alert as secessionists have sought refuge in a neighbouring country.

With regards to the war against Boko Haram, Lieutenant General Rene Claude Make said the terrorists have been contained by Cameroon’s defence forces in collaboration with the local populations who organised themselves into vigilante groups and the Multinational Joint Task Force.

He however called on the military to be vigilant and stay on the watch as the Boko Haram combatants still have the potential of carrying out sporadic attacks.

These orientations where given just after the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Tchemo Hector gave a balance sheet of the major activities carried out by the military in 2017.

He cited the joint efforts to contain boko haram adding that life is gradually returning to normal especially in hard-hit areas whiles the military keeps watch. In the East border with the Central African Republic, the phenomenon of hostage takings for ransom was put under control by special units of the military.

He added that while the situation in the Far North and East borders were being resolved, social political grievances in the North West and South West turned out to a crisis that has claimed the lives of many Cameroonians including military personnel. Deputy Chief of Defence Staff recommended specialise training for different units of the military to face up with new menaces.

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  1. are they defending or they are the aggressors against Ambazonia?

  2. Professionals in looting, raping and brutality you mean? Are you surprised we are still holding on after 2 years? Brace yourself for the long haul. Until Ambaland is free, the struggle continues…:).

    • Do you mean until the motherland is freed from you mot$&kers ambazombians.
      All you can resort now is hit and run and that will be resolved with time.
      Your virtual government is in shi$holes under somewhere in Biafra.
      Keep barking for nothingness

      • This droopy mouth odonthol gulping gorilla. It seems your mission is to reply every comment today with your very bad illegible English. Keep thinking like your mentor Paul Mvondo Biya that arresting the said leaders will quell our resolve. Your thick empty skull haven’t learnt anything from Balla’s arrest. Amabazonia has 8 Million leaders waiting to step in. It’s Homeland or dead little primate.

      • Young man, with friends like you, one does not need an enemy any longer. I wonder if you ever bothered to ask yourself why the government you defend so relentlessly would keep the SW/NW regions in Internet blackout throughout except during the brief visits of Patricia Scotland or the inspection team from Ahmad Ahmad’s CAF.
        That too is patriotism.

        • With mindsets like yours one wonder why so-called francofools are not joining your fight.
          Where in hell have you seen me supporting the actual regime in Yaoundé.
          There si a difference between BIYA and his crooks and a country called Kamerun.
          Some of you do not see the difference.
          All they see: if you are against the ambazombians, you are for BIYA. What a narrow mindset.

        • @ Mbappe
          One does not need rocket science to know your ill-disguised loyalty. Besides, have you ever heard of ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Your choice of enemy is not such a secret, is it?

        • @John Dinga.
          Sometimes I would like give you some respects, but lol how disappointed I am to see your reasoning.
          Very disappointing indeed and your generation is at the helm in Cameroon.
          We can see the results with that backward mindset.
          Again we ought to have an open discussion without amalgamation.
          Being against the partition of the country does not equate being for the BIYA regime.
          I always look at things with open mind without preconceived notions.
          I pity your students if you have any

      • Moto na Moto

        Sango Mbappe shut yr mouth. Anglophone marginalisation is very real

    • Those who defend do not kill, assault and displace those they claim to defend

  3. Always remember, a community is made of families sharing the same geographical location and it’s provisions to support their lives. A community sets up a committee (gov’t) so everyone can enjoy their freedom; but not at the detriment of another. Expand or multiply this committee; you have a village, town, region and country.
    When these politicians (failed committee or govt) embezzle Billions and pay you (Mr Soldier) hardly a 100k per month to kill your own people; you act as a robot without thinking. Let them send their kids
    They keep you in camps, create this aura of war in your mind and set up a manipulative ascendancy system of stars and badges (gallons). They starve you of social integration by keeping you in camps for mind control and unleash you on your people. Think!!

    • You mean northwesterners and southwesterns are a community?
      Keep dreaming.
      Kamerun as a country is an European fabrication.
      Either we accept that or we have to go back to the small kingdoms/chieftancies or whatever you want to call those communities of few thousands people that used to be “countries” in African views.
      Swesterners and NWesteners have never been a monolithic group in hostory;not even now because of some foreign language.
      Most inhabitants of those areas don’t even speak English, so please stop the nonsense.
      The fight is between the “have” and the “havenots”.
      In you don’t reframe your fight that way, it is a waste of lifes and time.
      Again the fight is “have” VS “havenots”

      • I agree with you these are all European creations, I agree the fight is between the haves and have-nots. I totally agree. You see through the problem, human greed
        However; like some people with European names (which becomes what they answer to when their attention is sought); this is our reality. I believe these European-established Southwest and Northwest pple know what is best for them and have a right to self determination. I recently visited far East Lomie (kongoh) and they have more problems than the Ambazonians and considering how much Timber and Minerals are ripped off from them; they should be crying foul and be up in arms. But you know what; they are “good citizens”, staying quiet and dying off. Everyone should be quiet, so we have peace in Cmrn

        • Everyone has a problem, every family has problems, every village, people group have problems. The difference between people is how they choose to address their problems, there are those who start over, those who patch and move on, those who consult others to bring their own ideas into solving their problem and then there are those who say – “well, here we are, we have a problem; but everyone has a problem, so why worry. just accept the problem and live with it”
          For me, anything but the last group.

        • @ wisdom. The east region doesn’t have even1/4 of what the south west region has. The south west region is the only region with oil and vast reserves in the country, it has timber, CDC plantations , gold , cocoa, coffee the list is long. And a long coastal line which no other region is seconded to

      • Are you proud that Cameroonians are killing cameroonians?..
        Believe me, there is no winner and looser in such internal conflicts..Its brings only pain and hatred..
        I just hope that none of your family member is killed in this useless, brainless battle..Why on earth cant we sit down and talk?..Are we so barbaric that we dont have respect for ourselves, our brothers and sisters?..
        Why call your brother a terrorist?..If your brother or sister decides toleave the family for what ever reason, if you a real man, you call him or her , talk, try to understand his behaviour and ofcourse look for long lasting peaceful solution..
        We should be honest with ourselves, with our history and know today that we cant fool the people all the time–When you think people are foolish, dont cry when they revolt

        • Dude,
          It will be a waste of time and brain power to answer you.
          I leave it at that

      • Moto na Moto

        There is more unity among anglophones than there is among francophones. Bamilekes, Doualas, Bamouns, Nordists have never seen eye to eye!

      • Épée Dipanda

        Your warped logic is amazing.
        Kamerun as a unit is a creation of Europeans but a southern Cameroons is not a creation of Europeans?
        Did your history teacher die?
        I am always amused when people try to create imaginary boundaries between NW and SW but refuse to see the chasm between Ewondos and Bafia in the same Centre region.
        As you know …what s good for the goose is good for the gander.
        NW and SW have a common colonial history and culture which is the reason they have been victimized for 54 odd years. Enough of that.
        We are marching in to Buea.

  4. Socio-political crises within a country is not a cause to declare war on the people. Instead the impotent parliament should work to find a sociologist-political response to the crises.
    Call every and any Anglophone a terrorist and unleashing the army on the unarmed populace as a solution to the problem is an intellectually dishonest position.
    Who stands to benefit from the policies of forced francophonization of West Cameroon?
    West Cameroonians? Cameroonians? Or France?
    When Africans work with France to create a crises in their own country then turn around and called their compatriots terrorist for asking then why you want us to become more French than Africans
    The lie can no longer be sustained, the people are wise!
    Are you for African Cameroon or more Francophone Cameroon?

    • In America, they are called “House Nigger”
      I took off time to study the history and build up of Europe from 1200 until date from many sources (since one perspective of a matter is never the true picture). I found a lot to learn about family, bloodline, influence, strategy, history telling, power and the desire for dominance, survival and business
      We are (and have been for close to 400 years) like chess pawns for them.Starting from genghis khan, the Vikings, Romans and others, the wars, the marriage agreements, land settlements, kingship, slavery (of their own peoples and others), the church, the pseudo church, the caliphate in Iberia and it’s fall. understanding how Europe came to be what it is and how they connect globally
      Only then can we start to unveil the manipulation from zero

      • There are older and many more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt, the great african library in Mali was burnt by so called Islamists –
        It’s a tough world we live in and until we understand the game; we can’t play.

  5. 2018 a year more LRC thugs are going to meet their end and mass defection within biya,s bully boys camp. Manyu , meme, lebialem and other Amba counties are waiting to exterminate you guys. It will also be a year when our brave Tigers will storm yaounde and Douala to inflict LRC civilians what the people of kembong and kwa kwa went through from cowardly LRC thugs..Arson

  6. You this odontole drunk. I think you are still dreaming your” one&indivisible” shi*t hole cave

  7. Some of you think that showing love for cameroon is accepting the mess and disgrace coming from Etoudie ?.I keep on saying that showing love or being patriotic means_ u accept that there is a problem..You bring see how stagnant, and backward our country is..You see that this old man have damaged the country for 35 years..You see that we need a new generation to take the country forward..
    The truth is that Anglophones were seen as stupid, and retarded. Today the so call anglofools stand up for equal rights and justice, the government in yaounde has just no program in place than send troops t humiliate and kill them…
    Is this far from the truth?..No..So why spend time running from the truth and beating about the bush..Honest francophones understand where the NWP and SWP are coming from…

  8. Problems do not go away simply because we bury our heads in sand or soak our brains in alcohol and pretend there is no problem. A country may choose to value its sycophants more than its dissidents who articulate existing problems. It has become the norm for dissenting Anglophones to be considered unpatriotic while the rest of the indolent nation is seen as supportive. That is a choice the leadership must make.

    If one drinks all the beer in Brasserie du Cameroun, does that automatically wipe out rents owed to the landlord? And how useful is it if the rest of the country with poor roads, poverty, poor health care plays ostrich simply to look good as opposed to those complaining Anglophones? Can the problems of poor roads, corruption, poor healthcare, heavy indebtedness be cured this way?

  9. Mbappe Agbor Pinguiss,
    I think you are under the grip of one of those your drunken spree! If La Republique is a European creation and the fight is between the haves and have nots, then it’s easy to see how French lapdogs are using oil proceeds and helicopter gunships from their handlers in Paris to raze houses to the ground , burning even the old to death. The N and SW do not need to be monolithic, they have been homogeneous and harmonious. That’s why they had all the democratic institutions working properly. Since when did drunks become smart as to tackle important issues? You are the “ haves” and your numbers at Kondengui tells everyone why the “ have nots” have to cure you of your irresistible desire to steal.

  10. « Le médecin chef de l’hôpital militaire de la Région numéro 2 (Garnison) à Douala, le Colonel médecin Abeng Mbozo’o Emile, a failli perdre sa vie dans une opération de secours aux militaires camerounais blessés dans la guerre contre les indépendantistes dans la Région du Sud-Ouest ».


    • The real war has not started. Sooner than later, the so-called “secessionists” will introduce improvised explosive devices (IED), suicide vests, roadside bombs, drones to deliver the bombs, Rocket Propelled Grenades and surface to air missiles to bring down helicopter gunships.

      Sh*thole Biya’s envisaged BLITZKRIEG is in reality an open-ended war.

      LRC no longer displays the corpses of their terrorist soldiers. Media outlets have been warned not to disclose the number of terrorists killed.

  11. I am preparing to file a criminal complaint against these so called leaders of Amba. I am a federalist and I believe in 10 states. The only thing I see from these NW boys is to destroy anglophones. They are asking people to be killed in Upper mungo. When Francophone youths decide to counter launch, they will invade a SW village. I am tired and I am taking them down.

    • So after all your thoughts of a federalism, you think the best way forward is to point fingers on some people for being the problem?..
      @BAKOSSI:- there is just no reason to Solve a problem in your country by finger pointing- It will not work and has never worked..Do you think peace will come back if you jail or kill the AMBA leaders?..
      Mandela was jailed, did that change anything?..It instead made the ANC stronger..
      So if we have a problem in our country- We should be honest with ourselves..This fight and problem is taking too long either because :- we are too stupid, not honest, believe in solving problems by force or are just ignorant..Its even a shame that most of us dont even know our history..How can we then buiuld a future..Wehhh black man…

    • The on going crisis in the Cameroons is the people of Southern Cameroons contesting the legitimacy of the government of La Republic du Cameroun over their territory, it has nothing to do with federation.

      • @ patrick

        go and read your book

        you dont even know your own history . who is french to you or English

        shame on you

  12. We must build on a good foundation, otherwise after 57 years it begins to crumble.
    And those who support our efforts must do so in good faith as Commonwealth Secretary-General, Patricia Scotland is learning the hard way. Poor Patricia, the British press is awash with denunciations of her dubious, unethical practices before and after becoming the SG. How sad!

  13. It is Abundantly clear Ambazonians will NEVER EVER live in peace nor forgive nor federate with Cameroon.Cameroon,withdraw your troops to your international recognized boundaries as obtained at independence.#FreeSisikuAyukTabe #FreeAmbazonia #FreeAllArrested #Ambazonia

    • Day dreamer. Do you actually know what internation borders mean? Boy go back to the world map which is internationally recognized and Show us where fake Ambazonia is located.

      • Épée Dipanda

        You should get an education and understand why Britain was still in charge In September 1961. At this time Ahidjo had been President for almost 2 years of a country whose westernmost border was situated on the river Mungo.
        Methinks you should be aware that the famous River is the international boundary.
        You do realize that you simply cannot “wish” a country to disappear from the face of the earth by sending troops right?
        May your History teacher who appears to have died precipitously rest in peace.

    • @John

      you needs help go and read your history