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Nfon V E Mukete

Cameroon’s oldest Senator, Mukete says he still strong to serve

Journal du Cameroun | Cameroon’s eldest Senator, Nfon V E Mukete, says he is still strong enough to render service to the nation at the age of 99 years.

The Paramount ruler of the Bafaws and Nfon of Kumba made the declaration during a ceremony at his Palace on Saturday, November 18.

According to the Statesman, he is grateful to his Creator God Almighty and the Head of State, Paul Biya for his recovery from the hospital.

Last month, the Nfon’s health situation deteriorated and he was ferried abroad for medical attention.

Nfon Mukete said at his age, there is nothing more he can ask from God other than thanking him for adding him time on earth.

He said among other exploits, the Head of State elevated him into Senate where he is still serving the fatherland.

The ace industrial farmer further asserted that only God deserves the glory.

“Thank you all…….I am very happy to see you all.Some of you said prayers for God to pity me. Father, I thank you. I am grateful to God. I must tell you that after thanking God, I must also thank the Head of State of Cameroon.

“So this little gathering here gives me the opportunity to express my gratitude to my Redeemer and to the person who controls the fortunes of our country. I am grateful to God that at 99 I’m still strong to render service to the nation,” Nfon Mukete stated.

Speaking at the event, Chief Akama Elango of Dikomi Bafaw, described the reception as spontaneous.

He said all present came with the goodwill that ushered the Nfon back to his people.

Nfon Laughs Over Rumours Of His Death

As the Private Secretary to the Nfon coordinated the occasion, Nfon Mukete provoked laughter when inference was made of his purported demise.

The Nfon laughed when his Scribe described the moment of his address as ‘ “a moment for us to hear from the man whose voice we have been longing to hear. This is a day we never knew will come. This is a man some of us had pushed to the other world,” Tendo said.

Spontaneously, the Nfon shouted, “me” and the crowd burst into laughter.

Before now, the traditional ruler had an indoor meeting with quarter heads. He also had another session of discussions with the members of the Kumba Traditional Council.

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  1. Yes, you are still strong to serve. That is the case with Mugabe, Biya and other living corpses.
    The youths should also be give chance to serve.

  2. African traditional leadership is hereditary and has been so ever since. Modern democratic leadership is elective and is so wherever democracy is pronounced and practised.

    A blend of the two is an amorphous recipe that loses both shape and function, a recipe for untold hardship, intractable malfunction. Unfortunately those at the center – Robert Gabriel Mugabe 93, Nfon Mukete 99, Paul Biya 85 and others whose main qualification is age – do not understand

  3. Vaiocomputers

    Another pig from Kumba who is still strong to serve.Congrats

  4. the face of Evil!!

  5. What is he serving? Like the mumu of mvomeka, and the Sick man of Zimbabwe they are strong to serve. Sick people and that is why Africa will continue to lag behind

  6. If “Le Messager” of November 20, 2017 is to be believed, the President intends to visit Bamenda some time next month (December). That will be a heavy one indeed.
    But there are things that could be done well before that, starting with the removal of the two problematic governors who have lost credibility and respect among the local populations. (Students hardly learn from a teacher they despise). Pumping new blood into the system (or seeing the problem from a new set of eyes) is one way to proceed, n’est-ce pas?

    Also, something must have come out of the visit of UN Secretary-General Guteres. Why the secrecy surrounding such a visit? Or was the UN scribe just making Cameroon his own International Hotel?

    • A visit of Paul Biya to SC will be a sheer waste of taxpayers money, precious time and energy. It will NEVER resolve the “ROOT CAUSE” of the Anglophone Question. It is simply another diabolic COSMETIC MEASURE to deceive the Anglophones.

      The UN, AU, France, US, UK, Canada, etc have all recommended an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue as the only reasonable path to resolving the impasse. None of the above-mentioned entities recommended a presidential visit as a panacea to the impasse..

      A presidential visit of SC will be met with the mother of all ghost towns. It will be considered as a non-event by the majority of SC.
      Biya sent his military to commit genocide in SC and then visit the same SC as an act of appeasement. HYPOCRISY PAR EXCELLENCE

      • DALI DALI,,,,so you count on france,canada,us and uk to solve our own problems?i mean the same people that humiliated,slaughtered and raped our ancestors for material wealth and power?this is the level of thinking of some of our so called intellectuals complaining about the logngivity of MUKETE.
        MUKETE did not hold rain from falling if we planted corn or beans.

  7. Group Home candidates! This is free cash in America! I could have referred you to a group home and get my clean $500. No sweat!

    • Senator elected by who?and cannot even make a decision against his master like john mcain does to trump.shame.i heard he is getting married.

      • There are two categories of senators – those elected by the people and those appointed by presidential decree. Naturally the latter kowtow to their employer (subservient praise-singing and motions of support, while the former owe their allegiance to their electorate. Senators sing praises to the head of state who in turn sings it to the French president up the chain of command.

  8. go and run for election instead to complaint

  9. who is he fooling? At the age of 99 still confessing you want to continue serving, what about the youths will they ever serve their fatherland? This world is sick

  10. Talk About “The Walking Death”! Here We is

  11. No matter how competent this man may be it is unacceptable…it is a shame for any one to be in amy kind of service at such an ahe…its the problem with Africa…

  12. Many moons ago it was the routine to hear over CRTV ” appele a faire valoir ses droits a la retraite” for persons who attained the age of 55. To have a 55 year-old on retirement while his/ her 99 year- old counterpart is still serving demonstrates the spirit of fair play on Mr. President’s watch.

    The fact of Robert Gabriel Mugabe choosing to be impeached ( instead of retiring from office) gives an insight into the mindset associated with power hunger!

  13. if you are talking with an african and they mention words like democrazy,just walk way because their level of culture is too low to understand the world of today.one of the mobile companies operating in cameroon is vietnames,but has any of you heard about democracy in vietnam?

  14. this man must be from nvomeka because for the best of my knowledge only the etoundi man wants to die in power…

  15. If in the history of the World, Cameroonians needed help be it LR or Southern Cameroons, it is now. The likes of Mukete, Cavaye, Senate President , Biya and the rest or the Mugabenization of Cameroon is over. May God come and take these endanger species of men away from Cameroon!

  16. Remember this man telling the youths who stormed his palace in K`town, that they should
    shout louder, so he could hear them. How then, does he do it in the senate he wouldn`t
    want to leave? He has even forgotten, that his own kids, can be parliamentarians or senators.
    I know for sure, that the day his corpse will be lying in state at his palace un route to the
    final resting place and with his comrades of the `chop people dem money` gathered around,
    it will be regretting.
    A camera, might even catch some part of his body refusing to leave the scene.
    Greed, indeed.

  17. HouseKeeper!

    There was slavery, colonialism, religion & independence (may be) and now in Africa the new doctrine is that of gerontocracy & the proliferation of charismatic charlatans masquerading as prophets selling miracle so-called anointing water.
    At every turn, there is a new form of dictatorship disguised as the will and strength to serve. The common person is trapped by evil men like Mukete & Biya (a run-away seminarian), who have inflicted an atrocious form of bad governance and tribal politics which kowtows only to the interest of France, a nation established on the sufferings of Africans & delights in their miseries.
    The same gullibility or vulnerability seen in modern day Pentecostals is demonstrated by Biya fanatics; willful suppression of reasoning and common sense, for a personality cult.

  18. Pompidou Mensah

    Sure enough in the ways of your master, the UNDERDEVELOPER in chief you get to go abroad for treatment. Why not build a world class hospital for your people. Ambazonians doctors abroad like their heroes Dr. Ngu and late Dr. Muna are some of the best in the world.