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Victor Yene Ossomba (center)

Cameroon’s National Assembly Secretary General dies

Journal du Cameroun | Victor Yene Ossomba, Secretary General at Cameroon’s National Assembly is dead.

The government official reportedly gave up the ghost Wednesday, 13 December, at the Yaounde General Hospital. He was hospitalised few days after the start of the November parliamentary session, whose closing is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at 11am.

70 year-old Victor Yene Ossomba, was born on December 1, 1947 in Etoa, Centre Region and has been Secretary General at the National Assembly since February 15, 2010. He has held several senior administrative positions in government like Chief civil administrator. He was also Governor of the Far North region from 1998 to 2003. Prior to his appointment to the General Secretariat of the National Assembly, he was 3rd Deputy Government Delegate to the Yaounde Urban Council.

Ossomba’s demise, observers hold, comes as another shock to the institution, which just experienced the most riotous session yet. During this session, fire ravaged several offices of the building, followed by several protesting acts of the SDF parliamentary group in the bid to push law makers to include the Anglophone crisis on the agenda. Equally, the adoption of the 2018 Finance bill and Hon. Patricia Ndam Njoya’s dramatic display which resulted in the injury of her colleague from the CPDM, ??Honourable Richard Wallang.

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  1. The power of our ancestors are coming upon all off you..very soon ya all will be gone….!

  2. Heart attack,he could not bear the National assemly crisis,Fire,injury,vuvuzela.everything aginst CPDM.LRC in Problems.Cavaye and Biya will be the next.At 75 yrs,you were supposed to be on retirement Relaxing with your Grand and great Grand children.secretary General at the age of 75-85.nonsense

  3. Webmaster, for the 2nd time SDF has grounded plenary parliamentary session yet you don’t see any relevance in reporting it??? It’s such mindsets and the deceased that have thrown this country to the dogs. Greed and dishonesty.

  4. Oh no, too young to die in active service. He forgot to spend his I’ll gotten wealth so that he can live and be Secretary General for ever. Idiots who have brought a beautiful Country on its knees.Cavaye, Tchiroma, Biya, Busy et al, watch out. Things are getting rough.